The 10 Best Fireplace Tools for Your Home

Harry Hubbard

Last updated Mar 2, 2024
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Keeping your wood-burning fireplace all night up and managing the fire now and then, you will need a sturdy, long-lasting, and handy pair of fireplace tools at your hand reach. Whether you have not purchased your tools or are thinking of getting a new set this year, we appreciate your desire every term. 

That’s why we are here today, with a hotlist of the 10 best fireplace tools loved and recommended by real-time users. Before that, a short glance over the introduction of the basic tools for the fireplace with a practical buying guide would be more helpful for a better buying experience. Right ya? 

So here we start.

What Tools do You Need for a Fireplace?

Let’s have a quick introduction tour to the fireplace tools you need for your fireplace. You will find many options regarded as fireplace tools, but not all are essential. Four tools are most important and widely used as fireplace tools. You can consider them as the basics of a fireplace, which are: 

  • Tong/Log Grabber: A tong or log grabber is a fork style tool that helps to remove hot logs when you need to lower the fire or reposition it. It has a spring hinge that makes grabbing stiff and easy. This tool will also help you to add logs to the fire. 
  • Poker: Poker is something like a straight rod with a distinguishing tip and basic handle. It helps to tend to the fire and redeem the dim flames of the fireplace. Overall a poker will help you to keep your fire and fireplace on for long.
  • Shovel: Cleaning a wood-burning fireplace is never an easy deal. The main reason is the ash and leftover coal. And here, the task of a shovel starts. A shovel helps you sum up and remove the fire residue in an appropriate place like an ash bucket. Whether you’re using a brush or ash vacuum, a shovel makes the process more swift and nifty.
  • Brush: These brushes are like normal large-sized paint brushes but have a long handle for easy access to every corner of your fireplace. After removing the prominent particles of ash with a shovel, swiping off with the brush is mandatory before starting a new fire. A fireplace brush can come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Bristles made with synthetic and plastic are best. But don’t use a brush without assuring that your fireplace is completely cooled down.

A Buying Guide for Fireplace Tool

1. How long should fireplace tools be? 

The main purposes of fireplace tools serve to allow you to manage and tame the fire safely. So depending on the depth and size of your fireplace, you should select your tools. Most of the options vary from 26-inch to 30-inch or more. This length is enough for any medium to large size fireplace. However, there are also customization options available if you have an extra-large hearth. Tools that are less than 25-inch long are the ideal option for wood stoves and a small fireplace. 

2. Numbers of Tools in A Set 

A basic package of fireplace tools consists of five tools. A poker, a tong, a shovel, a brush and a stand for holding all of the tools together. Some options come with a firewood rack and tools combo. All of these basic packages are close in terms of price. You can pick according to your budget. 

However, some fireplace tools can also come as a single piece, like a long tong, grabber, or poker. Though having a single tool sometimes may not be the best deal, it’s a great way to spend bucks for one instead of a whole set if you lack any specified tool.

3. What material is best for fireplace tools?

Wrought iron, steel, and brass are notable for high heat resistance and heavy-duty tools like the fireplace ones. Yet iron and steel options are much more acceptable for a wood-burning fireplace than the brass ones. The reason is that brass is comparatively soft and lightweight. 

So the tools made of brass can damage earlier if you tend weighty wood logs with that. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, it’s suggested to go for wrought iron or solid steel construction. And for a faux fireplace usually uses coal or a wood pellet stove; the brass one will work perfectly. 

4. Finish and Durability 

As the fireplace tools have to cope with high heat exposure frequently, it’s important to coat them with a high heat-resistant painting finish. That can be black powder coating and other high quality tempered paints, especially for the tong and poker. Because these two tools work in direct heat exposure, a durable and quality finish on top of these tools ensures their longevity. If the paint wears off easily, it will become prone to rust easily. Moreover, a good finish will make the tools look high end.

5. Style and Design 

Though the style and design specification is a personal preference, there are few things to regard about the style and construction design of fireplace tools. At the same time, while purchasing, look close to the detailing of the design. For online shoppers, check out reviews; if users claim it flimsy, then it’s better to avoid. Always go for options made of solid and simple structure. The solid structure won’t wobble or give you an unexpected breakoff. A metal rod or twisted design is a popular, strong and worthier option to have.

