11 Best Fire Pit Grate In 2024 (Reviews with Buying Guide)

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Last updated Mar 2, 2024
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If you are here to get a fire grate before preparing for the next outdoor cooking arrangement or looking for the grate to make your fire pit more functional, you have clicked on the right place.

A fire grate is an advantageous tool to keep your fire pit clean. It makes your firewood uplifted and organized on the fire pit and burns the firewoods more evenly and efficiently. Other than holding woods clean and feasible on your fire pit, you can also cook on a grate and be the talk of the evening.

Cooking on a fire pit grate has been more of a ritual than just cooking. If you ever tasted meat prepared on a grill grate, you know how juicy, flavourful, and tender it can be. You also can’t forget the freshly roasted veggies and fruits and for sure the toasted bread, marshmallows on the live wood fire. 

This article will get to know about 11 exclusive and different fire pit grates that are broadly reviewed and accepted by users. In addition, we have an extended buying guide section for enhancing your knowledge more about your product. Also, you will get to know what other people frequently ask about a fire pit grate. 

So without any further due, let’s jump on to the review section.

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Best Fire Pit Grate (Reviews)


1. Weber 7435 Cooking Grate


Best Fire Pit Grate Reviews


Weber cooking grate is a perfect companion for your round fire pit whenever you want to cook something on it. This grate is sturdy and handy to use so that you will get a smooth long-term experience.   

If you want to get a round-shaped grate for your fire pit that has to be structured firmly. Also that will allow you a hassle-free cooking experience and easy cleaning ways, then this one’s for you.

This grate is made of plated steel that certifies its durability. It is 21.5-inch in diameter and fits perfectly for a Weber 22.5-inch cooking bowl and other fire pit and kettle that size accordingly. It has 25 crossbars which are for facilitating suitable space for cooking and makes the cleaning easy. Angled handles on both sides help with easy hold and grip.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • This fire pit grate is sturdy and can hold an impressive amount of weight. 
  • You can enjoy freshly grilled food anywhere you want to, cause this one is pretty portable. 
  • This grate has multiple crossbars that hold up the food on adequate even heat exposure, which is also helpful for effortless cleaning. 
  • This grate is compatible with high heat exposure.
  • If you put this cooking grate on a wood-burning fire pit surface, it can perform like a wood grate.


Things you need to consider

  • It has nickel on the plating, so try not to put your food directly on it. You can use aluminum foil. 


Final verdict

Sturdy and firmly made fire grate from a famous brand is all you are looking for? Then this Weber grate is the one. It will make cooking in a fire pit more accessible and enjoyable. Also comes in a handy budget, so worth having.


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2. Amazon Basics Portable Campfire Grill


Amazon Basics Portable Campfire Grill Reviews


The Basic portable grate from Amazon is a perfect fit for your campfire days. This robustly structured fire pit grate is extensively weight carryable. It is also exclusively featured for easy portability to give you a convenient user experience. 

If you want to have an exclusive fire pit grate for regular camping purposes. That will help you to enjoy your homely meals on your camp days. Then carrying this fire pit grate with you will make your trip more comfy and memorable. 

This grate is made of heavy-duty stainless steel. That is suitable for rough use and can endure low maintenance. It is a 36-inch long extra large grate. It is 18-inch wide and 9-inch high. This weighs around 6 pounds that can hold four rib steaks at a time. Its angled stand is perfect for standing stably, and also the stands are foldable. That feature makes this one easy to port and store compactly. 


Things you are going to enjoy

  • This fire pit grate is an exclusive fit for an open fire that you can customize according to your needs.
  • This grate is convenient to use, clean, and store. 
  • You can take this foldable grate along with you on trips and track easily. 


Things you need to consider

  • The grate is not food grated, so you have to use utensils for cooking food.


Final verdict

This Amazon basic fire pit grate is an exceptional choice for an open fire, like campfires. So this one is already a perfect fit for campers. Also, its exclusive features and sturdy construction at such a reasonable price make this one fit on the hit list.


