10 Best Ash Vacuum to Buy in 2024 – Reviews with Guide

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Last updated Mar 2, 2024
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An ash vacuum is a compulsory equipment if you have a wood-burning fire pit, fireplace, or any other fire stoves. Especially fire devices that run on woods or alternative wood substances.

Already you know how intricate the cleaning process is. And how tiering the removal of ash from these fire sources can be because ash is too fine particles to clean in ordinary ways. It will come even after you wipe it out many times. It also tends to travel easily. That can go into your nose, eyes, and mouth. 

So, you need a specially made device for cleaning ash, which is an ash vacuum. Not only cleaning, but it will also ensure your fire safety. Also, you can get an enormous outcome out of the collected ashes. If you don’t have any idea about what to do with your ashes, check this article on the uses of wood ash now.

Now you will think which one to choose from the thousands of options? Which one will be a value for money? To make it easy for you, we have come with this write-up. In this article, we have reviewed the 10 best ash vacuums that you can buy. All of the products are well efficient, strongly constructed, convenient to use, and affordable. 

Let’s jump on to the main discussion for a detailed review. Also, don’t miss the buying guide part to pick up the best deal like a pro.


10 Best Ash Vacuum in 2024


1. PowerSmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum


Best Ash Vacuum Reviews


The ash vacuum from PowerSmith is a life saver product. That will free you from all the hassles of cleaning your leftover ash and relics. This vacuum is well built and lightweight. Also included with all modern features. That will be an unparalleled helping hand for you. 

If you are tired of cleaning ash from your fireplace, stove, griller, or fire pit, then the solution is here. This ash vacuum is for you. It will keep your fireplace and fire pit clean. And will keep you free from extra daily chores. 

This ash vacuum is featured with a powerful 10 Amp motor, which can clean all sorts of hot and cool ash. This cleaning process is quiet and wholesome. It won’t cost you any effort to clean. Moreover, it will clean all cloggy and clingy ashes thoroughly. 

This ash vacuum is constructed of a heat-resistant metal hose and metal canister. It has a heat-sensing auto shut-off system. That ensures the safety of your product. Include useful extensions like metal nozzle, wheeled base, turbo nozzle, filter, and so on. Moreover, it weighs only 13lbs. A lightweight accessory, perfect for daily use.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • This ash vacuum is exclusively designed to clean your fireplace, wood stove, and other fire sources. 
  • You can clean both cool and warm ash with this vacuum. 
  • You will get additional tools with this vacuum that will make your cleaning process easy. 
  • The maintenance process of this vacuum is convenient. 
  • You can wash and replace its fire-resistant filter. 
  • Has wheels on the bottom for easy moving.


Things you need to consider

  • There is a 10Amp motor used on this ash vacuum. So it would help if you remembered this while using. An inappropriate power connection can hamper your product.


Final Verdict

This ash vacuum has a powerful motor. It has a super cleaning capacity. You can use this for various cleaning purposes with its additional accessories. The price of this useful product is also affordable, all over the best one to have. 


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2. ASHJ201 Ash Vacuum


ASHJ201 Ash Vacuum review


The ash vacuum from Snow Joe is a powerful tool for cleaning. Your daily struggle to clean your fire pit and fireplace ash will end with this ash vacuum. This vacuum has multiple features. Its user interface is simple. It would be easy to use for you. 

If you are looking for an ash vacuum with easy and simple features. That will be powerful. That will clear all your fire accessories mess. You can check this Snow Joe vacuum. 

This ash vacuum is powered by a 4Amp motor that can produce up to 500W of suction power. It can clean up to 8 gallons of ash at once. This vacuum has an 8.5-feet cord that will clean up your daily mess from a fire pit, fireplace, or wood stoves. This one is constructed with a dust cartridge filter. This filter is protected with a pre-filter for an extra clean, dust-free finish. 


