The 8 Best Stone Electric Fireplaces of 2024

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Last updated Feb 3, 2024
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Stone and fireplace are a graceful combination for any interior. It quickly creates an earthy and ancient vibe into your space. But the process of building and maintaining a stone fireplace is not that easy.

Nowadays, coping up together with tradition and modern amenities is getting tough. And this problem gets trickier when you want a raw and rustic stone fireplace but not the hassle of a conventional fireplace. 

That’s why you need an innovative solution to this problem. And it is the stone electric fireplace. Stone electric fireplace is the new moderation of conventional stone textured exterior with an electric fireplace insert. 

The stone electric fireplace can give you all specs and grace with the subtle rustic vibe to your home. And the cozy warmth, light, and relaxation you want from a fireplace. 

In this article, you will find the 8 best stone electric fireplace full-length reviews, a buyers’ guide, and all additional information related to an electric stone fireplace. 

Let’s get started, 


8 Best Stone Electric Fireplace (Review)


1. Gallatin Faux Stone Electric Fireplace


Gallatin Faux Stone Electric Fireplace



  • Material: Wood, Resin, Glass
  • Size: 72-inch
  • Weight: 134 lbs 
  • Efficiency/Coverage: 400 sq. ft.
  • Style: Traditional, Storage Console

Starting the review series with this amazing multipurpose faux stone electric fireplace is a pleasure in itself. Gallatin has brought you this bookcase and electric fireplace combo with a subtle touch of a traditional faux stone fireplace. 

The product’s basics are made with high-quality processed wood and poplar. The electric fireplace insert is made up of metal and glass front. 

The stone texture you see on the structure is made with resin. The resin keeps the product weight optimum, but the texture is not less than real stone, which you will understand better on touching. 

From this stone electric fireplace insert, you will get an ample amount of heat for a 400 sq. ft. area. The visuals of LED flame, log, and embers will complement the warm atmosphere beautifully. 

Besides those features, you gracefully use the storage units of this stone electric fireplace. You can arrange your favorite novels, magazine, and decor piece on this stone-adorned fireplace plus storage mantle. 


Things We have Liked

  • The electric stone fireplace looks aristocratic and defining. 
  • Perfectly goes with a wall-mounted TV. 
  • A remote control option is included. 
  • Automatically shut the functions of overheating. So no compromise on safety. 


Things That Can Be Improved

  • Though there is no professional involvement in assembling, you will require a helping hand to set up this hefty unit. 


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2. Canyon Stone Electric Fireplace


Canyon Stone Electric Fireplace



  • Material: Wood, Resin, Glass
  • Size: 60inch
  • Weight: 86lbs
  • Coverage:400 sq. ft. 
  • Style: Mantel with White Finish

The aura and the ecstasy of this beautiful Canyon white stone electric fireplace will grab your attention at first look for sure. 

The users who already have this electric stone fireplace have emerged in its beauty. The solid white stone texture around the 37-inch fireplace insert portrays a life-like stone feel. 

The fireplace insert in this 60-inch mantle is efficient enough for a 400 sq. ft. area. Additionally, the flame and burning logs are no less than the real ones. And prompt at creating a traditional wood-burning vibe. 

Overall the Canyon stone electric fireplace is sturdy enough to serve as a TV stand. It can hold 70 lbs of weight on it. 


Things We have Liked

  • Perfect designer accent for any modern interior. 
  • Easy and fun to put together within a minimal time. 
  • Remote control adjustability offers more convenience and comfort. 
  • The display in the insert offers no-heat flame and super customization. 
  • Auto-kill on overheating is enabled for safety. 


Things That Can Be Improved 

  • Users are in love with this fireplace, but a non-significant one has raised an issue of bad smell. However, that can be coincidental.


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3. SEI FURNITURE Grantham Faux Stone Electric Fireplace


SEI FURNITURE Grantham Faux Stone Electric Fireplace



  • Material: Wood, Faux River Stone
  • Size: 45inch
  • Weight: 96lbs
  • Coverage: 400 sq. ft.
  • Style: Mantle

With this beautiful SEI stone electric fireplace console, you can entirely change the outlook of a particular space. The color Ebony with a competitive stone accent makes this exclusively an eye-catchy piece of furniture. 

This unit looks perfect in a spacious area. With this stone electric fireplace, you can create a focal point in your space. The mantle style is something that brings a lucrative change in a gloomy space in no time. 

As the stone fireplace mantle can hold up to 85lbs weight, it will be an extreme furniture option. You can use it for a TV console, get warmth, and display your souvenirs.   

You will also have several heat options for efficient usage. However, the fireplace insert can deliver great heat for a 400 sq. ft. area


Things We have Liked

  • The dark and rich color instantly contributes to making beautiful changes to your interior. 
  • A hidden media shelf that can be used as secret storage. 
  • The realistic flame display is lucrative. It can be customizable with multiple flame settings. 
  • Compatible with standard outlets and easily connectible with a 6-feet cord. 


Things That Can Be Improved

  • The heater fan works well, but it lacks a speed adjustment option. 


