10 Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand In 2024 With Buyer’s Guide

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Last updated Mar 1, 2024
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Nowadays, people love to keep their place tidy and minimal. At the same time, choosing an addition for the home, they want to get everything without compromising their time, space, and budget. An electric fireplace TV stand is the perfect piece that will give you different services, make the best use of space, and give you more than its value.

An electric fireplace TV stand is an ideal furniture option for both large to minimal spaces. While working as a TV stand, it delivers warmth and storage. It’s one unit that serves different purposes. For this functional attribute, this fireplace and TV stand combo has been a primary choice of modern users. 

But when you are up to buying something, you need to know everything about the particular thing. You have to know the best options for value available in the market. However, it’s a time-consuming process but not anymore with this write-up on the 10 best electric fireplace TV stands.

In this article, we have studied and collected the 10 best electric fireplace TV stands that serve the users with consistent satisfaction. These products are the most sold and reviewed ones. Additionally, for your convenience and assurance, we have added a buying guide and FAQ section at the end of the review section.

So without deliberate, let’s get started.


10 Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand Review


1. Walker Edison Classic 4 Cubby Fireplace TV Stand


best electric fireplace tv stand


A huge edition of an electric fireplace and TV stand like this Walker Edison one can be the solo best accessory for your living, bedroom, and other common spaces. You can use this Fireplace plus TV stand for several purposes. Additionally, you can beautify your place instantly with this single product. 

This hassle-free, convenient and functional furniture unit is perfect for any user. In wide space and modern indoor interior, it shows up to be the best.

The dimension of this electric fireplace with a TV stand is overwhelming, which is 70-inch by 24-inch. You can put up to 150lbs and an 80-inch TV easily on it. You will get two adjustable shelves for use for storage purposes. Moreover, there are four cord ports available to keep your wires organized and concealed.  

Now coming to its fireplace specification, you can get up to 4600BTUs of heat that can warm up a 400 sq. ft. area. That is enough and comforting when you are watching a movie and chilling in chilled weather. And as this one completely runs on electricity, you don’t have to rush for a gas line or anything else. 

It’s constructed with a durable MDF board. This material is medium-density fiber with great strength. Glued together with high-quality wood glue. On proper usage, it can last longer than wood. Other than that, the sober charcoal grey color looks better with any atmosphere.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Spacious and functional
  • Able to deliver decent warmth
  • Available storage option for keeping books magazine, and others device
  • Give your place a smart look
  • All set-up tools are included
  • Easy to fix


Things you need to consider

  • Assemble and maintain properly to avoid any damage


Final Thoughts

It can be a piece of functional furniture for your place. While keeping up your space tidy and organized, it will hold up your TV and give you warmth. A multiple deal on a single budget.


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2. Walker Edison Double Barn Door Fireplace TV Stand


Walker Edison Double Barn Door Fireplace TV Stand Review


The double barn door Walker Edison fireplace TV stand is great furniture for your space. It not only enhances your interior look but also gives you warmth and an effortless leisure option. 

This one can be a perfect product for people who are indecisive about what to get and what not from TV console, fireplace, and storage. This option can serve you with all.

This TV stand cum fireplace is a 58inch wooden unit that can easily fit into moderate space. This stand can hold up a total weight of 210lbs. On that, you can stand a 65-inch TV perfectly. Furthermore, the shelves of this unit are featured with a barn door. So you can keep your things safe on these shelves. 

The electric fireplace of this unit can deliver you up to 4600BTUs heat output per hour. Interestingly if you want, you can use your fireplace part only for displaying. So on warmer days, you can have the vibe of flaming fire from LED flames. Amazing right? 

Overall this multiple featured Fireplace and TV stand can be a good improvement for your living space, library, or any other place. Besides its functional attributes, the rustic design combined with metal accents outrageously elevates the vibe of a simple space.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • The electric fireplace has individual heat and display-flame-only options
  • Great dimension for moderate to a wide spacious place
  • The door featured a storage unit
  • Will keep all wire and cord untangled and managed
  • Easy to set up. Hardware included


Things you need to consider

  • Some users have faced packaging errors


Final Thoughts

The features and available options of this electric Fireplace and TV stand are impressive. Comes with an easy set-up option and attractive design. An amazing addition to your space at a good price.


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3. Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace TV Console


Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace TV Console Review


Opt-out for this fireplace TV console for getting warmth and a rustic outlook with a single piece of functional furniture. It’sIt’s a well-constructed product. Also, it has multiple features to offer you multiple advantages. 

