10 Best Fire Pit Cover to Buy in 2024 with Buying Guide

Carolyn Harper

Last updated Mar 1, 2024
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The best accessories you can get for your fire pit is a fire pit cover. How much you spend on a sturdy fire pit, or however you have been keeping this for storing, doesn’t matter if you don’t use a good cover for protection. A quality full fire pit cover will protect your fire pit from severe effects of harsh weather or any type of damage.

If you have a fire pit with a plain or no cover or will have a fire pit soon, you should think about a good, protective fire pit cover. That will give your fire extensive coverage and keep your fire pit safe from any adverse and rough weather effects.

A protective cover for a fire pit indicates how properly you are maintaining your fire pit. You may get an expensive fire pit, but without a proper cover, your fire pit must lose its zeal and efficiency over time. A good cover comes with resistance to water, wind, heat, and dustproof features. This means it can keep your fire pit safe from all of these deteriorating elements, whether it is harsh weather, rain, dust, or dirt.

This article will discuss the 10 most durable, efficient, and feature full fire pit covers for your fire pit. You will get to know about their functional aspects, best qualities, and the shortcomings they may have. End of this article, we have also arranged a guide to help you choose a good fire pit cover. Hope this article may bring a positive vibe and clear concept about fire pit cover for you.


10 Best Fire Pit Covers to Buy


1. Porch Shield Fire Pit Cover


best fire pit cover


The fire pit cover from the Porch shield is made with quality material to serve you for a long time. The making process gives this fire pit strength and a secure finish that is crucial for rough uses. Also, its full coverage feature will give you total satisfaction. Finally, it will protect your fire pit from any kind of harm. 

If you are searching for a good quality fire pit cover to protect your fire pit from the harshness of weather and look durable and fit your fire pit right, you can think about this one. 

This fire pit cover is fabricated out of heavy-duty 600D Polyester. The fabric is rugged and affordable than other similar materials. If you look closely at this cover, you will notice it’s all seam sealing and stiff double stitch. This one is a 28-inch square shape cover with a 25-inch height that gives full coverage to whichever fire pit fits the size accordingly. It’s also undercoated with lamination that is resistant to heat, rain, and dust.


Features & Benefits

  • The 600D Polyester is a thick material that will give a heavy layer of protection to your fire pit.  
  • It’s undercoated with waterproofing material to keep your metal fire pit safe. 
  • The elastic hem will keep your cover secure and in place.
  • Two quick-release buckles will ensure windproofing with easy assembling.
  • The double air vent is dedicated to sustain wind lifting and release the moisture of your fire pit.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Made with quality material that fits well and looks good.
  • Waterproof undercoating completes the sustainability of this cover.
  • Solid and stable double stitching will restrain any kind of tearing.   
  • The hoop on the bottom of the cover penetrates fastening and quick unpacking.
  • Using the elastic hem cord, you can secure the fire pit and fit custom.
  • The cover ventilation system will remove any moisture out.


Things you need to consider

  • The product gives the best service at first, but the fabric starts to fade away over time in the long run.


Final Verdict

Quality fabric, well built, and a complete package of all exclusive features made this 28-inch square Porch fire pit cover the best choice to have. Considering its weakness, it is still an affordable one with great benefits.


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2. Porch Shield Round Fire Pit Cover


Porch Shield Round Fire Pit Cover Review


Round Porch Shield is a great fire pit cover for your massive fire pit. This fire is a top-grade quality fabric-made cover that will protect your fire pit from harsh weather. You will find all the necessary features on this fire pit cover.

If you are struggling over finding an extensive round premium cover for your large and round fire pit, then this cover can ease your struggle that comes with exclusive features and upgraded protection. 

This 40-inch dimensional round fire pit cover is 20-inch that can easily cover a fire pit strictly or less than this size. 600D polyester fabric is used to make this cover with double-layer waterproofing, stiff and secure stitching. This one also has an adjustable hem cord, air vent with an extra mesh layer, and convenient buckle hoop.


