The 8 Best Gas Fireplace Inserts of 2024

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Last updated Mar 2, 2024
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A gas fireplace insert is a good idea for renovating your existing fireplace or converting it into a gas from woods. However, inserts are also a convenient option if you build a fireplace for the first timer.

Gas is a clean fuel, has a supreme heat output range, and is cost-effective. However, it would be best to be clear about some information about gas fireplace insert before having any.

For example, the venting and ignition type, fuel specification, output, and coverage level.  Knowing all of this information is time-consuming and can be boring.

So we have sorted these things out for you. In this article, you will get the 8 best gas fireplace inserts with all the details. This write-up will help you to select the best option for you.

Additionally, You will have a guide to understand what things to consider while choosing a gas fireplace insert. So let’s get started,


8 Best Gas Fireplace Inserts Review


1. Empire Vail 36″ Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Insert


Empire Vail 36" Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Insert Review


  • Primary Dimension: 36-inch
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas or Propane
  • Vent System: Vent-less
  • Heat Efficiency: 36000 BTU 


This Empire Vail Premium gas fireplace insert is ideal for any interior. Its matte black outer finish brings an instant aristocratic look to your home with utmost comfort. Pair up this 36-inch wide insert with mantel, existing fireplace enclosure, or recession. 

The fireplace insert is a no-hassle vent-free option. You can run this fireplace either on natural gas or propane. With an extensive heat output range of 36000 BTU, this gas fireplace insert can cover up any large space (1200-1500 sq. ft.). 

This gas insert features a millivolt or intermittent pilot system for ignition and operation. You can upgrade to a remote control system with both ignition systems. Moreover, the insert is UL listed, and CSA certified. Exclusively made in the USA. So you can be sure about the quality and safety. 


Things We Like The Most

  • Close to 100% fuel efficiency (99.9%)
  • Basic accessories like outer frame, hood, and louvers are included. 
  • Multiple accessories options available give you full freedom for any level of customization. 
  • Thermostat installed.  


Things Need Modifications

  • The inclusion of a blower rather than an optional upgrade would be more appreciated.


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2. Superior 43″ Linear Vent-Free Natural Gas Fireplace Insert


Superior 43" Linear Vent-Free Natural Gas Fireplace Insert Review


Primary Dimension: 43-inch
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Vent System: Vent-free
Heat Efficiency: 37000 BTU


For coping-up with urban homes and their modern interior, this Superior gas fireplace is matchless. Its 43-inch linear opening provides surreal visuals. With the see-through customization system, you can turn this fireplace up into a design statement into our house. 

As the model is vent-free, you don’t have to struggle to arrange a venting system. There is a control panel beneath the front of the fireplace for operating this gas fireplace insert. Here an electrical plug-in on/off system has been installed that is supported with a battery, which gives back up during power shortage. 

This fireplace insert runs on natural gas and gives off heat up to 37000BTUs per hour. And the three-sided reflective porcelain inner structure radiates the heat more effectively without transmitting the heat onto the sides of the wall. So you get a hefty amount of heat to keep your space up to 1500 sq. ft. warm and comfortable.


Things We Like The Most 

  • Linear opening fits well with the contemporary design. 
  • Comes with free glass beads that enhance the appearance of an inflamed fireplace. 
  • This insert features a remote controller. 


Things Need Modifications 

  • Way too sophisticated for a normal household. 
  • Particularly designed for US homes. 



3. Empire Comfort Systems Linear 60″ Fireplace Insert


Empire Comfort Systems Linear 60" Fireplace Insert Review


  • Initial Dimension: 60-inch
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas
  • Vent System: Vented
  • Heat Efficiency: 46000 BTUs


This Linear vented gas fireplace insert is another sophisticated option. That has to be installed by adding up a duct or vent, with this insert, you will get the advantage of the outdoor air for combustion. And the warm air of your room will be uncompromised.

The Empire Boulevard Fireplace provides up to 46000 BTU heat using a natural gas supply. It features a solid thermal liner inside and a glass front. All of that provides a secured chamber for combustion. 

This fireplace insert measures 60-inch wide. With this widescreen, you can enjoy the glazing fire more. However, the insert is only 21-inch deep, so it will effortlessly fit into shallow wall fireplace openings. 