Things you are going to enjoy

  • You can clean your wood stoves, pellet stove, fire pits, and fireplace with this ash vacuum. 
  • This ash vacuum filter is self-resistant to clogging. That makes it easy to clean. 
  • You will have dual filtration with this vacuum. 
  • The ash vacuum looks excellent and easy to operate. 
  • It can store an extended amount of ash on its metal canister.


Things you need to consider

  • You can’t clean warm ash with this.


Final Verdict 

This ash vacuum has an extensive cleaning capacity. It is protected with dual filtration and has other important features. Its price is also pocket-friendly. So easing your daily hustling for cleaning, this one is an excellent product to have.


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3. BACOENG 5.3-Gallon Ash Vacuum Cleaner


BACOENG 5.3-Gallon Ash Vacuum Cleaner review


The Bacoeng ash vacuum is the best solution for all dry vacuum and indoor cleaning. You can have this one to keep your fire accessories free from ash and your house clean from the mess. This vacuum is powerful. It has other valuable safety features and complementary accessories. That will make your job more flexible. 

Are you looking for an ash vacuum? Why don’t you have this Bacoeng vacuum for multiple uses? It will help you to clean ash perfectly. Also, it will give you more options to clean your floor, carpet, and so on. 

Using this ash vacuum, you can clean your fire pit, fireplace, and woodstove ash within a minute. This vacuum has a 10Amp motor that can swipe off 5.3-gallon ash or dust at a time. This motor is protected with over-heating resistance. So that you do not have to worry about any safety issues. You will get assorted nozzle attachments, like cervix nozzle, upholstery nozzle, and other applications for a smooth, neat, and clean indoor.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • This ash vacuum can be used for multiple cleaning purposes. 
  • The motor can restrain overheating issues. That ensures your proper safety.
  • Suitable for indoor cleaning. 
  • Includes valuable accessories you may need. 
  • It has a filling level indicator that makes your experience tidier. 
  • Has a double-stage filter system to make your breathing clean.


Things you need to consider

  • The outer filter of this ash vacuum gets blocked in a short time. Otherwise, it is an efficient product.


Final Verdict

This ash vacuum is a great product. It is well-built, has substantial inputs, and comes with a lot of valuable accessories. That all makes your cleaning more easy and quick. Also, the price of this product is impressively affordable. Best vacuum to buy.


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4. Vacmaster – Ash Vacuum


Vacmaster - Ash Vacuum review


The Vacmaster ash vacuum is a powerful vacuum with extensive worthy features. This ash vacuum will help you keep your fire stove, BBQ grill stove, fire pit, and fireplace ash-free. This vacuum has other convenient features to ensure a comfortable experience. 

This ash vacuum is for you if you want a vacuum with low sound with efficient output. Also, this one is constructed with modern features and an easy portability option. 

The Vacmaster vacuum is powered with an 8 Amp well efficient motor. This motor can create up to 960-watt suction power enough to clean up to 6-gallon ash, dust, and dirt at once. You can clean every fire source with it. All of this cleaning will be in an ultra-quiet mood. Last but not least, this ash vacuum has casters on the wheelbase that allow you swift-moving and storage. 


Things you are going to enjoy

  • You can clean your ashes soundlessly with this vacuum. 
  • This vacuum can clean both warm and cool ashes. 
  • It has wheels on the base for accessible ports and tidy storage. 
  • The vacuum has a led light that enhances visibility. 
  • It has cord storage for more organized storage.


Things you need to consider

  • This ash vacuum has a slight overheating issue. 
  • The hosepipe may lose fit in some cases.


Final Verdict

This ash vacuum from Vacmaster is an efficient product with the most delicate clean finish. It is compatible with both warm and cold ash. Has user-friendly features. Also, this one comes at a budget price. 


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5. Cordless Ash Vacuum 


Cordless Ash Vacuum review


The KIMO ash vacuum is a cordless technology. That will make your experience of using an ash vacuum more convenient. It is much more portable. That can be taken to right beside the fireplace, to the outdoor arrangement, and anywhere. However, this vacuum is well constructed and durable. You can use it for years without any worry. 

