8 Best Direct Vent Gas Fireplace In 2024 With Buying Guide

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Last updated Mar 2, 2024
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Nowadays, the direct-vent gas fireplace has become on top of the popularity. The appealing design and modern touch on construction with contemporary features make the direct-vent fireplace a complete blend of comfort, convenience, and aristocracy. Other than these, there are pretty good and sustaining reasons behind this wide expectancy among the users.

First of all, you can get maximum heat output from a direct vent fireplace rather than a conventional wood fireplace. On a regular fireplace, a significant amount of heat is lost in heating the chimney. But on a direct-vent system, outer air is used to complete the combustion process, so the inside air and final heat output remain unaffected. 

The second most important feature of a direct-vent gas fireplace is entirely smoke, fume, and odor-free. That keeps your indoor space breathable and clean. Moreover, direct-vents comparatively low maintenance, natural or propane gas is cheaper than wood, and so on. 

Counting on these extensive benefits in mind, you must be thinking of having a direct-vent gas fireplace at home. So we have come up with a detailed review of the 8 best direct vent gas fireplaces of all time. Also, the additional buying guide and FAQ section will help you choose the best-valued product for you. 

So let’s start with the review section.


8 Best Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Review


1. Martin Propane Direct-Vent Wall Furnace


best direct vent gas fireplace


You must be wondering why we have placed this direct-vent wall furnace heater in this fireplace haul. The reason is its efficiency, features, and performance is not any less than a direct-vent fireplace. So it deserves a place in your choice list. 

This winter brings home the Martin direct-vent wall furnace and keeps yourself warm and active in the most convenient, safest, and cleanest way. You can get up to 20000BTUs output from this direct-vent furnace, which also ensures 77% of thermal efficiency. This wall-mounted fireplace heater also prevents any heat from escaping and provides the maximum result. 

You can install this furnace in your home in the easiest way possible. All you have to do is connect this direct vent heater with the LPG fitter in a suitable place in your home. The inbuilt thermostat makes the user experience more convenient and secure. The front is designed with a heavy-duty-die-cast grill, and it also regulates the maximum heat flow towards the room. 

Additionally, the modern and precise design of the direct-vent heater matches any room type, size, or interior. You can enjoy watching the flame raging through the ceramic glass view window. And at last, the direct-vent system will assure you with no smoke, completely odor-free, clean air with relaxing warm ambiance.


Best Parts

  • Sturdy construction 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Maximum efficiency 
  • Utmost security with proper convenience 
  • Modern design 
  • Clean performance 
  • Low maintenance



  • Only compatible with LPG


Final Thoughts

A great product with the most efficiency, decent output, sound design, easy installation process, and last but not the least reasonable price. Overall the best option to beat the cold with the most convenience. Worth every penny.


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2. Majestic Mercury 32-inch Direct Vent Fireplace


Majestic Mercury 32-inch Direct Vent Fireplace Review


The Majestic Mercury direct-vent fireplace is a featureful, modern fireplace. With this compact fireplace, you can easily give your indoor interior a nifty look. In addition, it will work as a great source of heat in your house. Without compromising the environment and in-house air-condition, this fireplace will keep you warm and active during cold days. 

While using this fireplace, you will enjoy the total remote control system of this fireplace. You can monitor the temperature, flame volume, and on or off the unit using the remote. An optional fan on the top of the fireplace penetrates heat directly into the room for more comfort. The fan’s speed is also controllable with the remote. 

This 32-inch compact fireplace can attain up to 19000BTUs per hour. For ignition, you can entirely rely on the modern Intellifire ignition system (IPI). With this advanced intermittent pilot ignition system, you are one touch away from igniting your fireplace. This system perpetually monitors the ignition. All over, this system ensures safe and utmost secure functioning with plenty of energy-saving per month.


Best Parts

  • It can run on both natural and liquified propane gas. 
  • Optimal power distribution 
  • Easily conductible 
  • Tidy outlook and customizable
  • Comes with an artificial split log set, tempered glass, and gas flex connector 
  • Limited lifetime warranty



  • Performance may vary in extra-large space.