Things We Like The Most 

  • You can mount up the tv with the fireplace as it doesn’t heat the surface.
  • Extensive heat output with great visuals. 
  • Easy to operate.
  • Eligible for outdoor installation.


Things Need Modifications 

  • Quite expensive. 



4. Empire Comfort Systems Fireplace Insert


Empire Comfort Systems Fireplace Insert Review


  • Initial Dimension: 39-inch
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas
  • Vent System: Direct-Vent
  • Heat Efficiency: 26000 BTU


The Empire Comfort natural gas insert is an ideal traditional insert for your fireplace. It’s designed with ceramic brick, tempered glass, and metal. This unit has the Herringbone pattern on the liner that perfectly portrays a classic fireplace vibe. 

As it’s a direct vent fireplace, the insert will use air from the outside; that’s why the inside temperature will remain unchanged. And as stated, you will get heat up to 26000BTUs. Additionally, the burner used in this direct-vent gas insert is slope glazed, providing the taller and more prominent flame. 

With this insert, you will get a handcrafted ceramic log set to make the fireplace more appealing and cozy. Other than that, this insert is powered by a millivolt ignition system so that you can get a quick but safe ignition experience. 


Things We Like The Most 

  • The gas fireplace insert is heater-rated and up to 82% efficient. 
  • All by-products and exhaust terminate through the direct duct. 
  • You can operate the insert with the common remote controller for the Empire comfort system. 


Things Need Modifications

  • A fireplace barrier screen is compulsory with this insert, which is not included. However, you can check some of the best fireplace screens here.



5. Napoleon Galaxy 48″ Outdoor Gas Fireplace Insert


Napoleon Galaxy 48" Outdoor Gas Fireplace Insert Review


  • Initial Dimension: 48-inch
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas 
  • Vent System: Vent-free
  • Heat Efficiency: 55000 BTU


Napoleon brought you this Galaxy 48-inch fireplace insert to heat every inch of your outdoor area. Watching glazing flame was never so exciting before this wide see-through glass front, Topaz crystalline ember bed, and custom LED effect.  

It’s vent-free, runs on natural gas, and gives a hefty heat supply of 55000 BTU. As the fireplace insert is typically for outdoor areas, wind can affect the outcome. That’s why to ensure you an uninterrupted heat supply; a glass wind deflector supports this gas insert. 

The insert is protected with a gas safety valve that automatically goes off with the outrages of flame. Moreover, the burner is 304 stainless steel endurable to rust and weather elements. It’s a CSA-certified insert option and made in Canada. 


Things We Like The Most 

  • Though it’s an outdoor option, it’s compatible with indoor areas. 
  • Highly efficient with utmost safety features. 
  • Instant ignition option with remote controller and wall switch option. 


Things Need Modifications

  • This fireplace insert is incompatible in higher altitudes like 4500 ft and more. 


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6. Peterson Real Fyre 24″ Oak Log Fireplace Insert Set


Peterson Real Fyre 24" Oak Log Fireplace Insert Set Review


  • Initial Dimension: 24-inch
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas
  • Vent System: Vented
  • Heat Efficiency: 75000 BTU


Whether it’s a brand new fireplace or you are planning to revamp your old wood-burning fireplace, the Peterson Real Fyre log set goes effortlessly to any sort. Its hand-painted Oak styled log set. Comes with a dedicated natural gas burner. 

This log set is made from refractory ceramic and steel rods. The structure is robust and highly heat resistant. While giving a natural log appeal when ignited, the logs also imitate a charred red look that can easily dodge you with real wood. 

All of this comes at a one-time cost and lifetime liberty from sourcing and organizing woods and wood mess. Moreover, the log set is apt to deliver an outstanding heat output of 75000 BTU. Fireplace enclosure from 30 to 38-inch will be a perfect fit for this set. 


Things We Like The Most 

  • Sturdy construction with a real finish provides a premium experience. 
  • Lightweight (1.2lbs) and easy to assemble. 
  • The vented log set does not emit any odor or gas at all.


Things Need Modifications

  • Logs are not heating reflectable. 
  • Gas connection hose and fitting are not included, which you have to buy separately.


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7. Ashley Hearth Gas Firebox Insert


Ashley Hearth Gas Firebox Insert Review


  • Initial Dimension: 38-inch
  • Fuel Type: Propane
  • Vent System: Vent-free
  • Heat Efficiency: 34000 BTU 


This gas firebox is a sleek (only 16-inch deep) insert option from Ashley Hearth that easily matches any custom mantel or existing fireplace. 