Don’t divide it into two different things if you are looking for a TV console and electric fireplace. Grab this electric fireplace plus TV console combo for the best experience. 

This 60-inch (approx) TV console is a great functional unit for a home with moderate space. It will don’t take much space. And within this space, you can fit a 60-inch TV, different things on storage units, and most importantly, a 23-inch performing electric fireplace. 

The electric fireplace section of this TV console is able to warm up a 400 sq. ft. area. You can control this fireplace with a remote. This feature allows you to explore the different specifications of this fireplace. For example, the on/off setting, heat on/off, flame setting, temperature control, and timer settings. 

The manufacturer has used the MDF board and particle board for the TV console structure to ensure you of a quality product. The material is durable and sturdy. And weight lighter than wood. It makes porting and setting up easy. That’s why it has gained popularity in modern households.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Sorted rusted look with a modern accent
  • Functional storage system. Two open shelves and two barn-door storage units
  • Remote control feature
  • Heat on and off feature for heat-less realistic inflamed LED display
  • Easy to assemble
  • Low maintenance


Things you need to consider

  • The product is all over great, but some users had face defects due to poor packaging


Final Thoughts

Good product made out of quality material. Works fine as both a TV stand and an electric fireplace. Also, offer you a great storage option. All of this comes at a superb affordable value.


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4. Walker Edison Highboy Fireplace TV Stand


Walker Edison Highboy Fireplace TV Stand Review


The highboy fireplace TV stand of Walker Edison is an elegant furniture option. That comes with functional features and an organized storage unit. Additionally, the dimensional attributes of this product are perfect for your tidy space. 

If you are searching for a compact TV console with an electric fireplace, you can check out this one. This handy option will help you to use your space efficiently without occupying much of it. 

This unit of Walker Edisons’s fireplace and TV stand comes in a matte black finish. Whether you place this against a colorful wall or plain wall, it looks outstanding in every way. You can consider this 32-inch compact furniture as a massive addition to your tidy room. It will not take much place. Additionally, it will store every other thing that is used to sprawling at your place. 

For tiny homes, its 4600BTUs a fireplace will work adequately. You can also opt-out for only the flame or heat option using a simple switch. That will allow you to enjoy a cozy fireplace vibe on summer days. 

Moreover, you will get two shelves and two glass door storage units on this console. There are two cord ports to keep your wires organized. And the overall weight capacity of this TV stand fireplace is more than 250lbs. You can stand up to 65-inch above the console.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Graceful, compact furniture option. Looks great, especially in small spaces
  • Helps you to keep your place tidy up
  • A trouble less electric fireplace delivers decent heat
  • Sturdy and ample weight capacity
  • Set up process at your ease


Things you need to consider

  • A remote controller would be more convenient


Final Thoughts

It is a compact edition of a fireplace and TV stand from Walker Edison for short space. It will not exaggerate your place. Rather, it will keep it organized, simple, and cozy. Nice combination of heat, warmth, storage, and elegance.


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5. Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace TV Console


Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace TV Console Review


Another Ameriwood electric fireplace and TV stand to consider as a shortlisted product. This TV console easily fits in any space and interior. An added fireplace can deliver a good warmth to create an ambiance to relax and chill. 

Bring this functional electric fireplace plus TV stand home today for enjoying your favorite match or your weekend NetFlix and chill without making yourself shivering in the cold. 

The 47-inch stand is capable of holding up a 50-inch flat TV. You can store your devices like Blu-Ray players, video games, cable boxes, and others securely on the open shelves. Cord ports are present, so no more tangled wires. On lower shelves, you will get a glass door to store things more securely. If you have toddlers or preschoolers, you know how useful this is. 

The fireplace can produce decent heat to warm up to a 400 sq. ft. area. And yes, you can enjoy the flame and heat independently. You can assemble this 70lbs single-handed or better with the help of a second person. For cleaning, wipe the dust regularly.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Made of durable laminated MDF boards
  • Elevate the looks of a small space
  • Efficient fireplace
  • Nice viewscreen to enjoy the flame
  • Low maintenance


Things you need to consider

  • A remote controller option would be more convenient


Final Thoughts

While looking for a multifunctional TV stand with a performing fireplace, this one is a good option you should check out for sure. It’s the best budget product with satisfying specifications.


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6. BELLEZE TV Stand Entertainment Center


BELLEZE TV Stand Entertainment Center Review


While thinking of entertainment, you can’t miss the comfort. That’s why BELLEZE brings a TV console electric fireplace to make your leisure enjoyable and relaxing. Additionally allowing you to keep your space organized with the storage units of this TV console. 

