10 Best Infrared Fireplace in 2024

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Last updated Mar 2, 2024
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Do you want to have a fireplace in your home without burning wood? But still, you miss the heat of wood-burning in winter.

Then the Infrared fireplace comes to the rescue. The smoke of wood-burning is hazardous to our environment.

Also, it can be troublesome to install it in the house. For this reason, choosing the best infrared fireplace can be an efficient alternative to a traditional fireplace.


How does an infrared fireplace work?


An infrared fireplace uses a quartz heating system to produce heat. It creates infrared light to produce a high temperature.

The infrared heater has quartz bulbs. A quartz bulb can provide radiant heat.

That’s why your body will feel immediate warmth after switching on the fireplace. An infrared heater can heat A 1000 square feet room.


Advantages of having an infrared fireplace?


There are various advantages of installing an infrared fireplace in the home. The following points are reasons why you should switch to an infrared fireplace.

Energy-efficient: Infrared fireplace creates no loss in the heat transfer process. All the heat that it creates is used. So an infrared fireplace is more energy-efficient than any other fireplace.

No hassle: Installing a traditional fireplace is so tiresome. But on the other hand, installing an infrared fireplace is easy and time-saving.

Safe: Infrared fireplaces are safer than other ones. People rarely get burnt from it because it does not get super hot.


Best Infrared Fireplace Reviews


There are many infrared fireplaces available on the market. Among these various products, it’s normal to feel confused.

To help you with this, we have considered the top 10 best-infrared fireplaces. We will discuss the reasons for choosing the product. So, let’s have a look.


1. Duraflame Infrared Quartz Set Heater


Duraflame Infrared Quartz Set Heater Review


  • Dimension: 20.51 x 8.66 x 12.6 inches
  • Weight: 14lbs
  • Heat Coverage: 1000 square feet


This infrared heater has an amusing aesthetic with a great heating capacity. It is one of the most popular fireplaces among customers.

With zone heating and safer technology, this Duraflame fireplace has multifunctional features. The best feature of this infrared fireplace is that it uses zone effect technology.

This technology provides heat only in places that need heat. You can switch off the electricity in sections that don’t need warmth. That’s why it can save energy and money.

The heat performance of the fireplace is outstanding. It can provide 5200 BTU heat to create up to 1000 sq ft of room.

We know we don’t need extreme heat during the day. Most of the time of the day, you can turn down the heat with its thermostat.

The visual effect of this model is realistic. The rolling log and ember bed add an aesthetic effect to the fireplace.

You can enjoy the fire dancing with the help of the log set all year long. The beautiful black finish of the outer part adds more beauty to the fireplace.


Things we liked

  • The fireplace provides 5200 BTU heat that can easily heat up to 1000 sq ft of room.
  • The visual of a realistic wood-burning flame with glowing logs gives you a soothing experience.
  • The zone affects technology that can save your energy and money.


Things that can be improved

The crackling sound effect with this fireplace can be better. In the alternative, you can check Lifesmart 3.


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2. Flameline Infrared Quartz Fireplace Insert


Flameline Infrared Quartz Fireplace Insert Review


  • Dimensions: 29.13 x 10.35 x 23.1 inches
  • Weight: 38.94lbs
  • Heat Performance: 5200 BTU


This infrared fireplace will act as an exclusive must-have decor for your home with a wide variety of flame effects. The fireplace can give you the required heat with the exclusive flame effect that you want.

One of the most attractive features of the fireplace is its 125 flame effects. You can choose it depending on your mood or situation.

This flame effect can refresh you after a long tiring time by creating a calm environment. You can turn on the flame with or without any heat. So you can enjoy it in cold or hot weather.

Also, the fireplace features zone heating. If you are tense about the increased utility bill every month, this feature can be quite a solution.

You can turn on the heater in the parts of the home that need heat. So no extra electricity will not be used. That’s how it can help you with energy and money efficiency.

The fireplace also comes with a safer plug. The safer plug monitors the temperature of the plug continuously with a thermometer.

If the plug starts to overheat, it turns off the entire fireplace. Any accident will be prevented with the help of this heater. So you can be alert about this. But then, when the temperature falls, the fireplace will start working again.


Things we liked

  • You can choose from 125 flame effects according to your preference.
  • The zone effect feature with the heater can effectively save your electricity bill.
  • A safer plug with a built-in thermometer can monitor the temperature and prevent accidents.


Things that can be improved

A remote control system with this fireplace can be better. You can check Duraflame Fireplace if you need the feature.


