12 Best Fireplace Screens to Keep Your Family Safe

Harry Hubbard

Last updated Mar 1, 2024
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A fireplace screen is considered a first category safety accessory for a fireplace. For getting a reliable and secure experience, you need a fireplace screen. It will block the hot embers or any other fire particles from getting inside your room. Additionally, a protective screen around your fireplace keeps your kids or pet safe from getting too close to the fire. 

However, using this screen won’t lack the appealing visuals of your fireplace. Rather it will complement the overall fireplace set up. These screens come in versatile specs. From variable design, dimensions, and purpose of serving, you can pick one screen out for your fireplace. 

To get the best fireplace screen for your fireplace, you have some basic considerations.  Regarding them can help you to select the perfect one for you. That’s why we have brought this buying guide with the 12 best fireplace screens suggestions. These options are value-worthy, known, and loved by the general user. 

So let’s find together the best screen guard for your fireplace and utmost safety. Here we start with the buying guide.


Things to Consider for Buying A Fireplace Screen 


1. Why are spark screens important? 

Spark screen in front of your fireplace is a mandatory add-on for overall safety. Keeping harmony with your fireplace and overall interior, you need to choose one that fits perfectly. Besides pacing up with the overall appearance of your home, spark screens work as a barrier between you and the fireplace cum fire. This special protective screen keeps the embers from spreading inside. It’s important to keep you and your home clean and safe. 

Moreover, spark screens for the fireplace are a must for users who have kids or pets in their homes. It will help you to restrain your pets or kids from going too close to the fire. Overall a fireplace spark screen is important to pull up a secure ambiance with clean and more enjoyable warmth. 


2. Style and Design 

The style and design of a perfect fireplace spark screen vary upon your fireplace architecture, your home’s interior, the design of your mantel, and, most importantly, your purpose. If you desire to make your fireplace look more aristocratic or contemporary, you can select the design or style with great designer finishes.

When you have kids and pets at home, you have to choose one with a sturdy design and making. An option that is firm and difficult to move. For a wood-burning fireplace where you have to reach often to put out or put off wood logs or tame your fire frequently, a spark screen with the door will be just perfect!

Other than that, if your objective is to sit back and relax, watching the flame and enjoying the cozy warm ambiance, you can go for a glass-doored spark screen.  


3. Material 

Fireplace screens are meant to block hot embers and prevent them from spitting out without blocking the view and heat. So the best material for a fireplace screen is metal. It can be cast iron, steel, iron, and any other metal with high heat resistance. However, there are many options available that are made of tempered glass.

This screen also works the same. Glass fireplace screen can completely work as a ghost screen. You can hardly feel there is a barrier in front of your fireplace. But glasses tend to capture heat so that you may have a loss of heat. However, the great thing is the amount is non-significant.


4. Safety and Maintenance 

A fireplace screen is the most effortless fireplace accessory that hardly requires any routine maintenance. Nevertheless, you can keep it as new and use it with basic care and proper storage for a long time. If your screen is made of metal, clean your fireplace screens using soft bristles brushes.

You can wipe them occasionally with mild soapy water. But never use any chemical or detergent; otherwise, your metal surface can get ruined. Always try to cover up and store in a secure place when the screen is not in use.

Take soft micro or cotton fabric for the glass fireplace screen and often wipe when using your screen. A wet wipe of soapy water will be great once or twice every week.


12 Best Fireplace Screen Reviews


1. Amagabeli 3 Panel Indoor Fireplace Screen: Best Overall


best fireplace screens


From the quality material to the finest design and perfect dimension, this three-panel Amagabeli fireplace has the best specs. This 28.9-inch high and 50-inch wide (fully expanded) is constructed with wrought iron. It can be split into three panels through two hinged panels. This tall steel fireplace screen is meshed and has rustic steel leaves as a designer accent on top. 

You can use this fireplace screen almost with all fireplace openings. This screen opens up to 50-inch wide. So you will get a wide, secure, and ember-free sight of your beautiful fireplace. In addition, the simple yet signature decor accent on this fireplace screen made this a more easy-to-go one with any home decor, interior, or fireplace setup. 