10 Best Fireplace Tools (Review)

1. COMFYHOME Fireplace Toolset

Best Fireplace Tools Reviews

  • Tools Included: Poker, Shovel, Tong, Brush And Stand 
  • Material: Wrought Iron
  • Height: 26-inch (Tools)

The Comfyhome tools set for the fireplace is a complete solution for all fireplace accessories needed. This premium set includes a tong, poker, shovel and brush. In addition, there is a stand for all of the tools to keep them organized and easy-get-able. 

The tools are 26-inch long, enough length for tong and poker to tend the fire from a safe distance. The stand has four legs and is 31-inch long, perfectly keeping all tools lifted off the ground. This hanging height helps any unwanted scratches on tools due to friction between tools and grounds. 

Moreover, this toolset is made of heavy-duty wrought iron that is solid and durable with an addition of heat resistant iron powder that will keep the tools as new.

Best Parts 

  • Complete set of necessary accessories 
  • Easily assembling 
  • Premium and durable material 
  • High-temperature finish 
  • Aesthetic twisted design 
  • All tools are equally well-performing 
  • Affordable 

Things to Consider 

  • No significant drawbacks are found

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2. Amagabeli Fireplace Tool Set with Brass Handles

Amagabeli Fireplace Tool Set with Brass Handles Review

  • Tools Included: Stand, Tongs, Shovel, Brush & Poker
  • Material: Brass and Wrought Iron 
  • Height: 27-inch (Tools) 

An ergonomic brass handle with a solid wrought iron structure has made this toolset exclusive and unique, with a prominent touch of a rustic vibe. Apart from the build quality and looks, this Amagabeli toolset is a high seller option of fireplace brass accessories. 

All tools included in this set are 27-inch long except the brush, which is 25-inch. This length is long enough to tend to fire, grabbing logs from a safe distance. 

Additionally, the bristles on the brush are prominently high quality to keep your neat and clean swiftly. Last but not least, the highlight of this set is its solid gravity base. It is 31-inch, firm and compact. 

Best Parts

  • Solid grip designer brass handle with an orb on top
  • Modern powder-coated finish 
  • Looks rustic and appealing 
  • Long tongs, poker and shovel
  • Solid and sleek stand
  • Easy to set up
  • Quality product at an affordable price 

Things to Consider

  • Overall, construction is good, which can be better.

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3. Amagabeli Firewood Rack with Fireplace Accessories

Amagabeli Firewood Rack with Fireplace Accessories Reviews

  • Tools Included: Firewood Rack, Tongs, Poker, Shovel, Brush, & Tools Holder
  • Material: Wrought Iron 
  • Height: 29-inch (Firewood Rack)

This Amagabeli firewood rack plus toolset is an extended package of accessories for your fireplace. This log holder comes with a poker, tong, shovel and brush. At a time, you can keep your firewood starter, logs and all tools together. 

It’s a 29-inch high, 15.8-inch wide and 11.80inch deep rack. It allows you a 14-17-inch by the 11.8-inch base to keep a decent amount of firewood for a time. On both sides, you will get hooks to hang your tools securely. 

However, this 20.41lbs solid wrought iron rack is sturdy enough to hold up altogether. In addition, users have satisfaction over the durability and rustproof finishing on this. 

Best Parts

  • Complete package
  • Sturdy construction with a durable finish. 
  • Functional tools to make fire tending easier
  • Synthetic lasting bristle on the brush 
  • Plenty of storage for firewoods 
  • Four firm leg stand keeps everything 2-inch off of the ground 
  • Budget deal 
  • Prompt customer service 

Things to Consider 

  • Be careful while using the tools in extreme heat. It’s better to avoid long exposure to extreme heat

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4. Minuteman International Fireplace Tool Set

Minuteman International Fireplace Tool Set Reviews

  • Tools Included: Stand, Tongs, Shovel, Brush & Poker
  • Material: Wrought Iron
  • Height: 30-inch (Tools)

Keep your night young with the live fireplace accompanied by one of this review series’s best fireplace tool sets. Each tool will help you to tend and keep your fireplace organized subtly. 

