DIY Fire Pit Swing In 25 Steps

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Last updated Mar 2, 2024
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Fire Pit swing is a phenomenal setup to enjoy your fire pit time more comprehensively. A swing set up around the fire pit enhances the look of the area. And this swing setup makes your time more enjoyable and cozy.

Also, this setup is the best way if you want to use your spare space in the best way. And if you have children at home, the fire pit swing will add extra ground for play and enjoyment.

In this article, we are going to share the start-to-end description of the fire pit swing. Let’s get started.


Preparing the place


Selecting a place for a fire pit swing is one major thing you have to do first, as you will need a place that is free of trees and branches but provides shade during the daytime.

The area has to be 25ft large in all directions. Cause you have to accumulate your fire pit area and the swing set up. So it can’t be too congested. On the other hand, the place should be free of any obstacles. Otherwise, the intention of building a fire pit swing set up will be hampered.

Another important thing is to choose a plain surface as much as possible. It will help you set up the whole structure without extra hassle. If your place is smooth and has few obstacles, try to remove and prepare the surface before building the structure.


Materials and Tools You Will Need


After preparing the surface, you are ready to plan your swing set up. You may need 3-4days for this total construction. So match up your schedule accordingly. Also, ask for a couple of helping hands. Hire an expert if needed.

Before jumping onto the steps, collect these materials. And make sure all tools are at your reach. You can purchase them online or from your nearest marketplace. Choose what fits your convenience.



  • 6″x6″x12′ treated boards for the posts 6pc.
  • 6″x6″x8′ treated boards for the beams 6pc.
  • 2’x6″x8′ treated lumber for the highest braces 6pc.
  • 1/2 x 8″ galvanized lag bolts to connect the beams to the posts 24pc,
  • 1/2″ galvanized washers 24pc.
  • 4″ deck screws to connect the beams 24pc.
  • 3″ deck screws to connect the braces with the beams 24pc.
  • A bunch of extra 3″ deck or drywall screws to use for briefly attaching braces.
  • 2″x2″x8′ whiteboards to use as layout posts, bracing, and anchors. 10-14pc.
  • 50-60 pound baggage of concrete. 6-8pc.
  • Paver base for voidance beneath the posts. 6pc.
  • A 4-feet long steel bar to mark the middle point.
  • Stain or water seal
  • Material for the fireplace pit, as your alternative.
  • Slate and sand gravel to hide the solution to the post.
  • Topsoil to level the ground.
  • Grass seed.



  • A couple of A-frame ladders.
  • A 12-inch slippery miter saw.
  • A digger for a hole.
  • A shovel.
  • A Sledgehammer to drive stakes in the ground.
  • A rock-breaking rod with one aspect sharp finish for a rocky yard.
  • Post level
  • Line level
  • Box beam level
  • Measurement tape.
  • Layout string.
  • A speed square to mark boards.
  • A carpenter’s pencil.
  • A 12-inch long bit to drill holes for the swing hangers, the diameter of the bolts or slightly larger.
  • One 1/4 Forstner or countersink-lag bolts/washers.
  • Number eight pilot for the deck screws.
  • Socket and spanner for the lag bolts.
  • Brushes for the stain.

You will additionally need:

  • The swings. you’ll be able to purchase that online and locally. A five-footer is applicable in line with the space area. They’re created to order, therefore get them organized many weeks before. It will take a couple of months to deliver.
  • Galvanized or unstained eye bolts or swing hangers with protection balmy and washers, 7 inches. You’ll even be able to have nylon glides. You’ll be able to purchase those nylon glides from a swing tools shop online. The swings come with lag eye-bolts. However, it’s higher to travel through the beams for further strength.

Tips: All galvanized things and hanger hardware are less expensive online than at the native big-box. Looking around will save $50 on hardware in that manner.


Step By Step Instructions of DIY Fire Pit Swing


  1. After clearing the selected place, point out the center place for the fire pit. Mark out with stainer. Place the 4-feet steel bar at the center. It will help you to maintain the exact distance from one post to another.

  1. Now you have to apply your high-school knowledge of geometry. Figure out a 360-degree hexagonal shape with the measurement tape. This shape is perfect for even heat radiation. Divided each angle into 60-degree.

