6 Best Freestanding Gas Fireplace With Buying Guide

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Last updated Mar 1, 2024
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Spaces and installation have always been an issue when it comes to adding a fireplace feature to your home. But not with a freestanding fireplace. For users who have limited space in their homes or have encountered inconvenience for setting up a regular wood-burning fireplace, a freestanding gas option is nonetheless a savior for them. 

As for a freestanding gas fireplace, you will not require a specific place for putting it together. Also, you will get the freedom of stuff like venting, chimneys, and others. Where the freestanding gas fireplace is the show-stealer, you might face a problem choosing a great one. The reason behind this is its popularity. Because of the demand, markets are invading low-key and unqualified products. 

But no worries, we’re here for you with the review of the 6 best freestanding gas fireplace options all around the market. These options are bought, loved, and recommended by most real-time users. You’ll have here a detailed buying guide on the freestanding gas fireplace that will make your buying experience more successful. You also have a FAQ section dedicated to a freestanding gas fireplace to provide you with a little more. 

Let’s start with the exciting review section. 


Best Freestanding Gas Fireplace (Review)


1. Pleasant Hearth Natural Gas Vent Free Fireplace


Pleasant Hearth Natural Gas Vent Free Fireplace


  • Size: 46”L x 16.25”W x 45”H
  • Heat Output: 32000 BTU
  • Venting Status: Vent-free
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas 


Here we start our best freestanding gas fireplace review series with the Pleasant hearth’s freestanding gas fireplace. The fireplace comes with a mantel set on a rich tobacco finish. And the look and construction will work as a quick changemaker for your space. 

From this attractive mantel and fireplace combo, you will get 32000BTU per hour. The output is enough to provide a good warmth around an area up to 1100 sq. ft. However, fuel conversion is not allowed with this model; you have to own a working natural gas line for this freestanding fireplace. 

Apart from that, you will hardly need a setup as it’s a vent-free, freestanding model. Additionally, you will get a remote control option for operating all basic functions of this Pleasant hearth freestanding gas fireplace. 


Unique Features

  • Built-in with an attractive wooden finished mantel.
  • Heating capacity of 32,000 BTU. 
  • Featured with thermostat. 
  • Dual burner system for a more prominent flame.


Things You’re Going To Enjoy 

  • High heat efficiency with great coverage. 
  • The convenient operative option includes remote and manual control. 
  • No vents, chimney, and complicated assembly are required. 
  • The beautiful mantel holds on and displays your souvenir perfectly. 


Things Need Considerations

  • Not compatible with propane users.


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2. Empire Vail 26 Deluxe Gas Fireplace


Empire Vail 26 Deluxe Gas Fireplace


  • Size: 41″H x 39″W x 14″D
  • Heat Output: 20,000 BTUs
  • Venting Status: Vent-Free
  • Fuel Type: Liquid Propane or Natural Gas 


This model is another great option from Empire vail for those who love the mantel package. Along with the graceful oak mantel finish, the best part of this freestanding fireplace is its offers both natural gas and liquid propane option. 

As a ventless freestanding option, you can have an instant relaxing experience after bringing this to your home. With its impressive 99% fuel efficiency, the fireplace will deliver you 20000 BTUs of heat per hour. That much output is well-enough for any regular living space, dining lounge, or primary bedroom. 

A push-button Piezo ignitor powers the fireplace unit. By sliding a knob, you can bring life to your fireplace. After that, a great flame on this fireplace’s burner combined with an inclusive real-like artificial log set provides you a warm, cozy, and realistic ambiance. 


Unique Features

  • Dual fuel compatible.
  • Push-button piezo igniter with millivolt on/off switch for utmost convenience.
  • UL listed and CSA approved. 


Things You’re Going To Enjoy 

  • All accessories, including the setup vitals, come with the package. 
  • You will have choices for mantel color from cherry or white. 
  • Comparatively lightweight (154lbs) to port and move. 
  • A thermostat and remote controller are included, so you don’t have to worry about safety and comfort. 


Things Need Considerations

  • Not eligible for space less than 50 cubic feet.



3. Napoleon Natural Gas Fireplace Stove


Napoleon Natural Gas Fireplace Stove


  • Size: 25.38″H x 19.25″W x 15.75″D
  • Heat Output: 20000 BTU
  • Venting Status: Direct Vent
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas


This 25-inch full black Napoleon freestanding gas fireplace is a compact option for every user and home. You will get sturdy cast iron with a well-reflective ceramic glass panel on its body. 

The fireplace is freestanding and supported with iron legs. To perform, it requires natural gas with a direct-venting system. So you can have this freestanding fireplace for areas like Canada where ventless models are not permitted. 

Per hour this compact, freestanding model will deliver 20000 BTUs heat output. You will feel the output is more convincing due to its MIRROR-FLAME reflective rear panel. Moreover, the unit is featured with independent ignition, so no electricity or wiring is required for operation.


