10 Best Electric Fireplaces In 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Last updated Mar 2, 2024
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To cope with modern life, we have to adopt new technologies and sustainable options in every sphere of our lives. So in the heat source of our house. There are so many drawbacks of using the conventional fire source in our modern homes. Inadequate space, expensive installation processes, and environmental issues are the bottom ones. 

Here the electric fireplaces are the new alternative for those traditional fireplaces. They fit in limited space, no critical assembling is required, no venting or chimneys are needed. Additionally, electric fireplaces are comparatively affordable and more efficient than regular fireplaces. 

That’s why we have brought an ultimate guide for sorting out what to look for to find the best electric fireplace. Also, we have researched the market and explored the maximum user experience to select and make a detailed review of the 10 best electric fireplaces, especially for you. 

So, without further delay, let’s get started with the buying guide for buying an electric fireplace.


The Ultimate Guide for Buying An Electric Fireplace


First of all, you have to understand how an electric fireplace works. You might know that an electric fireplace doesn’t have any direct source of fire. Then how does it give off heat? There are two different techniques used in an electric fireplace to produce heat. One is infrared technology, and another one is a forced fan. 

On an infrared fireplace, the heat you get is from a beam of rays. This dispersion of rays generates heat in the surrounded area and keeps the place warm in no time. The great advantage of the infrared model is it works in silence, And its main drawback is it can’t give full coverage to the room. The warmth remains limited in the frontal space of the fireplace. 

The forced fan technology is the common heating mechanism on a maximum electric fireplace. Here a speedy fan stretches out cool air from the room, heats the air using the coil, and flows back warm air. It may take time to warm up the space, but for even heat distribution, this technology is significant. As the fan runs the whole process, you will face machinery noise, more or less. 



You can consider an electric fireplace as 100% efficient. An electric fireplace will deliver exact heat output as it is stated. No smoke, no ash, no chars. You don’t need to worry about toxic gas or any soot build-up in your indoor area. Additionally, there will be no waste of energy. You will have to pay the bill as you go. 

Almost every electric fireplace offers two different heat settings. One is the high setting of 1500W, and another one is low and energy-saving 750W. Using these two settings, you can control the heat output and energy usage more efficiently. 


Heat Output

The heat output of an electric fireplace will not be as much as the conventional ones, but you can get a decent amount of heat from this fireplace option. Most of the electric fireplaces can provide you up to 5500BTU per hour. And it is enough to cover up more or less than a 400 sq. ft. space. That means you can easily warm up your small to medium-sized living, bedroom, home office, or library space. 


Flame Option 

The flame you see in an electric fireplace is not real, but the visual you get is promising. It’s mainly a specialized LED that provides a visual of reality like a flame. Here you will get options for customizing the ember bed to fire log or crystal glasses. Alongside, some options have a feature for changing the flame color, speed, and vibrance according to mood. You can enjoy this flame screen with or without heat. It’s the most extraordinary feature of an electric fireplace. So if you want to enjoy this exciting feature, make sure your electric fireplace has these specified features on it. 


Installation Method 

Electric fireplaces require the easiest installation process than other fireplaces. You can install a single electric fireplace in different ways. For example, there are options for wall-mount, full and partial recession into the wall, within a mantel, and corner options like an electric fireplace T.V. stand, etc. If your home has enough space and there is no objection to customizing your interior, you can go for a wall-mount, recessed, or mantel option. For a rented apartment, and limited space, a corner and freestanding electric stove will be perfect. Moreover, You can choose any of them as the pattern of your home. Each way is simple and handy. 


Other Features 

There are some additional features you have to look for in an electric fireplace. First of all, look for the remote control feature. This feature will allow you to operate your fireplace remotely and conveniently. You don’t have to leave your seat every time you need to change the settings. You can control the heat setting, flame options, temperature. 

Another special feature you can get in an electric fireplace is timer settings. You can set your fireplace on scheduled on/off mode as per your fireplace’s specifications. Other than that, a good electric fireplace option should have an inbuilt thermostat. This feature is for optimizing the room temperature and providing you with perfect warmth. 



An electric fireplace is comparatively less hazardous than traditional fireplace options. Yet you have to be cautious. Check your fireplace certification from an authorized organization like ETL, CSA, and others to ensure your safety. Other than that, you can also look for options with an inbuilt thermostat, or auto-shut-off system included ones. And make sure your home has an advised power outlet for your chosen electric fireplace. For safe selection, go for the 110V to 120V option. Using the right connection is good for your product’s longevity and your home’s safety.