It’s sturdy metal construction designed with a real-like oak log set and burner. While it gives you high heat output of 34000 BTU, its functional blower enhances the exposure around an area of 1200 sq. ft. 

Along with great warmth, the hand-painted insert vibe the wood-burning ambiance. However, you can upgrade the fireplace insert with a thermostat set up and other inclusions like legs and inserts anytime you want


Things We Like The Most 

  • Conventional vent-free gas insert design. 
  • Firm structure with good dimensional balance. 
  • Customizable and upgradable. 


Things Need Modifications

  • Metal quality can be more promising.


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8. Duluth Forge Ventless Gas Fireplace Insert


Duluth Forge Ventless Gas Fireplace Insert Review


  • Initial Dimension: 30-inch
  • Fuel Type: Dual fuel
  • Vent System: Vent-less
  • Heat Efficiency: 26000BTUs


Multiple features with modest output efficiency make the Duluth Forge a show stopper. This 30-inch ventless gas fireplace insert is easy-to-setup in any fireplace opening. 

The insert is constructed with ceramic fiber and metal. You will love the traditional brick liner design on the inner side. As an additional advantage, you will get 5 hand-painted ceramic logs that exactly look like a real log and deliver the same vibe as burning wood fire. 

Moreover, the fireplace insert can run on dual fuel options. Either propane or natural gas, you will get an impressive heat output of 26000BTUs to warm a 1350 sq. ft. large space. The gas fireplace insert is piezo ignition supported and featured with an Oxygen Depletion Sensor. So you will get an utmost safe and secure experience.


Things We Like The Most 

  • This gas insert is a thermostat featured. 
  • 99.9% efficient. 
  • Protected with a barrier screen. 


Things Need Modifications

  • The pilot ignition system needs improvement.


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9. Best for Minimal Use: Bluegrass Living Vent Free Natural Gas Fireplace


Bluegrass Living Vent Free Natural Gas Fireplace



  • Size: 36-inch
  • Style: Free-standing
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas
  • Ventilation Type: Vent-free
  • BTU: 10000

The Bluegrass Living gas fireplace is a complete set of inserts and mantel. It’s a 36-inch gas fireplace with a very attractive walnut polished finish. 

Looks very minimal yet classic. As it’s a free-standing and vent-free model, this gas fireplace is compatible with any home. 

With natural gas, the fireplace can produce heat up to 10000 BTU. Though you can’t use it as a primary heating source, the fireplace insert is well enough for a single room. For instance, a bedroom, a living or a study. 

You can feel the heat well around every corner of your room. The Piezo ignition system on this gas fireplace is ANSI certified. 

It also features O.D.S. (Oxygen Depletion Sensor), making it a reliable choice for sensitive spaces of home-like bedrooms. 

Moreover, this fireplace system features four painted ceramic logs around the burner and imitates a wood-burning-like vibe. You will get both vibe and warmth from this minimal yet beautiful option.


Things We Like The Most 

  • Classic finish.
  • Minimal yet sturdy construction. 
  • No need to assemble.
  • Customizable heat settings.


Things Need Modifications

  • Unlike any conventional gas fireplace insert, it is not eligible as a primary heat source. 
  • Manual operation, no remote control included.


Final Thoughts

This Bluegrass Living gas fireplace system is a compact and compatible substitute for gas inserts. The fireplace is minimal, looks great, and is efficient enough for a single room. This one will be a great option for users searching for a gas fireplace option for their bedroom or small space.


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10. Best for Convenience: ProCom Dual Fuel Ventless Gas Fireplace Insert


ProCom Dual Fuel Ventless Gas Fireplace Insert



  • Size: 29-inch
  • Style: Insert
  • Fuel Type: Dual Fuel
  • Ventilation Type: Vent-free
  • BTU: 32000

The ProCom dual fuel gas fireplace insert can be a perfect option for any existing fireplace enclosure or new fireplace. 

This gas insert is 29-inch, and no need for any vents. So this insert is highly compatible with homes where you can’t install a vent. 

You can run the fireplace on both natural gas and liquid propane. Again if you don’t have the linkage or access to natural gas, you can rely on this option. 

You will get enough heat to cover up a 1500 sq. ft. area. At a 99.9% efficient rate, the fire is radiating, clean, and comfortable. 