Unique Features

  • Phazeramic burner system supports during a power outage. 
  • Compact and sturdy metal structure. 
  • A minimal look with a great heat output of 20000 BTU.


Things You’re Going To Enjoy 

  • Fits perfectly in any space. 
  • Log set made with ceramic fiber with a touch of realistic hand paint included. 
  • A glass sealed firebox provides more safety. 
  • You can pair it up with a propane conversion kit if you require it. 


Things Need Considerations

  • A pre-installed thermostat would be great. However, you can add it anytime.


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4. Pleasant Hearth Intermediate vent free gas stove


Pleasant Hearth Intermediate vent free gas stove


  • Size: 31.93″H x 14.37″W x 28.27″D
  • Heat Output: 30000 BTUs
  • Venting Status: Vent Free
  • Fuel Type: Dual Fuel


Another compact freestanding gas fireplace option for minimal users. The option looks minimal yet robust and a good performer as well. However, Pleasant hearth always offers an efficient fireplace model; this is also not an exception. 

This Pleasant hearth freestanding gas fireplace gives you full freedom of fuel choice. You can either run it on propane or natural gas. As a vent-free model, the fireplace can provide heat up to 30000 BTU. And it feels warm even in a big space as much as 1000 sq. ft. 

Whether it’s a thermostat or dual burner, you will get many modern features available on this compact unit. For safety concerns, this freestanding gas fireplace unit also features an overheat sensor to warn you before any occurrence happens.


Unique Features

  • Heating capacity of 30000 BTU.
  • In-built thermostats offer temperature optimization with a control knob.
  • The overheating sensor is included for utmost safety.


Things You’re Going To Enjoy 

  • A small and compact design with a sturdy metal structure makes it look good in any interior.
  • The front side is protected with a mesh screen that keeps you safe from direct exposure to fire while reflecting the heat uninterruptedly. 
  • A dual burner provides a more prominent flame. 


Things Need Considerations

  • Has chances of chemical exposure.


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5. ProCom Ventless Dual Fuel Stove


ProCom Ventless Dual Fuel Stove


  • Size: 13″L x 33.5″W x 25″H
  • Heat Output: 25000 BTU
  • Venting Status: Ventless
  • Fuel Type: Dual Fuel


The ProCom ventless dual fuel gas stove is an exclusive freestanding option. The fireplace is around 33-inch, made with cast iron, and has a precise design. As it’s a compact and freestanding model, you can place it anywhere inside your home. 

You can heat an area to 1100 sq. ft. from this compact model. Its efficiency is up to 99.9%, with 25000 BTU of output per hour. Compared to the size, the heat output is impressive, which is admired widely by real-time users. 

You can run this fireplace on both natural gas and propane, which is convenient. In addition, this freestanding model is ODS (oxygen depletion sensor) featured. And controllable with battery-assisted Piezo ignition


Unique Features

  • Battery-assisted piezo spark ignitor for fast and secure ignition. 
  • In-built thermostat for proper temperature optimization. 
  • Safety features like ODS are pre-installed.


Things You’re Going To Enjoy 

  • Sturdy built quality and compact structure. 
  • Safe ventless model for home. 
  • Realistic logs and efficient dual flame for a cozy ambiance.
  • Efficiency and heat output are comparatively greater than the same category options. 


Things Need Considerations

  • Customer service after sale needs improvement.


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6. American Fyre Brooklyn Free Standing Gas Fireplace


American Fyre Brooklyn Free Standing Gas Fireplace


  • Size: 69″H x 68″W x 38″D
  • Heat Output: 40000 BTU
  • Venting Status: Ventless
  • Fuel Type: Dual Fuel


This American Fyre freestanding gas fireplace is for those looking for a freestanding unit for their outdoor area. The gas fireplace is a 69-inch giant model. Greatly designed with a wood mantle and defined facade. 

When you set this freestanding fireplace into your outdoor, you will notice how fast and miraculously it changes the environment. Pairing the fireplace up with a suitable insert and log set, you turn your outdoors into an ultimate place to hang out and relax. 

Depending on the traditional and contemporary burner, you can get 37000 BTUs to 40000 BTUs max, respectively. This heat is perfect for an evening feast, BBQ, or night out on chilly winter days. Both natural gas and propane compatibility are available. Choose according to your preference.


Unique Features

  • Quality material made, which is concrete reinforced from glass fiber. 
  • Supports multiple ignitions and insert options. 


Things You’re Going To Enjoy 

  • A hefty structure complements any large outdoor area. 
  • It can give you ample heat to fulfill your needs. 
  • A safe and secure unit comes with ANSI certification and CSA approval. 


Things Need Considerations

  • Way too expensive compared to other options of this series.