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3. TURBO Suburbs TS20 Infrared Heater


TURBO Suburbs TS20 Infrared Heater Review


  • Dimensions: 17 x 10 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 15.5lbs
  • Heat Performance: 4780 BTU


If you want an affordable fireplace with most of the features, then Turbo Subrubs TS20 is the best choice for you. You can get the required warmth with safer and overheat protection features at this price. 

The fireplace provides you with great quality realistic flames. The interesting part is you can enjoy the flames with or without turning on the heat.

You can enjoy the dancing flames if you don’t need heat. After a hectic day, it can create your home as a relaxing environment.

In daylight, generally, people don’t need too much warmth. The fireplace can provide too much heat, but that’s not always necessary.

That’s why it has a thermostat control. You can adjust the heat as per your preference. That can keep you home at the perfect temperature.

This fireplace can assure you of protection from overheating in terms of safety. It is CSO certified. So safety matters in this fireplace are not compromised.

If the fireplace becomes too hot, it automatically turns off the heat. The heating element of the fireplace is at the bottom of the heater.

So the upper surface of the fireplace doesn’t get hot. So you can touch it safely without getting hurt.


 Things we liked

  • CSO certified overheating protection
  • Temperature control with a thermostat that can help you adjust your preferable heat
  • Affordable for most users as it is at a very reasonable price.


Things that can be improved

  • The user manual is short described.


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4. Duraflame DFI-550-22 Infrared Quartz Fireplace


Duraflame DFI-550-22 Infrared Quartz Fireplace Review


  • Dimensions: 21 x 10.75 x 23 inches
  • Weight: 18lbs
  • Heat Performance: 5200 BTU


Duraflame is one of the top leading brands in the market. In this model, you can get different features at a low price point. This fireplace is one of the best infrared fireplaces, from high performance to cost-efficient.

This fireplace includes a Maxwell electric stove. It can create warmth without creating too much heat on the surface.

Also, the heat capacity of this stove is outstanding. It can provide 5200 BTU zone heating which can heat up to 1000 square feet of room. 

In the safety part, you can get protection from overheating. It has a built-in switch that can turn off the entire fireplace in case of overheating.

It continuously monitors the temperature of the plug to prevent you from any accident. 

In winter, you will feel cozy with the fireplace and enjoy the amazing aesthetic. It has a classy traditional design with a glass with picture framework and a classy door handle.

It creates a nice environment with realistic flame effects. The brightness of the flames can be adjusted with the help of remote control. You can enjoy the flame view according to your mood.


Things we liked

  •  Remote control feature to adjust the brightness of the flame according to your preference.
  • Safety from overheating and top surface heating with the help of a continuous monitoring system.
  • Exclusive Aesthetic view with traditional design.


Things that can be improved

  • The cord that comes with the fireplace should be longer, but it does not create a problem for most people.


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5. XtremepowerUS Electric Fireplace Infrared Quartz


XtremepowerUS Electric Fireplace Infrared Quartz Review


  • Dimensions: 10.75 x 28 x 23.25 inches 
  • Weight: 41.88lbs
  • Heat Performance: 5100 BTU


This infrared fireplace provides heating with a realistic flame effect. In this fireplace, you can get the most required performances with safety features. 

If you want a multifunctional fireplace, this model suits you. The fireplace has a very convenient and versatile design.

Other than using it as a heater, you can use it as home decor and put things on the upper surface. The heating equipment is on the bottom portion of the fireplace. So it does not get hot on the surface. 

You can enjoy warm heat with a realistic flame effect. The glowing rolling log with an ember bed makes it even more attractive.

The main advantage is turning on the flame with or without heat. So even if you don’t need warmth, you can enjoy the view of the flame.

 Also, the zone heating technology can provide you with the heat in the place you want. Almost most of the day, we don’t need heat in the whole house.

At that time, we can only turn on the heat in the preferred part of our home. For this reason, it is quite energy-efficient and cost-efficient.


Things we liked

  • A built-in thermometer is included to monitor the temperature continuously
  • The glowing log and rolling fire effect gives an amusing visual effect
  • With controllable settings and modes, it can provide versatile and high-level performance


Things that can be improved

  • Despite having a remote control system, some people complain about the absence of a thermostat. So in the alternative, you can check TURBO Suburbs TS20.


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6. Kismile 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove


Kismile 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove Review


  • Dimensions: 24 x 18.5 x 14.5 inches
  • Weight: 20.4lbs
  • Heat Capacity: 400 sq ft


Kismile 3D Infrared Fireplace is loved by customers, especially for its durable and lightweight design. This fireplace will be the best choice for your home if you want a small-sized fireplace.