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3. Texsport Heavy Duty Over Fire Camp Grill


 Texsport Heavy Duty Over Fire Camp Grill Reviews


Texsport fire grill is a robust framed grill that will serve you for years. Its design and dimension are ready to go with your open-fire occasion. This fire pit convenient feature will make your outdoor cooking experience easy, enjoyable, and more comfortable. 

If you are searching for the best fire pit grill for outdoor uses that have to be constructed firmly. Also you don’t want to spend much time on its cleaning and maintenance. Then you can check on this open fire grill. 

This fire pit grill is made of heavy-duty steel, high in quality. That guarantees its longevity with no rust and corrosion. This 9-inch high grill is 16-inch long and 12-inch wide. In an outdoor situation, you will get plenty of space to cook enough food at a time. Also, it can hold a good amount of weight. Its stands are foldable that allow you compact storing and easy carrying facilities, especially during traveling.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Your outdoor cooking will be more organized and mess-free with this fire grill.
  • This open fire grill is perfect for ease cooking problems during camping and travel days.
  • This fire pit grill can be turned out into an integrated size that enables its quick storing feature. 
  • You will have to put a little effort into cleaning and maintaining this fire pit grill. 


Things you need to consider

  • The coat on the outer surface of this fire pit tends to put off on early uses. Try not to cook food directly on it.


Final verdict

This extensively firm and durable over-fire camp grill from Texsport is a complete package of high-quality material, space, and foldable features. That will fuse your outdoor cooking problem and will fit perfectly on your budget.


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4. Texsport Outdoor Camping Rotisserie Grill and Spit


Texsport Outdoor Camping Rotisserie Grill and Spit Reviews


This rotisserie grill from Texsport is a complete solution to all your outdoor cooking needs. This rotisserie grill and spit are constructed with sturdy material that will give you extensive service, and its multiple features will add another dimension to your outdoor grilling and cooking. 

Are you a foodie? Do you want to enjoy your weekend evening with several appetizing, grilled, and sizzling foods? Then this rotisserie grill and spit is the best match for you. 

The Texsport outdoor grill and spit is a 24-inch long and 16-inch dimensional rotisserie and grill. It is made of rugged welded steel. As a result, it will not rust or be damaged by heat. This griller comes with options for rotisserie, a swingable sidearm for holding potted food, and initially, the wide grill grate to cook plenty of sizzlers together. 


Things you are going to enjoy

  • The camp grill and spit are user-friendly and easy to set up. 
  • Its rotisserie is movable to enable slow-roasted flavor on foods. 
  • You can use the side arms to hold your kettle and other pots to keep the food inside warm. 
  • You can adjust the height of the grill and rotisserie easily by using your thumbs.


Things you need to consider

  • This rotisserie grill may wobble a little; you will need to give extra support on the stands. 


Final verdict

This exclusively featured Texsport rotisserie grill is an all-in-one package. It can assist you with all outdoor cooking needs. A perfect grill, rotisserie, and grate at an excellent price make it a tempting option.  


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5. Onlyfire X-Marks Fire Pit Grill Cooking Grate


Onlyfire X-Marks Fire Pit Grill Cooking Grate Review


Onlyfire x-marks fire pit grill is an exclusive product that you will love to use. This fire grill is made with high-quality material, spacious, and easy to use, so you’re going to enjoy your outdoor cooking experience like never before. 

Whoever likes extraordinary products with a simple outlook, this fire pit grate is for them. Also if you want to make your summer evening or winter bbq parties more convenient and functional you can have this one.

This fire pit grate is a sturdy steel construction that is designed distinctively functional but straightforward and efficient. It requires no assembling. You will get plenty of space on a 30-inch round dimensional surface. Its handles are strong and won’t get hot quickly. This a simple x-cross design that you can simply clean with a brush after use. Also you can use this as a fire pit trap and fire glass holder.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • The bars of this fire pit grill leave x-marks on your roasted item that make your foods look more appetizing. 
  • You can use your Dutch oven over this grate. 
  • This fire grate is a ready-for-service product. No time and handwork needed.
  • It is a facile structure easy to clean and keep maintained.