10 Best Electric Fireplace of 2024(Review)


1. R.W.Flame 50-inch Electric Fireplace 


Best Electric Fireplace Reviews


Nothing can be a better option than the R.W.Flame electric fireplace to enhance your home’s interior with elegance and warmth. This 50-inch electric fireplace is perfect for flush-mount and recessing into the wall. You can place this ETL-certified fireplace in your bedroom, living, library, or any intimate place to make the ambiance cozy and warm. 

On this wall-mount electric fireplace, you will get proper heat specifications of 1500W and 750W. Both of the modes are preferable for good heat output and saving energy. The heat is enough for heating a 400 sq. ft. zone easily. Additionally, the heat you get from this fireplace will not dry out your indoor area. It is tested for keeping the air humid and natural.  

The extensive 12 flame options are perfect for setting up any ambiance depending on your mood. When you need to relax on hot days, you can opt-out for the no heat flame option. Set the flame color, speed, and brightness with the remote controller, sit back, and relax with the R.W.Flame electric fireplace.


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2. PuraFlame 35-inch Western Electric Fireplace Insert 


PuraFlame 35-inch Western Electric Fireplace Insert  Review


The PuraFlame electric fireplace insert option is good-to-go with wall recession and to place on an existing fireplace. Also, you can pair it up with a mantel. This fireplace is 35-inch, a modest size to fit up in any place without taking too much space. So this one is also a good one for limited space. 

On this PuraFlame electric fireplace insert, an energy-saving LED technology has been used for portraying the inflamed visual. You will get a 7.5-inch deep ember bed and artificial log for the perfect pair-up. When you switch on the fireplace, it delivers a real wood-burning look. With a traditional brick-wall fireplace interior, this electric fireplace is not less than a real wood-burning fireplace. Moreover, the flame effect, intensity, and brightness are also changeable. 

An adjustable thermostat is featured on this fireplace insert. That will optimize the temperature to adjust that of the room. The heat flow is decent for cover up to a 400 sq. ft. space. However, all of the settings are operable with remote control. As a plus feature, this PuraFlame electric insert tends to create a crackling sound. Overall this electric fireplace is perfect for creating a relaxing and comfortable vibe.


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3. Touchstone 80004 50-inch Sideline Electric Fireplace 


Touchstone 80004 50-inch Sideline Electric Fireplace  Review


Keep your home warm and cozy with the Touchstone sideline electric fireplace. You can fit this 50-inch linear fireplace with the framing studs against any flat wall of your home. You can also recess it fully or partially. Whatever the place is, it will create a focal point in your space. Moreover, an electric fireplace can give any place an attractive appearance.  

For running this Touchstone electric fireplace, you have to plug in or hardwire it with a 110-120V outlet. This fireplace allows you to run this on two different heat specifications of 1500W and 750W. That means along with high heat output. You can operate it in energy-saving mode. However, this electric fireplace may not serve you as the main heat source. But the output is enough to warm up a 400 sq. ft. area well.

Apart from the specific heat settings, this Sideline electric fireplace is featured with an appealing flame option. Its LED display can provide 3 different flame beds and 5 individual flame settings. The display is perfect for giving you a real-like feeling. This electric fireplace can provide you with a cozy atmosphere with heat or without heat in both states. However, this Touchstone electric fireplace is completely operable with a remote controller.  



4. PuraFlame 50-inch Alice Recessed Electric Fireplace 


 PuraFlame 50-inch Alice Recessed Electric Fireplace  Review


The PuraFlame Alice Electric Fireplace is an ideal fireplace option for users who want less trouble and maximum service. You don’t need any gas lines, vents, or chimneys. Only a 50-inch dimensional vacant place in a 2*6-inch wall with a 110V outlet will require standing and running this fireplace. Also, the installation process is simple and easy. You barely require any help from professionals. 

With this PuraFlame electric fireplace, you can enjoy the cozy vibe of blazing flame in the hotter days. All you have to do is opting out for the no heat display option. Other than that, the display on this electric fireplace provides you with both a log and crystal stone flame bed. For making the visual experience more exciting, you can customize the flame in 3 shades and the crystal ember bed to 13 different effects. 

To operate this fireplace, you will get a dedicated touch panel and remote controller. That makes important settings like timer, temperature, flame option, and heat settings more accessible. The front heater blower on the upper space of this electric fireplace makes the heat distribution fast and even. You can easily achieve your desired warm environment using the high (1500W) and low (750W) heat settings. Moreover, it has a thermostat installed to keep the temperature optimum and comforting. 


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5. Valuxhome 36-inch Electric Fireplace Insert 


Valuxhome 36-inch Electric Fireplace Insert Review


The 36-inch Valuxhome electric fireplace is a good insert option for installing into a wall or pairs up with existing fireplace space or mantel. Also, it can be used as a freestanding electric heater. In every way, this electric fireplace insert looks great and creates a relaxed and warm vibe. 