The tools are built of quality material, which is wrought iron. In association with black powder coating, the overall structure looks more sturdy and becomes more durable.

For tending the fire of your fireplace from a safe distance, you will get a 30-inch long poker and tong on this fireplace accessories set. The brush and shovel are equally helpful in sweeping and cleaning the residue of wood burnings. Overall this toolset will improvise your fireplace using experience in every way.

Best Parts 

  • All of the tools are sturdy and well crafted
  • 30-inch long tools for tending from a safe distance
  • Durable finish with high heat resistance
  • Value worth product 
  • Assemble free toolset 

Things to Consider 

  • Comparatively expensive than similar products

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5. Uniflame Endless Summer Brass Finish Fireset

Uniflame Endless Summer Brass Finish Fireset Reviews

  • Tools Included: Stand, Poker. Log Grabber/Tong, Brush, Shovel
  • Material: Wrought iron (Brass Finish)
  • Height: 31-inch (Tools) 

Anyone will love and admire the beautiful golden brass texture of these wood-burning fireplace accessories. Additionally, the tools are long, sturdy, and handy to use. An ideal set of accessories for any fireplace and modern home.

This toolset includes a 34-inch pedestal base as a stand, a tong, a poker, a brush, and a shovel. The tools are 31-inch long, which is the desired length to compete with most large-sized fireplaces. 

On the wrought iron structure, the flawless Brass finish looks attractive. Besides that, the toolset is solid, constructed and welded well. Other than that, you don’t have to worry about the color wearing off or rusting. Make sure your tools don’t have exposure to water. 

Best Parts 

  • A perfect modern structure of wrought iron and polished brass finish. 
  • Triple plated finish for serving a long time
  • Stable and firm pedestal base 
  • Easy-grip ball handle for convenient grip
  • Impressive length (31-inch) accessories for any wood-burning fireplace 

Things to Consider 

  • It’s better to avoid using these tools for an outdoor fireplace

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6. Epica Fireplace Long Log Grabber

Epica Fireplace Long Log Grabber Reviews

  • Tools Included: Tong/Long Grabber
  • Material: Heavy-duty metal
  • Height: 26-inch 

The Epica fireplace tong is perfect for any fire, whether it’s an indoor fireplace, outdoor fireplace, a wood-burning BBQ, wood stove, or even a griller. It’s the best option for users who are searching for a single tong rather than a set. 

You can have a safe experience with this 26-inch long log grabber by tending your fire and grabbing hot logs embers from a secure distance. That also helps you rearrange flame, remove charred residue while cleaning, or set the fireplace for a new fire.

The tong is made of heavy-duty iron material. That is high heat withstanding and long-lasting despite heavy use. In addition, durable black powder coating gives the tong satisfactory anti-rusting properties to last long without any defect or corrosion.  

Best Parts

  • Long (26-inch) grabber. Perfect for grabbing hot logs and kindling.
  • Also usable as a picker for outdoor oven grills. 
  • Durable structure 
  • High-quality finish
  • Reasonable 

Things to Consider 

  • Single piece tool for special needs, not for those searching for a set of tools

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7. WBHome Fireplace Tools

WBHome Fireplace Tools Reviews

  • Tools Included: Base, Brush broom, Antique shovel, Tong, & Firepit poker 
  • Material: Wrought Iron 
  • Height: 27-inch (Tools) 

For a handy design and full black finish, you have to check out this WBHome fireplace toolset. This classic toolset makes it easy to manage your wood-burning fireplace or fire pit. Moreover, its classic design looks effortless with any fireplace exterior and home interior.  

You can tend your firewood with poker and tongs. The shovel and bristled brush will help you in cleaning your fireplace. All of the tools are 27-inch long and have comfortable ergonomic handles so that you can work around your fireplace from a safe distance.

The durable wrought iron structure is heavy-duty, heat-resistant, and new even after long-term use because the tools are coated with the latest powder coating formula. 