Features & Benefits

  • 600D Polyester has been used in this cover to ensure your fire pit’s protection.
  • This round-shaped fire pit cover is 40-inch in dimension and 20-inch in height that is a perfect size for giving full coverage to your large round one. 
  • Buckle hoops on the bottom will help you to tighten and release fast.
  • An elastic hem cord will give your fire pit a custom-like fitting. 
  • Tape sealed seams with double stitching ensure long-lasting uses.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Water-resistant laminated fabric that will give full proof water resistance. 
  • Secure and strengthful stitching will not let the fire pit tear easily.
  • Double air vent with mesh barrier that can be used as heavy-duty handles. 
  • Perfect for giving full coverage for any round-shaped big fire pit.
  • Users will get extra round material for the patch.


Things you need to consider

  • Well made, but the cover tends to brittle and tears over time.


Final Verdict

Besides its shortcomings, this product is stuff with helpful features. For example, it can give excellent protection to your big-sized round fire, so this can be a convenient option for use over a comparatively average period.


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3. Premium Patio Outdoor Fire Pit Cover


Premium Patio Outdoor Fire Pit Cover Review


Premium outdoor cover is perfect for your large fire pit. Users find its fabric and making impressive. It has a valuable feature that will be beneficial for your fire pit. Also, this cover protects your fire pit from all types of the harshness of weather. 

If you have a large fire pit that is unprotected because you can not find the right sized cover for that one, then this fire pit cover from Outdoor is the perfect one for fitting in and protecting your fire pit. 

This fire pit cover is 32-inch long and wide. Its height is 24-inch. Any fire pit that incorporates this size will fit properly. Here it is used as 600D dense Oxford fabric that is sewed stiffly. It is PVC weather coated, so nothing to worry about while rain or snow snaps.


Features & Benefits

  • This 32-inch square cover is a perfect fit for your 28 to a 32-inch fire pit.
  • 600D oxford fabric shields your fire pit from harsh weather, dust, dirt.
  • The adjustable drawstring will help you to store your fire pit custom
  • You will get a 1-year warranty with 30-days easy money back if you are not pleased with your experience.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • You will have extra room after fitting a 32-inch square fire pit, where you can put your other fire pit accessories.  
  • PVC is coated for waterproofing and other secure coverage.
  • You can give your fire pit any custom fit using the drawstring. 
  • A double air venter will free up moisture during rainy days and will prevent rusting. 
  • You will get impressive after-sale service for any inconvenience.


Things you need to consider

  • The cover fades on excess heat, so you need to arrange a shed during day time. 


Final Verdict

An exclusive feature, quality material, and responsive service all together have made this Premium patio fire pit cover an unignorable option. If you put a little effort into preventing direct sun exposure for a long time on this cover, then it will serve you for years.


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4. Himal Outdoors Fire Pit Cover


Himal Outdoors Fire Pit Cover Review


This Himal round cover is a quality product to give your fire pit a firm layer of protection. That is made of premium fabric. Its stitching, windproof, and moisture infusing features assure you practical preservation and safety of your fire pit

If you are thinking of giving your round fire pit stiff protection with a good cover that will keep your fire safe from harsh weather, rain, snow, and dust. Then this fire pit cover from Himal is for you. 

The Himal outdoor cover is a 36-dimensional round fire pit cover made of 600D polyester fabric, which comes with double-stitched seams. Two elastic cords with toggles will help you to secure your fire pit tightly. That also helps your cover to tackle heavy wind blows. Also, two air vents for keeping moisture out. 


Features & Benefits

  • It’s a 36-inch round fire pit cover that fits most round fire pits according to this size, so you don’t have to worry about the brand.
  • Durable PVC coating on the inner side keeps your fire pit waterproof. 
  • Functional air vents on sides prevent moisture and condensation inside your fire pit.
  • A durable buckle helps you secure tightly and make the unpacking fast and easy.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Durable and water-resistant cover that keeps the fire pit fully protected.
  • Elastic cord and double buckle hoop keep the fire pit tightly secure under the cover during windy situations.
  • The stiff and sustainable double stitching on the seams will hardly tear, keep the cover as durable as new for years.  
  • No rust in metal fire pits causes minimum moisture content and will not contain residue. Thanks to the venting system


Things you need to consider

  • Like any other cover, it also fades in long sun exposure.