However, this Amagabeli fireplace screen is firm standing, large, and tall to keep your pet and kids away and safe from the fireplace. It’s also easy to keep clean and store.


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2. Design Specialist Ivy Design Fireplace Screen: Best Free Standing 


Design Specialist Ivy Design Fireplace Screen Review


This ivy design fireplace screen is a true statement of simplicity and efficiency. It’s a single-unit metal mesh screen with a heavy-duty metal border. The beautiful leafy detailing on its edges makes this simple screen look attractive. 

You can get three size variations on this screen. This one is the medium one that is 38-inch wide and 26-inch high. The whole structure is heavy-duty steel and coated with a durable powder coat of three different colors. Black, Dark Pewter, and Solar Bronze. So that you can choose your liking and need wise. 

The Design specialist screen is free-standing and fits accurately with the respected-sized fireplace opening. Additionally, it has two sleek handles on the upper part of the sidebar, making it easy and convenient to move frequently. Though the fireplace screen is a single unit, general users find it sturdy and well constructed.


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3. Toddleroo Extra Wide Baby Gate Fireplace Screen: Best for Safety


Toddleroo Extra Wide Baby Gate Fireplace Screen Review


This Toddleroo wide baby gate can be an ultimate safe option of fireplace screen for parents of toddlers or pet-parents. Though it’s a free-standing baby gate, you can consistently use this as a protective barrier for your fireplace. It will keep your toddler entirely safe even from getting one inch close to the fireplace. 

The baby gate cum fireplace screen is 151-inch extra wide and 30-inch tall. It’s divided into six-panels with sturdy and fixed joints. You can reshape this in multiple ways. Also, this wide baby-gate can be fixed around your fireplace, or you can let it be free-standing. 
However, it has a door, so you can also access the fireplace for tending fire. This barrier is made of wood and stained with wood color. It is also JPMA certified and entirely safe for your child.


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4. Panacea Double Bar Fireplace Screen: Best on Budget


Panacea Double Bar Fireplace Screen Review


The Panacea double bar screen for the fireplace is designed to keep your space safe, sorted, and beautiful. It’s a well-built fireplace screen made from quality materials to serve you for a long time. Moreover, comparing the quality of the price is too friendly for your pocket.

A quality steel mesh is working as a base for this screen. And the base is secured with a tubular steel bar. Alongside giving you an entire see-through vision, the screen is sturdy enough to work as a firm barrier around your fireplace. 

This screen is 29-inch high (middle panel), and its three panels expand up to 48-inch wide. On each panel’s joint, two sturdy hinges are attached to make the moving and folding easy. So you can tend the fire easily without removing the screen. Also, while storing, fold it and bring it to a comparatively compact size.


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5. Best Choice 3 Panel Fireplace Screen: Best Modern Design


Best Choice 3 Panel Fireplace Screen Review


Your modern home demands modern touch in every corner of it. So why not the fireplace screen? This Best choice three-panel screen is an exquisite piece of contemporary and elegant touch. It fits and sits perfectly with any fireplace and interior.

This three-panel fireplace screen is fully covered with iron mesh that enables a see-through feature besides blocking every bit of hot embers. On the other hand, the complete structure is strengthened with solid wrought iron, so your kids or little pets can’t move it easily. The most beautiful part of this screen is its three panels are beautifully detailed with iron scroll. 

The metal screen is 33-inch high and 55.5-inch wide in full expansion. The hinges on the joints are well welded and flexible. You can frequently move the panels while tending the fire. When the fireplace screen is not in use, you can fold and store it. Moreover, a set of handles make this fireplace screen make it more convenient to use.


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6. Amagabeli 4 Panel Gold Fireplace Screen: Best Long & Wide


Amagabeli 4 Panel Gold Fireplace Screen Review


This Amagabeli wide and tall fireplace screen is an ideal fit for homes with squeaky pets or toddlers. The structure is sturdy enough, and the design is also lucrative. All the way, this four-panel large gold Amagabeli fireplace screen is the perfect pick for any home. 

This 32-inch tall fireplace screen is 51-inch wide. It’s a full wide mesh screen made of heavy-duty steel and wrought iron with a golden accent.  The screen is completely see-through and protective against popping ember from the fireplace. 