If you are not a fan of a corded vacuum, this one’s for you. It will allow you to clean your fire sources, home, floor, furniture, and carpets without thinking about the power source. 

KIMO ash vacuum runs on a 29V KIMO pro battery. This battery ensures you at least 1000 life cycles. For being cordless, this vacuum can be ported to anywhere, even on travel. This vacuum also comes with a sofa nozzle, flat mouth nozzle, hard floor nozzle. These accessories help in the smooth cleaning process for each different place.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Cordless cleaning to everywhere. 
  • Strong 10000PA suction power with a 3.5-gallon capacity. 
  • The vacuum is only 5.31lbs. too light to use. 
  • You easily wash and keep the pleated filter clean. 
  • You will get a 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery with a one-hour fast charger. 
  • Also, you will get four wheels on the bottom for effortless moving.


Things you need to consider

  • You will have to cool off your fire pit or fireplace ash completely. At least to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This vacuum is not compatible with hot ash.


Final Verdict

This ash vacuum is an ideal one to use for places with no access to power sources. This one is also compatible with outdoor uses. With a long-lasting battery, multiple-using features, this one can be the best pick for you. 


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6. Cougar+ Ash Vacuum


Cougar+ Ash Vacuum review


The Cougar+ vacuum is an extensively proper ash vacuum with multiple features. You can clean any fire source with it. This ash vacuum powerful. Additionally, this one comes with long-lasting accessories. The user manual and specification are concise and convenient for its users. 

Are you looking for an ash vacuum for your fire pit or fireplace? Then you can check out this product. This ash vacuum has a helpful feature, an easy and reliable filtration system that will help you with cleaning. 

This ash vacuum is compatible with both warm and cold ash. It is a metal-built vacuum with solid resistance to fire. The ash vacuum will convey the extensive option of cleaning your fire pits, fireplaces, wood or pellet stoves, outdoor oven, bbq stoves, etc. The motor used in this device has 124 cubic feet of suction power per minute. A complete tool kit of 10 different piece fireplace tools included with this ash vacuum.  


Things you are going to enjoy

  • You can clean both warm and cold ash with it. 
  • An effective filter system that will help you to clear even the finest particles. 
  • The filter is cleanable without opening up the vacuum. 
  • You can use it to clean every fire source. 
  • This ash vacuum comes with a wide range of accessories and a drawstring bag for transportation. 


Things you need to consider

  • The vacuum can clog a bit frequently. Consider this over its good performance.


Final Verdict

This ash vacuum is an ideal one for cleaning the ash in the most effective way possible. It does work well. Offers you multiple features at a reasonable price. You can count on it. 


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7. Porter-CableAsh Vac


Porter-CableAsh Vac review


The ash vacuum from Porter-Cable is the perfect vacuum for you. It will help you to keep your fire source and surroundings clean and ash-free. This ash vacuum is portable. It has multiple user-friendly features. 

This ash vacuum is for you if you are looking for a simple ash vacuum. It is designed with a convenient user interface. This vacuum is designed to carry and conduct efficiently.

This ash vacuum is an 8.16lbs lightweight vacuum. It is powered by 4 peak horsepower. It is specially made for picking up ashes from fire pits, fireplaces, bonfire pits, wood or pellet stoves, bbq ovens, etc. you can easily port this vacuum with its single and strong flip-up handle on top. It’s a dual-filtered vacuum. You can quickly turn it on/off with a sizeable water-resistant switch.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • This ash vacuum is very lightweight for carrying and storage.
  • You can clean up to 4 gallons of ash at a time. 
  • It’s a dual filter vacuum that assures you the most satisfactory cleaning. 
  • You will get an easily removable metal hose.
  • This ash vacuum is low maintenance. 


Things you need to consider

  • You can’t clean hot or warm ash with this ash vacuum.


