10 Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace In 2024 Reviews And Buying Guide

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Last updated Mar 2, 2024
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Besides being the heat source on winter days, a wall-mount electric fireplace is an all-year-round source of visual enjoyment for the modern home. Among the traditional fireplaces, an electric fireplace is comparatively most efficient, environment and user friendly, easy to install, and low maintaining. Its smoke-free, gas-free, zero ash technology has started a new era of fireplace experience. 

Additionally, nowadays, we barely have space for installing a conventional fireplace properly. And if you can manage the space, you might feel disinterest over the vent or chimney issue. Because it will cost you time, energy and money. So better we switch to a wall mount electric fireplace. To bring a wall mount electric fireplace home, you need a vacant wall or some space under your TV with a working power port. 

And rest is to choose the best wall mount electric fireplace for your space. On that, we are going to help you the most. Because this write-up we have come up with is all about the 10 best performances, most reviewed, and maximum featured wall-mount electric fireplaces from the renewed and reliable brands. But before jumping on to the reviews and conclusion, we suggest you go through the buying guide to justify the worth and sort out the best product for you. 

Let’s get started.


Things to Consider Before Buying A Wall Mount Electric Fireplace


1. Size and space 

As you have to mount or recess a wall mount electric fireplace into the wall, size is a major issue here. You have to buy a fireplace whose size is symmetrical with the wall you are planning to mount the fireplace. Generally, an electric fireplace with 35-inch to 50-inch or dimensions looks better in large to small spaces.

Another thing to remember is that not every wall or corner of your house is suitable for mounting an electric fireplace. Mostly a flat wall with decent dimensions sums up the whole thing better. 

It’s a primary thing that you have to calculate in the right way. Otherwise, you might end up buying a patchy one that will make your space look awkward.


2. Heat Efficiency

Some people get surprised and ask, that ‘does an electric fireplace give off heat?’. Yes, it gives off a decent amount of heat that’s enough to warm up the surrounding area. 

While buying a wall mount electric fireplace, lookout for heater’s power consumption specifications like 750 watts, 1500 watts, or both. This specification is important for using the power most efficiently. And at this capacity, your wall mount fireplace can heat an area to 400 sq. ft, which is enough to keep your bedroom, living, or any other common zone warm and cozy.

However, the heat efficiency of an electric fireplace is more efficient than a conventional fireplace. It gives way to the cleanest and safest heat. Except for uninterrupted electric connections, you will need no other fuel like gas or wood, not any chimney, duct, or vents. 


3. Installation Method 

Comparatively wall mount electric fireplace offers the easiest installation process. You can mount it as freestanding or recess full or partially into the wall. Most of the wall mount electric fireplace will allow most of the options for installment. You can choose according to your convenience. 

If this is your first time experience with a wall mount electric fireplace or your home doesn’t have options for wall recession, we would suggest you go for the freestanding option.


4. Power Connection

Electricity is the fire fuel for a wall-mounted electric fireplace, so you have to ensure a well-working power outlet near your wall-mounted electric fireplace. For a smooth performance, your powerpoint should be capable of working with at least 120-volt electric appliances.

Many fireplace options come with direct wire systems, and others have plugs attached. If you want, you can also convert a direct wire one plugged one with the help of a plug kit.


5. Flame and Display Specification 

The flame you see in an electric fireplace is not the real one. A specially built LED screen shows the realistic flame for giving the user a traditional fireplace-like feeling. However, an electric fireplace has an extraordinary feature that no other fireplace can give you. That is the ability to give you multiple color flames with multiple add ons effects. 

While purchasing a wall mount electric fireplace, check out it has more than one flame setting so that you can enjoy the classic blue flame with orange hue with another option for not feeling monotonous. Other than that, a good option will also provide you with several display options of embedded glass or log ones to choose from. 


6. Operational Methods

Besides operating your fireplace manually, a remote control feature is a must for ultimate convenience. This feature will allow you to turn your device on or off, control, change, and adjust every other setting remotely. You will get many options with touch screen features that will be comfortable and modern.


