10 Best Ventless Gas Fireplace In 2024 With Buying Guide

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Last updated Mar 1, 2024
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A ventless gas fireplace is a good option in terms of efficiency and heat output. A ventless gas unit can utilize up to 99% gas. Other than that, users find the ventless option easy to use and convenient. The main cause is it doesn’t require any duct or vent option to install.  

Some of the vent-free gas fireplaces are required to recess directly into the wall. And other options can be attached to the existing mantel. Moreover, you will find options that don’t require any assembly at all. 

So which one to choose? Umm, the answer depends on which one will match your interior and expectations. The overall operational functions are the same for every ventless gas fireplace. They differ on BTUs, area of coverage, size, design, and ignition type. 

However, choosing a random one can be upsetting if that doesn’t fit your interior or give you terrible output due to over or less coverage. To get around you from this sort of unpleasant experience; we have come up with the 10 best ventless gas fireplace options. These ten selected products are ones from the best seller and with the most relevant reviews. 

For assuring you the finest quality and stable features, we have provided a buying guide on ventless gas fireplaces with this write-up. If more queries pop up in mind, you can check the FAQ section. 

So without further deliberation, let’s get the look over the review section.


10 Best Ventless Gas Fireplace Review


1. Pleasant Hearth Vent Free Stove


best ventless gas fireplace


The Pleasant Hearth ventless stove is a top-graded product. It has a precise design and efficient performance. It’s a well-built vent-free gas stove that is featured with modern technology. Altogether, this vent-free stove will make your user experience convenient and comfortable.

This intermediate gas stove is for you if you search for a well efficient product with all the latest features. This gas fireplace will also be an easy fit for minimal space. It will keep your space evenly warm during cold days.  

This vent-free fireplace is 32-inch and provides up to 30000BTUs per hour. This amount of heat can cover up to 1000 sq. ft. Additionally, you can run this gas stove on both options. For air circulation, the fireplace requires no flue or chimney. You will get an easy operational thermostat for regulating this fireplace. Using this knob, you can swiftly control the heat level. Its dual flame burner initiates even heat distribution.


Things we liked

  • Great heat efficiency and proper comfort 
  • Sleek design easily complements any interior 
  • Easy operating system 
  • Looks great in any interior
  • Great coverage for spacious living, dining lounge, and so on
  • Low maintenance 


Things you need to consider

  • Be sure your local code allows ventless gas fireplace options.


Final thoughts

Everything in this vent-free gas fireplace is ready to give you a top-notch user experience. Moreover, the specifications of this product assure you of total comfort and convenience. Also, the price is affordable for any user.


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2. Duluth Forge Vent Free Fireplace Dual Fuel with Remote Control


Duluth Forge Vent Free Fireplace Dual Fuel with Remote Control Review


The Duluth Forge vent-free fireplace insert is a premium vent-less option for your modern homes. You can conduct this dual-fuel vent-free option to get the utmost outcome with maximum convenience. Other fresh features of this product complement its overall performance. 

If you are looking for a ventless insert with good features and premium quality, then this one’s for you. You will enjoy its outstanding heat output with wide coverage and safe operating features.   

This vent-free option is carved out of high-quality material and coated with premium paint. That’s why you will start to love this product at first sight. Additionally, this ventless fireplace is compatible with both natural gas and propane. So you do not have to rely on specific fuel options. However, this dual-flame fireplace insert is capable of rendering a maximum heat output of 26000BTUs.


Things we liked

  • Premium material quality
  • Optimal heat output for proper comfort 
  • Suitable for a larger area 
  • Variable and automated ignition control 
  • Secure system 
  • Great design and outlook


Things you need to consider

  • Great product, but customer service needs to be more updated.


Final Thoughts

For good coverage with maximum output, this one is matchless. As a plus, you will get great material, the latest tech features, and easy operating specifications. So worth buying.


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3. Duluth Forge Remote Control Ventless Fireplace Insert


Duluth Forge Remote Control Ventless Fireplace Insert Review


This Duluth Forge ventless insert is an extensively efficient option for keeping a spacious area warm evenly. On this fireplace insert, you will get all the latest compatible features for a swift ventless mechanism. Additionally, necessary safety modes are pre-installed on this unit. 

This product will be a great option for people who have a wide and large space. This ventless fireplace insert will also help you to enhance the impression of your place. Also, it will allow you carefree service.  

You can get up to 32000BTUs per hour from this ventless fireplace insert. That amount of heat is optimum to cover approximately a 1500 sq. ft. area, which means enough for an entire apartment. Moreover, a piezo ignitor is installed on this insert for a smooth ignition. And this unit is remotely operable. The built-in oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) on this insert makes this option more reliable.