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Things to Consider Before Buying A Freestanding Gas Fireplace 



Appearance and design are really important things to keep in mind for any accessories you bring home. As it assembles your choice and preferences, it should be close to your personality. And match up with the vibe of your home interior. Gas stove heater or freestanding models mostly come in metal construction and more or less close design. 

So you can choose an option with vibrant or bold colors. In addition to front design and visual accessories like glass, ember bed, and hand-painted artificial logs are also considerable when it comes to selecting a design of a freestanding gas fireplace.



Though a freestanding fireplace is the best option for space-saving and subtle design, you will still need to know the perfect suit for you. Free Standing gas fireplaces are better, with dimension size around 30 to 45-inch. Other than that, you can consider here your room and space size. Don’t bring anything bulky or too small according to your space.  


Heat Efficiency 

A freestanding gas fireplace may look minimal, but the heat output you will get from it is always satisfactory as per the user’s experience. You can get heat output from 20000 BTU to 40000 BTU from a regular freestanding gas fireplace. This much output is hefty and just for space around 850 sq. ft. to 1500 sq. ft and even more. So as per your space, choose the efficiency of your fireplace. 


Fuel Type 

Gas fireplaces are run either on liquid propane or natural gas. While liquid propane is a portable option, you will need a pre-installed line for natural gas. So if your home area has supplies for natural gas, you can go for that. And others can go for propane. Both options are efficient and convenient. However, LPG may seem a little expensive to NG, but it performs comparatively more in rare natural gas areas. For example, any hillside area with high altitude.


Venting System 

As a user, you might know three types of venting systems are available for gas fireplaces. Vented, direct vent, and ventless. Most freestanding gas fireplaces come as a ventless option, and very few may have a direct vent system. 

The main purpose of a freestanding fireplace is it’s easy to set up and maneuverable, so being ventless serves the purpose most. You will not require any wall space or specific setup for assembly. 

Indirect vent you will require a venting system, but it’s necessary when you are in an area with restriction in a ventless gas fireplace. For example, in Canada, ventless options are not permitted. In that situation, the direct vent freestanding option is a rescuer. 



Best if you say movability. One of the biggest reasons for having a freestanding fireplace is when conventional fireplaces are unavailable. It can be a small apartment, the top bedroom of your home, or places where setting up a fireplace will be super inconvenient as well as costly. So you will need an option that you can easily transport, bring up, and move as you want. And which is undoubtedly a freestanding gas fireplace. So consider the portability of your freestanding gas fireplace before purchase. 


Frequently Asked Question 


What is a freestanding gas fireplace?

A freestanding gas fireplace is an exclusive fireplace model which doesn’t require any complicated assembly. You can set it up as normal furniture in your homes. Freestanding gas fireplaces are space-saving, low maintaining and cost-effective. Mainly for rented and small, there is no alternative to the gas fireplace as efficient as the freestanding ones.  


How much does a freestanding gas fireplace cost?

Freestanding gas fireplaces are a cost-effective option. You will have to spend only the value of the fireplace. No extra charges for setup are needed. A freestanding gas fireplace may cost you $1000 to $5000 or more. However, exceptions are also available. In our series, you will find one less than $1000. 


Are our freestanding gas fireplaces worth it??

Why not? Gas fireplaces are close to 100% percent efficient, and so is a freestanding gas fireplace. Whether you are using liquid propane or natural gas, there is very little difference in output. Moreover, freestanding gas fireplaces are easy to install as no vents or specific space are required. Also, it’s too minimal to maintain. So considering the user experience aspect, a freestanding gas fireplace is worth it. 


Can you cook on a freestanding gas stove?

The answer is straight “NO.” Cooking on a freestanding fireplace is completely prohibited for the betterment of your fireplace. However, there is no issue like the safety of foods or any risk of contamination. The issue here is while cooking, grease, oil, and a parting of food will fall over the gas log or burner for sure. That will block the burner hole and create a mess inside your fireplace interior, resulting in a speck of dirt. So it’s always better to avoid cooking inside your freestanding gas fireplace or stove heater.


How far does a gas fireplace need to be away from a wall?

At least 2 to 3 feet away from the wall is the safest distance to keeping your gas fireplace, mostly the freestanding one. Depending on the material of a gas fireplace, its surface can get hot. And the hot surface can instantly damage the wall’s paint and texture. That’s why you need to keep the gas fireplace at a safe distance. 




The freestanding gas fireplace is a groundbreaking idea for users willing to have a fireplace but can’t get it because of its complicated installation process and high maintenance. Whether it’s a large or small home, anyone can have a freestanding gas fireplace for their home. Gas is one of the popular fire fuels that comes at a cheap price, great efficiency, and mess-free heat output. 

This article has tried to sum up everything about a freestanding gas fireplace. You also have the 6 best freestanding gas fireplace recommendations for an effective purchase. Please let us know about your buying experience. Also, share your thoughts on this write-up in the comment section below. 

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