7 Best Ethanol Fireplace with Buying Guide

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Last updated Mar 1, 2024
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Ethanol or bioethanol is an alcohol-based fuel regarded as a clean and safe fuel. It burns with significant flame and plenty of heat without producing smoke and emits the least amount of gasses, barely noticeable. 

Using this quality of ethanol, modern fireplace inventors have introduced the new idea of a fireplace with real flame, ample amount of heat, but no mess of smoke, ash, and smell. Doesn’t it sound great? For those extensive benefits, users are looking to the ethanol fireplace for a better and safer experience. 

That’s why we have prepared an ultimate guide for all novice buyers of an ethanol fireplace. You will get to know every perk and bit of an ethanol fireplace here. Additionally, this write-up will be the exclusive review series of the 7 best ethanol fireplaces in 2024. The suggested ethanol fireplaces have stand-out users’ expectations and give the most service in all terms. 

To pick up the best ethanol fireplace, let’s dive into the article.


An Ultimate Buying Guide for Ethanol Fireplace


What is an ethanol fireplace? 

In simple words, an ethanol fireplace is a fireplace that runs on ethanol. It is also known as ethanol or biofuel. Ethanol is a chemical compound that has the properties of burning and producing a significantly visible flame. The best part of ethanol flame is it’s smoke-free, ash-free, and has no burning smell at all. These are the reasons people have ethanol fireplaces for intimate home interiors. 


How does an ethanol fireplace work? 

Ethanol is an alcohol-based fuel that you will get in the form of liquid. For its high flammable property, it’s being modified for indoor use as a fireplace and becoming popular day by day. Ethanol fireplaces are designed with canisters and fuel chambers to hold ethanol. You can add up the fuel (ethanol) on the tank or place the small-sized canes into the fireplace as inscribed. Like the candles, light up the fuel with a regular lighter and enjoy the flame. Additionally, many fireplaces have adjustable burner caps that you can open or close to adjust the flames.


Heat output & Fuel Usage

You will be surprised, but yes, Ethanol fireplaces give off heat. Though the amount is not as much as a wood or gas-burning fireplace, it’s remarkable. As ethanol is a liquid fire fuel, it measures as a quart per hour. For example, one quart of ethanol burns up to five hours (more or less). And per hour, an ethanol fireplace can give off heat up to 4000 to 8500-BTUs. 


Where to buy the fuel for an ethanol fireplace? 

Finding ethanol for an ethanol fireplace is not a hard job. Local shops like Amazon.go, Walmart, and online marketplace like Amazon, eBay, Modern Blaze, etc., are good places to find ethanol for a fireplace. Starting from $10 only. You can purchase in various quantities. Additionally, there are discounts, coupons, and offers for bulk purchases. 



If you talk about the strong points about an ethanol fireplace, the hassle-free installation process will be one of them. As ethanol fireplaces don’t emit any gas, smoke, or anything, it doesn’t require chimneys or vents. It is appropriate to use in almost every place. Whatever, it’s a bedroom or outdoor patio. 

Additionally, these fireplaces come in insert option, wall mount, recession, and free-standing. You can choose the installation method according to your home interior and preferences. However, a free-standing and wall mount ethanol fireplace comes in most contemporary designs. 



Ethanol fireplaces are safe, but you have to be watchful about fuel spilling. The fuel is almost invisible and has no significant smell, so it can remain unnoticed if you are not careful enough. And as it’s a highly flammable fuel, any fire accident can happen shortly. So while you are opening new fuel cans, pouring, or handling the fuel tank of your fireplace, be vigilant and work slowly. In case any fuel splitting happens, wipe off the spills immediately. 



Ethanol or bioethanol is considered the cleanest fuel. That makes it more convenient and permissible to use and maintain. Though ethanol fireplaces come in the modern design and contemporary outlook, they are impressively minimal to keep. In addition, you will never have to deal with soot or ash stains while using an ethanol fireplace. 