Final Verdict

For a round and large fire pit, this Himal cover can be the best suit. It is made with quality material and has good features. This cover also comes in a minimal budget, so overall it’s a good choice.


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5. Sunnydaze Round Outdoor Fire Pit Cover


Sunnydaze Round Outdoor Fire Pit Cover Review


Sunnydaze fire pit cover is the best cover for round ones. This cover is made out of durable material that will give you a premium experience. In addition, it has different compelling features that will make your user experience smooth and easy.

If you have a round fire pit and you are searching for a good cover that will protect your fire pit from all types of weather hostility, dust, snow, or rain splash, then this one is the best pick for you. 

This fire pit is a perfect fit for any 30-inch dimensional fire pit. And this cover’s height is 12-inch. It is a durably reinforced vinyl cover that is waterproof and weather resistant. The cover’s closure comes with a drawstring and toggle. This cover gives your fire pit a secure and custom-like fitting.


Features & Benefits

  • Securely cover any of your fire pits that size between 26 to 30-inch.
  • The material used in this cover is reinforced 300D PVC, which will cover your fire pit securely.
  • This cover is extensively waterproof, so no worry about rust or damage on your fire pit.
  • Drawstring and toggle ensure custom fitting of the cover over your fire.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Premium fabric and durable feature, beneficial in every way for your fire pit. 
  • Using the string on the bottom, you can give your fire pit tight protection on windy days.
  • The cover can resist any adverse weather condition, So all-season protection for your fire pit.
  • An attractive black color cover goes well with any patio interior.


Things you need to consider

  • There is no elastic on the bottom that is a minus point. 
  • Make sure to match the size. 1/2 more inches can be a matter of inconvenience.


Final Verdict

This cover is a good protective one with all the crucial features. If your fire pit’s size matches right with this round cover, then this Sunnydaze cover is the best one to protect your fire and keep it as new always.


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6. Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof Fire Pit Cover


Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof Fire Pit Cover Review


This fire pit cover from Duck is a premium product that will give you a top-class experience. It’s a giant cover for protecting your massive round fire pit entirely. It is designed and made unique to seal and secure your fire pit from any weather effect.

If you are looking for a stiff, durable, and quality cover for your large round fire pit, then this premium and massive Duck fire pit cover can be the one you are looking for. 

Duck fire pit cover is made by a unique canvas material that is thick, durable, waterproof, and specially built to resist UV rays. This cover is a 36-inch dimensional round fire pit, and its height is 20-inch. All seam of this cover is sealed with double stitching. Its bottom has 2inch wide velcro hooks that ensure tight sealing and easy release.


Features & Benefits

  • 36-inch diameter with 20-inch height perfect match for your big-size fire pit.
  • UV stability has been used to reduce your cover from fading.
  • Rainproof material so ends your worry of rusting. 
  • Double rip and grip straps will help you to fit the fire pit securely and release it in seconds. 
  • Tape sealed seams provide more strength and security to your fire pit. 


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Entirely cover large round fire pits that size up to 36-inch
  • A seam sealer tape protects the cover all around, so no chance of water entry. 
  • Easy and quick hook-loop straps that seal the fire pit into the cover securely. 
  • The innovative design looks extraordinary and will attract everyone.
  • This cover is color-coordinated with other Duck covers so that you can combine it with your furniture cover. 


Things you need to consider

  • Does not cover the fire pit base; that is the main inconvenience of this fire pit cover.


Final Verdict

Like other Duck products, this cover also holds the quality and provides its users durable service. If you consider it’s the only shortcoming, this one can serve you the most satisfactory service for years. 


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7. Gas Square Fire Pit Cover


Gas Square Fire Pit Cover Review


The gas square cover is a heavy material cover that will give your fire pit a thick and robust layer of protection. It will make the coverage standstill. In addition, this cover material is waterproof for keeping your fire pit dry. This cover usually fits well for many famous square fire pits. 

