11 Best RV Electric Fireplace with Buyer’s Guide

Harry Hubbard

Last updated Mar 2, 2024
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A recreational vehicle (RV) or a motor-home is a unique idea of modern living. We want the best for it like any other home, so why not a fireplace? A fireplace increases its value and makes the place better for living. 

You don’t have to go any far for installing a fireplace in your RV, especially when it’s an electric fireplace option. The task is here to choose the best one. Cause there are lots of options with lots of dodging points, including price, feature, and other customization. 

That’s why we have brought you up this review series on the 11 best fireplaces for RV. You will have a buying guide and FAQ section for better understanding and proper convenience. 

So let’s start with reviewing the best fireplace option for an RV


11 Best RV Electric Fireplace (Review)


1. R.W.FLAME Wall Mount Electric Fireplace


R.W.FLAME Wall Mount Electric Fireplace


  • Dimensions: 36″L x 18.11″H x3.89 “W
  • Weight: 36.3lbs 
  • Wattage: 750W, 1500W
  • Efficiency: 400 sq. ft.


Whatever its lavish living space or minimal recreation vehicle, this ultra-thin R.W.Flame electric fireplace is going to change the outlook of your space forever.

The electric fireplace insert in the new edition is thinner (3.85-inch) than the previous version (3.89-inch). It has perfected its fit for an RV

You can install it by recessing it in no time and without any professional help. 750W or 1500W, your RV requires any of these two specifications for running this electric fireplace perfectly.

You will enjoy different flame colors and multiple visual specifications like the flame brightness, height, and intensity. All of the specifications are remote controllable.

This sole insert can provide you heat for a 400 sq ft. supplementary zone for an RV setup, which is great. An additional ETL certification made this ultra-thin RV fireplace insert more reliable to use. 


Things You Are Going to Enjoy

  • Wide display
  • 12 colors flame, 5 flame mode
  • No heat display for ambiance
  • Effective air inlet and outlet design
  • Auto-shutoff safety system 


Things Need Modification

  • Non-significant customers have reported installation difficulties.


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2. Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove


Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove Review


  • Dimensions: 13.07″L x 24″W x 23.4″H 
  • Weight: 28.6lbs
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • Heat Output: 5200 BTU


As a portable fireplace for RV, the Duraflame electric fireplace stove is matchless. This insert is initially 24-inch, sleek, and compact to fit an RV perfectly.

It’s a free-standing model, so it will be best for the RVs that don’t have a specific place for fireplace inserts. You can keep changing the suitable place for this fireplace insert.

Weighs 28lbs, so you don’t feel too heavy while porting or moving this fireplace inside the RV. 

Now, come to its heat output and area of performance. You will be amazed because this compact fireplace insert can deliver good warmth, 5200 BTU for an area up to 1000 sq. ft.

The output is as efficient as any regular electric fireplace insert and for a regular RV. Moreover, the Duraflame 3D uses infrared quartz technology to heat without deteriorating moisture levels.

Also, this portable RV fireplace insert displays real-like wood log flame behind the glass door creating a nice retro vibe in your vehicle home. 


Things You Are Going to Enjoy

  • Display elements like flame color, brightness, and speed are adjustable. 
  • The thermostat is included for temperature optimization. 
  • Overheat protection for supreme safety. 


Things Need Modification

  • Manufacturers have to work on lowering its noise. Which sometimes is annoying.


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3. PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert


PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert Review


  • Dimensions: 27.95″L x 8.78″W x 24.61″H
  • Weight: 18.56lbs
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • Efficiency: 400 sq. ft.


PuraFlame is a renowned brand in the industry, and their 25-inch western electric fireplace insert can be the best electric fireplace insert for RV. With a performing outlet of 120V or 1500W, you can fit this insert in your RV setup. 

As we know, there is always limited space in RVs for anything. However, the insert requires a limited depth of 8-inch only into your RV interior. This fireplace insert can deliver warmth for a 400 sq. ft. area close to any RV’s functional area. 

With this electric fireplace insert’s LED technology, you can also enjoy almost real wood-burning flame in the association of miraculously hand-painted resin logs.

Along with the sleek structure, the insert has a brick wall design and tempered glass front to look up the best and most traditional in an RV’s interior. 