Every single panel of this gold fireplace screen is hinged with each one. You can swiftly fold and shape these panels as per your need. Despite being that long and wide, this screen is easy to store. By folding, you can bring it to a compact size. However, it’s a quality and cost-effective option that you can also use as privacy or decorative fencing.


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7. Pleasant Hearth AT-1002 Glass Door Fireplace Screen: Best Cabinet/ Door


Pleasant Hearth AT-1002 Glass Door Fireplace Screen Review


The users searching for an option for their masonry fireplace with a door can check out this Pleasant Hearth AT-1002 fireplace screen.  This cabinet screen effortlessly fits with the fireplace enclosure and provides a nifty look around with utmost protection. 

It’s a cabinet-style fireplace screen that has two different door sections. One is an outer part, a tempered glass door, and the second is the inner mesh screen door. The screen is 33-inch high and 43.5-inch in wide. It fits well for fireplace opening with 36 to 43-inch width and

25.5 to 32.5-inch high. 

On both doors, you will have an easy-grip handle. It will help you tame your fire. Make sure you keep the glass door open while the fire is on. With an open 180 degree free door, you can enjoy a view through your fireplace. However, keep your mesh guard door close to be safe from sparks and hot embers. This fireplace screen is a perfect option as a cabinet fireplace screen but does not use this with a prefabricated fireplace.


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8. Deco 79 Peacock Fireplace Screen: Best Decorative


Deco 79 Peacock Fireplace Screen Review


This fireplace screen has an increasing demand for its colorful crafting and unique peacock shape. Design enthusiasts and cheerful people will love to have this Deco 79 fireplace screen for their fireplace. To add a festive vibe and pop of color around your fireplace, you can opt out for this one. 

Deco 79 designed this screen with peacock shape and peacock feather design. It’s neatly ornate and handcrafted with a textured black finish around each of the panels. The center panel and side panels are all 32-inch high, and this fireplace screen is 48″ wide from end to end. This dimension is well enough to block hot embers from popping inside the room.

The vibrant turquoise, violet, and golden color of the peacock on screen have a beautiful metallic texture. These colors compliment the simple mesh screen and turn it into the ultimate decor piece in your living. When the flame of your fireplace reflects on these colors, it creates a delightful vibe all around.


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9. Barton Free Standing Glass Fireplace Screen: Best Glass


Barton Free Standing Glass Fireplace Screen Review


No other fireplace screen can be so perfectly see-through as the Barton glass fireplace screen. For getting the best visual of your fireplace without compromising safety, you can opt out for this one. 

This 29-inch & 39-inch wide fire screen is made of solid tempered glass (5/16″) with a sturdy stainless steel stand. When you place this glass screen in front of your fireplace, it blocks any popping embers and every direct interaction with fire. That is important if you have kids or pets at home. However, as it’s entirely made of glass, it matches effortlessly with every fireplace and interior. 

In addition, it’s a free-standing ghost fireplace screen. You can put it together in minutes. Place the metal bracket and insert the glass. It’s all set! The craftsmanship of this glass fireplace screen is unique, yet it goes with every other fireplace, including gas and wood-burning fireplace enclosure.


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10. Deco 79 Metal Fireplace Screen: Best Curved


Deco 79 Metal Fireplace Screen Review


This beautiful Deco 79 fireplace screen is featured with a relaxing nature vibe. A tree with detailed branches and leaves is thoroughly speared on this curved fireplace screen. It’s an all-steel construction that is double layered with a condensed steel mesh. As a whole, this metal fireplace screen itself is a showpiece in your living space.

The dimension of this metal fireplace screen is 39-inch wide and 33-inch high with a 7-inch curve. It sits perfectly on the front of your fireplace and stands firmly, blocking the edges. Though it doesn’t get hot, it’s okay to touch and safe to keep your pets and child away. 

In addition, the outer layer of this curved fireplace screen is an attention snatcher. Viewers love the rustic and metal tone on its tree structure, branch, and gold leaves. This screen compliments the glazing flame in a surreal way. Besides creating a dreamy ambiance, it also blocks the popping and flying embers.


