The 5 Best Fireplace Blowers of 2024

Harry Hubbard

Last updated Mar 2, 2024
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A fireplace blower is a simple solution to all kinds of problems related to fireplaces’ output and efficiency. Traditional wood-burning and gas fireplaces have a vital connection with airflow and heat conduction.

Lack of proper air conditioning may cause improper heat distribution from your fireplace despite working efficiently. With a fireplace blower, you can easily overcome this situation.

It will elevate your fireplaces’ efficiency and circulate proper heat throughout your space. The blower keeps your place perfectly warm and lets you enjoy the maximum output. 

Now choosing one fireplace blower that best suits your fireplace is important. Without the proper idea of this particular accessory and low market knowledge may leave you dodging hundreds of options. 

And that’s why we’re here with the 5 best fireplace blower recommendations for your fireplace. These blowers are pocket-friendly, highly efficient, and user-friendly.

Real-time experiencers appreciate and have recommended them. All you need to do is match your fireplace model and get one in no time.

Do this selection process with our guide on buying a fireplace blower more easily. Also, check out the FAQ section for more information. 

Here we go. 


Best Fireplace Blowers Review


1. Best Overall: GFK-160A – GFK-160 Fireplace Blower Kit


GFK-160A - GFK-160 Fireplace Blower Kit


Key Features 

  • Electric Fan Design: Blower
  • Mounting Type: Floor Mount
  • Material: Metal
  • Voltage: 115V
  • Inclusion: Cord

We want to start our review series with this wonderful, new, and improved GFK-160A and GFK-160 fireplace blowers kit from MyFireplaceBlower. 

It’s a metal blower fan and is inclusive of all necessary cords, plugs, and switches. That makes this blower a convenient and best deal.  

The motor on this blower is sealed with ball bearings to execute the most power with the least amount of noise.

If you have ever bothered with high-frequency sound from any fan blowers, you will love this fireplace blower for sure.  

At the rate of CFM-165, this blower is an exact fireplace extension you need for a large space like a living room.

This floor mount model has a variable speed switch and heat sensor for efficient power and heat delivery use. 



  • Solid and durable construction. 
  • Easy installation process. 
  • One year of service warranty. 
  • Minimal noise even at high power mode.
  • Wide range of compatibility.



  • Though this fireplace blower produces negligible noise, it would be better if there was no noise.


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2. Best Features: FireplaceBlowersOnline Fireplace Blower Kit


FireplaceBlowersOnline Fireplace Blower Kit


Key Features 

  • Electric Fan Design: Blower
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Material: Metal
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Inclusion: Cord

This fireplace blower is from Racine, Michigan, a professional fireplace blower manufacturer. FireplaceBlowersOnline has marked their expertise on this product aptly. 

This fireplace blower is technically constructed to improve the airflow with minimal noise.

And the performance is perfectly executed by the premium sealed ball bearing blower fan and additional noise reduction pad

This GFK4, GFK4A fireplace blower exceptionally has rheostat for variable speed control, thermostat, and the basic blower feature.

At a 130 CFM rate, this fireplace blower easily competes with most fireplace models. 

Apart from being fully wired, this fireplace blower also features velcro mounting strips for the easiest installation possible.

All you have to do is manage enough space for wall mounting this blower. 



  • The new and improved GFK4A model can also be paired with the GFK4B. 
  • Quiet and efficient fan blower. 
  • Energy-efficient and has great temperature optimization ability. 
  • Fast responsive, and helpful customer service. 



  • Not a cons at all but you have to provide perfect installation space to get the best out of this blower.


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3. Best on Budget: Mr. KAN Fireplace Blower Fan Kit


Mr. KAN Fireplace Blower Fan Kit


Key Features 

  • Electric Fan Design: Blower
  • Mounting Type: Insert
  • Material: Metal
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Inclusion: Cord

You need to check out this Mr. KAN GFK-160 and GFK- 160A blower fan to get the most output from your Heat N Glo, Heatilator, Regency wood stove, and other gas wood-burning fireplace models.

It’s the perfect fireplace blower that can be assembled as an insert into your fireplace.

It’s an ideal choice when you don’t have plenty of additional space for blower installation. 

The fireplace blower unit comes with all additional cords, and all are pre-wired. It has a magnet thermostat. And its heat sensor has fast action and takes a little time to turn on. 

The CFM rate of this blower is 160. So you can easily switch on this blower for a larger space.

The fan blower is durable and perfectly compatible to withstand any high-temperature level



  • Perfect replacement for numerous wood and gas fireplace models. 
  • Has variable speed control. 
  • Overall decent and quiet performance.
  • Easy and simple setup fan blower that any novice can install by themselves. 



  • The fireplace blowers’ performance is average. That could be improved.


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4. Best for Premium Features: AC Infinity Universal Fireplace Blower


AC Infinity Universal Fireplace Blower


Key Features 

  • Electric Fan Design: Blower
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Inclusion: Cord

The AC infinity universal fireplace blower is probably the most sophisticated fireplace blower ever.

It’s a good option if you’re on the first step of getting a fireplace. Get it along, too, to have the best performance from this blower. 

