10 Best Rocks for Inside Your Fire Pits in 2024

Carolyn Harper

Last updated Mar 2, 2024
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It is always good to put a compatible insert on your fire pit. Mostly on gas-burning one. These inserts can be lava rock, fire glass, artificial ceramic logs, and other heat-resisting decor pieces. The insert protects your burner from direct exposure to anything and elevates the efficiency of the fire pit. Also, it increases the beauty of your fire pit 100 times. 

So looking out for rock to put inside your fire pit, you must be dodging with different information, options, and preferences. Which will be great? And which one to choose? 

Here we are with a thorough discussion of the ten best rocks for inside your fire pit. Have a look at this article for a better grip over evergreen trending rocks for your fire pit. Don’t miss the buying guide section to figure which option is better, how, and why. In addition, you will get answers to popular questions people frequently ask about rocks or fire glasses as fire pit inserts. 

Let’s start with the exciting review section.


10 Best Rocks for Inside Your Fire Pit


1. Hiland RGLASS-2-BB Fire Glass


Best Rocks for Inside Your Fire Pit


The Hiland Bahama Blend is a spectacularly colorful choice for your fire pit or fireplace decoration. These Hiland fire glasses not only look great, but they are also long-lasting and practical. This glass has extensive resistance. You will find them perfectly eligible for wide usage.

This fire glass is for you to decorate your fire pit or fireplace with the best decor piece. Other than increasing the beauty of your fire pit, this glass is going to give your fire pit burning surface protection. It will also enhance the heat reflection. 

On the Bahama blend, you will get a mixture of several colors like turquoise, aqua, cobalt blue, blue, etc. This glass is going to reflect a piece of Bahama on your fire pit as well as the light and heat. This glass is recycled and has a one-year service warranty. This single packaging comes in a 20lbs fire glass, sized 0.3-inch. It will cover your fire opening evenly, which will work as a layer of protection. Moreover, this glass is heat and weather-resistant.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • This fire glass is recycled and durable. 
  • You will have to do a little near nothing to maintain this fire glass. 
  • Does not contain any chemical, so that no soot, no ash, and no smoke. 
  • Can withstand any weather. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor use. 
  • No sharp edges, safe for holding bare hands.


Things you need to consider

  • A very few users have faced blackening issues with this glass.


Final Verdict

The best option to decor your fire pit and fireplace. This fire glass gives your fire pit a jewel-like shine at a very affordable price.


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2. Celestial Fire Glass High Luster


Celestial Fire Glass High Luster Review


The celestial fire glass insert is the touch of magic your fire pit is craving for. These glasses are finely shaped and tempered. This fire glass is extensively long-lasting and resistant to any harshness. This product’s packaging is unique, and the sale service is praise-worthy. 

If you want to give your propane or gas fire pit a modern touch, then grab this fire glass insert. It will deliver a high-luster shine with optimum reflection and even heat conduction.

This package of celestial fire glass comes in an astonishing meridian blue color which is a perfect blend of sapphire and cobalt blue. These glasses have a mirror back that gives your fire pit glazing look when inflamed. This ½ inch fire glass doesn’t come in a normal plastic bag. It comes in a firm jar that minimizes the damage caused by handling. This product also assured a lifetime warranty.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • The glass is not tumbled and has mirror backing that gives an alluring effect.
  • Well reflective and heat resistant.
  • Sustainable packaging comes in a jar.
  • Before making any purchase, you can try the real sample for free 
  • This fire glass has a lifetime warranty.


Things you need to consider

  • You may find some pieces smaller than ½ inch.


Final Verdict

The meridian blue Celestial fire glass is so beautiful that you can’t keep your eyes off your fire pit when you use this glass. Besides the look, it works efficiently and protects your burners with a lifetime warranty. Best one to have.


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3. American Fire Glass Medium Sized Black Lava Rock


American Fire Glass Medium Sized Black Lava Rock Review


The American Store lava rocks are perfectly shaped for use as an insert for any fire pits. These rocks are natural and will give your fire pit an outstanding natural look. Besides its best insert for a fire pit, this lava rock has extensive useful features.

These lava rocks are for you if you want to give your fire pit an earthly look and look for natural inserts. The rocks are genuine and full of features. 

This medium-sized ( ½ to 1 inch) lava rock from the American fire glass store is good to fit with any fire pit surface. They are real volcanic rocks. These rocks are impressively resistant to extreme heat and harsh weather. This fire pit insert will work as a natural drainage for your fire pit other than heat retention. It also gives your fire pit an intrinsic look.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Black volcanic rocks give your fire pit an unparalleled raw look. 
  • The lava rocks can be used in both indoor and outdoor propane or gas fire pits.
  • Its porous surface works as natural drainage for a fire pit. 
  • You have to put a little effort into maintaining these rocks. 
  • Besides using a fire pit insert, you can use this lava rock for plant vases, fish tanks, and guppy ponds.