Best Parts

  • Simple to put together
  • long (27-inch) poker and tong to tend to fire safely. 
  • Easy-grip-handle 
  • Steady base stand (32-inch) for hanging the tools securely
  • High-quality black powder coating
  • Value worthy

Things to Consider

  • The quality of construction would be more appreciable if upgraded

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8. GameXcel Wrought Iron Fireplace Accessories

GameXcel Wrought Iron Fireplace Accessories Reviews

  • Tools Included: Stand, Tong, Poker, Shovel, & Brush
  • Material: Wrought Iron
  • Height: 26-inch (Tools)

The GameXcel fireplace tool set is another affordable option for fireplace accessories. This toolset has a basic and simple design. So if you’re not into fancy things, you are going to love to check out this one.

These five piece fireplace tools include a sturdy gravity base with a quality brush, shovel, heavy-duty tong and poker. The length of the tools is 26-inch (stand is 31-inch), which is perfect for a small to a medium fireplace. Additionally, the easy-to-grip handle design gives you a more comfortable experience. 

The simple yet sturdy craftsmanship of these fireplace accessories will impress you with an in-hand feel. The ideal black powder coating finish gives the tools endurance against heat, rust, and weather. 

Best Parts 

  • Solid design and craftsmanship 
  • Heavy-duty wrought iron structure 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Sturdy but lightweight to use 
  • Reasonable

Things to Consider

  • Some users have faced wobbling, which is unexpected

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9. Syntrific Fireplace Log Rack with Tools

Syntrific Fireplace Log Rack with Tools Reviews

  • Tools Included: Firewood Rack, Tong, Poker, Shovel, & Brush
  • Material: Heavy Duty Steel 
  • Height: 23-inch (Tools) 

The great advantage of this Syntrific fireplace accessory set is it comes along with a wood rack. That means all your tools and a handful of firewood with kindler and firestarter will be organized and in your reach in one place. 

If you look closely over the dimensions of this wood holder and toolset, you will find the 28.7-inch high and 11.8-inch wide firewood rack easily set around your fireplace without consuming too much space. The rest of the fireplace tools have sturdy hooks to hang on beside the rack. 

Among the tools, the brush and shovel are 23-inch, and tong and poker are 22.8-inch long. Not that long, but pretty decent to work with safety with a wood stove and small fireplaces. However, the whole construction is heavy-duty steel with a durable black powder coat. 

Best Parts

  • Fireplace tools and log rack all in one
  • Well built with heavy-duty steel tube
  • Powder coating on top 
  • Keep your fireplace accessories, and wood logs organized. 
  • Able to hold up to 221lbs 
  • Decent quality according to the price 

Things to Consider 

  • It may take a little more time than usual to assemble

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10. MYFIREPLACEDIRECT Fireplace Tools Set 

MYFIREPLACEDIRECT Fireplace Tools Set  Reviews

  • Tools Included: Vertical Stand, Poker, Tong, Shovel, & Brush
  • Material: Wrought Iron
  • Height: 22-inch (Tools) 

This MYFIREPLACEDIRECT fireplace tool set is our last product of this review series but not the least in any points. It’s a nice full-black finished toolset with a beautiful forest cut accent on the top of its stand. 

You will get a tong, poker, brush, and a flat shovel as a complete fireplace accessory package. These tools are perfect for any wood stove, hearth, and both indoor and outdoor fireplace. Also, the construction is made of solid wrought iron and coated with a durable anti-rust coating.

The length of the tools are approximately 22-inch (stand 32-inch); you can tend to fire, reposition logs, and others with the tong and poker. But as the length of the tools is smaller than usual, make sure you get proper safety measures. 

Best Parts

  • Attractive bear and tree design on the stand. 
  • Add-ons decorative features besides your fireplace.
  • Well-built and long-lasting finishes
  • Firm gravity base vertical stand. 
  • Has additional hooks for hanging other accessories. 
  • No assembly is required. 

Things to Consider 

  • Long versions of this set would be more appreciable. 

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Last Words

A set of fireplace tools are necessary for effectively using your fireplace simultaneously with proper ritual. Though most of the fireplace tools are equally compatible with indoor and outdoor environments, it’s better to check their material specifications and anti-rust status. In addition, choose the size of the tools according to your fireplace size for utmost compatibility. 

We hope from these 10 most bought and reviewed fireplace accessories you find the best fireplace tools for your fireplace. That will perform, look, and overall go good with your fireplace. Best of luck with your purchase! Keep exploring!

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