  1. Point out six corners and mark them. Using a field measurement tape reassures that every hole is at the same distance from the center. Also, look out that each post hole is at the same definite distance from one another.

  1. Using a shovel, start digging holes at the marked point. Try to dig at least 3-feet deep holes. Digging a deep hole will hold your post firmly.

  1. Take up the 6*6*12 posts and mark 3-feet with a pencil. Make sure the length of each post is the same after marketing the 3-feet point. If there is any miss-sizing, try to level out.

  1. Before placing the post, put pavers for leveling the holes at an even surface.

  1. Place each post on the holes. Support them at the pointed 3-feet level.

  1. Make a pseudo-hexagonal structure using thin cardboard. Maintain the size and exact match of beams over the post.

  1. Primarily fit this pseudo beam with the posts using light screws. Take a proper measurement. Ensure that every post is on the same level. And the beam structure falls in the proper line.

  1. Fill the post holes with sand or gravel. That will enable efficient water drainage. Also will help as a setter for the concrete mixture.

  1. Mix up the concrete in a required texture and start pouring on the holes. Make sure it does not displace a little bit from the marked point.

  1. After filling up the holes, use the 2*2*8 whiteboards for bracing the post. Use them as much as required to give them firm support.

  1. Give your post enough time for hardening properly. After it is wholly done, remove the braces.

  1. Now it’s time to get your top structure ready. Follow the pseudo-hexagonal structure on top. And make your real beams ready. Measure the length and point out the screw and bolt’s joining position. Also, mark out the middle points. And mark out the points for joining the screw. For this marking, count on the bench size you have purchased.

  1. Place the 6*6*8 beams on top. Using the box beam level check, they are in the right place.

  1. Join them with 3-inch screws and bolts. Use the washer and log bolt screw for a solid fit. Tighten the join.

  1. After placing the real beams successfully, it is time to give your fire pit swing structure more strength and durable support. Join a crossbar to support the structure perfectly. For this, take the 2*6*8 beams. Mark out the middle point of each primary beam.

  1. Place the 2*6*8 beams in a cross-over position from the middle point of primary beams. Join them with 4-inch deck screws.

  1. Now it’s time to stain your structure. Choose a stain of your choice and start to stain with a brush.

  1. After drying up, the stains check the leveling of your surface. Use the topsoil and grass seeds for an even layer and great looks.

  1. Now build up a fire pit at your convenience. For exciting and easy fire pit DIY ideas, check out our article on DIY Fire Pit. For more functional ideas like smokeless one, check this article on Smokeless Fire Pit.

  1. After all, things are set up like the structure, ground, and fire pit; it’s time to add the main attraction. Yes, the swings! For Adding up the swing benches, add the hanger bolts at the bottom. Tighten them, use a galvanized washer and lock the nut firmly.

  1. Repeat, set up the swing with 4 or 5 beams as per your requirements.

  1. Hang the swing with chains. Check out the length is proper and equal.

  1. Seal your swing bench if you want to avoid any deterioration.

Your fire pit swing setup is ready to take over by you. Clean the constructional mess. Inflame your fire pit. Sit back, relax and enjoy seeing your hard work put this impressive structure together.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much does it cost to build a fire pit swing?

On average, the total swing setup can cost you up to 700$. If you hire labor, you have to count more or less 50$ per hour. And the fire pit building cost can be 300$. However, the cost merely depends on your demand and choice of material. You can go for higher in quality or can settle up with moderate things. This statement also goes for the expenditure.


2. How much weight can a 6×6 hold horizontally?

Horizontally a 6*6 can hold around 2000lbs. A 6*6 lumber with a 12′ span has more or less 1400psi bending stress, which is good enough for carrying a load of weight. So you can use this sized lumber for extensive uses.


3. How long do wooden swing sets last?

Approximately 20+ years. However, it depends on the wood quality. Redwood, pine are solid and last for years. Other than the wood quality, it also depends on how you keep the maintenance and care of your wooden swing set.




A Fire Pit Swing set costs a lot of manual labor, time, patience, and money. But the final output is going to blow your mind. It makes your backyard life more intimidating and enjoyable.

We hope this writing will help you to renovate your outdoor space in a cozy and functional way. May the method is not the easiest, but it will ensure you a productive output at the end. Share your experience if you tried this process. Thanks for reading! Stay safe! Happy firing!

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