5 Steps to Clean A Stone Fireplace

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Last updated Mar 2, 2024
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The holidays are a time to enjoy the company of friends and family, but it is also a time when your fireplace can become a significant source of dirt and sawdust.

Living in the city makes getting down on your hands and knees to clean out your fireplace an even more daunting task, but there are several do-it-yourself tips that you could try to keep the encrustations from piling up this winter.

Many people think it is difficult to clean a stone fireplace, but this is not the case if you know the proper techniques. 

This article will provide information and tips about cleaning a stone fireplace. It will include one of the most popular methods for cleaning the interior and exterior of a fireplace, as well as what materials you need.


What Type of Stone will Need to be Cleaned?


There are many types of stones used in fireplaces. Some of them can quickly get dirty or discolored over time due to exposure to smoke and soot.

Others may have been exposed to moisture which causes rusting. Some of these stones include marble, granite, and cement. 

One of the most popular natural stones is quartz. Quartz is a stone that comes from many different types of rocks.

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Tools Needed for Cleaning A Stone Fireplace


If you want to get the most out of your fireplace, you need to clean it. Considering all the grime and debris that builds up over time, this can be a chore. The worst part is figuring out what tools you might need for cleaning stone in a fireplace. There are several things you will need:


Tools Needed for Cleaning A Stone Fireplace


Mop and bucket You’ll probably already own this if you’re using an outdoor grill or fire pit. If not, they usually sell them at hardware stores. They come with handles on one side and a sponge-like material.

Metal scrubbing brush These brushes have long bristles, making removing stubborn dirt between stones easier. When removing ash, it’s also essential to use these because ashes tend to stick to metal surfaces.

Scouring pad Scrubbers are great, but they don’t always work very well if you’re trying to polish or buff your stone. You need something softer than sandpaper. The best scour pads are made of soft rubber.

Soap This can be anything that works well as soap (i.e., dish detergent). I prefer liquid hand soaps for their ability to get into crevices.

A towel A clean cloth is good enough, but some people like to keep towels around just in case something gets stuck.

Tissues If the surface has a lot of dust on it and you want to remove it without scratching the stone, tissues will do the trick. Just make sure not to rub too hard!


Steps for Cleaning A Stone Fireplace


If you don’t want to spend your money on services or if you want some good old-fashioned elbow grease, try these steps for cleaning your stone fireplace: 

Step 1 : Make sure the fireplace is unlit – This may seem obvious, but we sometimes forget about this step. Ensure that no flames are burning inside the fireplace before starting any work. You can also use an electric fan to blow out all the smoke from the chimney.

Step 2 : Sweep ash from the hearth into a bucket to dispose of later – Sweep away all the ashes and sweep them up in a dustpan. If it’s been raining heavily outside, be careful when sweeping because water could get trapped under the stones. It might also help to have someone else hold the broom while you clean so they won’t accidentally knock over anything.

Step 3 : Spray the hearth with an all-purpose cleaner and scrub with a small brush, using circular motions – Spray some all-purpose cleaning solution on your hearth and then wipe down with a soft cloth or sponge. Use a toothbrush if necessary for stubborn stains. Be sure not to leave streaks behind!

Step 4 : Rinse well with water – After rinsing out any remaining dirt from the fireplace, rinse again with clear running tap water until no more soap is visible.

Step 5 : Dry the hearth with a towel or rag before it gets too wet, then use a fan – If there’s still moisture left in the hearth after drying off, blow air through it with a handheld blower (or even better, get yourself one of these). This will help dry up any lingering dampness that may be present.


Precautions You Should Take before Cleaning Stone Fireplace


  1. Wear goggles
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up dust
  3. Wear gloves
  4. Protect your eyes and mouth with respiratory protection
  5. Wear an apron or work clothes

In conclusion, you should take all necessary precautions before you clean your fireplace. Your heater and fireplace can be big sources of air quality and safety issues in the home. From 2014 to 2015, over 230 deaths from house fires were caused by combustible items such as rugs, upholstered furniture, and bedding. The odor is a warning sign for toxic gases that could be an issue.

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