Things we liked

  • Widely efficient ventless option 
  • Minimal installation is required. 
  • No chimney or vent duct needed 
  • Utmost safety measure has maintained 
  • Remotely controllable ignition option


Things you need to consider

  • Please do not use it in an area with a ceiling below 6 feet.


Final thoughts

It is difficult to find such an extensively performing product at this price. This single unit is enough to cover up any spacious place. Additionally, the specific safety feature and secure system make this product more reliable for buying.


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4. ProCom Ventless Dual Fuel Stove


ProCom Ventless Dual Fuel Stove Review


As a non-assembling vent-free fireplace option, the ProCom dual fuel option can work in the best way. Its sufficient heat output will give you the desired warmth. Other specifications and functional features of this fireplace offer you a safe and convenient in-house experience. 

This ventless fireplace is for you if you search for a no assembly fireplace or have minimal space. Or you don’t want to change your indoor interior. This one is efficient and safe. 

The ProCom vent-free stove is dual fuel enabled. That means you can get up to 25000BUTs heat output using natural or propane gas. It has a dual burner performing for a prominent and bright flame. You can control this fire stove with an LCD programmable remote control. Additionally, battery-assisted Piezo ignition and ODS are also available on this vent-free unit.


Things we liked

  • Compact and space-saving design. 
  • Remote control technology enabled 
  • Large viewing wind with great visual 
  • No wall mounting or recessing is needed


Things you need to consider

  • Performance may drop at high altitudes.


Final thoughts

Users love the efficient heat output and the large viewing screen of this vent-free stove. With minimal assembly and great features, this product has made its place on the hit list. The price is also affordable.


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5. Duluth Forge FDF400T-ZC Ventless Fireplace


Duluth Forge FDF400T-ZC Ventless Fireplace Review


This Duluth Forge ventless option is a great option for a spacious area. This fireplace is well constructed and requires minimum installation. Other than that, you will get several safety features and impressive functional attributes from this ventless gas fireplace. 

This fireplace is for users who are looking for a widely performing gas fireplace with vent-free technology. This option will fulfil your other safety requirements perfectly.

The Duluth Forge 45-inch no-assembling unit is an extensively performing vent-free option. That can provide up to 32000BTUs per hour for a huge 1500 sq ft. area. As a safety feature, an oxygen depletion sensor is installed in this fireplace.

This sensor will automatically shut off the system if there is a lack of proper oxygen in the room. Moreover, thermostat ignition is also available on this option to keep the heat on a controlled level.


Things we liked

  • Best fit for rented apartments with huge space
  • The lucrative golden color finish looks great 
  • Heat efficient 
  • Contactless ignition
  • All needed safety features are included


Things you need to consider

  • Have to assemble the gas line with an expert.


Final Thoughts

Best vent-free gas option for large space. The efficient performance, massive heat output, and special sensors are featured for utmost safety. Comparing the price is the best deal to have.


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6. Duluth Forge FDF300T Ventless Gas Fireplace


Duluth Forge FDF300T Ventless Gas Fireplace Review


Another reliable ventless gas fireplace from Duluth Forge. This option has all practical features to ensure great heat output, quality service, and overall safety. It’s an easy-to-install fireplace with the most convenient operative moods. 

If you are looking for a decent Duluth Forge ventless option with moderator more coverage, then this one’s for you. It’s a ready-to-use vent-free option with impressive performance. 

This gas fireplace is a dual fuel option. You can get up to 26000BTUs per hour. And this amount of heat can cover up to 1350 sq. ft. For a moderate-sized apartment, this unit is enough. This fireplace’s ignition is secure with a battery-assisted piezo ignitor. And it has the backup safety of a pre-installed thermostat. You don’t have to recess this fireplace into the wall.


Things we liked

  • The efficient output gives cozy warmth 
  • Latest technology and classy design
  • Beautiful furniture-grade shine 
  • Safe and secure 
  • Hand-painted ceramic logs are included


Things you need to consider

  • Restricted for California and Canada.


Final thoughts

The users who are on to a reasonable ventless gas option can check this one out. Decent size, great coverage, and useful features are the strength of this vent-free gas fireplace. Affordable price is a plus for this product.


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7. Regal Flame Fargo Ventless Wall Mounted Fireplace


Regal Flame Fargo Ventless Wall Mounted Fireplace Review


The Regal Frame bio-ethanol ventless fireplace is an eye-captivating piece of art. That can provide warmth, charm, and a cozy feeling at a time. This option is thoroughly environment-friendly. Also, it is smoke or ash-free and produces comparatively near-zero pollution. 

For designer-interior enthusiasts, this one is a perfect option. If you are searching for a vent-free fireplace option to create a focal point for your tidy space, then this fireplace is for you. 