Things you need to consider

  • This fire grate tends to wrap out if put on extreme heat exposure directly. Try to maintain a minimum distance from flames.


Final verdict

The Onlyfire x-marks fire pit cooking grate is a minimally designed fire pit grate with elaborated features and benefits. Its functional attributes and efficiency make this a great deal on the budget.


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6. Onlyfire Round Fire Pit Grate


Onlyfire Round Fire Pit Grate Review


Onlyfire round grate is strongly constructed with durable material that will serve you for a long time with impressive endurance. Moreover, its facile user interface and ordinary outlook is a thing you can call super convenient! 

If you are looking for an efficient wood grate with a simple outlook. That will be perfect for your in-built fire pit. Also will help you with outdoor cooking needs. Then this fire pit grate is the basic one you need. 

This 22-inch round fire pit grate is a sturdy steel-build product coated with durable and high heat resistant paint. It is designed simply with four transitory legs. Its extended space between the bars that function as air circulators for an efficient burn. Solid half-inch thick steel bars assure you hefty weight-bearing capacity without any ruck and ruffle. You can easily set and remove this without consuming any time, not even a minute.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Perfect amour for enhancing your built-in and stand-alone fire pit’s efficiency. 
  • You can set it 3-inch off the ground using its four removable legs.
  • Adequate blank spaces between each bar make stirring airflow that will burn your firewoods well. 
  • You can use it both ways; as a wood grate and as a cooking grate.


Things you need to consider

  • This fire pit grate is not appropriate for placing foods directly on it. However, you can enjoy the pan and potted foods on it.  


Final verdict

A simple yet performing round fire pit grate from Onlyfire. Provides you efficient utilization of fire fuels like wood and other wood alternatives. Also eligible for use in cooking purposes. Best product on a budget!


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7. Stanbroil Heavy Duty Fire Pit Cooking Grill Grates


Stanbroil Heavy Duty Fire Pit Cooking Grill Grates Review


The Stanbroil heavy-duty cooking grill grate is a broad, user-friendly grate that you can use conveniently without any specification. It is durable and a well-performing grate for multiple aspects. 

If you are searching for a fire pit grate for burning your wood efficiently and will make your outdoor cooking time organized and more fun, then this fire pit grate is for you. 

The dimension of this fire grate is 36-inch which is perfect for any hefty size round fire pit. But still it is lightweight, only 11lbs. This fire grate does not require any setup; it is a ready-to-use grate. It has two solid handles on the sides that help with easy carry and moving. This fire pit grate is a simply designed fire pit grate that can serve you for wood burning and cooking outdoors.  


Things you are going to enjoy

  • This grate can be used as a large wood grate that can hold a large amount of wood. 
  • It is also usable for big arrangements of outdoor cook. You can prepare a large amount of food at a time.
  • Its x-bars are desirable for giving your food perfect grilled Xmarks. 


Things you need to consider

  • The coating on the top of this bar tends to peel off. Don’t put foodstuff directly and keep it in proper maintenance while not in use.


Final verdict

This Stanbroil cooking grill grate is an efficiently performing product for your woods and cooking needs. Also, this product comes at a get-at-able price. So you can count this on your wishlist.


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8. Sunnydaze Foldable Fire Pit Cooking Grill Grate


Sunnydaze Foldable Fire Pit Cooking Grill Grate Review


Durable, foldable, and multifunctioning all goes 100% right for this fire pit cooking grill grate from Sunnydaze. You can enjoy its service for a long time with its conventional features and easy-maintain criteria. 

Are you looking for a fire pit grate with a large dimension and foldable feature? Then this one can be an excellent option for you to attain your demands with solid build-up and sustainable longevity. 

This fire pit grate is a 36-inch sturdy steel construction that has an exclusive chrome-plated finish on it. It is food-safe so that you can put your food directly on it. This grate is hinged in the middle that enables the option of folding this grate as per need.

You can use it for the wood grate, open fire, BBQ, grilling, and other outdoor cooking occasions. This fire pit grate is crafted with solid steel. You can place up to 30lbs weight on this 6lbs fire pit cooking grill. Also, you can clean with a simple brush-off. 