Besides radiating an ample amount of heat (5000 BTUs) for a room up to 400 sq. ft., this electric fireplace insert has a sound feature. On the upper portion of this Valuxhome insert, you will get an air vent and speaker to provide you with a crackling wood sound. Also, this one has basic double-heat settings (1500W, 750W) for high heat flow and energy saver options. 

You will get 3 different flame color options on the flame option, a realistic fire log ember bed, and other basic flame settings. For ensuring proper comfort and convenience, all of the settings are operable with a remote controller. You can leave this fireplace on schedule on/off for 1 to 9 hours. This fireplace insert has an overheating cut-off system for utmost protection to keep your home and the device safe.


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6. Modern Flames Landscape Electric Fireplace


Modern Flames Landscape Electric Fireplace Review



  • Size: 44-inch
  • Installation Type: Recession
  • BTUs: 5000
  • Heating Area: 400 sq.ft
  • Display: Hybrid-FX™ flame technology

If you have decided to have an electric fireplace for your home, the Modern flames landscape electric fireplace is the one you must check out. 

This slim 5-inch deep electric fireplace is perfect for any wall interior. You can easily recess it in a 2×6-inch wall. And that will be convenient for most house-owners. 

The fireplace has four different size options. This 44-inch option we are reviewing is not so big or not so small for any home. 

On this fireplace’s 43-inch wide viewing area, you can enjoy the full RGB color spectrum light display. That means you can enjoy any color flame you want. A perfect escape to explore your imagination inside your space. Know how to set up the display with remote control with this video.

The electric fireplace provides good supplementary heat ranging from 5000 BTU. You can set the heat flow on high or low settings per your need. 
And all of the features of this fireplace are fully remote controllable. Additionally, this fireplace supports a mobile app for full operation. Here is the link for android users, and here is the link for Apple users. You may have to face some issues while connecting, but it’s doable.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Modern, sleek design. 
  • Huge range of display customization.
  • Remote control, hand-painted driftwood log set included. 
  • Loaded with modern features.
  • Supports all weather enjoyment with no heat display.


Things you need to consider

  • The fan heaters are meant to be quiet, but that is not.
  • Connectivity with mobile apps was a bit tricky. 


Final Thought

The Modern flames landscape electric fireplace features an authentic contemporary slim design. The fireplace also has the latest Hybrid-FX™ flame display technology. Moreover, a remote control operation with an additional mobile app control makes it a perfect modern electric fireplace.


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7. Walker Edison Wern Classic 58-inch Electric Fireplace T.V. Stand 


Walker Edison Wern Classic 58-inch Electric Fireplace T.V. Stand Review


Walker Edison always made quality products, and so the Wern Classic electric fireplace T.V. stand. A perfect home improvement addition with multiple-use purposes. For rented apartments and limited space, this electric fireplace T.V. stand can solve your storage problem and need for heat on winter days. 

You can assemble this 58-inch T.V. console fireplace single-handedly. It can hold a T.V. up to 65-inch. Additionally, it cords ports to keep the cable organized. On the storage shelf, you can store your magazine, DVD, set-up box, souvenir, and so on.  

The fireplace feature on this T.V. stands electric fireplace can produce heat up to 4600 BTU. This amount of heat is enough to cover up a 400 sq. ft. area. The LED display on this fireplace perfectly portrays a realistic wood-burning vibe with a real flame. Moreover, this option also allows you to enjoy a no heat flame vibe. A perfect electric fireplace option for relaxation, storage, and entertainment zone. 


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8. Duraflame Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove 


Duraflame Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove Review


The Duraflame electric fireplace infrared stove is a compact option for small and limited space. This 24-inch freestanding electric fireplace is efficient to render heat where it needs most. Also, it requires no assembling, and you can frequently move this integrated fireplace from one room to another. 

You can get up to 5200BTUs of infrared quartz heat output per hour from this electric fireplace. The amount of heat is adequate for warming up a 1000 sq. ft. room. This fireplace stove uses infrared technology to deliver heat. It keeps the air humidity level in balance. So you will not face problems like drying out your room. Additionally, it has a thermostat for adjusting the temperature automatically.

This Duraflame electric fireplace stove is designed with a glass panel on three sides. And it’s perfect brick design back creates a classic fireplace vibe. When the 3D flame effect combines with the artificial log set, the user gets the real-like visuals of burning wood. Besides the control panel, you can change the five flame colors, brightness, flame speed, and other options with the remote control. Moreover, for safety assurance, this electric stove is featured with a self-shut-off on overheating. 


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9. Dynasty Harmony BEF Linear Electric Fireplace


Dynasty Harmony BEF Linear Electric Fireplace Review



  • Size: 45-inch
  • Installation Type: Recession
  • BTUs: 5,000
  • Heating Area: 400 sq.ft
  • Display: Multicolor LED

The Dynasty harmony bee is the minimalistic electric fireplace you will love to have for your modern home. 