This 43-inch vent-free fire source option comes in a lucrative silver border and glass shield. The design attribute spontaneously changes the vibe of a space. For an 850 sq. ft. room, this fireplace can deliver up to 12000BTUs per hour. As the unit runs on ethanol, you don’t need to worry about smoke, ash, or any mess. This fuel performance makes this vent-free fireplace a low-maintenance option.


Things we liked

  • Modest warmth for small space
  • Perfect for rented apartment 
  • Easy and quick assembling process
  • No gas line, electricity, wood is required 
  • Create a catchy center point


Things you need to consider

  • In an extremely cold place or large area, you can depend only on this fireplace heat output. 
  • Only pour the fuel when the fireplace is not in service and completely cooled down.


Final Thoughts

The heat output of this one is comparatively lesser than other options. But it’s a fabulous fireplace for a small and cozy place. The affordable price and tempting outlook make it a great minimal option for anyone and any home.


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8. Regal Flame Indoor Venice Built-in Recessed Fireplace


Regal Flame Indoor Venice Built-in Recessed Fireplace Review


A minimalistic, sturdy, and nifty option of a built-in fireplace from Regal flame. This fireplace will make your place look classy. And simply will create a relaxing ambiance around your loved ones. It runs on a clean fuel option, so your indoor environment will remain fresh and breathable. 

If you are looking for a small, sleek, and affordable fireplace for your small place, then check out this one today. This vent-free and smokeless option can give your place an interesting outlook instantly. 

This one is a 32-inch vent-free fireplace option made of stainless steel. It requires ethanol as fire fuel to produce a modest amount of heat of around 6000BTUs per hour. Ethanol is a biofuel, produces a non-significant amount of smoke, ash, or any other by-products. So it keeps the indoor atmosphere entirely clean. the precise design and perfect finishing of this product fit it in any interior


Things we liked

  • Smart and sorted design
  • Convenient and easy user interface
  • Need moderate amount of fuel 
  • Change the vibe of a small place instantly
  • Necessary tools like dampers are included


Things you need to consider

  • Not recommended for large areas.
  • Only pour the fuel when the fireplace is not in service and completely cooled down.


Final Thoughts

Perfect minimalistic ventless option for buying. People with rented apartments and a modest amount of space should check this one out for sure. The budget for this product is plausible.


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9. Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Vent Free Insert


Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Vent Free Insert Review


This Duluth Forge dual fuel ventless insert option can win your heart with a traditional look and effective performance. Also, the sorted design and in-built features make this option reliable for users. You can use this fireplace with your full comfort and convenience. 

This ventless fireplace insert is perfect for you if you are fond of traditional design. This one will help you to get warmth, comfort, and view altogether.  

This vent-free fireplace insert of Duluth forge is an inbuilt t-stat option with brick accents on the inner area, which is a complete outlook of a traditional fireplace. This dual fuel ventless gas fireplace. That can be run on natural gas and propane. For controlling the flame cycles of this fireplace, there is a built-in thermostat. So you can sit back and relax the warmth without any worry.


Things we liked

  • Satisfactory performance
  • User-friendly features for a safe and convenient experience
  • Gives your place a perfect traditional look
  • Easy installation 
  • Low maintenance saves time


Things you need to consider

  • Locally restricted for residentials of California


Final thoughts

For the small area, this t-stat Duluth Forge vent-free fireplace insert works amazingly. Also, its ease of installation process makes it a perfect option for people with rented apartments.


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10. ProCom 29 Inch Vent-Free Gas Fireplace


ProCom 29 Inch Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Review


Like other ProCom technology, this ventless fireplace insert option also has the latest security features to make your experience satisfactory. Moreover, the heat output of this ventless fireplace is fuel optimizing and comforting. Also, you will find its operational process is easy and convenient.

This decent fireplace insert can be a perfect option for you if you are looking for a ventless option. This option is featured with good specifications and can deliver you great heat output.

The ProCom ventless gas fireplace is a dual fuel insert option. You can get up to 26000BTU of maximum heat output per hour using the gas option of your choice. This fireplace performs efficiently as your preferences in association with the pre-installed thermostat. For ensuring maximum safety, this ventless fireplace option has an oxygen depletion sensor. Further, the piezo ignition and beautiful black mesh screen assure a secure and safe experience.


Things we liked

  • Efficient and easeful
  • Reliable thermostat and piezo ignition for a convenient and secure experience 
  • Extensive safety features included
  • Easy installation process


Things you need to consider

  • Not for places with higher altitudes than 4500feet.


Final Thoughts

Good vent-free option with the desired features, safe, functional specifications, and sober outlook. Perfect for a medium-sized apartment. A decent deal compared to the features.


