Can you have a smokeless fire pit indoors? Mystery solved!

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Last updated Feb 7, 2024
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Wondering whether you can use your existing smokeless outdoor fire pit indoors or thinking of buying a new one that can work indoor as well as outdoor? Well, I’m here to dig deep into the topic and answer the burning question: Can you have a smokeless fire pit indoors? Let’s embark on this exciting adventure together!

In short, only certain smokeless fire pits and a few smokeless fuel types can be used indoors safely, given a few simple safety precautions are followed. The reason for this is, because not all smokeless fire pits and fuel types are created equally as I’ve mentioned in a few of my previous articles (See : Best Fuel for a Smokeless Fire Pit and 7 Things to Burn in a Fire Pit That is Smokeless to be Truly Smoke’LESS’)

So let me explain so that you can decide whether it is safe for you to use your smokeless fire pit indoors or whether you should consider buying a new one that works well both indoors and outdoors. And if so, how to choose the best one.


Understanding Smokeless Fire Pits

Before we dive into the indoor aspect, let me briefly explain what a smokeless fire pit is all about. A smokeless fire pit is designed to minimize or eliminate the smoke produced during burning.

They use advanced technology and smart engineering to create a more efficient and cleaner burn. By optimizing airflow and combustion, these clever fire pits significantly reduce smoke, making them a popular choice for outdoor gatherings.

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Challenges of using Smokeless fire pit indoors

Now, when it comes to indoor fire pits, there are some important things to keep in mind. Indoor environments are typically more enclosed and have limited ventilation compared to outdoor spaces. This can pose challenges for making sure proper airflow and managing smoke.

Safety is also a top priority when bringing fire indoors, as we need to protect against potential hazards like carbon monoxide buildup and fire accidents.

But, fear not! 

There are a few things that can be  done to make a fire pit safe for indoor use that provide a similar cozy ambiance without the smoke. Electric fireplaces and ethanol burners are popular options that don’t produce smoke or harmful fumes. They use different mechanisms, like simulated flames or clean-burning fuels, to create a smoke-free indoor fire experience.

So when it comes to indoor fires, safety is of utmost importance.


How to have a Smokeless fire pit indoors Safely

If you already have a smokeless fire pit and wondering whether you can use it indoors, then here are some key safety measures to consider:

  1. Ventilation

Make sure there’s proper ventilation in the indoor space where the fire pit will be used. Some precautions to take;

  • Open windows
  • Use exhaust fans, or consider installing a venting system to allow fresh air to circulate and minimize the buildup of any potential fumes.

2. Location, location, location

Choose a location away from flammable materials like curtains, furniture and decorations. Make sure there’s enough space around the fire pit to minimize the risk of accidental contact with the flames.If there is an existing fireplace or a hearth, consider placing it in there to contain the flames as well as any mild fumes there could be. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the minimum clearance required around the fire pit.

3. Stable Surface

Place the fire pit on a stable, non-flammable surface. If the fire pit doesn’t come with its own stand or base, use a fire-resistant mat or a platform to protect the floor/carpet.

4. Choose the right Fire Pit

Choose a fire pit specifically designed for indoor use. Look for safety certifications and follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding installation, fuel usage, and maintenance.

5. Choose the right Fuel

If you opt for an ethanol burner, use only the recommended fuel and follow the instructions for safe usage. Ethanol burners are clean-burning and produce minimal fumes, but it’s crucial to handle them with care and follow safety guidelines.(If you’re wondering how Ethanol compares with other Smokeless fuels, have a read of this article)

6. Have Fire Safety Equipment Close by

Keep fire safety equipment handy, such as a domestic fire extinguisher, fire safety blanket and smoke detectors, and make sure they are in proper working condition. I believe these are a must for any house regardless of whether you’d like to have a smokeless fire pit indoors or not.

7. Local Regulations

Check if there are any local building codes or regulations that might affect where you can place a fire pit indoors.


In conclusion, while it’s not advisable to have a traditional smokeless fire pit indoors, there are safety measures you can take before using your Smokeless fire pit indoors to create a cozy indoor fire experience. Electric fireplaces and ethanol burners offer smoke-free options, providing warmth and ambiance without the hazards associated with traditional fire pits.

Remember, safety should always be the top priority when considering indoor fires. Proper ventilation, using certified indoor fire pits, and following safety guidelines are essential. By taking these precautions, you can enjoy the comforts of a smokeless indoor fire while keeping everyone safe.

So, get ready to cozy up in your indoor space, grab a book or gather with loved ones, and enjoy the magic of a smoke-free fire experience that brings warmth and joy to your home!

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