10 Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Review


1. R.W.FLAME 36 inch Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace


R.W.FLAME 36 inch Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Review


The R.W.Flame wall-mounted electric fireplace can be the best pick for your home improvement. Besides giving you efficient heat, it will allow you to enjoy a no-hassle user experience. Multiple specifications and the display mode of this electric wall mount fireplace will make your moment vibrant and exciting.

R.W.Flame is an ETL-certified wall mount electric fireplace option. It’s 36-inch long with an 18.11-inch height and 3.89-inch slim width. You can recess it in the wall fully or partially. Or you can mount this against a flat wall. This R.W. Flame can run on two different energy optimization modes of 750W and 1500W. And on these both specifications, it can warm up a 400 sq. ft. area well.

With the remote control and touch screen feature, you will get the utmost convenience while operating this appliance. Additionally, you will get 12 different flame color options. This feature will give you the chance to take multiple tastes of visuals. You can create an ambiance depending on your mood.


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2. Touchstone 80004 Wall Mount Electric Fireplace


Touchstone 80004 Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Review


From appearance to feature, everything about this Touchstone wall mount fireplace is exclusive. You can easily install this 50-inch wall mount fireplace in the way you find convenient, whether it is recessing into a wall or simply hanging the sideline with the frame. In every way, it is going to enhance the outlook of your space.

There are also two different heat settings of high 1500W and low 750W. This specification is for controlling the temperature according to your need. The amount of heat generated from this fireplace is decent for keeping a 400 sq. ft. area warm. While installing it at a particular space, consider plugging in with at least a 110V outlet.

You can enjoy a realistic flame vibe at a no heat mode on warmer days with this fireplace. The 5 different flame settings allow you to change the atmosphere according to your mood. Besides these amazing features, you can control the whole set with a remote controller. Overall this Touchstone electric fireplace will give you all-year-round service and enjoyment.



3. Homedex 50″ Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplace Insert


Homedex 50" Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplace Insert Review


The Homedex 50-inch wall-mount electric fireplace has everything to offer you absolute warmth, comfort, and convenience. Moreover, the design accents and multiple display specifications of this electric fireplace are winning. Also, this fireplace is CSA-approved and has a cut-off safety feature.

On this Homedex electric fireplace, you will get two different heat settings of 1500W and 750W. This setting is for letting you change the heat according to your preference. However, in both settings, you can get enough heat to cover a 400 sq. ft. area. Also, you can keep your room temperature between 60F to 97F with the thermostat controlling technology.

Recessing into wall or wall-hung mounted, you can choose from these two convenient options to install this electric fireplace. All you need to plug in with a 110V outlet. Additionally, there are 9 different flame color options on 5 different intensity levels with log and crystal bed effects. Using a simple remote control option, you can avail your desired flame, display, heat, and other settings.


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4. PuraFlame Alice 50 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace


PuraFlame Alice 50 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace Review


The PuraFlame 50-inch electric fireplace is specifically made to be recessed into the wall. The black powder coat finishes on this fireplace complement its precise design. Therefore the convenient features and easy operative modes are perfect for giving you satisfactory service.

For providing you with the most realistic experience, 4 different flame settings have been added on this fireplace. And the whole display setting is built with the latest ultra-high intensity LED technology. Moreover, a log set and crystal beads for decorating the ember bed of this PuraFlame electric fireplace. With the 13 colors LED lighting option every day, there will be something new to experience.

You can operate this fireplace unit using the included remote. Additionally, this fireplace has a dedicated touch screen panel for power on/off, flame, heater, and fuel bed settings. This PuraFlame recessing electric fireplace can provide you high (1500W) and low (750W) heat output with 400 sq. ft. of area coverage. For safe use, plugin or hardwire this unit with a 110V power outlet.


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5. Xbeauty 36″ Electric Fireplace in-Wall Recessed


Xbeauty 36" Electric Fireplace in-Wall Recessed Review


This wall mounted electric fireplace from Xbeuaty is perfect to compliment your home with a great enhancement. Its compact 36-inch size and simple yet stiff construction with lucrative design can change the outlook of an ordinary household into an impressive one. Moreover, the decent heat output and other extensive features of this fireplace is value worthy.