If you are tired of trying thin fire pit covers and want to have a stable solution. That will be a thick, heavy-duty fire pit cover with all-weather resistance then this one can be a great solution to your problem. 

A thick vinyl heavy-duty NAPSA material is used in this cover. It is waterproof, heavy, and thick (3lbs), so resistant to strong wind blows. It’s a 30-inch square size, 24-inch high fire pit cover that fits 28-inch square fire pits from Tack life, Hiland gas, Bali, Endless Summer, and so on.


Features & Benefits

  • This 30-inch square cover comes with a 24-inch height that can protect any of your respective size fire pits or fire pit tables.
  • Crafted with heavy (3lbs) NAPSA material that ensures you a quality experience.
  • The cover is completely waterproof. It will save your fire pit from any water causing damage. 
  • The heavy-weighted fabric makes this cover extensively windproof.
  • You can secure your fire pit firmly with the velcro sealing of this cover.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • The cover goes away at the bottom, so nothing to worry about wind blows, snow residue, and water leakage.  
  • Thick cover that can endure heavy wind blowing and stormy weather.
  • Strong stitching on lines expands this cover’s durability.
  • Velcro hooks on the bottom sides penetrate quick release. 


Things you need to consider

  • Nothing is perfect, so the cover is. The material does not have a UV coating that starts to turn gray within a few months.


Final Verdict

This Gas square cover comes with various useful functional features that help protect our fire pit from all types of harsh weather conditions. And if you can prevent longtime sun exposure on this cover, it will last for a long time.


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8. NASUM Fire Pit Cover


NASUM Fire Pit Cover Review


The round fire pit cover from Nasum is a well-made product that will impress you with its quality. This fire pit cover comes with all primary user-friendly features. Additionally, this cover will protect your fire pit from the harshness of weather, wind storm, dust, heat, etc. 

Are you looking for a protective cover for your pet? Which should be durable, made with exclusive features and all elements of protection for a fire pit, then this one is the thing you are looking for. 

This fire pit cover is made of 600D polyester fabric that is PVC coated. It’s 100% waterproof. This cover’s seams are sealed with double stitching. that prevents water from coming in. Also, two air vents help to keep moisture out. Its double buckle hook made the release quick and easy. On the other hand, the adjustable hem cord ensures a tight and custom fit.


Features & Benefits

  • Great fit if you have a large size fire pit that matches the cover’s dimension (38-inch), and height (12-inch)
  • 600D Durable fabric will give your fire utmost protection.
  • Two buckle hoops initiate quick unpacking and work as your fire pit’s wind guard.
  • Two air vents will help with the smooth wind blowing and keep the moisture out of your fire pit’s cover.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • You will get an extra little size pouch for storing the cover.
  • The cover is spacious enough that it allows extra room for storing accessories after the fire pit.
  • An adjustable hem cord will give a custom-like fit.
  • Air vents keep the fire pit completely dry and remove all moisture out.
  • Double buckle hoops fasten the fit and also work for functional windproofing.
  • This cover is lightweight, so it is best for carrying your fire pit while traveling.


Things you need to consider

  • The cover is well made, but its lightweight feature may adversely impact its durability.


Final Verdict

The Nasum fire pit cover has all beneficial features that help to protect a fire pit from any adverse situation and keep it safe and new for years. Yet its affordable price makes it the best fit for you.


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9. Classic Accessories Round Fire Pit Cover


Classic Accessories Round Fire Pit Cover Review


This Classic Accessories fire pit cover is a premium cover, and you will get a satisfactory service. It is a complete package of all types of exclusive features you can have from a fire pit cover. In addition, you will find multiple options for matching your fireplace cover with your furniture cover.

If you are fond of quality products and you would like to give your patio fire pit a protective cover that gives secure and custom fit protection with aristocratic charm, then this premium fire pit cover is for you.  