Final Thoughts

This compact direct-vent fireplace is a great option to keep your indoor warm with clean air and zero mess. This one is a perfect package of modern features, incredible efficiency, and a reliable warranty for a lifetime with great pricing.


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3. Empire Tahoe Deluxe Direct-Vent Fireplace


Empire Tahoe Deluxe Direct-Vent Fireplace Review


This direct-vent fireplace is an extensively perfect option in terms of modern features and convenient experience. For best output, a slope glaze burner has been used in this model. That can produce up to 25000BTUs with 83% competency. 

The model runs on natural gas and is entirely heater-rated. For more convenience, you can control the fireplace with a millivolt remote control. No electricity is required at all. Additionally, the fireplace includes slat louvers for more efficient venting. 

The latest hem-bent seams technology has been featured on this model for the sturdiest fit. For mounting this fireplace, you don’t have to rely on screw bolts and fasteners. Coming to the dimension and outlook of this fireplace, it’s a 36-inch premium direct vent fireplace. And it has a large heat-proof tempered glass view window. As a whole, this fireplace will make your leisure more relaxing and convenient.


Best Parts

  • No fume, no ash, zero pollution 
  • Efficient heat output 
  • Remote-ready control 
  • Free 4-piece log set 
  • An extended warranty of 3 years



  • The viewing screen does not come with the package


Final Thoughts

With 83% efficiency, this direct-vent fireplace has all of the latest features. That will ensure you maximum comfort and premium experience. Also comes with great packaging and a sustainable warranty. Altogether, make this fireplace a must-have for your home upgrade to the next level.



4. Superior DRT3500 Direct-Vent Fireplace


Superior DRT3500 Direct-Vent Fireplace Review


The Superior direct-vent fireplace is a sober fireplace option for classy users. The structure and the outstanding features of this direct-vent fireplace are complementing its nifty outlook. On the whole, this fireplace will provide you excellent warmth with a super comfortable vibe. 

This fireplace has been combined with a top/rear flue configuration. So you can get an elegant outlook and maximum heat generation within the room. A swift ignition system with independent battery backup makes the ignition easy. Besides tuning the heating level, this fireplace has a factory inserted bower with six different speed specifications. 

For installing this 35-inch fireplace, you will not have much space because it’s a fireplace with a modest depth of 17-inch. The fireplace is also featured with an illumination system with six unique settings. That can intensify your mood and particular needs. You will get a high-end log set, full-function remote control, ceramic glass, and a protective screen with the fireplace.


Best Parts

  • Enhanced 23000 to 26000 BTUs heat output
  • Protected with durable powder coating
  • Extensive option for interior illumination 
  • Full-function remote control
  • Factory-installed blower 
  • 20 years warranty



  • The critical barrier doesn’t come with the package.


Final Thoughts

Durable quality, exciting features, and utmost convenient user specifications make this fireplace an outstanding direct-vent fireplace! You can consider this as a complete package of home improvement with lots of comfort and pleasure. The best deal to justify your every penny.



5. Empire Comfort Direct-Vent Fireplace With Blower


Empire Comfort Direct-Vent Fireplace With Blower Review


With the empire Comfort direct-vent fireplace, you can shed all of your worries about keeping your home warm for you and your family. This direct-vent fireplace comes with extensive advantages and is the most convenient feature. That is going to make your experience with the fireplace worth cherishing for a lifetime. 

This natural gas fireplace is heater-rated with up to 83% of solid efficiency. You can get 26000BTUs heat output per hour. This fireplace can also perform during power outages. For ignition, this fireplace has used millivolt technology. That requires no battery backup or electricity. It’s a Piezo push button that enables easy on/off lighting. That ensures more security and reduces any probability of unexpected firing. 

You will get a variable-speed blower with this 36-inch fireplace. That will optimize the airflow in the venting ducts and change the flame level automatically. This fireplace also comes with a temperature switch, logs, burner, Herringbone ceramic fiber brick, and tempered glass.


Best Parts

  • Heater-rated
  • Millivolt Control
  • A variable-speed blower is included 
  • Cleanest air venting 
  • Comes with a couple of accessories

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  • Required barrier screen is not included


Final Thoughts

For keeping your house warm and breathable at the same time, there is no match for this direct-vent fireplace. Additionally, this fireplace has the best features and valuable accessories included. 