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11. Best Choice Single Panel Gold Fireplace Screen: Best Mesh


Best Choice Single Panel Gold Fireplace Screen Review


This Best Choice fireplace screen is a sleek, catchy, and effortlessly designed mesh screen for any fireplace opening. The screen is sturdy and has a durable construction. It’s a good option made with quality material and a subtle impression of elegance. 

The fireplace screen is a perfect fit for a fireplace opening that size is between 38-inch long and 27-inch high. Its tightly woven mesh is enclosed with square bars. This mesh screen holds off any embers from popping out in your space. At the same time, it remains completely see-through. The whole construction is made of steel and coated with a shiny antique gold finish. Looks simple and minimal yet attractive. 

On its top, you will have two handles to move the screen conveniently. That makes the assembly and storing easy. However, the fireplace screen weighs only 11.7lbs. Besides the convenient handles, this lightweight feature gives more flexibility on tending the fire frequently.


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12. Amagabeli Flat Fireplace Screen With Doors & Tools: Best Package


Amagabeli Flat Fireplace Screen With Doors & Tools Review


The Amagabeli fireplace screen with doors is an unparalleled option for a wood-burning fireplace. Its flat mesh guard screen and three expandable panels go with any fireplace opening, but as a package, it’s a perfect pair for a wood-burning one. 

This fireplace screen measures 31.5-inch in height, 48-inch (fully expanded) in width. The metal mesh panels of this screen are made from wrought iron and durably constructed with steel that has heat resistant black finish all over. 

Moreover, this fireplace screen offers 4 fireplace tools: poker, brush, shovel, and tongs. And these tools measure 23-inch in height. All of these fireplace tools are made of black iron with a powder-coated surface. You can use the tong and poker for kindling and tending fire. At the same time, the brush and shovel will help you to clean your fireplace.


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Frequently Asked Question 


1. How do I cover my fireplace opening?

Indeed with a fireplace screen. There is a wide range of options like a flat screen, glass, free-standing, folding, cabinet, metal mesh, and so on. Depending on your fireplace type, size, and design, you can choose a fire screen accordingly. 


2. How should a fireplace screen fit?

It’s always better to get a fireplace screen bigger than the actual opening dimension of your fireplace. It will help you to make a safe purchase without any tension of miss-fitting. You can choose one with an extra 1 to 4-inch in height and length for a flat screen. If you’re on a folding fireplace screen, then get the one that is up to 4-inch taller, 10 to 12-inch wider than your fireplace enclosure. 


3. Is a screen necessary for a fireplace?

A screen for your fireplace is a must for an ultimately safe and secure experience with your fireplace. Embers and tiny charred particles tend to pop out and spit out from your fireplace. If they continue to pop outside, these hot embers can hurt you and harm your living space accessories. Like carpet, sofas near the fireplace, or your combustible floor like a wooden one. Even sometimes, it can lead to accidental events. A fireplace screen will work as a barrier and block their path from spitting around. That will keep your space safe, secure, and as well as clean. 


4. Do you need a fireplace screen for gas logs?

It would be best if you get a fireplace screen for gas logs too. Gas logs exactly imitate the wood-burning scenario, and sometimes they spark and pop. Additionally, many gas logs are suggested to burn under a mesh or protective screen. So it’s good to go with a fireplace screen without any hesitation. 


5. Does a fireplace screen block heat?

Not really. Even a fireplace screen radiates the heat. The fireplace screen is mostly made of metal mesh screen and metal structure none of these are insulators of heat. So it’s barely possible to block heat with a fireplace screen, except for the glass. Glass absorbs heat, but the percentage is negligible.


Last Words 


Besides being a must-have safety tool, the fireplace screen is also the best accessory for a fireplace. It not only protects your space from any accidental fire starter but also makes the space look more detailed and sorted. We have discussed the considerable primary things to check out before buying a fireplace screen in this write-up. We have also enlisted the 12 best fireplace screens to keep your fireplace protected and your place safe. Every option in this list is well constructed, made of high-quality material, and acknowledged by the mass users so that you find the best deal for you.

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