The 36-inch dimensional round fire pit cover is made of Gardelle fabric system, a remarkable solution-dyed, double layer waterproof polyester fabric with a protective dark splash skirt. That is water-resistant to both sides. With a click and close strap, you can give your fire pit strong protection on windy days. This cover has a drawstring for a custom fit. 2 air vents and pad handles make this one more user beneficiary. There are exclusive options for style up all patio furniture with the same designed cover.


Features & Benefits

  • The fire pit cover is made from a Gardella fabric system that can exclusively secure your fire pit.
  • Attachment straps keep the cover firmly attached with your fire pit and restrain wind blow.
  • You can control the fitting of the cover with the adjustable hem cord.
  • Functional air vents keep moisture away and prevent unwanted rusting.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • This cover provides ample space for easy fit of the fire pit. You can cover your round in-ground fire pit with this cover.
  • Entirely waterproof, so nothing to worry about rusting or any kind of water-prone damages.
  • Two padded handles made carrying easy.
  • Using the hoop straps, you can fasten the legs securely during windy weather.
  • A wide variety of different covers is available so you can easily match and style for other furniture on your patio.


Things you need to consider

  • Do not cover the leg area entirely.
  • The fabric keeps the water entirely out, but some users have noticed algae growth on their cover.


Final Verdict

The Classic Accessories is a trustworthy name for fire pit accessories and covers. This cover has its name with multiple user-friendly features and a well-designed protection function for a fire pit. It is worth your money.


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10. SHINESTAR 30 Inch Fire Pit Cover


SHINESTAR 30 Inch Fire Pit Cover Review


Shinestar fire pit cover is a great quality product made with upgraded material to give you a satisfactory experience. This cover is durable and resistant to every element that can harm your product. You can use this fire pit cover as a custom fit, and it will fit like a dedicated one.

If you are looking for a cover that will resist the water, heat, wind, dust, and all, then this fire pit cover is for you. It will also be an excellent match for those who have fire pit size 28 to 32-inch. 

This 32-inch round fire pit cover with 13.5-inch height is made of durable 600D fabric. It is anti-tearing, anti-flaming, and waterproof. Also, this fabric has anti-fading material that will give protection against up to 1000UV hours. You can use this cover for any round fire size 28 to 32-inch like Landman Big Sky, Hampton Bay, etc.


Features & Benefits

  • This 32-inch round cover is made with 600D durable fabric for giving your fire pit a strong layer of protection.
  • You can customize the cover’s fitting by using the drawstring. 
  • Fastening straps allow you to secure the coverage during windy weather. It also helps with quick unpacking.
  • Through the air vents, extra moisture comes out and makes your cover 100% waterproof.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • This fire pit will not tear easily or dry cracks, so that you can use it roughly on the outdoor and open patio.
  • The cover has heat-resistant material that can endure 1000 UV hours.
  • Air vents on this cover eliminate moisture inside and restrain the cover from blowing while wind passing. 
  • Flame-resistant fabric provides extra surety of safety. 
  • The fabric used on this custom fire pit cover is durable and long-lasting.


Things you need to consider

  • The fabric stretches a little bit on the upper side.


Final Verdict

This Shinestar 30 inch fire pit cover has impressive features with surety of durable and safe experience. You can have this one to protect and cover your gas fire pit, round outdoor fire pit, any metal fire, and any custom fire pit.


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How to Choose The Best Fire Pit Cover 


If you don’t have any notions about what things you should keep in mind before purchasing something. Then the process can be turned from a baffle into a dizzying array. So having a clear concept on any particular thing will help you to sort out the best option. So here we are to provide you all information and considerable points you should know and keep your mind before purchasing a fire pit cover.


1. Cover material 

The material is the first and foremost considerable thing while choosing a cover for the fire pit. Fabric is the utmost common and solid material for fire pit covers. The fabric should be durable, strong, medium lightweight to heavy.

Water resistance, heat resistance, and endurance to UV light are other must-have qualities of cover material. Different types of 600D polyester fabric, Oxford fabric, Laminated waterproof fabric are popular ones. PVC coating over the inner part of the fabric is another vital quality that ensures 100% waterproofness. 