The installation process is easier than it looks. You have to recess it into the wall, and it will fit, leaving no wide edge. The best is to complete the installation before you do any furnishing to the wall. 

On this edge-less framing, you can enjoy three different color flames and thirteen flame bed options according to your different modes. The LED display looks more lively and appealing in real life. 

The electric fireplace is well enough to support a supplementary heating zone for an area of 400sq.ft. The heat output is also comfortable and proper for creating a cozy vibe. 

You can use plugged-in or hardwiring to connect this fireplace with the power outlet. A 120volts standard outlet will be enough. Moreover, the electric fireplace is a safe option and supports overheating protection so you can enjoy a good cozy time.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Minimal design.
  • Different heat settings.
  • Multiple display options. 
  • Reliable safety features. 
  • Standard electricity usage. 
  • Supports no heat display.


Things you need to consider

  • Contains lead and other chemicals on its copper fittings. That is regarded as a hazard by the State of California. So check your area’s local code of regulation before buying.


Final Thought

This Dynasty bee is a 45-inch electric fireplace offering a viewing area of 42-inch which is amazing. And when fitted into the wall, the fireplace looks like an edgeless display that is comfortable and enjoyable to watch. So you can regard it as the best option for a frameless view.


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10. Ameriwood Home Rustic Electric Fireplace T.V. Console 


Ameriwood Home Rustic Electric Fireplace T.V. Console Review


You can solve your multiple household needs with this one Ameriwood rustic electric fireplace T.V. console. It will be the supplemental source of heat for your living, bed, or similar space. You can stand a T.V. up to 50-inch on this console to create a perfectly cozy and warm entertainment zone. Additionally, this electric fireplace T.V. stand offers you space to organize your kinds of stuff and preserve the tidiness of your space. 

The featured 23-inch electric fireplace on this console can provide warmth for an area of up to 400 sq. ft. All you have to do is plug it on a 110V to 120V power outlet. The fireplace has a thermostat as a built-in feature, and it will maintain the perfect temperature to give you a comfortable ambiance. Moreover, it also has the auto-shutoff safety feature in case it gets heated abnormally. 

For more enjoyment, the fireplace display can provide your off-heat blazing flame effect all year round. You will get multiple setting options to customize the display according to your mood. And all of the settings are accessible with a remote and dedicated touch panel. However, this multipurpose electric fireplace console has two open shelves with two doored ones for extensive storage. 


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Frequently Asked Questions


Do electric fireplaces really heat a room?

Yes, electric fireplaces are apt for heating a room. In fact, an electric fireplace is comparatively more efficient than other conventional fireplaces. Though you can’t use an electric fireplace as the main heat source yet, it will deliver a good amount of heat to cover a specific area. 


Do electric fireplaces burn a lot of electricity?

It’s a common misconception that an electric fireplace uses a lot of electricity which is completely wrong. An electric fireplace consumes almost the same amount of energy as a regular space heater. Also, you don’t need any special outlet for running an electric fireplace. Usual household outlets of 110V to 120V are perfect.


Are electric fireplaces actually fire? 

No, the fire you see in an electric fireplace is not real fire. And it’s one of the main advantages of the electric fireplace. No real fire means no smoke, no ash, no fumes, gas, or anything. But there is no way of doubting if the flame you look at on an electric fireplace is too flimsy. The flames look real. Additionally, you will get extensive options for customizing the flame settings. That means more enjoyment and less worry for fire safety. 


Are electric fireplaces worth it? 

Yes, for sure electric fireplaces are worth it. An electric fireplace is cost-effective and energy-efficient than any traditional fireplace. You can get more than a fireplace at a comparatively cheap price. Also, the installation process is easy, and it will hardly cost you some extra buck like a wood-burning or gas fireplace. However, an electric fireplace needs minimal maintenance. 


Can you leave an electric fireplace on all the time? 

Yes, you can. It’s completely okay if anyone wants to keep the electric fireplace on all time. There is no risk factor like toxic gas or carbon monoxide formation, so it is safe. But for the best energy uses, it is recommended to turn off your electric fireplace when you are away for a long time. Also, on warm days you can keep an electric fireplace on, in no heat mode.


Final Words 


Electric fireplaces are gaining acceptance in modern homes for efficiency, decent output, easy user interface, and trouble-free installation. Also, they offer multiple specifications, inbuilt safety features, and a convenient operating system. We have tried to gather all the important things you need to cross-check before buying an electric fireplace in this write-up. And then the 10 best electric fireplaces having the most features and positive reviews by the user. We hope you find this article helpful in choosing the best electric fireplace for your home. Best of luck with your purchase!

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