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Buying Guide for A Ventless Gas Fireplace


There is no limit to goodness. You can quest even for the slightest thing in your product before purchasing. But we have to remember nothing is flawless. So while buying anything, search for the existing key features on a particular product. 

While thinking of the best ventless gas fireplace, you need to consider these things 

  • Efficiency and Coverage
  • Ignition Type
  • Size
  • Installation
  • Maintenance and
  • Budget


1. Efficiency and Coverage 

As a ventless gas fireplace can utilize up to 99.9% of fuel and more, the output is always satisfactory. So you have to compute the BTU per hour and the measurement of the area of coverage. A spacious area like more than 1000 sq. ft. Pleasant Hearth vent free stove, Duluth Forge Remote Control Ventless Fireplace Insert, and options with similar BTUs will work the best. And if you are looking for an option for minimal space, which is less than 1000 sq. ft. or smaller, you can choose options like Regal Flame Fargo Ventless Wall Mounted Fireplace


2. Ignition Type 

For assuring the safest and secure ignition, choose a ventless gas fireplace option with a thermostat installed. Piezo ignition and other contactless ignition will be safer. 


3. Size

The size of both the fireplace and your area is a major thing to weigh while thinking of a ventless gas option. Make sure the heat output of your ventless option is not exceeding the limit of your area size. You will get various options of size as wide as 45-inch Duluth Forge FDF400T-ZC Ventless Fireplace or decent-sized insert option like Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Vent Free Insert


4. Installation 

You need to install gas lines on a specific area of your space to install or place your ventless gas fireplace. And you can’t do it yourself, so better you call a plumber. 

Except for the gas line, ventless gas fireplace insert option like the Duluth Forge Vent Free Fireplace Dual Fuel with Remote Control needs proper professional installation. You have to mount them to the wall, or you can pair them up with a mantel. On the other hand, if wall installation is not possible in your place or a rented apartment, you can go for a ventless gas unit with a no-mount or no-assembling feature. ProCom Ventless Dual Fuel Stove is the best example of this type. 


5. Maintenance

A ventless gas fireplace is low maintenance. It produces zero smoke, ash, or char, so you don’t have to clean it regularly. However, you can wipe your vent-free gas fireplace once a week. A yearly inspection by a professional is recommended. 


6. Budget 

The budget has always been a matter of concern while buying anything. Everyone wants to get the best thing out of one’s affordability. While choosing a ventless gas fireplace, check out which ones have the maximum to all key features. Then figure out which specifications match your needs. Then go for that option. Don’t push yourself merely for an expensive one. As well, don’t stop yourself from increasing your budget a little more for a good product.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are ventless gas fireplaces safe?

Ventless gas fireplaces are safe, but you have to consider a few things. A ventless gas option burns up to 99% or more. That is comparatively better than any other gas option. A ventless unit possibly consumes all the gas, and the rest tends to escape into your space. 

The amount is very insignificant even to a carbon dioxide detector. It may take a couple of hours to hit the alert. But when you are away from the fireplace or sleeping, you may miss the signal. That’s why ventless gas fireplaces are safe but not in the sleeping area. And for other spaces, you should take proper cautions and ventilation options. 


2. Do you need a gas line for a ventless gas fireplace?

Yes. You need proper gas lining to operate a ventless gas fireplace. Generally, a ventless gas fireplace has the best performing burner to burn most efficiently. You need to call your plumber and install a gas or propane line in a suitable place.


3. Can a ventless fireplace make you sick?

If you do not use your ventless option under proper surveillance, then yes. It can make you sick. The major risk of a ventless gas fireplace is carbon monoxide poisoning. As the gas is odorless and colorless, it may occupy your room without even showing any significant changes. It can silently lead you to severe health issues like nausea, headache, and e.t.c.

For avoiding such unwanted situations, always check if your ventless gas option is working well. If you feel any inconvenience, turn off your unit, make way for proper air circulation in the room, and call a professional. 


4. Is a ventless gas fireplace more efficient than a furnace?

Yes, a ventless gas fireplace is way more efficient than a furnace. The fuel efficiency, heat output, and coverage can beat any gas furnace and other options. 


5. Can you put a TV above a ventless gas fireplace?

Though it’s not recommended to place a TV upon a fireplace because excessive heat can turn out to be harmful to your electronic devices. But with proper supervision and at least 3 feet gap, you can mount a TV over a ventless gas fireplace. And don’t forget to ensure that the heat is not directly radiating in the TV direction.




The ventless gas fireplace has been popular among users for its extensive efficiency and hassle-free installation process. Its convenient features and reasonable pricing have become a comfortable choice for people from every sphere. So this winter, bring a ventless gas fireplace home from these ten topmost reviewed and user-friendly ventless gas fireplace options. Best of luck with your purchase!

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