Use a soft bristle brush and cotton wipe to clean the fireplace. An occasional wash of mild liquid soap, especially on the glass parts, will help you a lot to keep your ethanol fireplace as fresh as new for years. 


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7 Best Ethanol Fireplace Review 


1. Anywhere Chelsea Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace 


Anywhere Chelsea Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace


Bring home the no ash, no fume bioethanol fire technology with this amazing Anywhere Chelsea wall mount fireplace. No matter where you mount this fireplace, it will instantly change the place’s outlook with its rich stainless steel finish, sleek body and curved design. 

It’s a solid construction of durable stainless steel and comes in three different color options. Whatever its red, black, and raw stainless steel in every color, this 27-inch curved fireplace looks captivating. By following some easy installation procedures, you can mount it on any suitable wall in your place. This ethanol fireplace comes with a hanging instrument (wall bracket, hardware) and burner handle with a funnel for safe fuel pouring. 

This ethanol fireplace option is best for all homeowners, offices, hotel reception, or a cozy restaurant. Clean fire and the dancing flame will instantly enhance your mood. Moreover, it gives off a supplementary heat output of 6000BTUs. So you will be warm and relaxed while enjoying a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, sitting around this bioethanol fireplace. 


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2. Eco-Feu 3-Sided Free Standing Ethanol Fireplace


Eco Feu 3 Sided Free Standing Ethanol Fireplace


The Eco-Feu free-standing ethanol fireplace will make a statement look with its exclusive design wherever you place it. Its three-sided tempered glass view makes the ethanol flames look more appealing. 

You can enjoy the warmth of 6500BTUs per hour. And per refill of 1.42L(max capacity) 4 to 6 hours. In terms of fuel usage and cost, it’s pretty good. Other than that, the fireplace burner can produce high flames up to 9-inch, which is also appreciable. 

As it’s an ethanol-fueled fireplace, it does not produce any smoke, chars, or gasses, so it’s safe to place anywhere in the home. Additionally, this ethanol fireplace is ULC standards certified. Lastly, this 80lbs fireplace is easily movable, so you have more freedom of choice to place this both indoor and outdoor. Only make sure not to leave in the rain. 


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3. EcoSmart Fire Igloo Free Standing Ethanol Fireplace 


EcoSmart Fire Igloo Free Standing Ethanol Fireplace


Many real-time reviewers especially loved this ethanol fireplace’s creative design and widespread useability. And why not? On this fireplace, you will have the modern benefits of smokeless and environment-friendly fire, super sleek and innovative burner design, with whole-body glass construction. 

This Ecosmart Igloo ethanol fireplace requires no assembly and goes with any surrounding of an outdoor or indoor area. As it’s a whole glass construction with a concise stainless steel burner area, it looks like it’s floating in the air. 

However, toughened glass has been used in this Ecosmart ethanol fireplace construction. The glass is withstanding high heat and is designed to guard the fire against the wind in the outdoor area. And from this ethanol fireplace, you will get a heat output of up to 13000BTUs. Additionally, this super low maintaining fireplace is safe and certified from UL, ISO, and ICC.


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4. Anywhere Table Top Ethanol Fireplace 


Anywhere Table Top Ethanol Fireplace


The Anywhere Lexington tabletop fireplace is another super sleek and contemporary option for bioethanol fireplace lovers. You can have it to intensify the vibe of your place. This compact tabletop ethanol fireplace will completely change the outlook of your indoor or outdoor area.

You can get up to 4000BTUs for 1.5 hours from each refill. With this Anywhere ethanol fireplace, you can make any small room look cozy and feel warm and comfy. In addition, no venting, gas line, or plugs are required to run an ethanol fireplace so that you can use it indoors or outdoors with pets and kids around. 

However, this 20-inch compact tabletop ethanol fireplace comes in multiple color options so that you can exclusively match it with your interior. Also, as the fire is smoke, ash, and free of any toxic fume, this Anywhere tabletop ethanol fireplace can be the desired option for people who want to give their dining a new dimension. 