2. Durability

The crafting and stitching of the cover should be stiff and secure. Double stitching is preferable. Covers that are tape sealed on their seams provide utmost durability and long-lasting protection. 


3. Size 

While choosing a cover for your fire pit, take proper and accurate measurements of your fire pit. Because it is crucial to match the sizes of both the fire pit and the cover. Picking 1 to 2-inch or  a bigger cover is good. That prevents the contradiction between the cover and fire pit edges. Significantly a metal fire pit cover needs to be slightly more significant than the fire pit’s actual size.


4. Fitting system 

The fire pit cover should have a way of fitting custom. An elastic hem cord, drawstring helps with that customization. This system helps to suit the fire pit properly if you have a bigger cover. That also helps to keep the cover in place during windy conditions. 


5. Ventilation system 

Your fire pit cover is for the superior protection of your fire pit. And the most important thing is water resistance from both sides of the cover. Other than this waterproofing, your fire pit can still catch moisture. During rainy days moisture stuck into your cover. If your cover doesn’t have ventilation, it will rust your metal fire pit and cause other damages. So select a cover with proper functional two or more vents. 


6. Budget 

Like any other person, you also prefer to invest your money in quality and worthy things. So while spending a handsome amount on a fire pit, you may keep some bucks ready for its cover because the whole investment depends on its durability and longevity. So a cover is a must! A good and quality full cover is like the insurance of your investment. 


7. Patio interior  

While choosing a cover for your fire pit, you have to think about your patio interior. Some patios are covered, and some are open. And there are variations in cover material on the term of reaction against sunlight exposure.

Some covers tend to fade away over time if kept in sunlight for a long time, and some have UV protection on materials. So you may choose accordingly. Another thing is the other furniture of your patio and which cover you are using for them. Try to combine your fire pit cover with others to create harmony and pleasing sight.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Should I cover my fire pit?

If you want to use your fire pit for a long time and keep it as new for years, then yes, you should give your fire pit a durable and quality full cover immediately after purchasing. A cover will protect your fire pit from all possible types of damage caused by weather. The cover also keeps your fire pit clean and safe from dust and debris when not in use. 


2. How do you cover a fire pit?

After cooling off completely:

  • Gently clean your fire pit.
  • Shroud them with an inexpensive water-resistant PVC.
  • Place it at secure storage.

But the best and convenient way to cover a fire pit is to get a good, waterproof, functioning cover for your fire pit. You can find them quickly at an affordable price. 


3. Do you need to cover your fire pit in the winter?

Winter is mean to cold snaps, shivering wind, cold rain, and snowfall. That all can hamper your fire pit drastically. Strong protection of a durable cover and proper storing can save your fire pit. So it would be best if you covered your fire in winter for sure. 


4. How do you keep the rain out of a fire pit?

On rainy days moving your fire pit into a safe place or store is not enough. Without protection, it can catch moisture. Only a good quality fire pit cover can keep rain and moisture build-up entirely out of your fire pit in the rainy season. 


5. Can you put a fire pit under a covered patio?

Those fire pits that tend to create high flame are not appropriate for use in a covered patio. Wood-burning ones are an example. Besides the risk of catching fire, this type of fire pit also produces heavy smoke that also traps under the patio roof and creates an unpleasant environment for the user. 

Otherwise, covered patios are suitable for propane-based fire pits and others like smokeless ones that produce an efficient and safe flame with minimum to zero smoke. When the fire pit is not in use, a covered patio also saves your cover from getting in direct sun exposure and prevents early fading. 




Nothing lasts forever, so your fire pit. But using a good cover for protection and proper maintenance can increase your fire pit longevity. That will allow you to enjoy your fire pit’s service for years. 

We hope by this writing you may find answers to all your questions regarding fire pit cover. From all of the reviewed products in this article, choose what suits your fire pit most. They all are durable, functional, full of protective features, and affordable. 

All the best with your purchase. Stay safe! Stay protected! 

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