You can install this wall mount fireplace on your home in both ways of recession and hanging. Plug it in a 120v outlet to get up to 5100BTUs heat output on two different specifications of 1500W and 750W. This heat outcome is enough to keep a 400 sq. ft. area toasty and comfy on winter days.

Besides warm output, you can get more from this wall mount fireplace. Its 12 color flame display will be a center of attraction at your place, whether it’s living, dining lounge, library, or bedroom. Remote control and an exclusive touch screen option are available on this fireplace to ensure a more comfortable experience. However, it’s an ETL-certified electronic device, so be extra sure and relax while using this wall mount fireplace.


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6. Antarctic Star 50 Inch Electric Fireplace in-Wall Recessed


6 Antarctic Star 50 Inch Electric Fireplace in Wall Recessed


For a modern household, this Antarctic Star electric fireplace is a perfect option. The exclusive build material of this fireplace is crystal. This construction gives this 50-inch in-wall recessed fireplace an eye-captivating outlook. Also, the features and user specifications of this product are super simple and convenient.

You can set up this Antarctic electric fireplace at your convenience. It can be recessed, semi-recessed, or hung on the wall. In every way, it will elevate the outlook of your place. Here you will have 12 color flame beds and 12 different flame color options. Change the color as you want. The realistic flame and crystal clear LED display will give you view and enjoyment more than just a fireplace.

This electric wall mount fireplace can run on two specific heat specifications of 1500W and 750W. A pretty wide area of 400 sq. ft. will easily come under this fireplace coverage. This feature will also allow you to save energy and minimize the bill. You will get a remote controller and touch screen panel to operate this fireplace with full convenience and comfort.


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7. Antarctic Star 36 Inch Electric Fireplace in-Wall Recessed


Antarctic Star 36 Inch Electric Fireplace in-Wall Recessed Review


The Antarctic Star 36-inch wall mount electric fireplace can give you a year-round ambiance with its wide range of effect variations. You can enjoy the 12 different flame colors with 12 different LED flame beds. The fireplace is ETL certified to assure its user safe service. Additionally, it’s a pet and kids-friendly electric fireplace.

For installing this fireplace, you don’t have to stress about any particular method. You can recess, semi-recessed, and wall mount this fireplace in a favorable place at your house. If you notice the structural design of this fireplace, you will notice a double air inlet with a single air outlet at the upper front. This specification particularly helps the effective heat flow and warm-up of a place within a short time.

Yet this Antarctic Star fireplace is 36-inch there is no drawback in the heat output. You will get the primary heater settings with 1500W and 750W. And the output is enough to warm up a basic space of relaxation, working, or living (up to 400 sq. ft.). For a convenient experience, you will get both a touch panel and remote control to adjust the temperature, timer, flame color, and so on.


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8. XtremepowerUS Allure Wall Mount Smokeless Electric Fireplace


XtremepowerUS Allure Wall Mount Smokeless Electric Fireplace Review


The 50-inch Allure wall-mount electric fireplace from XtremepowerUS is to give your home a grand change. It will be a reliable source of heat output for your relaxation place. Moreover, its extensive features are dedicated to serving you convenience and comfort. The fireplace is certified, so you need not worry about safety.

With two different heat settings, you can control the heat flow from high 1500W to low 750W. Between this range, you can set the temperature at 62F to 82F. That means you have full control over the heat output of this XtremepowerUS fireplace. However, the electric fireplace can cover a 400 sq. ft. area. All you have to do is connect it with a 120V power outlet.

On the LED display of this electric fireplace, you can enjoy a realistic flame with 3 different color effects. With heat or without heat, this feature is amazing to create a special vibe anytime. Including the color setting, you can operate other important settings using the remote control and touch panel. Also, the fireplace offers you flexibility in the installation process. Along with recessed into the wall, you can mount this on the wall without any recession.