Things you need to consider

  • Make sure there is zero moisture content on them. Otherwise, the rocks can explode. After receiving, consider drying the lava rocks off for double safety.


Final Verdict

To give your fire pit a look like a piece of earth itself, grab these lava rocks home today. They are greatly shaped and sized. You can make versatile use of these lava rocks. Best deal on the budget.


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4. Skyflame High Luster 10-Pound Fire Glass


Skyflame High Luster 10-Pound Fire Glass Review


The Skyflame high luster fire glass is the perfect insert you are looking for in your fire pit. This fire glass will make your fire pit a dazzling piece of a fairy tale. The glasses are quality and convenient for any level user. You will also be amazed by the versatility of this Skyflame fire glass. 

If you are fond of fire glass inserts and want to shine your flame with a glaze of bronze, then this fire glass is for you. Also, this glass insert will give you long-lasting performance and maximum heat output.

This fire glass is sized ¼ inch to ½ inch. This size is perfect for covering up any surface easily. Our package comes in aqua blue color. You will get seven more options of color. When inflamed, this super reflecting glass emits a surreal beam. This glass is heat resistant, soot, and ash-free. You can handle them swiftly. The cleaning and maintenance are also simple.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Does not emit any soot or char, and these glasses are completely smoke-free. 
  • All glasses are assorted, tempered, and almost evenly shaped. 
  • The fire glasses are low maintenance and need a simple rinse of water and vinegar. 
  • Installing is easy, instant, and convenient.


Things you need to consider

  • Some chunks of fire glass are shorter than ¼ inch.


Final Verdict

Considering the drawbacks of this fire glass, it works well as a fire pit. Comes in attractive color and also has a good life span with functional features. This fire glass can be used for various purposes.


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5. GASPRO 10 lbs Reflective Fire Glass


GASPRO 10 lbs Reflective Fire Glass Review


The Gaspro fire glass can change the look of your fire pit instantly. Its vibrant color and quality will amaze you. This glass is good to go with high temperatures. Alongside enhancing your fire pit appearance, it will also increase the efficiency of your fire pit. 

This fire glass insert is for you if you are thinking of renovating your fire pit. Also, you can use this fire pit insert to keep your burner safe from exposure. 

This Gaspro fire glass comes in a beautiful cobalt blue color. The color tone creates a cool and mesmerizing look on your fire pit. Moreover, this glass is highly tempered and has extensive endurance to any level of heat. This glass will not emit soot or ash. Also, this glass has reflective characteristics that shine like jewels and ensure an even heat reflection.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • All glasses are almost uniform in size and shape.
  • Tempered and sorted glass beads that will not pop, crack, or discolor. 
  • Keep your burner concealed and protected. 
  • This fire glass has a mirror coat on the back. Increase the acceptance of your fire pit, making it a decorative piece.


Things you need to consider

  • The packaging may have dust and shards of glasses, so handle safely. Better wash the fire glass before using it.


Final Verdict

Finely tempered and premium quality fire glass. As an insert, it will enhance the look of your fire pit. Comes in a more color variation with this soothing cobalt blue color. Also, at an affordable price. Good deal to have.


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6. Venetian Princess Lava Rocks


Venetian Princess Lava Rocks Review


These lava rocks from Venetian princess are an ideal insert for your fire pit. It comes in a perfect size that easily goes well as any fire pit insert. This high-quality lava rock will protect your fire pit. It will beautify your outdoor fire pit and surroundings. 

If you are fond of red lava rocks, then these lava rocks are for you. If you love elements with a realistic presence around you, you can use them to give your fire a natural unpolished appearance. 

The Venetian Princess red lava rocks come in 1 to ½ inch size. The size of the lava rock is perfect for putting inside a fire pit’s burner basin as this lava rock is volcanic and porous. The lava rocks are extremely heat resistant. That is also safe from crack and burst. Your fire pit and outdoor area will gain a raw and natural look.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Comes in good shape and size. 
  • the lava rocks are extremely heat resistant 
  • It will work as a natural drainage system for your fire pit. 
  • It can be used as a base layer with fire glass. It will save you money.
  • You can use this lava rock on a planter.


Things you need to consider

  • Before using lava rocks, consider drying them off entirely.


Final Verdict

This natural red lava rock is a quality product. You can use this extensively in your fire pit, outdoor yard, and patio. This Venetian lava rock is also affordable.