You already know if you need this product. If you don’t, then count the features and multiple usages of this product. You will start to feel the need. 

This electric fireplace TV stand is 47-inch and has three different sections for storage. And the side storage units have doors so that you can keep your pieces of stuff more securely. Also, you will get a feature cable port to keep your connections sorted and hidden. 

The fireplace section is placed in the middle, and the dimension of this area is 18-inch. It’s a remote control fireplace that completely runs on electricity. Besides ample heat output, you can enjoy the fireplace in only a display-flame mood without heat. That will give you a cozy all-weather mode. 

By following the installation manual, you can assemble it in no time with a helping hand. The fireplace cord length is six feet, so you don’t have to compromise with electric ports and a perfect location.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Made of long-lasting high-grade manufactured wood
  • Functional and convenient
  • Secure storage options
  • Efficient fireplace with remote control
  • The Ashland pine color looks great


Things you need to consider

  • The customer service is unpleasant
  • Packaging needs to be more careful hands


Final Thoughts

The product is potentially good and featured. Also, the price is reasonable. The service system should be more attentive to their customers.


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7. Dimplex Xavier Media Console with Electric Fireplace


Dimplex Xavier Media Console with Electric Fireplace Review



  • Size: 56-inch
  • Supports TV Size: 60-inch
  • Firebox Size: 23-inch
  • Heating Capacity: 1000 sq.ft
  • Assembly Meter: Medium

The Xavier media console is the perfect classic electric fireplace and TV stand combo you want for your looking. This console’s classic rich-Grainery Brown finish is a perfect match for any space’s interior and wall finish. 

The fireplace console supports TVs up to 60-inch. And its 33-inch height is perfect for providing a comfortable visual of the TV from a seating couch. 

Users love the steel mesh accent on this console’s storage cabinet. This mesh cover gives the unit a raw and rustic look. 

You can safely store your decor piece and souvenir collections worldwide. There are also open media cabinets divided into three sections for your DVDs and other media toolboxes.  

On this console, a 23-inch electric firebox is featured that can give supplementary heat for an area of 1000 sq. ft. And the warmth is quite impressive and comforting, even on extremely chilly days. 

Moreover, the firebox is UL listed so that you can rely on this electric fireplace TV stand’s safety system.

The firebox also supports a real-like display that can turn on without heating. And with a remote control option, you can operate the electric fireplace with a click.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Rich color grade and perfect finish. 
  • Durable material made.
  • Multiple storage options. 
  • Keep your space organized.
  • Provide warmth and enjoyment. 


Things you need to consider

  • You may take a longer time than usual to set up. 
  • The mesh accent on the cabinet door is prone to hold dust. You need to clean it with a soft bristle brush regularly. 


Final Thoughts

This Dimplex Xavier electric fireplace TV stand can be a perfect classic accent piece for any home. The brown finish and mesh cabinet cover make this console look like a traditional piece of furniture. Conventional users love this making and its rustic vibe around their homes.


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8. SEI Furniture Electric Bookcases Fireplace


SEI Furniture Electric Bookcases Fireplace Review


With this huge size electric fireplace console, you can entirely change the outlook of a particular space. It will be an extreme furniture option for standing TV, getting warmth, using it as a bookcase, displaying your souvenir, or general storage. 

If you have a spacious area, this unit is an ideal adjunct for you. It will serve you with several available options while complementing your space’s interior. 

The dimension of this fireplace cum bookcase /storage unit is 71.75-inch. On this, you will get the electric fireplace, two adjustable and two fixed shelves on both sides of this unit. These shelves are something a bookworm person will be overwhelmed by. These are perfectly adjustable to make it an ideal book storage option. So no more keeping your books fuzzy-wuzzy. 

The in-built electric fireplace of this unit can work efficiently for a 400 sq. ft. area. You can enjoy a nice warm and comfortable time around the fireplace. The latest remote control technology will increase convenience. Additionally, the beautiful brick accent in the interior gives it an appealing and traditional look. 

You can stand a TV over this or place this unit under a TV mounted on the wall. While placing a TV over it, make sure your TV stand firmly sets on. You can single-handedly assemble this console unit. The satin black color with a black river stone accent makes this exclusively an eye-catchy piece of furniture. So whatever the place you set this up, this unit elevates the zeal of that place.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Giant structure
  • Huge storage space
  • Functional fireplace with remote control
  • Rustic design with a modern finish
  • Easy to maneuver


Things you need to consider

  • According to the unit’s size, more heat outcomes would be more appreciating


Final Thoughts

For a large living or any other spacious area, this option is an ideal one. It can deliver decent heat, multiple options for storage. Overall it looks attractive, and the functions are great.


