Build Fire Pit Benches Around Your Fire Pit

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Last updated Mar 2, 2024
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Who doesn’t want to enjoy a warm, cozy outdoor fire ambience in chilly weather? We bet you do! A comfortable seating arrangement can turn your fireside into a relaxing recreation space. 

If you have a tight budget and are looking for an affordable way to add a complimentary seating arrangement to your fireside, make sure to stick to the end!

Having the ideal pairs of fire pit chairs or a fire pit bench in your backyard gives you the chance to arrange an evening party and entertain guests or spend quality time with your friends and family basking in the glow of flames.

Today, we will provide you with a simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction guide to help you make your own customized fire pit bench within your budget. Choose your style and design and enjoy the rising, glowing flames sitting around a fire pit in a safe, comforting environment.

Let’s get started!


Things You will Need to Build Benches around Your Fire Pit


Before we jump into the field, let’s get you prepared for the project! We have made lists combining all the necessary supplies and tools we will need in this DIY process. You can easily get them from any local hardware store at an affordable price range. Moreover, the lists will prevent you from buying unnecessary things and spending extra bucks.

Here we go!


Supplies you will need

  • Pressure-treated lumber
  • 1 box of exterior screws (2.5’’)
  • Paint


Tools you will need

  • Circular saw, or hand-saw or miter saw with a hand block
  • Sandpaper
  • Sander
  • Measurement tape
  • Pencil
  • Speed square/straight edge
  • Drill


Step-by-step Instructions to Build Fire Pit Bench


If you have collected all the items we have mentioned earlier in our lists, it’s time to get into action!

Let’s start our DIY fire pit bench project!


Step 1: Determine The Measurements

To make the most comfortable and convenient fire pit bench, getting the measurements right is one of the essential steps. 

Let’s have a quick look at different angles and the best possible way to take accurate measurements.


Measurements determining


  • For the vertical angles (when the wood is vertical), you need to cut the piece at an angle going from the top of the wood.
  • For the horizontal angles (when the wood is flat), you need to cut the piece while it is lying flat.
  • For the standard seating measurements, go for 18″ deep, 18″ high and 18″ back support.


Step 2: Start The Process

We will start by cutting all of the frame pieces. It would be best if we start with the longest piece and then build off that.

Now, get the seating frame all screwed together and flip it over. Then cut all of the legs out, put them in place, and then screw them in.


Starting the process of making benches


Starting the process of making benches 1


Starting the process of making benches 2


If you are building on grass, you can put a piece of wood under each section to make the process easier. To get the best output, you may need to work on it until it is somewhat even.

Now, flip the bench and cut out all the back braces. You need to start cutting them in a way so that they would lean back 20˚.

Then, bolt the back in with a couple of the lag bolts. To get the most satisfying output, you may start with the longest piece that is flush with the middle front section.


Starting the process of making benches 3


Starting the process of making benches 4


Once you have that, evenly space the rest of that one. Then, work your way through the pieces by placing, spacing, marking, cutting, and repeating the process. After you cut all the pieces, bolt the back pieces on, then screw all of the seat pieces on.


Step 3: Continue The Project

You may cut the back supports with a 20˚ angle on top and screw some 2 by 6s on top for a bit of a ledge to lean on to have a support desk for your drink or bowl.

To match up the angles on the back support pieces, you can start with the top pieces, and cut the ends at 20˚, only keeping them in order with the back braces. After that, you can get the top row screwed in and put the second row spaced like the seating or in the middle as you like it!


Step 4: Give Your Project The Finishing Touch


Finishing touch of making benches


As you have finished your project, it’s time to give it a finishing touch and turn it into an appealing seating arrangement for your fire pit.

If you have got the paints we suggested to you earlier, feel free to get creative and add a splash of colors to your backyard. You can add a few cushions and pillows along with covers to give it an elegant look.


Finishing touch of making benches 1


Tips On The Go!


  • You may use 1×4 and 2×4 lumber if you want to keep the cost low while adding simplicity to the design.
  • Get extra boxes of screws and bolts (in case you run out).
  • To find the quality pieces among a pile of lumber, don’t hesitate to spend some time picking the pieces. Try finding the straightest and clearest boards and look for the defects before buying them.


Frequently Asked Questions


How far should a bench be from a fire pit?

According to the “Rule of Thumb,” you need to maintain a minimum of seven feet of space around the edge of a fire pit while placing the seating arrangement. In this way, there will be sufficient room for the furniture itself, as well as for you and your guests to move safely around the fire pit.


How do you make a fire pit bench?

Our step-by-step instruction guide will help you make your own fire pit bench in the most convenient way with just a few basic tools. If you are keen to get a clearer visual idea, we would recommend you checking the DIY fire pit bench visual instruction guide. It will make the entire process a lot easier and faster for you.


How do you make an angled bench?

You will be able to make a fire pit bench quite easily by following the helping guide we provided. If you want to make an angled bench (L-shape) specifically, you would love to check this online instruction video on how to make an angled bench.


How do you make a cinder block bench?

A cinder block bench is usually made of concrete blocks and wood, which is inexpensive, durable, and ideal for providing ultra comfort. You can use cinder blocks as a versatile seating arrangement in your garden, patio, backyard, or lawn.

If you want to make your own cinder block bench with a few necessary tools, you would love to check this instruction guide on a DIY cinder block bench; and enjoy a unique, comforting seating arrangement around your fire pit.


What can I do with an old bench?

If you don’t want to throw away your old bench, recycling them for garden decorations can be a great way to reuse them.

You can make a simple rustic wood chair, bench, console table or stool and decorate it with plants and flowers, creating an appealing outdoor space in your backyard, porch, or garden. If you are not keen to reuse it for decoration purposes, you can just sell them off in the flea market and easily earn a few bucks.




Let’s have a quick look at what you have gathered so far. You have a step-by-step instruction guide on making your own DIY fire pit bench. You have also got additional information, tips, and visual guidance to customize a fire pit bench according to your preference.

So, are you excited to give it a go?

Have you found the answers you needed? We would be glad to know if our instruction guide assisted you with the guidance and information you were looking for. Share your opinions with us and if there’s something more to add, let us know in the comment section. We will appreciate your feedback!

Now, you can make your own fire pit bench just in your backyard in an affordable way and decorate it to give a new, fresh look to your outdoor fire environment. Choose your style and rock the chilly evenings!

Image Credit : A Beautiful Mess

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