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7. Golden Flame Ultra Fire Glass


Golden Flame Ultra Fire Glass review


The Golden flame Ultra glass beads are the best insert for your fire pit. This glass is powerful and long-lasting. It will enhance your fire pit look on an extended level. Alongside the enhancement of your fire pit, this glass will also serve you with various useful features. 

If you are looking for an astonishing insert for your fire pit, then this fire glass is for you. It will add up zeal and shine to your fire pit. And will make your inflamed fire pit more pleasing to watch. 

These glasses are long-lasting because they are well tempered and highly heat resistant. These glass beads come in a beautiful pacific blue color. The size is ½ inch and has reflective mirror coating on the back. And this coating leveled up its outlook and efficiency. Moreover, a reflective fire glass insert also increases the even heat reflection. A fine layer of thin fire glass will completely cover up your burner. It will keep the burner concealed and safe.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Tempered and long-lasting glass beads. 
  • Have a mirror coating on the back to shine like jewels. 
  • Enhance your patio fire pit look 100 times more. 
  • Safe and easy to handle. 
  • You can clean them with a gentle wash.


Things you need to consider

  • Due to the manufacture and delivery process, some fire glass pieces may tend to break into shards.


Final Verdict

The pacific blue color of this reflective mirror glass is the most amazing thing. It will take your fire pit up to the next level. Also, these glass beads come in a wide variety of colors with a good price range.


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8. Li Decor 10 Pound Fire Glass


Li Decor 10 Pound Fire Glass Review


The Li decor fire glass has the fanciest finish that will give your gas or propane fire pit an extraordinary look. These glass beads are extremely durable. They are easy to handle and organize. Also, you will love the features of these fire glass inserts. 

This fire glass is the perfect insert for you if you love rhetorical things equally quality full. You will also be fond of this fire insert when you reveal this amber luster brown color inflamed. 

All glass beads of Li Decor fire glass are nicely tumbled and have smooth edges. These glasses are perfectly sized 1-inch and almost shape alike. The amber-brown color of this glass shines like a diamond when you ignite your fire pit. And as said before, the edges are smooth, so it is completely okay to handle the glass beads bare hand. Moreover, these will not build up any ash or soot. That will keep your ambiance clean and the fire pit mess-free.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • All glasses are evenly sized and shaped. 
  • You can make the fire pit arrangement more organized. 
  • Completely ash, soot, grease, and odor-free. 
  • These fire glasses are guaranteed with long-lasting durability
  • Comes in double-protected packaging for reduced handling loss.


Things you need to consider

  • The fire glass with extreme exposure to heat tends to discolor a bit.


Final Verdict

Unique design and great functional features made this fire glass an ideal insert option for a fire pit. All these good things come at an affordable price. So great to have.


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9. Grisun Cobalt Blue Fire Pit Glass


Grisun Cobalt Blue Fire Pit Glass Review


This fire glass comes in a nice soothing color that matches up greatly with the luster of fire. Your fire pit will be a center of attraction when you put this fire glass as an insert. You will love its quality and features. Also, these glasses are simple to use and user-friendly. 

If you want to give your fire pit an astonishing makeover, grab this fire glass. It will also elevate your fire pit’s heat output level and make your fire pit more efficient. 

Here the Grisun presents its finest quality fire glasses for your fire pit. All glasses are tumbled on the edges and size ½ inch to 1.5 inches. And the cold and soothing cobalt color of this fire glass is the cherry on top. This fire glass is extremely heat-resisting. Will not degrade or crack. So all over, you will get the best user service.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Enhance your fire pit look.
  • You can use this fire glass on both indoor and outdoor fire pits. 
  • This fire glass has impressive heat resistance.
  • This fire glass is smoke and ash-free. It does not melt or crack.
  • Easy to handle, arrange and maintain.


Things you need to consider

  • Using these fire glasses, you may face a little sort of discoloration, which is completely considerable in terms of amount.


Final Verdict

This fire glass looks amazing and easy to use. The glass beads are nicely tumbled, perfectly withstanding the high temperature. Good product with reasonable price and minimal drawback.


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10. Hisencn Aqua Blue Reflective Fire Glass


Hisencn Aqua Blue Reflective Fire Glass Review


This multi-purpose decorative fire glass from Hisencn will draw your attention with its color and quality. You will enjoy your evening more with the fire incorporated glazing looks of this fire pit insert. Comes with a user-friendly feature that is going to give you satisfaction. 

This beautiful fire glass can be the best insert for your fire pit if you are on to decorating your fire pit. It will serve you more useful features as well enhancing your fire pit’s look. 