Final Verdict

This ash vacuum is a built product that comes with favorable features, which are helpful to make your fire sources ash-free. This one is portable and has a sturdy construction. You can add up this one to your choice list.


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8. Pellethead Ash Vacuum Pro for Fireplaces


Pellethead Ash Vacuum Pro for Fireplaces review


The Pellethead pro ash vacuum is powerful. You can use this for multiple purposes. This one able to clean up ash without making too much noise. This ash vacuum has an extensive storage capacity. Its construction is also impressive. Overall it will give an excellent experience. And durable service. 

If you are searching for an ash vacuum with a powerful motor, this one is best for you. However, this ash vacuum has other helpful features. Also, it is perfect for heavy users. 

This ash vacuum is constructed with a 10Amp motor. That can clean up to more than 5 gallons of ash at once. It did its work without making an unbearable sound (only 78 decibels). This feature adds a point up with this product. Not only ashes, but you can also clean up your floor, carpet, and others with it. All the accessories needed come with this product.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • This ash vacuum is an all-purpose vacuum. 
  • It has a powerful motor for long-lasting uses.
  • Compatible for both warm and cold ash.
  • You can clean its heat resistant filter easily 
  • It works quietly 
  • It has a large storage capacity. 
  • You will get a brush nozzle, fine ash nozzle, specified fireplace nozzle with it.


Things you need to consider

  • The motor gets hot shortly after use. Considering it’s a normal phenomenon, this is a good product.


Final Verdict

The benefits and performance of this product are excellent. It is a comprehensive product that gives its a service to remember. The price is also pocket-friendly, so it is the best product to have.


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9. Cuisinart Multi-Head Ash Vacuum


Cuisinart Multi-Head Ash Vacuum review


The multi-head ash vacuum from Cuisinart is a great product to clean your fire sources thoroughly. This ash vacuum is powerful and efficient. You can enjoy your leisure more because this vacuum will ease up your effort and save your time. This vacuum has impressive capacity. Also, this one is convenient to use. 

If you want to have an ash vacuum specially made to clean up pellets and other grillers, this ash vacuum is for you. Other than that, this one is also suitable for cleaning any other fire sources. 

This ash vacuum is a well-built vacuum associated with the power of a 5.3Amp motor. This one comes with a 3.3-foot long suction hose that helps you to reach and clean every corner. It is constructed with a dual filtration system and has a good capacity, 4.8 gallons. Also has a full indicator that makes cleaning more convenient.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • The motor used in this vacuum is heatproof.
  • This ash vacuum has a long cord to reach critical corner easily
  • You can use this one for any fire source. 
  • The filter is covered with two stages. It is easy to remove, empty and clean. 
  • The vacuum has a fill indicator when the canister is filled.


Things you need to consider

  • You can’t clean warm ash with this vacuum.


Final Verdict

The ash vacuum is an efficient vacuum with multiple features. It has a convenient user interface, good storage, and a strong battery. The price of this vacuum is impressively reasonable. 


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10. WORKSHOP Ash Vacuum Cleaner


10. WORKSHOP Ash Vacuum Cleaner review


This well-constructed and lightweight ash vacuum can easily be your ultimate helping hand. It is good to go with cleaning ashes from any fire sources. For example, fireplaces, fire pits, wood, and pellet stoves, etc. This vacuum has other essential features to make your experience better and more convenient.

If you are thinking of having a lightweight ash vacuum, you can check this out. This Workshop ash vacuum is also a strongly built product with an easy user interface and extensive features. 

The ash vacuum durable gauge steel made vacuum. It has a 3.0peak horsepower motor. Powerful motor that has 69.9 suction strength. This ash vacuum weighs only 13 pounds. You can clean every fire source with its 3 feet long hose. The vacuum’s filter is protected with a metal mesh cage and coated with non-stick material. You will also get different accessories with this ash vacuum. 


Things you are going to enjoy

  • The vacuum has an extensive capacity, 5 gallons. 
  • Quick and compatible with cold ash. 
  • It has led light on its hose for a better view inside the stoves. 
  • The filter is protected and clogged-proof. 
  • Has a large carry handle and wheels on the bottom for convenient transportation and moving.