Portability is one of the main features of this model. You can transfer or move it into your home easily.

The flexible design makes it more user-friendly. It has a comfortable grip and a detachable foot. Also, there is no extra hassle to install the fireplace.

The method called far infrared heating is used in its heating process. It is one kind of quick heating method which can create warmth in just one second.

The crackling sound comes with the heating. It is just like the wood-burning sound, creating a cozy environment. But the sound is not noisy. The noise it creates maximum is 40 dB

The fireplace includes two power modes. These are 1000 W and 1500 W capacities. For that reason, the fireplace can meet any heat choice from the users.

You can adjust any heat with the use of the thermostat. It can provide you with without any problem. The power switch can adapt to any heat. 

This fireplace is also safe to use. The upper surface will not get hot. So you can touch the fireplace without getting burnt.

Also, it comes with overheat protection. The air outlet is on the bottom of the fireplace. So there is no compromise in safety. 


Things we liked

  • Portable and lightweight design that can fit any space in your home.
  • The quick heating method can save you from a cold breeze.
  • Safe with overheating protection to prevent you from any accident.


Things that can be improved


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7. HearthPro Indoor Infrared Electric Fireplace


HearthPro Indoor Infrared Electric Fireplace Review


  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 23.5 x 28 inches
  • Weight: 37.2lbs
  • Heat Capacity: 1000 sq ft


A fireplace with a classic design and durable material will suit the home decor. With a glowing ember bed, this fireplace creates a realistic flame effect. The warmness given to your fireplace will be a good choice for your cozy winter.

The model of HearthPro fireplace has 5 sided clear doors. This design can give you a 180-degree flame view.

For this reason, you can help you to enjoy the view from all 5 sides. The fireplace has a very traditional look. It can add an aesthetic view to your home. Despite that, i

This model is very lightweight. So it can be easily movable. You can fit it in any corner of your room because of its small size. This fireplace is a perfect fit for small spaces in your room.

The fireplace can be used both indoors and outdoors. This fireplace provides fast heating. So it can create heat up to 1000 square feet of room in a few seconds. 


Things we liked

  • 5 sided fire logs which can give a 180-degree flame view
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Fast heating technology can create heat quickly. 


Things that can be improved

  • Fire crackling sounds can be a little loud for some people.


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8. Signature Design by Ashley Infrared Fireplace


Signature Design by Ashley Infrared Fireplace Review


  • Dimensions: 8.75 x 23.75 x 20.13 inches
  • Weight: 31lbs
  • Heat Capacity: 400 sq ft


This model is a highly reviewed multifunctional fireplace. If you want a two-in-one option such as furniture with a fireplace, then it will be a suitable choice for you. The temperature settings with an LED display can give you warmth in winter.

Signature Design by Ashley is a multifunctional fireplace. You can use it as a TV stand or dresser etc. This makes it a piece of usable furniture along with a heater. You can use it as a TV stand or other center for entertainment.

The brightness level of the fireplace is according to your preference. There is 7 brightness level pre-set options available.

You can use flame effects both with or without using heat. Also, the remote control is included to adjust temperature and brightness. 

It has an overheating protection feature. A built-in thermometer is included here, monitoring the temperature and preventing the fireplace from any accident.

The fireplace contains a LED display. You can watch what brightness level to choose from with the help of this display.

The remote control device helps you with the setting. You can adjust your preferred brightness easily.


Things we liked

  • The fireplace has multifunctional design so that it can be used as your heater as well as a TV stand
  • 7 pre-set brightness and temperature levels to adjust it to your preference
  • A built-in device that can control overheating.


Things that can be improved

  • The packaging quality would have been better.


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9. Xbeauty Electric Fireplace Stove


Xbeauty Electric Fireplace Stove Review


  • Dimensions: 22.5 X 12.6 X 23.6 inches
  • Weight: 21lbs
  • Heat Output: 5100 BTU


As a budget-friendly option, this fireplace has all the features you want. This infrared fireplace will satisfy all your requirements, from high heat, great aesthetic to safety. The realistic bright flame effect will set your mood.

This fireplace provides two different heating moods. These are 1000 W and 1500 W. These two moods can help the fireplace adjust to the environment. It can provide 5100 BTU heat. This high heat is enough to keep you warm even in a strong cold.