Things You Are Going to Enjoy

  • Lightweight 
  • Remote controller included.
  • Featured with a thermostat. 
  • It has a flat bottom to put directly on an even floor. 
  • There is no heat display option available.


Things Need Modification

  • There is a noise issue that should be looked after.


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4. Masarflame Electric Fireplace Insert


Masarflame Electric Fireplace Insert Review


  • Dimensions: 28.7″L X 8.84″D X 21.2″H
  • Weight: 47lbs
  • Wattage: 750W, 1500W
  • Heat Output: 5000 BTU


Giving your caravan a retro look with a cozy and warm ambiance is now a matter of choice with this outstanding Masarflame electric fireplace insert.

You can set this 9-inch deep, 28-inch electric fireplace insert cum RV heater conveniently in your RV interior. 

As an electric fireplace insert, this insert gives the most comforting warmth without any special ventilation and regular mess like smoke or any by-product.

You can enjoy an uninterrupted heat output of 5100 BTU for a 400 sq. ft. space. This efficiency is decent in terms of a basic RV. 

Moreover, Masarflame has the greatest display system if you compare the vibrant flame and crystal clear LED technology. The display looks more flawless with the ember bed and real-like resin log.


Things You Are Going to Enjoy

  • You can enjoy its great display with or without heat.
  • Safety shut-off system on overheating. 
  • Energy-saving mode enabled.
  • Comes with a remote controller.
  • Featured with a speaker for mimicking the crackling sound of wood burning


Things Need Modification

  • Users have liked this insert and probably don’t have any significant issues.


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5. Valuxhome Electric Fireplace


Valuxhome Electric Fireplace Review


  • Dimensions: 30.5″W X 8.84″D X 24.7″H 
  • Weight: 42.33lbs
  • Wattage: 750W, 1500W
  • Heat Output: 5100 BTU


The Valuxhome 30-inch RV fireplace insert is another deserving electric fireplace option for sourcing heat into your vehicle home. With this fireplace insert, you can keep your RV warm for hours.

All you need is a stable power outlet of 120V. Along with the heat, a fireplace insert is a lucrative option for creating an ambiance to enhance mood.

You can customize its display using 3 different color flames and multiple brightness and intensity levels. Apart from these, the fireplace insert also has features like auto kill safety, energy-saving mode, and timer.

The Valuxhome design, custom display, and heat precision all together made this an exclusive option as an RV heater.  


Things You Are Going to Enjoy

  • You can keep the fireplace on warmer days and enjoy the vibe with no heat mode. 
  • Remote controller included.
  • Wood crackling sound for a more real-like effect.
  • Bright and real wood log-like flame display. 
  • Highly heat efficient.


Things Need Modification

  • The insert is sensitive to power optimization. You have to strictly maintain the outlet specification.


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6. Greystone RV Electric Fireplace


Greystone RV Electric Fireplace Review


  • Dimensions: 28″W X 21″H X 9″D
  • Weight: 37lbs
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • Heat Output: 5300 BTU


Greystone is one of the leading brands that make a dedicated fireplace for RVs. This 26-inch electric fireplace is an ideal insert for your RV home. 

From this fireplace, you will get up to 5300BTU heat output. This amount of heat is enough to warm up a 400 to 500 sq. ft. area.

Along with great heat, the fireplace insert has a nice curve front. On this front display, you can enjoy a real-like wood-burning visual

So ultimate, you will have a warm, cozy environment inside your RV. You can opt-out for a no-heat display on a warmer day to enjoy a cozy ambiance and relaxation. 


Things You Are Going to Enjoy

  • Includes logs and realistic flame display.
  • Comes with a remote for easy operation.
  • Features a curved glass front for 3D visuals. 
  • Silent performance.


Things Need Modification

  • Nothing wrong with the product itself. Some users have mishandled issues from the seller. So while buying, be cautious.


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7. Giantex Electric Fireplace Insert


Giantex Electric Fireplace Insert Review


  • Dimensions: 28.5″L x 6″W x 21″H 
  • Weight: 27.5lbs
  • Wattage: 750W, 1500W
  • Heat Output: 5118 BTU


This Giantex fireplace insert is an effortless option to get a good heat relaxing ambiance with great features. The 28-inch insert is able to give you up to 5118 BTU heat output. 

