DIY Firewood Rack with Ideas

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Last updated Mar 2, 2024
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A firewood rack is an important accessory for your home if you have a wood-burning fireplace. To store them tidily and keep them secure, you must have a firewood rack around your fireplace. 

Apart from that, you can’t stack firewood bare and randomly at your place. That will make your space dirty, and as wood attracts insects, the whole thing will be a mess. A firewood rack solves that all. 

At the marketplace, you will find different types of firewood racks. But in this article, we will share with you the easiest way to DIY a firewood rack of your own. 

Only with some minimal supplies can you build a firewood rack and save yourself from running towards the shed on snowy days. 

So let’s get started.

How to DIY Firewood Rack

There are so many methods of DIY a firewood rack all over the internet. We will share the easiest “no-tools” method in this article, inspired by Instructables. Moreover, you will get several other ideas for DIY-ing a firewood rack. So enjoy the warmth this season with something made of your own. Let’s get started. 

Materials you will need

  • Three concrete blocks
  • Two-piece of 2×4 
  • Two landscape timber cut into the desired length

fixed firewood rack

Now start the DIY by deciding where you want to place your rack. Clean the space and start by putting the block in place. 

Put the two blocks on two edges and put the third one in the middle. This middle piece will provide additional support for a total load of wood logs. 

At this stage, take the landscape timbers and place them vertically over the blocks. You can secure these timber pieces by tying them using wires with concrete blocks. 

After that, you have to ensure the side support for the wood rack. For that, take the 2×4 and divide them into two pieces. 

Now fit two pieces of them into the first blocks’ holes. And another two pieces on the last block. Cut or adjust with pebbles if required. 

This DIY is the simplest among all ideas available on the internet. It is easy to follow, and the supplies you need for this process will hardly cost you $20. 

Different Ideas of DIY Firewood Rack


The Wood Grain Cottage‘s idea is a perfect DIY plan for making a movable firewood rack. Along with regular wooden supplies here, you will require casters and brackets. This type of rack will be helpful if you have wide space and often need to port firewood around your place, for example, from the patio to the living room or vice versa.


This idea is similar to the first one. It’s minimal, simple, and easy to do. You will require one cement or concrete block for this DIY and only two 2×4 cuts in half from the middle. From the picture, you will get an idea about how to complete this process.


Metal Garden Beds inspire our next idea. This DIY is great for whoever is looking for a strong solution for storing firewood. This all-metal construction will need four metal sheets of the same size. Then you have to connect them with bolts and screws to form a rectangular shape. 

That’s all! Your firewood rack is ready to rock! You can store plenty of wood on it. This firewood rack will also look symmetric if your garden has more metal structures like metal garden beds, metal furniture or seating arrangements, and others.


This idea is the last one of this DIY firewood rack series. You can name this idea “firewood rack with wooden pallets.” Three unused wooden pallets are all you need for this method. Following the image above, join them with additional wooden brackets, and the firewood rack is all set. 

The Wrap Up

We hope you enjoyed reading these exciting ideas for DIY firewood rack. All of the ideas we’ve gathered are minimal and effective. Try out any of these ideas any day for an organized patio and fun. Don’t forget to share your experience, and let us know your opinion in the common section below. Stay happy and keep exploring!

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