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4. SEI Furniture Elkmont Electric Fireplace


SEI Furniture Elkmont Electric Fireplace


  • Material: Wood, Resin
  • Size: 45.5-inch
  • Weight: 36lbs
  • Coverage: 400 sq. ft.
  • Style: Traditional mantel

This SEI furniture is the perfect option for fashionable house enthusiasts and nature-lovers. You will love the combination of wood with the earthy stone texture of this stone electric fireplace. 

Wherever you set up the mantle stone fireplace, against a flat wall, beneath a wall mount TV, or put one over, it will look the best. 

Along with the best appearance, the fireplace will provide you with the best output. The electric fireplace insert in this stone fireplace unit can provide 5000 BTU heat per hour for a standard room of 400 sq. ft. 

The electric stone fireplace also features a thermostat, safety child lock on the remote control, overload protector, and so on to give the utmost safe experience. And whoever wants an upgraded version can go for the Alexa-enabled version.


Things We have Liked

  • Earthy texture and natural color finish brings a rustic look inside your home. 
  • A safe option for a home with babies. 
  • The remote control is included for convenient operation. 
  • It can hold up a flat panel TV up to 43.5-inch.


Things That Can Be Improved

  • Hard to assemble single-handedly. Better ask for a helping hand.


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5. DIMPLEX Stone-look Electric Fireplace


DIMPLEX Stone-look Electric Fireplace



  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 55.5inch
  • Weight: 191lbs
  • Coverage: 400 sq. ft.
  • Style: Full Stone mantel

The Dimplex fieldstone pine stone electric fireplace will bring you back to ancient times. Whether you like traditional or contemporary, you will love this stone electric fireplace for sure. 

This eye-catchy stone mantle is paired with an oak wood top. The stone you look at is not a real stone. It’s made from fiberglass. That’s for keeping the product weight minimal while creating the stone texture. 

You will get 5118 BTU heat per hour from this stone fireplaces’ 26-inch electric fireplace insert. The insert generates heat fast and enough to cover a 1000 sq. ft. room

The mantel of this fireplace is a fine place to put your decor piece, or you can mount a TV over this mantle. The whole setup will create a focal point inside your room. 


Things We have Liked

  • The assembling process is easy and fun. 
  • Patented real-like wood logs work amazingly with flame effect and inner glow technology. 
  • Remote control is available for convenient use. 
  • You can enjoy the bright and realistic display without heat.


Things That Can Be Improved

  • The stone texture looks lighter. Users have tried to darken them with acrylic and sponge brushes. But if you are not good at painting, better avoid it. But if you have confidence, then give it a try for sure. 


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6. Duraflame Stone Electric Fireplace


Duraflame Stone Electric Fireplace



  • Material: Wood, Metal
  • Size: 33-inch
  • Weight: 70.58 lbs
  • Coverage: 1000 sq. ft.
  • Style: Contemporary mantel

With a perfect smoky gray stone texture, this Duraflame stone electric fireplace can be ideal for whoever wants an electric stone fireplace. 

The brick-form stone texture on this fireplace makes it look perfect with a contemporary interior. The dark and rich finish on the wooden part enhances the appearance more. 

A powerful infrared quartz heater on the electric fireplace insert provides supplementary heat for a 1000 sq. ft. space. And the insert is also protected with a patented safe plug to avoid any electric fire,  circuit damage, etc. 

Moreover, the display on this stone electric fireplace is amazing. You would be astonished by the realistic flame. Also, the display is paired with a real-like log set and ember bed. And it is customizable.


Things We have Liked

  • 5200BTU heat output per hour to keep you warm during a chilled winter night. 
  • Infrared quartz heater to heat the space instantly. 
  • Temperature monitorization, shut-off safety system, and other safety features are enabled with remote control. 
  • The display is an all-weather display that you can turn on with or without heat. 
  • Easy to assemble. 


Things That Can Be Improved

  • The handling process of this product needs to be improved as it’s a very good stone electric fireplace option. Still, many users claim to receive a damaged product.


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7. LIFE SMART Faux Electric Fireplace


LIFE SMART Faux Electric Fireplace



  • Material: Stone, Wood
  • Size: 31-inch
  • Weight: Not specified
  • Coverage: 1000 sq. ft. 
  • Style: Mantle

This Lifesmart faux electric fireplace is the super-budget option of this review series. You can’t imagine a stone electric fireplace at this price point ever before. 

Though it’s a budget-friendly option, there is no lack in the stonish appearance of this fireplace. It’s a 31-inch freestanding fireplace with stone texture on two sides. And the body is designed with an oak wood cabinet on top and bottom

The electric fireplace insert on this fireplace is impressively strong. That is a 1500 watt infrared heater, able to provide heat for 1000 sq. ft. 

Apart from that, the electric fireplace insert can run on three different energy-efficient modes with the latest eco-mode option. The functions are remote control enabled for your utmost convenience.


Things We have Liked

  • Sleek and minimal looking with an efficient fireplace insert. 
  • Feature with thermostat, timer, and realistic flame display. 
  • You can turn the display on with or without heat and enjoy the cozy ambiance all year round. 