Things you are going to enjoy

  • On this fire pit grill, you can cook for your big gatherings at an open fire party. 
  • You can intensify the fire and flame on your BBQ with the foldable feature. 
  • You can adjust this fire grate fitting according to your needs. 
  • The spacious bars of this grate are easily cleanable.
  • Last but not least, this fire pit grate is sturdy enough to hold your dutch oven.


Things you need to consider

  • The gaps between the steel bars are a bit extended, be careful with your small foodstuffs like hot dogs, asparagus, etc.


Final verdict

This Sunnydaze fire pit grate is the fittest choice for all people who love functional tools that help to keep their tasks well organized. This grate helps with nifty cooking, serves special needs, and fits in the pocket. Good product to have. 


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9. Sunnydaze X-Marks Fire Pit Cooking Grill Grate


Sunnydaze X-Marks Fire Pit Cooking Grill Grate Review


The Sunnydaze x-marks cooking grate is a giant size grill grate for your backyard fire pit. This sturdy fire pit grill grate will draw your guest’s attention to your BBQ party. Its spacious surface and functional attributes will ease your outdoor cooking arrangements.

Are you thinking of an expanded square fire grate? That will be sturdy in construction and easy user interface, but can’t match yet? Then this plus-size fire pit is exclusively for you. 

Sunnydaze cooking grill grate is a 40-inch square massive fire pit grate. It is a heavy-duty Q235 steel-made construction that weighs 15 pounds. It is coated with a high-temperature black paint finish that makes this hefty grill grate lucrative. You can swiftly move this 1-inch thick fire pit grate with its up-lifted handle. You can cook up to 25lbs worth of food at a time. This diamond-x-mark designed surface allows you to use it as a mesh screen.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Plenty of space for arranging cooking for large gatherings. 
  • Lightweight (15lbs) and compact design to carry and store. 
  • Diamond x-marks surface of this grate leaves classic grilled imprints on foods.
  • You can clean the surface of this grate effortlessly with a brush. 


Things you need to consider

  • This grate tends to warp a little bit.


Final verdict

This extensive Sunnydaze x-marks cooking grill grate is a perfect grill grate for any of your massive open fires. Arrange large gatherings and lavish outdoor cooking arrangements with this pocket-friendly fire pit grate. 


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10. TITAN GREAT OUTDOORS Grill Cooking Grate


TITAN GREAT OUTDOORS Grill Cooking Grate Review


The Titan Great Outdoors cooking grate is an absolute option for your open-fire cooking arrangements. Its durable construction assures you of longtime service. In addition, its extraordinary features and functional specification makes it an ultimate accessory for your every outdoor feast. 

If you think of having a fire pit grate and a griddle. And have them together with a whole kit package. Then this sturdy, strong, and functional fire pit grate is able to reach your every outdoor cooking need.

This cooking grate is a two-storeyed package of a grate (24-inch) and a griddle (18-inch). This whole solid steel structure is supported with a 1-inch thick and firm 60-inch long steel stake. You can cook on these in two different and beneficial ways. The height of this grate and griddle are adjustable. And you can also slide them over the pole. It’s 5-inch spiral handle hardly gets hot. You can touch and hold the grate and griddle with your bare hand.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • You can enjoy open fire cooking with a grate and griddle.
  • Enjoy cooking hot dogs, chicken, sausages, BBQ, fish, vegetables, and steak on the grate. 
  • For the egg omelet, pancake, and toasting the buns, use the skillet. Do not forget to season the pan well. 
  • The griddle tray traps the heat that helps you to keep your food warm for hours. 


Things you need to consider

  • The pole can snap off after several uses. Considering this as a normal phenomenon, take care of it. 


Final verdict

This grate and griddle set from Titan Great Outdoors is a fabulous multi-functional product. It is easy to use and has extensive benefits of cooking on it. However, it fits in a swift budget.


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11. Walden Fire Pit Grate Round


Walden Fire Pit Grate Round Review


This Walden round fire pit grate is an extensively sturdy product that will give you long-lasting service. It is a perfect companion for your firewoods. Also an excellent product for keeping your fire pit time clean and organized. 