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9. HearthPro Nate Media Console with Electric Fireplace


HearthPro Nate Media Console with Electric Fireplace Review



  • Size: 42.52-inch
  • Supports TV Size: 45-inch
  • Firebox Size: 18-inch
  • Heating Capacity: 400 sq.ft
  • Assembly Meter: Easy

The HearthPro Nate media electric fireplace and TV stand have two color options. The Gray wood finish and the Bleached wood finish. Both color grades look appealing physically. Users love the Bleached wood one more for its neutral finish.  

Besides the neutral accent, these electric fireplace TV stands also preserve the minimal outlook of any space. You can easily adjust this 42-inch media console plus fireplace within a limited space.

Though the console is tidy and minimal, it is strongly built and able to hold up a TV up to 45-inch and weigh up to 75lbs. Moreover, this media console also offers you a lot of storage and cabinet options with a secure door system. 

The electric fireplace insert featured on this console is an 18-inch insert. A basic 120V standard power outlet can power it. The fireplace provides good heat up to 5000 BTU to keep you warm on a winter night while watching your favorite TV show. 

This minimal media console is ETL certified, safe and reliable for home. Comes with a convenient remote control and manual control panel. 


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Minimal size and stunning finish. 
  • Cozy heat output. 
  • Remote control. 
  • Easy to assemble. 
  • Auto-kill on overheating.


Things you need to consider

  • Not a drawback, but the fireplace heater is small and not eligible for bigger space than 400 sq. ft. 


Final Thoughts

The HearthPro Nate electric fireplace TV stand is a perfect, minimal addition piece for any small home. To make your place functional and keep it tidy up, have a look at this option.


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10. Martin Svensson Infrared Fireplace TV Stand


Martin Svensson Infrared Fireplace TV Stand Review


You can consider this option as the perfect ending product of this review series. This Martin Svensson Home fireplace TV stand looks sophisticated and sizes huge. The fireplace insert is functional and suits perfectly with this unit. 

If you are looking for a TV console fireplace with more output than a conventional one, then this is for you. This unit can also be the fittest furniture addition for large apartments and modern homes. 

The dimensional specification of this TV stand is 70-inch. It’s made up of fine wood material, glass, and metal accessories. The design and white and grey color are matchless for any interior with a modern and contemporary accent. You will get door featured storage on this unit. That helps to keep your things stored more securely. 

On the 26-inch fireplace on this unit, special infrared technology is enabled. You can get ample heat from this option to heat up to 1000 sq. ft, which is enough to cover up your living sitting zone with the rest of the space. That can work great on adjunct spaces like living plus dining. 

You can control this fireplace with a convenient remote controller option. This fireplace completely runs on electricity. You don’t have to hassle gas, wood, or anything. It produces no smoke, soot, or gases, so no rush for maintenance.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Superb outlook and expert finish
  • Better fireplace performance on a larger area
  • Extensive storage option
  • Easy to assemble
  • Convenient and low maintenance


Things you need to consider

  • This electric fireplace TV stand is a huge piece of furniture, so the packaging should be more stiff and strong


Final Thoughts

The phrase ‘the bigger, the better’ perfectly goes for this product. It’s an ultimate option for wide space and broad coverage. Price is comparatively high, but the service is worth the value.


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A Buying Guide for Electric Fireplace TV Stand


Every product has some key features and some basic functions to serve. So, when you check out a product based on its key features and your needs, the probability increases of sorting out the best option for you. 

The key specifications you may look at on an electric fireplace TV stand are

  • Size and Space 
  • Heat Efficiency
  • Standing space for a TV 
  • Storage 
  • Material and Design 
  • Features 
  • Affordability 


1. Size and Space 

Though electric fireplace TV stands are an ideal furniture option for minimal spaces, the size and space are still a concern before buying this. You will get several options and size variations of this product. For example, wide ones like Walker Edison Classic 4 and SEI Furniture Bookcases Fireplace, compact and small ones like Walker Edison Highboy, and average-sized one like BELLEZE TV Stand Entertainment Center

Which one will better suit depends on your home and the particular space you are planning to place the fireplace TV console in. For large rooms or spacious living, you can go for a wide one. And if you want to keep your space look minimal and don’t want to occupy more space in your place, then a medium-sized one will be great. On the other hand, a compact and small electric fireplace TV stand will be perfect for small and limited spaces. 