For ignition, this gas insert supports the battery-assisted Piezo ignition system and also features thermostat control for temperature adjustment. 

Moreover, the safety system of this fireplace insert is secured with Oxygen Depletion System, and its parts are tested in the USA. 

The insert also features an in-built safety mesh screen and 6 hand-painted ceramic logs. Along with the brick pattern liner, this gas insert will amaze you with the traditional look and great heat output. 


Things We Like The Most 

  • Ceramic-made insert. 
  • High heat output. 
  • Safe and secure. 
  • Supports a convenient heat setting. 
  • Easy to install.


Things Need Modifications

  • It doesn’t feature a blower. It would be appreciated if it had any. However, you can install one blower on separate purchases.


Final Thoughts

This ProCom gas insert is a vent-free option and supports dual fuel. It gives you full control of your convenience and choice. Install it in any present fireplace enclosure or new installation.


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Considerable Things Before Buying A Gas Fireplace Insert 


Venting Type 

Whether revamping your old gas fireplace or converting a wood one into a gas one, you have decided on the venting option. In case your house has a way for duct construction, you can go for a vented or direct vent option.

And if there is no way for ventilation or your house doesn’t have approved reconstruction, or you find it trouble, then go for a ventless insert.

On a different note, some localities have regulations for using a vented insert option. Find them out and follow them accordingly before any move. 


Fuel Preferences 

Gas fireplace either runs on natural gas or propane. The gap between these two options is negligible. Natural gas is a comparably cheap and obtainable option where propane is affordable and portable.

So while choosing a gas fireplace insert, we recommend prioritizing the option you are more familiar with. However, if you don’t have a natural gas line at your home, propane is safe and convenient. 


Heat Efficiency 

Heat efficiency is the thing that is splendid about any gas fireplace insert. Both natural gas and propane are almost 100% efficient. So when you are using a gas fireplace insert, you don’t have to think about cold days.

Depending on the size of your space, you have to choose the right BTU. For a gross concept, a fireplace insert with 26000BTUs would be great for a space of about 1350 sq. ft.



On other feature ignition methods, control options are important. Millivolt technology, Piezo ignition, remote controller, and electrical plug-in option are appreciated, and reliable features for a gas fireplace insert.

Other than that, the design specification, included tools, and accessories are also great points to count while choosing a gas fireplace insert.  


Frequently Asked Question 


Which gas fireplace insert puts out the most heat? 

Whether it is vented, ventless or direct vent, every gas fireplace insert is efficient in their ways. In terms of heat output, direct vents are the most efficient ones. The reason is in the direct vent system.

In this system, fuel and burning systems facilitated air directly from the outside and removed the exhaust directly. Additionally, this system doesn’t affect the in-house temperature for combustion.

So the inner hot environment remains intact. That’s why with a direct vent gas fireplace insert, you may experience better heat output


Are gas fireplace inserts worth it?

Without any doubt, yes, the gas fireplace inserts are worth it. A gas fireplace insert is enough to serve as a prime heat source for your whole apartment or home.

Except for the traditional vibe of woods, gas is the best and most efficient fire fuel. And the efficiency level is as close as 100% (99.9%). That means you can get the output as much as you are inputting.

Moreover, the gas insert provides heat without smoke and mess like chars or ash. That adds up a point for saving you time and workload. 


Is it OK to leave a gas fireplace on all night? 

Generally, you can consider the answer as yes, but technically it’s a no. Gas for the fireplace is the cleanest fuel option that produces zero smoke and ash.

But gas emits other gasses due to incomplete combustion as a by-product. Among which carbon monoxide is main. It’s an odor and colorless gas and significantly fatal for humans.

Many gas fireplace features inbuilt carbon monoxide detectors or oxygen depletion sensors. These devices signal when any abnormalities are detected.

But if you leave it the whole night, there are possibilities you might miss the signal, and as a result, any occurrence may happen. So leaving the gas fireplace all night is discouraging. 




You can easily switch for a gas fireplace insert to eliminate smoke, mess, and struggle of sourcing woods. In this article, we have sorted the 8 best gas fireplace inserts to go along without any second thoughts.

All of these recommendations are reviewed and appreciated the most by the users. However, gas fireplace inserts are already cost-effective hassle-free to use. You can completely rely on them for the heat source of your home.

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