If you are looking for a grate for your fire pit. That will give you strong support with an efficient output, then you can have a look at this fire pit grate. 

This grate is a 29.5-inch round grate constructed with high carbon hardened steel that is exclusively stronger (45%) than any other steel. This fire grate will keep your firewoods 4.5-inch off of the ground. In addition, it initiates airflow for a clean and smokeless burn. This one also helps to keep all ash and relics easily removable and manageable.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Will keep your firewoods higher off the ground.
  • Using this grate will give smoke-free warmth and a perfect cozy ambiance. 
  • It keeps your fire pit clean and costs less effort for you to clean it. 


Things you need to consider

  • This grate is not an appropriate option for vast outdoor cooking. However, you can put large size steaks and foiled food staff for a thorough roasting.


Final verdict 

The Walden round fire pit grate is a great and pocket-friendly option for pampering your firewood while burning. To keep them high on flame, to burn them efficiently and entirely. Also suitable for basic outdoor cooking. 


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Factors to Consider While Choosing a Good Fire Pit Grate


1. Material 

The material of a fire pit grate should be something that has extreme endurance to the direct exposure of fire. It can be heavy-duty steel, cast iron, carbon hardened steel, stainless, and other high heat resistant material. Whatever the material is coating with high-temperature paint on top always will grab an extra point. 


2. Durability

Although durability depends on the material, it is also affected by the duration of confronting direct heat exposure, holding loads of wood logs, or foodstuff. So choose the material on top coating wisely. And after purchasing, clean your grate after every fire ignition, store it in a safe place when not in use.


3. Size 

It rationally depends on the size of your fire pit if you only think about a wood grate. If you are into an open fire arrangement, then try to pick a primary size from 15-inch to 40-inch or more, totally up to you. On the other hand, if you go to a campfire often, you can choose an easy to carry and transport size. Or, if you are a sociable and foodie person, you may go for a large grate that allows you plenty of space for cooking a huge feast. 


4. Design and options 

Design and options are dependent on the purpose of why you are getting a fire pit grate. Simple design grates are widely used as wood grates, and people may use them for cooking purposes once in a while. More functional design and grill options griddle with grate for those who love to cook and try new dishes on open fire now and then. 


5. Cost 

Considering a fire pit grate’s usefulness, it’s an inexpensive and budget-friendly product. You can choose from a wide variety of options. The price starts from less than 25$. 


Frequently Asked Question


1. Does a fire pit need a grate?

If you want to burn your firewood with utmost output, causing no waste, no smoke, and no mess, then yes, your fire pit needs a grate. It will keep your wood off of the ground. It will help you keep your wood organized and facilitate more oxygen for a super clean and effective burn. Fortunately, fire pit grates also unleash ways of cooking on the open fire.


2. How do you clean fire pit cooking grates?

Use lukewarm soapy water to clean your grate after cooking on it each time. Follow this steps

  • Primarily clean it with a dry cloth. 
  • Then mix dishwashing soap onto a bowl of mildly warm water. 
  • Use a scrubber and give it a gentle rub. 
  • Rinse with water and soak any excess water with a dry cotton cloth.


3. How long do grates last?

It depends on the way you are maintaining your grate. However, the fire pit grate requires less maintenance. Regular cleaning and storing with the appropriate care can make your fire pit grate last longer. Figure on the material a fire pit grate can last up to 10 to 15 years.


4. How do you restore a rusted fire pit grate?

A solution of vinegar and salt will help you retrieve your rusted fire pit grate’s old zeal. Take two cups of vinegar and one cup of salt in a large bowl. Set your rusted grate overnight on that solution. The following day put that out and wipe out any rust residue with a heavy towel.  




Reaching this point, we bet you have become a fire pit grate specialist by now. You have 11 top-of-quality and functional fire pit grates. You know their best features and drawbacks. Also, you know what things you should keep in mind before getting a fire grate according to your needs. We hope nothing can stop you now from getting the best fire pit grate! Please comment below, how helpful this article was. If you have missed anything, let us know that too. Take care! Happy firing!

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