2. Heat Efficiency 

The heat output of an electric fireplace TV console is satisfying according to its size and power consumption. Depending on brand and product, you can get an average heat outcome to keep up to 400 sq. ft. area warm. This amount of heat is perfect for elevating a cozy and warm ambiance to your house’s entertainment or relaxation zone. However, for more coverage up to 1000 sq. ft., you can go for  Martin Svensson Infrared Fireplace. Places like dining cum drawing, lobby, and common space are under the large coverage area.


3. Standing space for a TV 

Before buying a TV stand fireplace, you must ensure that the TV mounting process and the TV stand’s bust are compatible with the TV stand unit. Like the  Walker Edison Highboy, a 32-inch electric fireplace TV stand can accumulate up to 65-inch TV. On the other hand, the 71.75-inch SEI Furniture Electric Bookcases can hold a TV with 36-inch stand width. 


4. Storage 

Storage is another primary functional feature of an electric fireplace TV stand. Like a basic TV console, this product also offers shelves and storage units to keep your thing organized and decorated. Besides that, you can opt out for units that feature a storage unit with a door. These options are great for keeping your things more secure. And if you have kids or pets, these options are best for you. 

Walker Edison Double Barn Door TV Stand, Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace TV Console with door plus open shelves are among them. And options like GMHome TV Stand Electric Fireplace, SEI Furniture Electric Bookcases Fireplace are perfect for use as a bookcase. You can use these two options for the library room.


5. Material and Design 

Generally, this furniture option is made of wood particles and MDF boards. These construction materials are perfect for giving firm and durable service without making the furniture heavy like wood. If you keep them safe from water and do dusting regularly, these will last for a long time.  

This material is also favorable for carve-out a contemporary design and a sleek finish. The designs are made to go perfectly with an interior. However, options like  Walker Edison Highboy Fireplace TV Stand, Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace TV Console, and GMHome TV Stand Electric Fireplace have metal accents with glass doors and open shelves that look outstanding and eye captivating in the modern household.


6. Features 

Aside from multiple functional features of the electric fireplace TV stand, still, you have some exclusive features to count on before buying. A best electric fireplace TV stand can offer you specific customizable settings like heat on/off, flame control, temperature, and timer. Remote control and thermostat safety options always add up plus. 


7. Affordability

Planning a good budget always helps you to buy the best option out of the list. Most of the electric fireplace TV stands come in a budget range. Among them, the best budget option is Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace TV Console. And the Walker Edison Classic 4 Cubby Fireplace TV Stand is the best option overall on its budget range.


Frequently Asked Question


1. Do electric fireplaces in TV stands give off heat?

Yes, an electric fireplace in TV stands gives off a pretty good amount of heat. A built-in electric heater in this fireplace produces heat and radiates it around the space. However, the flames you see inside an electric fireplace TV stand are not real. That is an upgraded stimulation on an LED screen that gives the viewer a real flame-like feeling.  


2. Does an electric fireplace TV stand use a lot of electricity? 

It’s a common misconception that electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity. The fact is it consumes the same amount of power as an average space electric heater. Generally, an electric fireplace uses an average of 1500 watts per hour. It will cost you $0.33 to $0.35 per hour.


3. Can an electric fireplace go under the TV?

Yes, it can. An electric fireplace works differently from as usual gas or wood-burning fireplaces. The electric fireplace gives off the bottom or front side heat, so it barely heats the upper surface. 


4. Are electric fireplaces TV stands worth it?

For sure! Electric fireplaces with TV stands are comparatively practical, cost-energy-efficient than conventional fireplaces. You do not have to do much more to install it. It’s like every other piece of furniture. It doesn’t need any vent, chimney, or duct except a power port. Also no need to recession into the wall. 

As an electric fireplace doesn’t produce any smoke or chars, you don’t have to clean it frequently. That saves a lot of maintenance time for you. Moreover, you can place your TV at complete ease over this fireplace TV console. You can enjoy this view even without heat. It’s an interesting feature of an electric fireplace. Isn’t it? Additionally, this product gives you plenty of options for storing things and displaying your favorite decor pieces. So overall, an electric fireplace is worth it.




The features and services of these 10 reviewed best electric fireplace and TV stand options are wholesome and worth buying. You can cut off one for another. But besides the exclusive features, you have to keep your space, purpose, and budget in mind. So choose what suits your expectations and meets your needs. We hope this write-up will help you through your buying journey. Wish you a great time with this amazing functional product. We hope it will bring you joy and relaxation with utmost comfort and convenience.

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