The Hisencn all-purpose fire glass comes in eye-pleasing aqua color. All glass beads are ½ to 1.5-inch. When the glasses are inflamed, they create an eye-catching display. The reflective mirror back of the fire glass adds a new dimension to the visuality. These glass beads are heat-resistant and durable. They won’t melt or fade.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • You can use it extensively in any gas fire pit. 
  • Looks vibrant and shimmery, Such a pleasure of eyes. 
  • Comes in good packaging. 
  • Perfect inserts for mess-free, odor-free, and soot-free fire pit. 
  • Convenient to use and easy to maintain.


Things you need to consider

  • Some users have faced negligible amounts of discoloration on glass beads that were close to the flame.


Final Verdict

Hisencn offers you good quality fire glass with a wide range of color options, including this aqua one. They are durable, shiny, and decorative. All-purpose fire glass at a good price makes it a good deal to have.


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Things to Consider before Buying Fire Glass or Fire Rocks


1. Type of your fire pit 

Before selecting out rock for your fire pit, you have to know the type of your fire pit. Lava rock and fire glass both work great for propane and other gas fire pits. Fire glass is incompatible with a wood-burning fire pit. But you can use lava rocks with sand gravel on a wood-burning fire pit


2. Heat Resistance 

You have to vigilantly ensure the heat resistance of the rock you want to use as an insert. Since it will be on direct exposure to fire, the rock or fire glass needs to be extremely resistant to any temperature. Otherwise, the insert can burst, crack, or melt. Generally, lava rocks have extensive power of withstanding heat. And the fire glass we use as a fire pit insert is exclusively tempered and resistant to heat. 


3. Size 

As the insert element is used to cover up the burner panel, it needs to be bigger than the burner hole. Else the inserted particle can block the burner hole. Lava rock normally is more than 2-inch. If you ensure your lava rocks are completely clean from any residue and dirt, it’s ready to fit as your fire pit insert. In contrast, choosing fire glass doesn’t grab fire glass less than ½ inch.


4. Color 

The color preference is entirely upon your taste. On lava rock, you will get a choice of black, grey, and red colors. On the other hand, fire glass comes in a wide range of color variations. They are vibrant. Most of them are reflective and look like jewels.


5. Amount Needed 

The amount of these inserts depends on your fire pit type, shape, and depth. There are dedicated measurements for each. You will find several online options for calculating the amount. 


6. Price

You will find this insert at an affordable price, whether it’s lava rock or fire glass. However, fire glass is a bit more expensive than lava rock, but still, it’s affordable.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What do you put inside a fire pit?

Usually, lava rocks, fire glass, sand, and gravel are used to put inside a fire pit. But it depends on your fire pit type. For a wood-burning fire pit, you can use a layer of sand with gravel. Lava rock and fire glass are best for gas and propane fire pit. You can also put artificial ceramic logs to the fire pit to create a wood-burning vibe to your non-wood-burning fire pit. 


2. Can I mix fire glass with lava rock?

For sure, you can mix up fire glass with lava rock. For this, use a layer of lava rock on the bottom and fire glass on top. These two elements work most efficiently together and grab out the best result. Also, mixing up lava rocks with fire glass saves you extra bucks cause lava rock is cheaper than fire glass. 


3. What color glass looks best in a fire pit?

It depends on personal choice and preferences. All color fire glass beads look spectacularly amazing when the fire is on. But the reflective sky blue, aqua, turquoise looks like no match in a live-fire pit. Any other reflective glass also shines like a jewel.


4. Can fire glass cover the burner?

Yes, you can cover the burner with enough fire glasses. But it recommended not putting more than ½ inch over a layer of fire glass on the propane burner. Keep the layer as thin as possible. 

For other gas fire pits, 1 to 2-inch is permissible.


5. Why is my fire pit glass turning black?

As fire glass used in fire pits is well tempered and not prone to soot or ash build up. But if you notice the blackening of your fire glass, it can be due to soot build-up because gas is not burning properly. Or there can be any inclined problem on your gas burner. Don’t worry. They are easy to fix. After troubleshooting your gas or propane fire pit, you can get the old zeal of fire glass back with a simple wash.


6. Can you roast marshmallows over fire glass?

Yes, you can. Fire glass is different from regular glass particles. They don’t contain any chemicals that can be released when glasses are inflamed. They are odor-free, soot, and smoke-free. Although fire glass hardly burns, they only reflect the light of the fire and radiate the heat. So it is completely okay to roast marshmallows over a fire glass. 




We hope this write might be helpful for you to sort out the best rock to put in as an insert for your fire pit. These rocks or fire glass enhance your fire pit look and take it to an extended level of art and utility. So, renovate your fire pit today with these extensive choices of selected fire glass and lava rocks for your fire pit. You can mix up lava rocks and fire glass, choose them separately, or select different shades of fire glass altogether. So enjoy the new look of your fire pit, enjoy your leisure more beautifully. Safe firing!

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