11 Interesting Facts About Fireplace

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Last updated May 24, 2024
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Do you want to know some interesting facts about the fireplace?

We can tell you that you will be astonished after knowing some fantastic facts about the fireplace. You may not be aware of them. You may not hear some fascinating fireplace history, which is why we are here to inform you to give you some pleasure with actual fireplace facts.

Let’s know them.


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Interesting Facts



1. Maybe you are using your fireplace regularly. But do you know why some fires don’t cause smoke? Because the high productivity stoves burn the smoke and gases in the firebox, the warm air rises and warms the chimney creating the draft.

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2. Do you have any idea how much heat a chimney fire can produce? A chimney fire can reach almost 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Isn’t it surprising?


3. Are you thinking of throwing away your wood-burner fireplace? Wait a second. Sometimes a wood-burning fireplace is considered useless, but it can become an amazing heat producer with a new fireplace insert.


4. Do you ever wonder why modern fireplace has led lighting? It helps to control the atmosphere and brighten up the firebox, and it comes with a remote control.


5. Do you know why gas fireplaces need a little or no cleaning at all?  They do not produce ash as the wood-burning fireplaces do. Besides, you do not need an extra servant to keep it clean.


6. Do you know how you can minimize your high heating cost? Stoves and fireplace help to combat high heating costs. You can minimize heating costs by turning down the central thermostat and zone heating the areas where you spend most of your time with an energy-efficient stove or fireplace. Few homeowners can lower the heating costs by 20% to 40%. [source: HPBA]


7. Do you know how you can add a fireplace to your home without any chimney? No fireplace in your home? Don’t worry. You can add one to your existing home – with no chimney construction required. It is possible by direct vent technology, with the help of a dual-chambered single pipe that runs through the side of the house to the outdoors, it becomes easy to expel the byproducts produced by the fire’s byproducts. For this, no expensive chimney construction is required.


8. How can you turn your ineffective fireplace into a heating powerhouse? You can turn your ineffective fireplace into a heating powerhouse just by an insert.


9. How can you control the heat? Many stoves and fireplaces can be thermostatically controlled. You can decide how much heat you want and can change it according to your need. Some gas fireplaces even allow you to control the height of the flame. Besides, they also have LED lighting in the embers, which can be turned on or off when needed.


10. Did you ever imagine you can control your fireplace with a remote? Yes, you heard it right. Many modern fireplaces are designed with remote control.


11. Specific heating zone ability helps to reduce your fuel bill. It only heats a particular space while using not less, not more.






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