How To Whitewash Brick Fireplace (5 Steps)

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Last updated Feb 10, 2024
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A brick fireplace is a classic addition to any home, but it can become stained and outdated over time. Whitewashing a brick fireplace is a simple way to give it a fresh look without having to replace the entire structure. 

So now you may want to know how to do it. There are two or three different methods of whitewashing. All are simple, and you will need very regular equipment. 

In this write-up, we will share how to whitewash brick fireplaces differently. Let’s get started. 

How to Whitewash Brick Fireplace 

The whitewashing brick fireplace is an old yet popular method of revamping your fireplace look. It gives the brick structure a translucent finish. This finish enhances the overall outlook of your space. Nevertheless, whitewash protects your brick fireplace from discolouration and damage.

Tools and Materials

Step 1: Surface Preparation

Before starting the main process, a routine check-up to find any crack or breakage. If you find any cracks or crevices on the surface, they should be filled in with caulk or putty.

Step 2: Cleaning the brick 

The first step is to clean the fireplace with a vacuum and then use a broom to remove any dust or debris. Then gather the necessary supplies: a bucket, a hose, a scrub brush, and a cleaning solution.

Next, you will want to wet the brick with water from the hose. Then, you can add some of the cleaning solutions to the bucket. Dip the brush into the bucket and start scrubbing the brick. Be sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies. Rinse off the brick with water when you are finished scrubbing it.

Step 3: Protect the work area

The next step is to protect the work area. Cover the floor with a tarp or plastic sheeting to prevent spills from staining the floor. Also, use masking tape to protect the liner from being whitewashed.

Step 4: Preparing the whitewash

Whitewash is a mixture of water and white paint. You can buy whitewash pre-made or make your own by mixing one part white paint with four parts water. The consistency should be runny and not so thick.

Step 5: Applying the whitewash 

Take the brush and dip it into the prepared whitewash. You can use a bucket with wire attached in the middle to remove excess paint without making it a mess. Then hand a dumping cloth or towel and start to whitewash the bricks. Soak the excess paint with a cloth or towel. And let it dry completely. Then enjoy the final result.

Can you whitewash a painted brick fireplace?

You will be happy knowing that you can whitewash a painted brick fireplace. The process is simple as well as lucrative for pre-painted brick fireplaces. 

Tools and materials

  • Soft Bristle Brush
  • Damp Cloth
  • Masking tape
  • Paint 
  • A plate for holding paint
  • Sponge 

Step 1: Surface Preparation

For painted brick, you will need minimal surface preparation. As the bricks are already painted, there are fewer possibilities of having cracks or broken parts because they are already covered. You must take a soft bristle brush and wipe off the fireplace surface to remove dust and dirt. 

Step 2: Protect the work area

This step is the same as the previous whitewash technique. Take a big plastic sheet or old damp cloth. Spread it on the floor around the brick surface. Then seal the fireplace insert or enclosure liner with the masking tape. 

Step 3: Preparing the whitewash

For painted brick, you must choose a darker shade color for whitewash. If you don’t find a proper shade, you make it by yourself. Just add a little bit of black paint with the color to make it dark. 

Step 4: Applying the whitewash

Take the sponge and cut it into the size and shape of your fireplace’s bricks. Soak it on paint and dampen the excess paint. You don’t need the paint running. Try a few strokes on the damp cloth or any paper. Here you go to get started on your bricks. Place the sponge adjusting the corner of any two sides, then mildly press it over the brick. Cover up the whole surface one by one. The process is fun and not as time-consuming as it seems. However, you can call a helping hand if you want.

The Wrap Up 

Whitewash is an effective technique to protect the brick from weather, temperature, dirt, and dust for a long time. The method also greatly helps to enhance the looks of your old brick fireplace or boring painted look. So to get the looks and benefit, nothing can go better with bricks than a whitewash. We hope this write-up will help you know how to whitewash a brick fireplace the easiest way. Please share your experience and comment if you have other whitewashing ideas.

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