6 Steps to Build a Fire Pit Patio with Pavers

Susan Foster

Last updated Feb 10, 2024
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If your home facilitates a spacious yard, why should you not give your fire pit a wonderful patio? And a patio out of pavers is the easiest, timeless, and effortless way to give your fire pit that outstanding atmosphere and your home also. When you are here, we already know your quest. Yes, you can build a paver patio for a fire pit all by yourself. 

You can build your own fire pit on this patio. Other than that, you can put any type of fire pit over a well-built paver patio (you may need to put a fire pit mat occasionally). Additionally, it opens up a couple of ways to enjoy your backyard life. It will be the center point of attraction and meeting place for your favorite crowd. You can also add a fire pit swing set up, chair or bench arrangement around this inlay patio. 

And the matter of relief is building a paver patio is simpler than you think. Moreover, this self-construction process of the paver patio is cost-effective and requires a handful of physical work. So to guide you for that with the easiest step and minimal tools, we have come with this article. 

Without stretching more, let’s get started with the necessary tools and supplies you will be going to need to build a paver patio for the fire pit,

Step by Step Instructions to DIY Fire Pit Patio with Pavers

Tools and Materials

  • Pavers
  • Paver gravel 
  • Sand 
  • Tape measure
  • Spray stain/ Chalk powder
  • Spade
  • Flat Shovel 
  • Hammer
  • Hand Tamper 
  • Broom 
  • One 2*4 
  • Watering tools

Step 1: Taking Measurement and marking the Layout 

After deciding the place, you have to take a proper measurement of the area. The total area for the patio should be at least 3-4 feet larger, excluding the fire pit. Take the tape measure and mark the area with chalk or spray paint. Try to keep the patio shape harmonical to your fire pit shape. 

Step 2: Digging the area 

Start to dig the marked area using the spade. Here you have to dig 4-inch for base, 2-inch extra for sand layering, and the rest is the height of the pavers. After digging the entire area with the help of the hand-tamper, tamp the surface thoroughly.

Step 3: Preparing the base 

To build a strong base using paver gravel is the best. Start pouring and cover the full area stiffly. And again, use the tamper and tamp the area. Using the 2*4, check that the surface is evenly leveled. Other than the paver gravel, you can use sand, normal gravel or simply dirt. But the ideal option is paver gravel.

Step 4: Placing the pavers 

When the base is done well now, you can start to lay your pavers. If the patio is round the start to place them from the centre point. And if the patio is rectangular or square, you can start from any end of your convenience. Always check the up and downside of pavers before placing. Adjust the pavers if there is misfitting in the lines. After completing one round using a hammer, knock them down for a strong fit. Make sure there should be any but tiny gaps in between the pavers. 

Step 5: Pouring Sand 

When you are satisfied with the paver layout, it’s time to pour sand over the pavers. Don’t put too much sand at once. Start to put them part by part and in layers. Use a leveller to spread the sand evenly. Then follow this process until the gaps are visibly filled. After the final layer, wipe away extra sands with a broom and flat shovel (where needed). 

Step 6: Watering

Flash water over the pavers. Watering will fill out the gaps and distribute the sand steadily. The water will not take much time to soak out. Sand and paver both are well absorbent. If you want, you can flash another round of water splash.

The Finishing

Now it’s time to build a fire pit on the patio pavers. You can also put your ready-for-service fire pit. For DIY ideas, check out our respected articles on the brick fire pit, stone fire pit, and fire pit with the cinder blocks. After building your desired fire pit, spread another layer of sand on the rest of the area. And repeat the watering process. 

Your pavers patio with a fire pit is all ready to rock! This DIY project will create a focal point in your yard. You will enjoy your time on the patio more with this beautiful and organized interior. We hope this article will be helpful for you to build a patio with pavers. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Stay productive! Happy firing!

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