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9. BOSSIN 60 inch Recessed Electric Fireplace


BOSSIN 60 inch Recessed Electric Fireplace Review


For the wide wall of your big fat home, the 60-inch hefty Bossin electric fireplace is the perfect match. The impressive design of the black frame body with tempered glass and front air outlet made this fireplace look elegant and perfect for a contemporary home. Along with several features, this Bossin electric fireplace is UL and ETL certified.

You can enjoy the all-year-round vibe with this electric fireplace. The fireplace has extensive display specifications to enjoy 12 independent color flames with or without heat visually. There are also 5 flame speeds and 5 individual flame brightness levels. For making it more realistic, you will get crystal glass stone free of cost.

This Bossin electric fireplace is fully remote-controlled. You will also get a touch control panel on the lower part of the front screen. The heater on this fireplace can run on two different modes of high and low, respectively 1500W and 750W. You can optimize the heat according to the weather demand. And heat output is enough for a 400 sq. ft zone.


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10. U-MAX 50″ Recessed Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Insert


U-MAX 50" Recessed Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Insert Review


The U-Max 50-inch wall-mount electric fireplace is ultimately a show stopper. If you come to the design, you will love the metal body frame incorporated with tempered glass. Apart from the basic feature of a regular fireplace, the display specification of this U-Max electric fireplace offers you all-year fireplace vibes even on warmer days.

This fireplace is featured with the latest LED display technology. What offers you real-like flame in 9 different colors without heat. Using the remote control, you can change the flame color, speed, and intensity. However, other important settings, for example, the power on/off, heat flow, temperature control, and timer, are also accessible with this remote. There is also a touch panel for these settings.

With the inbuilt thermostat on this electric wall mount fireplace, you can set the room temperature from 60F to 92F. The heater of this electric fireplace is enough for a space up to 400 sq. ft. For more convenience, there are two heat settings with high 1500W and low 750W. That means you can run your fireplace in an energy-saving mode when needed.


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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do wall-mounted electric fireplaces put out heat?

Yes, wall-mounted electric fireplaces put off a decent amount of heat to cover a small to medium-sized room. More specifically, 400 to 450 sq. ft. However, the amount of heat is not reliable as the only source of heat. But it is sufficient for living space, relaxation zone, bedroom or small libraries and office space. 


2. How much will an electric fireplace raise my electric bill?

The answer to this question depends on the national average kWh (kiloWatt per hour) rate. For example, if the kWh rate is 12 cents, then a 1500W electric fireplace on maximum setting will cost more or less than 18 cents per hour. Per day $2.50 on average of 12-16 hours. 


3. Does a wall mount electric fireplaces look fake?

Not really. The flame and ember bed you look at on an electric fireplace is not real. This thing is a sustainable LED technology that creates an inflamed look on an electric fireplace display. But that doesn’t make the fireplace look fake or unreal. To some extent, it is better than conventional fireplaces. Because here you can enjoy the warmth and flame without experiencing any smoke, chars, or by-products like gas or ashes. 


4. How far off the floor should I mount an electric fireplace?

It is recommended to mount an electric fireplace at eye level while you are in a sitting position. At least 40 to 42-inch high from the ground. That is required for enjoying the visuals of an electric fireplace from a comfortable position. 


5. Do wall mount electric fireplaces need to be vented?

Nope, no ventilation is needed for a wall mount electric fireplace. If you count the advantages of an electric fireplace, the first thing is that it doesn’t produce any smoke, gas, ash, or chars, so it doesn’t require any vents or chimney. You can mount an electric fireplace anywhere in your place with a suitable power connection. 


6. Can you leave a wall mount electric fireplace on all night?

Yes, you can leave your wall mount electric fireplace on overnight. As electric fireplaces are free of fumes, chars, or any toxic gases, you can keep them on as long as you want. But it is recommended to turn it off when you are away. It will save energy and also some extra bucks from the bill.




Wall mount electric fireplaces will be the new favorite for their effective performance, sustainable energy use, smart operative feature, and ultimate simple interface. In this write-up, we have tried to summarize the basics of the 10 best wall-mount electric fireplaces from different popular brands. We hope it will be helpful for you to select the best one for your optimum comfort and convenience. Best of luck with your purchase! Keep exploring!

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