6. American Hearth Boulevard Direct-Vent Gas Fireplace


American Hearth Boulevard Direct-Vent Gas Fireplace Review


For keeping your large living area, lounge, or spacious place warm and lively, nothing can be better than this 72-inch massive boulevard fireplace. This fireplace is a direct-vent option; it will also keep the air fresh, breathable, and clean atmosphere. This large-scale linear fireplace will also enhance your interior by adding up an aristocratic vibe. 

From this direct vent fireplace, you will get a massive amount of heat output of 40000 to 52500BTUs per hour. The fireplace runs on natural gas, which is regarded as affordable, clean, and safe fuel. Moreover, an intense electronic intermittent ignition system has been used in this fireplace that saves energy and makes the ignition more secure. This system also keeps the fireplace performing during power outages and freezing weather. 

This one is a one-sided wall-mounted fireplace. To enhance the visual of the fireplace, you will get an extensively available option of glass liner, log set, crushed glass for styling with your fire pit. Other than that, this fireplace is featured with multicolor LED light on the bottom. You can control various functions of this fireplace with an easy remote option. For example, you can control the burner, optional blower, and the inbuilt lighting.


Best Parts

  • Perfectly compatible for large area 
  • extreme heat output 
  • Stylish and contemporary design 
  • Super visual enjoyment 
  • Convenient user interface



  • Required spacious area for proper performance


Final Thoughts

This exclusive linear direct-vent fireplace from American Hearth is the fittest option for a spacious place. Extensive heat output, great outlook, and comparative features make this fireplace a lucrative shot to have.


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7. Empire Comfort Premium Direct-Vent Fireplace


Empire Comfort Premium Direct-Vent Fireplace Review


Make your home warm and cozy today with this direct-vent fireplace. This 36-inch indoor fireplace comes with premium specifications and exclusive features. That will glorify your home interior besides giving you utmost comfort. 

Natural gas has been used here as fire fuel. That ensures 100% clear in-house air. Looking close at this fireplace, you will notice details on the architecture of this fireplace. Its top or rear vent is a convertible that facilitates reinless venting. The control panel is lying behind the lower pan for your easy reach. 

Additionally, you can control the fireplace with a millivolt on-off switch button. And you can get heat during a power outage. And the display wall of this fireplace is in a herringbone pattern. That complemented with smoke accents that allured the inflamed look of the fireplace in a surreal way.


Best Parts

  • Up to 26000BTUs per hour 
  • The efficiency rate is 83% 
  • Tempered glass, Herringbone ceramic brick, logs, and a burner is included
  • for hook up, you will get an electrical junction box for free of cost 
  • Convenient 
  • Mess-free premium service



  • A barrier screen has to be purchased separately.


Final Thoughts

All convenient features with great design make this direct-vent fireplace a match-less accessory for your home. Effectual heat output, convenient installation process, and long-term service are needed precisely to enjoy the winter to the fullest.


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8. Superior DV 45-inch Linear Fireplace


Superior DV 45-inch Linear Fireplace Review


The 45-inch Superior direct-vent fireplace is well-constructed. This fireplace’s modern design and exclusive features ensure a hundred percent comfort and convenient service. Besides ensuring heat supply, this compact fireplace enhances your house look and creates a transitional viewpoint. 

You can operate this direct vent fireplace using both natural gas and LPG. The BTUs per hour is a maximum of 18000 and 16000 respectively for natural gas and LPG. A dedicated electric ignition system has been installed in this fireplace. That is specially compiled with good battery backup to continue performing during power shortage.

However, this fireplace has the option for a blower and remote control system. The venting wires and accessories are included with the package. On the fireplace, you will notice a durable powder coat finish with super texture. Also, the black-painted inner side of the fireplace compliments the overall look. While inflamed, it goes to another level!


Best Parts

  • Included tempered glass, crushed glass media, and protective screen 
  • Easy installation 
  • Sleek design 
  • Durable construction 
  • 20 year limited warranty



  • Performance may vary in a larger area


Final Thoughts

Precise design, easy operating system, and durable built material make this direct-vent fireplace an intelligent option to have. If you have a tidy and minimal space, you can pick this one for sure.