Things That Can Be Improved

  • The heater has considerable energy using the function, which is appreciated, but the durability and efficiency of the heater needs an update. 


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8. Classic Flame Pioneer Stone Electric Fireplace


Classic Flame Pioneer Stone Electric Fireplace



  • Material: Faux stone
  • Size: 39-inch
  • Weight: Not Specified
  • Coverage: 1000 sq. ft.
  • Style: Mantel

Last stone electric fireplace of our series but not the least one. This Classic Flame stone electric fireplace looks so good that you will fall for it. 

The amazing stone texture on this fireplace has a grey-ish tone that looks exactly like the real ones. The cabinet portion and the lower stand is made from pine and has a beautiful brushed texture. 

You will get a great heat output of 5200 BTU from the electric fireplace insert. That can provide you with great coverage for a 1000 sq. ft. space

This stone electric fireplace insert provides a great display that portrays flame like the real one. And additionally, the flame effect has three different color modes and a custom ember bed. 


Things We have Liked

  • Amazing-looking stone electric fireplace instantly changes the outlook of a place. 
  • Energy-efficient heater doesn’t elevate your bill. 
  • Simple assembly is required and needs to connect with a regular 110V power outlet, so there is nothing to worry about in setting this up.
  • The beautiful mantle cabinet remains cold to touch so that you can place it beneath a wall mount TV. 


Things That Can Be Improved

  • Bit expensive compared to the same category option.


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Recommended Accessories for Stone Electric Fireplace


The more, the better! And like this phrase, you can add up accessories to make your stone electric fireplace work more efficiently and better. Here are some suggestions on stone electric fireplace accessories. 


Wire Covers

On an electric stone fireplace, whether it is wall-mounted or free-standing, one wire covers are a must to conserve the rustic beauty of your fireplace. This wire cover nicely hides the tangled cords and strengthens the safety system. 



If your stone electric fireplace lacks a thermostat, don’t wait to install one yourself. A thermostat is a crucial accessory for an electric fireplace. It’s easy to attach separately.  


Sound System for Fire Crackle

An electric fireplace does not produce real fire. However, you will never get the chance of missing the real flame vibe for the LED display system of an electric fireplace. 

You might miss the crackling sound of burning wood somehow. And for that reason, you can grab a sound system for your stone electric fireplace to make it complete and more realistic. 


Electrical Socket Protector

This accessory is essential for your device’s overall safety. Electric fireplaces are comparatively the safest option. But sometimes, irregular power flow, malfunction of the fireplace, or overheating for an internal issue can cause severe occurrences. 

You can rely on an electric socket protector to be safe from these events. That will immediately disconnect your device and power output whenever it detects some issue.  


How to Choose the Best Stone Electric Fireplace



Outlook is always an important thing to look out for whenever you buy something new for your home. It should look appealing, modest, and compatible with the present interior. 

Just like that, when you are on a stone electric fireplace, appearance is the first thing you should be focusing on. Cause you are getting it over any other fireplace option for its rustic and earthy outlook. 

So, while choosing a stone textured electric fireplace, you must qualify its material quality. Mainly wooden texture, resin, and other artificial materials used to create the stone texture. 

Using these as an alternative to natural stone preserves the stony appearance while controlling the product weight. And make it maneuverable for users.


Heat output and Efficiency

Electric fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular because they are 100% efficient, giving back the total energy they consume. 

You can easily get 4000 to 5200 BTU heat output per hour from a regular electric fireplace insert. And this much heat is enough for any space between 400 sq. ft. to 1000 sq. ft. That means a regular living room or a small apartment. 

But electric fireplaces cannot work as a primary heat source, so better you set them in space where conventional heating is not available. Or for any space that is for specific use as the living, office, library or bedroom.



Every electric fireplace display is a vital factor to consider. Hence an electric fireplace lacks real fire, so it imitates real-like flame through its display. 

However, this system is more convenient as you can enjoy the flame on display with or without heat. All-year-round enjoyment is called! 

So know the display specification on your stone electric fireplace before purchasing. Ensure you do not miss out on this enjoyment. 



Probably electric fireplaces are regarded as the safest fireplace as they don’t have any connections with fire. 

However, there are a few safety concerns. It would be best to plug the fireplace with a suggested power outlet. And follow other instructions like whether it needs hardwiring or a direct connection.

Also, check for safety options on your stone electric fireplace, like its material durability, heat sensitivity, and in-built safety features like auto-kill protection on overheating. 




A stone electric fireplace is a perfect combination of tradition and modern innovation. Electric fireplace on a stone mantle or stone textured wall beautifully portrays a sophisticated vibe into your household. 

And that’s why all you had on this write-up is about a stone electric fireplace. All information is gathered here, from the 8 best stone electric fireplace recommendations and things to consider before buying one. To help you find a stone electric fireplace, likewise your demand. 

We hope you will find this write-up helpful. Let us know your thoughts. Please write to us in the comment section below. We wish you all the best with your purchase!

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