Things you need to consider

  • The vacuum is only for dry use. Incompatible for wet use.


Final Verdict

The Workplace vacuum cleaner is a quality product with good features, additional accessories, and a reasonable price. Perfect for cleaning up dry and cool ashes. And other indoor dry cleanings.


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Check These Things Before Buying An Ash Vacuum


1. Power Source

The main strength of an ash vacuum is its motor. This motor’s power is specified as Amp or Horsepower. The power source of some ash vacuum can be a high-performance battery. Before selecting the ash vacuum, check out their power source strength and quality. 5 Amp to 10 Amp motors are good in performance and have the powerful suction ability. If the power unit is in PHP, then go for 3 to 5php. 


2. Filtration System 

Ashes are not like ordinary dust. Since ash is fine and cloggy, your vacuum needs to have a particular dual filtration system. That will sort out the ashes double time. And refrain them from coming back from the storage canister. Yet, the filtration system has to be heat resistant. And the cleaning process also should be convenient and easy.


3. Storing Capacity

Storing capacity is another crucial thing to consider before having an ash vacuum. If the storing option is too low, you have to interrupt your cleaning process too often. That can be frustrating and tiresome. So, choose an ash vacuum with a good storage capacity. At least 3 gallons. 


4. Sound 

Sound can be a massive issue when you are working within your household. Usually, a vacuum is used to create noise while you drive them. A little noise is bearable, but if the decibels are too high, you need to think of an alternative. Try to select an ash vacuum with low to no audible noise.


5. Weight 

You may have to carry the ash vacuum often to your fire pit, wood stoves, so it needs to be lightweight and easy to carry. Watch out for your ash vacuum’s weight before purchasing. 


6. Multiple Uses 

Try to choose an ash vacuum that allows you to clean other indoor spaces than only ashes. That can save both your money and time. You don’t have to maintain two different devices. Using multiply is an advanced criterion, but counting it as a considerable specification will benefit you.


7. Price 

Price is always a crucial thing to consider before buying anything. Ash vacuum is an affordable product if you consider its usefulness. In online stores, you will get a wide variety of products with different price ranges. But remember, don’t consider a pricey product as the best one. You can get quality at a reasonable price. So before buying, explore and compare thoroughly to get the best deal.


Frequently Asked Question


1. What is an ash vacuum cleaner?

Ash vacuum cleaners are a dedicated product for cleaning your ash from your fireplaces and fire pit. It can clean both warm and cool ashes (check your product specifications). This ash vacuum also comes with an extensive option of cleaning other indoor spaces with it. 


2. Are ash vacuums any good?

Ash vacuums are the perfect product for keeping your fireplace, fire pit, and other stoves clean. You can clean your fire source at the lowest effort and fastest time. They are different from the regular vacuum. Ash vacuum constructed heat proof material, heat proof hose, storage container, etc. The filtration system of the ash vacuum is also dedicated to clean the finest particles of ash.


3. Can you use a regular vacuum as an ash vacuum?

The answer is no. You can’t use a regular vacuum made of plastic to vacuum ashes from a fireplace or other fire pit sources because the ash from the fire source can stay hot for a long time. Even after cooling down, it can still be warm underneath. 

On the other hand, plastic is not compatible with heat. So vacuuming hot or ash can melt your plastic device. Moreover, ashes are different from usual dust and dirt. They are so fine that they can hastily enter and hamper your typical vacuum motor.  




Ash vacuum is a comprehensive product if you want to maintain your fireplaces and fire pits. Ash vacuum will keep your ash sorted and your fire source and home clean. It is also necessary for the safety and longevity of your fire source. 

We hope this exclusive review and overall discussion on ash vacuum will help you choose the best product. If we miss anything, then let us know in the comment section. All the best for your purchase. Stay safe! Happy firing!

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