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5. EcoSmart Fire Cosmo 50-inch Ethanol Fireplace Table 


EcoSmart Fire Cosmo 50 inch Ethanol Fireplace Table


This 50-inch EcoSmart Ethanol Fireplace table is an extraordinary option for any living area and patios. It will replace your regular patio table because there is plenty of room for placing your coffee mug and your snacks plates while enjoying the blazing flame and misty warmth of ethanol fire. 

EcoSmart has built this fireplace with fluid concrete technology. A durable quality stainless steel burner is incorporated with this structure and complemented with a glass screen around the burner. You can get 15000BTUs heat output per hour. A bag full of charcoal black glass comes along with a 1.25-gallon jerry can and other accessories.

Users have reportedly appreciated the design and smooth outer texture of this option. Especially the raw concrete one. No doubt, its solid building material gives itself an attractive aesthetic look to your place. The bright flames through its crystal-like glass are like a cherry on top for the whole ambiance.


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6. Eco-Feu Wall Mount Built-In Ethanol Fireplace 


Eco Feu Wall Mount Built In Ethanol Fireplace


Nowadays, sleek, sorted, and smart fuel options are the new fireplace trend. These three qualities are present in this Eco-Feu wall mount ethanol fireplace. 

This fireplace is built with quality grade stainless steel and heat-resistant tempered glass. You can choose wall mounting for installation, either way, built-in process. Brackets and other installation kits are included.  

If you pour full capacity (2.5-liter) bioethanol fuel on this fireplace, you can run it for 5 to 7-hours on 9000BTUs heat output per hour. However, this fireplace is designed in Montreal, Canada, and certified with UL and ULC standards. So you can have a reliable experience of no smoke, no ash, no mess fireplace experience.


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7. EcoSmart Ethanol Fireplace Insert 


EcoSmart Ethanol Fireplace Insert


For every user looking for a suitable fireplace insert for their existing fireplace, this EcoSmart ethanol insert is for them. With the sustainable fuel, clean fire, and vent-free fireplace experience, this option will bring a satisfactory outcome of replacing your traditional fireplace. 

This 36-inch ethanol fireplace insert is constructed with fluid concrete technology, accompanied by a high-quality stainless steel burner. It requires no installation. You can place this in your fireplace enclosure. And adjust accordingly to fit it perfectly.  

With long and live flame, you will get an extensive heat output of 13650BTUs from each fuel refill of 1.8-gallons. As usual, it’s smoke-free, char-free, and ash-free, so you don’t have to put much effort into cleaning and maintenance. In addition, this ethanol fireplace insert is UL listed and certified from ISO and ICC so that you can have an ultimate safe experience.


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Frequently Asked Question 


Are ethanol fireplaces worth it?

For sure, even to some extent, ethanol fireplaces are worthier than any conventional fireplace. The reasons are its hassle-free setup, 100% clean fire, low maintenance, affordable price, cheaper fuel, and versatile design with the modern touch. 


Do ethanol fireplaces smell?

Almost no. Ethanol fireplace doesn’t produce any smoke, ash, or emit any significant gasses. So it doesn’t produce any smell or toxic fumes. But sometimes, you may notice the slightest smell when you are using it for the first time. This smell can be caused by the material dust or paint of the burner. 


Is bioethanol cheaper than gas?

Yes, bioethanol is cheaper than gas. However, bioethanol doesn’t require separate linings like natural gas or a special fuel tank for propane. The fuel compartment for bioethanol comes as an inbuilt feature of an ethanol fireplace. Other than that, no vent is needed for burning ethanol inside the home, so overall, bioethanol is the cheapest option.


Final Words


An ethanol fireplace is the best option for maintenance, budget, safety, and clean fire experience. And why not? It’s the new fashion of the fireplace. We hope you might feel more confident and considerate about an ethanol fireplace after reading this review series on the 7 best ethanol fireplaces. Please let us know if you have any queries and comments in the comment section below. 

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