The blower features an exceptional DC motor controlled by PWM. That is a unique and expensive technology. And efficient as well. The super quieter fan and performance say it all. 

This fireplace blower supports a digital display for all programming. It displays all specifications and allows you to change the timer, temperature, fan speed, and others. 

AC infinity blower is a durable and premium material construction of aluminum and alloy steel. With a rate of 160 CFM, it will be an inseparable addition to your fireplace. 



  • Great features comply with the latest technology. 
  • It can be wired with a regular on/off switch. 
  • Compatible with remote control. 
  • Strong fans and powerful motors work amazingly. 



  • You may find the installation of the digital programming screen a little tacky if you have your fireplace already installed. However, there are always options for basic installation. 
  • Though the fans truly perform quieter at a low level, the noise increases with fan speed.


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5. Best Construction: Hongso Fireplace Blower Kit


Hongso Fireplace Blower Kit


Key Features 

  • Electric Fan Design: Blower
  • Mounting Type: Insert
  • Material: Metal
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Inclusion: Cord

Hongso fireplace blower kit is the last recommendation of our short fireplace blower review series. But not the least one.

It’s a quality replacement on the budget for a couple of wood stove and gas fireplace models. 

It’s a standard fireplace blower with a 160 CFM rate and 120V competency.

All metal construction of this fireplace blowers’ fan center is mounted with a ball bearings motor.

The motor is a quality motor and UL listed. The fireplace blower featured a rheostat for variable speed control and a magnetic thermostat.

It’s not pre-wired, so you have to work on wiring this set up together. You can easily install this fireplace blower with your existing fireplace.

Its right-angle stand efficiently adjusts the wind direction up to a 90-degree angle. Assures you proper heat flow through your room. 



  • Widely compatible with different wood and gas fireplace models. 
  • Compared to budget, quiet and impressive performance. 
  • Safe and international standard motor. 



  • As the blower is not pre-wired, some users may find it hard to set up. However, it’s a budget solution; this inconvenience is negligible. 

For another budget recommendation, check out this Durablow Fireplace Blower Fan Kit.


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Things to Consider Before Buying A Fireplace Blower 


Compatibility of The Blower With Fireplace

Though all fireplace blowers may look the same, all of them are not for your fireplace. Depending on your fireplace’s size, fuel, mounting type, and efficiency level, you have to choose your blower.

A list of code comes with every blower showing its compatibility chart. Before having one for your fireplace, check the compatibility list. 


Blowers’ Size 

Every fireplace is unique, and there is always a certain size specification that won’t match others. So while finding accessories like a fireplace blower, you have to cross-match with your fireplace size.

Along with size, you also have to ensure that the blower is enough for your fireplace. Also make sure there’s enough space for a fireplace blower when you’re looking on to a mounting option.


Setting and Feature

Your fireplace blower should allow you several adjustable features and speed settings. These settings specifications are important to control the temperature and heat output.

They also make a difference in your electricity bill. Moreover, features on your blower like temperature adjusters, heat sensors, and controller options make the experience more convenient.


How Do You Install a Fireplace Blower? 

There is a dedicated installation process for every fireplace blower. It can be wall mounting, installed as an insert, or bottom mount. According to your fireplaces’ specifications, select your blower.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can you put a blower in a wood-burning fireplace?

Yes, you can put a blower in a wood-burning fireplace. A fireplace blower will increase your wood fireplace heat output and efficiency.

While traditional blowers are highly recommended for wood-burning fireplaces, automatic electric blowers are also efficient for wood-burning fireplaces.

All you have to do is ensure compatibility. 


Are fireplace blowers worth it?

Yes, fireplace blowers are worth it. A fireplace blower has an impactful role in fireplaces’ efficiency.

It increases the heat output with less fuel usage. Also, a fireplace blower ensures that even heat spreads around your space.

And a standard blower uses 400 watts of power on average, which is minimal and affordable. So you can already understand if a fireplace blower is worth it or not. 


How many CFM do I need for a fireplace blower?

A fireplace blower’s estimated CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) is 130 to 500 CFM. As much as CFM of a blower, this amount of air is mandatory to consume by your fireplace insert. Otherwise, the blower will not be able to work properly. 


Are fireplace blowers loud? 

Sometimes it can be loud, and sometimes not. Normally, a fireplace blower will make slight mechanical noise.

But it will turn into a matter of concern when your blower is loud and making disturbing noises. It may be because your fans are dirty or other internal issues. Call a professional for help. 


Does a fireplace blower use a lot of electricity? 

Not at all. A regular fireplace blower uses approximately 0.480KWh per day. In a month, it’s near 15KWh.

According to the average rate of 13.72 cents per kilowatt-hour, a fireplace will cost you more or less $2 per month. 


Final Words


After exploring this series of 5 best fireplace blower reviews, we hope you are now able to make up your mind about a pick. 

Get one blower today for your fireplace if you don’t have any or you’re planning to replace the old one. All of these options are updated and efficient. 

Get your fireplace a kick start with a blower. And you get the most out of your fireplace with the help of a good fireplace blower. Heat-up every inch of your space. Make it entirely cozy and toasty for great relaxation. 

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