The knobs of the fireplace are helpful to regulate the thermostat. You can control both temperature and brightness levels.

The visual effect of the fireplace is top-notch. The glowing unparallel log creates a classic atmosphere with realistic flame effects. You can enjoy a cozy winter while sitting beside the aesthetic view and enjoy time with family.

 You can also get safety from overheating in this fireplace. The heater will be shut down if the temperature reaches a critical level. It can prevent you from any accident.


Things we liked

  • Two heating moods to adjust to a different environment
  • 5100 BTU high heating performance that can create warmth in a cold
  • Unique design with durable and lightweight materials.


Things that can be improved

  •   The packaging should have been better.


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10.  Lifesmart 3 Element Quartz Infrared Heater


Lifesmart 3 Element Quartz Infrared Heater Review


  • Dimensions: 30.25 x 25.25 x 13.5 inches
  • Weight: 44.3lbs
  • Heat Settings: 3 options


For people who want a fireplace with a simple design, then Life smart 3 elements can be a wise choice for you. It comes with multiple heat settings and safety control. The fireplace will be a small decor for your cozy winter.

The fireplace includes 3 heat settings. These are 1000W, 1500W, and a constant 68 degrees temperature. So that it can adjust to the environment easily.

With these, the fireplace has zone effect technology. It only creates heat in the chosen place of your room. For this reason, it can save electricity and money.

Another advantage is the fireplace has an LED display with a remote control system. You can control the temperature easily when you can see the temperature.

It is very user-friendly. Its installation process is very simple. You don’t need a large space in your home to install it. Also, it provides an exterior cabinet. So it is so much space-saving.


Things we liked

  •  Smart LED display with a remote control system makes it very easy to operate.
  • 1000W, 1500W, and a constant 68 degrees temperature heat settings can easily adapt to the environment.


Things that can be improved

  • The fireplace can be noisy sometimes. If you don’t like sound, you can choose Duraflame DFI030ARU.


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Buying Guide for the Best Infrared Fireplace


We have described our recommended top 10 infrared fireplaces. So before buying one of the products you need to consider some factors. After that, you can decide which factor to prioritize most. Let’s jump into the details.


Heating Performance

The main purpose of using an infrared fireplace is to get warm in cold weather. So at first, you have to check the quality and time the fireplace can keep you warm.

How many square feet the fireplace covers is one of the performance factors. Generally, a good infrared fireplace should cover more than 500 square feet of space in a few minutes. The heat should be more than 4000 BTU.


Temperature Control

Temperature control is another significant feature of any heater. On different days you need different heat according to the natural temperature, So a thermostat should be added to control the temperature of the fireplace.



It is better to choose an infrared fireplace with lightweight and durable material. These two features can develop the portability of a fireplace.

The lightweight and solid woods are preferred. Also, the glass in the viewing area should be stronger.



Safety always comes first for any product. You should not neglect the safety features of a fireplace. Before buying one, you should make sure it has overheating protection. That can prevent any unwanted accident. 



An infrared fireplace can also be used as home decor. So the design should also be considered as it adds extra attraction for the customers.

Trendy or classical design can be expensive-looking home decor. The size of the fireplace should be according to the home space.


Realistic Visual

The realistic flame effect can satisfy your need of having a traditional wood-burning fireplace without actually having one. Also, the brightness of the flames can set your mood in a cozy warm winter. So these flame effects add an aesthetic view to your home.



One of the main reasons people switch to infrared fireplaces from traditional fireplaces is the installation process.

So the installation of an infrared fireplace should be without any hassle. Sometimes complicated designs make the installation process difficult. So you should keep an eye on this matter.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is an infrared fireplace safe to use?

Yes, it is safe. Most fireplaces have overheating protection which ensures safety.


Is an infrared fireplace energy efficient?

Yes. The infrared fireplace uses 100 percent heat that it creates.


Is an infrared fireplace environment friendly?

Yes. The infrared fireplace uses the quartz heating process. It does not cause any harm to the environment.


Does an infrared fireplace create enough heat to keep you warm?

Yes. It creates enough warmth. As it is a radiant heating process, the room gets warm quickly.




Choosing an infrared fireplace over a traditional fireplace is the wisest decision you can make. In this article, we have reviewed the best infrared fireplaces.

Before doing this, we collected information about infrared fireplaces from manufacturers, users, and various markets. Then we recommended the top 10 infrared fireplaces based on our research.

If you have any questions regarding the infrared fireplace, you can ask us in the comment section below. We hope the guidance will be helpful to make the best purchase.

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