And you can get it on two different power modes of 1500W and a power-saving option of 750W. The electric fireplace comes in a well-precision black metal finish with a tempered glass front.

With this insert, you can enjoy charred orange, blue, and mixed flame vibe at a time. Besides that, the insert is too convenient to install, and ETL certified for safe use.

A sleek, simple, and efficient piece of a fireplace for RV and any other travel trailer.   


Things You Are Going to Enjoy

  • The remote control is available to make your experience more convenient.
  • Featured with a thermostat that keeps the overall temperature well optimized. 
  • Has a timer option up to 8 hours.
  • You will also get to enjoy the crackling sound of burning wood. 


Things Need Modification

  • There are many fake versions available in the market that can easily dodge customers. So authority should work on it. And customers need to be careful while purchasing.


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8. Della Electric Fireplace Heater Insert


Della Electric Fireplace Heater Insert Review


  • Dimensions: 26″W x 9.5″D x 17.66″H
  • Weight: 30lbs
  • Wattage: 1400W
  • Efficiency: 400 sq. ft.


Della offers RV owners one of the best fireplace inserts that perform efficiently, look good, and perfectly fit with the minimal interior.

For setting up this insert into your RV, you can have any of these options of mounting, recessing or free standing. This Della electric fireplace heater is a 26-inch insert that is able to deliver 4760BTU heat output.

And if your RVs functional space is within 400 sq. ft., this insert is more than perfect. The heat is comforting and warm as it produces heat through infrared quartz technology

Moreover, you can enjoy 3 different faux flame ambiance on its LED display. The fireplace insert is user-friendly, feature-full, and budget-friendly


Things You Are Going to Enjoy

  • Infrared technology. 
  • Comes with a remote controller option. 
  • No heat display option with timer. 


Things Need Modification

  • The warranty policies of this product need to be more customer-friendly.


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9. GiveBest Electric Fireplace Insert


GiveBest Electric Fireplace Insert Review


  • Dimensions: 18″L x 5.1″W x 17″H
  • Weight: 13.7lbs
  • Wattage: 1400W
  • Heat output: 4600 BTU


The GiveBest electric fireplace insert gives the best to its users, justifying its brand name properly. Especially those who are using it for a limited space, like a mobile home.

You don’t have to manage many more to find a suitable place for it in your vehicle. It’s the best suit for RVs for its minimal dimensions of the 18-inch length and 5-inch depth

With this small RV fireplace insert, you can attain a modest warmth zone of 400 sq. ft. in your RV. The insert shows up with the best visual effect in its LED display along with heat output. 

You can customize the display settings and set a timer for a more convenient function. Additionally, it’s an ETL-certified product, so you can have a carefree experience while exploring around in your motorhome.


Things You Are Going to Enjoy

  • Operable with remote control. 
  • Features an inbuilt thermostat.
  • Protected with auto-kill on overheating. 
  • Quiet performance 


Things Need Modification

  • Some users have reported installation difficulties.


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10. TURBO Electric Fireplace


TURBO Electric Fireplace Review


  • Dimensions: 27.0″W x 17.6″H x 9.5″D
  • Weight: 24.5lbs
  • Wattage: 1500 W
  • Heat Output: 5280 BTU


Your recreational vehicle will be more exciting and comfortable with the TURBO 26-inch electric fireplace. You can recess it within a basic heater space in your RV. 

The insert is efficient enough to instantly warm up a 400 to 1000 sq. ft. space through its powerful infrared quartz heating technology.

The display system offers you 7 different color flame options with heat or without heat so that you can enjoy a cozy ambiance in your RV, even on a bright and warm day. 

The fireplace is CSA-approved, and its noise level is as low as 42db. As you see, the fireplace is quality assured and safe overall to use in any state. 


Things You Are Going to Enjoy

  • Auto shut off safety system. 
  • Remote controller included.
  • Features are available for timer, heat/no heat, and temperature control. 


Things Need Modification

  • Some users have suggested more upgrades in the heating system.