Things to Consider Before Choosing A Direct-Vent Fireplace


1. Design and Space 

Selecting a fireplace with a suitable design for your home space and interior is one of the most primary things while choosing a direct-vent fireplace. If you have a limited opening in your home, choose a decent-sized fireplace and sleek design. In a spacious area, a linear and big fireplace would look and perform great. Keeping your interior on your head, choose a plan to complement your interior without exaggerating the space.


2. Heat Efficiency 

As a fuel, gas is heat efficient and comparatively cheaper than wood. So, in general, direct-vent gas fireplaces can provide a good amount of heat output. Choosing a fireplace of which heat efficiency is 75% to 85% or more is safe. However, keep the BTUs in mind while shortlisting your choice. It indicates the total energy efficiency of fuel that is incorporated with your fireplace. High BTU fireplaces are for more substantial space. For smaller areas, you can count on lower numbers.   


3. Venting Position 

If you have a prior fireplace space in your home, it would be great if you go with the existing venting position. It will help you get a quick installation, and also it will require fewer changes on your walls. Otherwise, you can choose from both rear or top venting. And if you are not sure, go for the fireplace with both top and rear venting systems. 


4. Ignition type 

Choosing the right ignition type is a must for ensuring fire safety and a secure user experience. MIllivolt ignition system, IPI, or push buttons are competent and safe choices. These are easy to operate, energy-saving, you can regulate the fire, and you can rely on these systems. Plus, most of them offer battery backup during power outages.


5. Installation Process 

Installing a direct-vent gas fireplace can be time-consuming and requires a few extra bucks. So if you have a tight budget, try to choose one with an easy and short installation process. Also, if you are not a permanent resident, it will be wiser not to invest too much in installing heavy or high-end fireplaces.  


6. Warranty 

A direct-vent fireplace is undoubtedly a costly necessity. And you are not going to buy this now and then. So choose carefully and go for the ones with reasonable terms of the warranty. A long-term and well-facilitated warranty secures your product’s longevity and assures you carefree service for years. 


7. Affordability 

Though a direct-vent gas fireplace is an expensive product, you will admit that it’s worth it if you compare the performance, heat output, and efficiency. A direct-vent fireplace can be a permanent solution to your needs. And the overall appearance of your interior with a direct-vent fireplace will take your home on to the next level. It’s tempting. So for a great thing, leveling up the budget a little more is entirely worth it.


Frequently Asked Question


Do direct vent fireplaces need a chimney?

No, a direct-vent fireplace does not require a chimney. It is the best advantage of a direct-vent fireplace. 


How Do Direct Vent Fireplaces Work?

On a direct-vent fireplace system, a pair of flues reside inside one another. One is an inner flue, and another is an outer flue. When the gas fireplace ignites, the in-room exhaust passes through the inner pipe to the outside. At the same time, the outer tube brings fresh air or oxygen for combustion. This process creates an automotive double combustion system. By this process, the entire exhaust, fume, or any by-product hardly gets a chance to trap back inside. And as the fireplaces install in an entirely sealed way, no amount of heat can escape in the process. So you can get a maximum heat output


Are direct vent fireplaces good?

A direct vent fireplace expels all exhaust and by-products outside and provides maximum heat output by trapping the heat inside and stopping the heat from splitting out. So overall direct-vent fireplaces are good in terms of safe and secure experience, maximum output, extensive efficiency, and premium appearance. 


Are direct vent fireplaces warm?

Yes, direct-vent fireplaces are pretty warm. On the direct-vent system, you will get a chance to get maximum fuel efficiency, maximum heat and warmth with almost zero waste of energy.


Where can your direct vent fireplace be installed?

As a direct-vent fireplace needs outer air passage for operating correctly, the home’s exterior wall is a suitable place to install your direct-vent fireplace.




Like the price, the efficiency and premium-ness of a direct-vent gas fireplace are higher. Bringing a direct-vent fireplace is a good investment and remarkable improvement for your home. So choosing the best one is desirable. We hope this detailed write-up may be helpful for you to study the most reviewed products at a time. And shortlist the best and popular direct vent fireplaces. And make it easier for you to choose the best one for your home. All the best for your purchase. Happy and safe firing!

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