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11. Furrion Electric Fireplace for RV


Furrion Electric Fireplace for RV Review


  • Dimensions: 30″W x 17.75”H x 6.25″D
  • Weight: 37lbs
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • Heat Output: 5000 BTU


Furrion electric fireplace is a specialized option for RV’s, motor homes, and other familiarities. For RV’s, one of this fireplace’s best features is its proximity sensor.

This sensor perfectly optimizes the distance you from the fireplace and controls its temperature. Also, the fireplace has VibrationSmart and ClimateSmart technologies.

Both of these technologies are associated with the fireplace’s temperature control and heating capacity when your travel trailer is in motion or facing fast weather change. 

Apart from that, this fireplace provides the necessary heat for warming a 500 sq. ft. space fast and efficiently. You can adjust the temperature and set a timer for up to 5 hours with a remote controller.


Things You Are Going to Enjoy

  • Multiple color flame display option.
  • Protected from overheating occurrence. 
  • Featured with useful sensors and technologies for RVs. 
  • Slim fit and lightweight. 


Things Need Modification

  • The product itself has no significant issue but be careful from fraud sellers.


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Buyer’s Guide For RV Fireplace


Why is a fireplace important for RV

I rather say a fireplace in an RV is nothing less than a blessing. While grooving around with your vehicle home, you will face chillness more than a conventional home for sure.

So a heating source will provide you with essential warmth in your space. It will enhance the ambiance within a limited space in your motorhome. You can keep yourself entertained and enjoy quality time with loved ones whenever you want. 


Which one to choose

However, it’s a matter of personal choices, but for RV’s, nothing can beat the efficiency of an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces are the simplest in structure.

Electric fireplaces are cord-based and easy to install. Most importantly, they come in convenient versions which are minimal yet performing.

Moreover, an electric fireplace doesn’t require vents, fuel storage, ash, or a smoky mess. And these all are very important when choosing the fireplace option for your RV.



Installing a fireplace in an RV is not a big deal. The architecture of the RV is dedicated to adapting recessing or mounting style appliances.

So one can easily go for a fireplace insert for their motor-home with a working power outlet. An electric fireplace is also a convenient option for its easy setup policy without vent or outer ducts. 

Along with that electric insert also comes as low maintenance as possible. However, if you have a custom space issue in your RV, you can easily find a free-standing electric fireplace option.

In fact, many electric RV fireplace inserts are also performing in standby positions.



Safety is always a concern when it comes to using fire and electricity-related appliances. Both technological specification and personal vigilance are needed for utmost safety.

In technology, you can look for an option with auto shut-off on overheating and an inbuilt thermostat for heat optimization.

Moreover, authoritative certifications like CSA or ETL are also reliable for safe and secure experiences.


Frequently Asked Question 


Can you add a fireplace to an RV?

Yes, RVs are fine and eligible for a fireplace. Adding a fireplace to your RV makes them a more demanding and suitable place for relaxing and comfortable living. You can add up a fireplace on an RV by mounting, recession, or put them as a free-standing one. 


Are RV fireplaces safe?

Among many other fireplaces, electric ones are the safest for use in RV. Electric fireplaces barely require anything except a performing power connection. It doesn’t require vents.

There is nothing like handling, storing, or managing fuel. Additionally, most electric fireplaces have safety systems like auto-kill on overheating and thermostat.

So an electric fireplace insert is a completely reliable option for an RV.


How many amps does an RV fireplace use?

Empire requirement is almost common in electric fireplaces. Most of the electric fireplace uses 12.5amp and voltage around 120 or more. And electric fireplaces are eligible for 1500W, 750W, or both.  


Can I leave my RV fireplace on all night?

If it’s an electric fireplace, then you can leave it in your RV overnight. You don’t have to think about fire and gas leakage like you do for wood or gas-burning fireplace with an electric fireplace.

However, an electric fireplace also allows you a power-saving option and no heat display option. So putting them overnight is completely okay.  




Home is where the loved ones are, whether a mansion or an RV. And we understand how much you want to make this place comfortable for you and your family.

There is no doubt that a fireplace has the unique power to turn a place into a cozy and comfortable one instantly. And same goes for your RV or vehicle home.

We hope this review series on 11 the best RV fireplace will be an ultimate guide to lead you on making the best purchase for your motor-home. Wish you the best of luck with your RV fireplace. Be safe and keep exploring!

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