11 Best Portable Propane Fire Pits in 2024 with Buying Guide

Carolyn Harper

Last updated Mar 2, 2024
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Fire pits are no longer a luxury. It has become a daily need of our western life. Among various kinds of fire pits, portable ones expand the uses from home to outdoors. These portable propane fire pits are featured with a safe and clean burn that allows you to enjoy the warmth and coziness extensively. Portable propane fire pits are timeless, handy, easy to use, and an excellent campfire alternative for you.

If you are a nature lover and often travel but miss your fire pit’s warmth and those lit night vibe due to the hurdles of carrying a fire pit while traveling. Also, you can’t have a campfire for law enforcement and safety issues. Then a portable propane fire can be the only solution to these problems. 

A portable fire pit size, shape, and weights allow you to carry it single-handedly and fit it to any convenient place to transport, move, or set. So you can bring back your cozy and comfortable feeling in the middle of a deep forest, beside the sea, under the starry sky, or simply on your patio or backyard. Most portable fire pits are propane or liquified fuel-based, and propane burns the cleanest and warmest. These fire pits come with an easy user interface, reasonable and quick control of the flame, and efficient heat output to create a wood fire or campfire ambiance. 

So if you are already thinking about a portable propane fire, then you are in the right place. This article has manifested the 10 best portable propane fire pits that will match your every requirement and aspiration. 

Want to know more about portable and propane fire pits? Check out the buying guide section for getting throughout knowledge of portable fire pits and answers to queries; people are asking about portable propane fire pits. 

Let’s start with the review section.


Best Portable Propane Fire Pits to Buy in 2024


1. Best for Camping: Bond Manufacturing 67836 Portable Gas Fire Pit


Bond Manufacturing 67836 Portable Gas Fire Pit Review



  • Size: 18.5-inch
  • Weight: 18lbs
  • BTU: 50000
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Carrying Case/ Cover: Available for purchase

Portable propane fire bowls are no less than a blessing for people who live in areas with campfire bans. And so is this Bond Manufacturing gas fire pit. 

This propane fire is a sturdy steel structure and has a bronze finish. The fire pit has a similar steel finish version. Still, the majority of users love this bronze one because it looks antique and highly rustproof. 

From this 18-inch gas fire pit, you can get heat output up to 50000 BTU. The warmth is promising for the 5 feet area around the fire, and it’s satisfactory during chilly days. 

Unlike propane fire features, this portable propane fire bowl can make a high flame up to 8-inch. So you will barely miss the traditional campfire vibe. 

The fire bowl weighs only 18lbs and comes with a locking lid for safe and convenient carry. Moreover, you will get pumice rocks that glow red on heat to cover the fire pan. A 10feet hose and other assembly instruments also come as a package.


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Things you are going to enjoy

  • Robust structure made of quality material.
  • The bronze finish looks earthy and unique.
  • Easy push-knob ignition system. 
  • Hefty heat output.
  • Exclusively portable.


Things you need to consider

  • You have to purchase a cover separately for this portable propane fire pit. Here is a fitting cover suggestion for your convenience.


Final verdict

This Bond Manufacturing portable fire bowl is highly efficient in keeping you warm on chilly days. And the flame this fire pit produces is bright and high as natural fire. So you can count on this portable propane fire pit for your next outing. No doubt, this fire bowl is equally perfect for home outdoors.


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2. Outland Firebowl 883 Fire Pit


Outland Firebowl 883 Fire Pit review


The sturdy, large, and incredibly heat-efficient outland fire bowl 883 can be the perfect companion for your campfire day. It is smoke-free, safe, and environmentally friendly. Its super portability will add extra value to your user experience, so you need not worry about any transporting hassles.

If you are a camper, love traveling, and spending nights in the middle of the woods without a fire arrangement, your adventure can be hard to enjoy. To get the best out of your travels, all you need is a portable fire pit, like this outdoor one.

Outland 883 is a solid steel-built sturdy fire pit. It is 24-inch diameter and a 13-inch high fire bowl. The stainless steel-made burner area of this fire pit compliance with a chrome valve that ensures safety controls. This fire bowl runs with propane, making its burn smoke-free, char-free, and ban-free. Its 58000BTU heat outcome is perfect for creating a campfire vibe. It weighs 34 pounds that you can easily carry, move and transport with you.



  • With this fire pit, you will get smoke free, environment-friendly experience. 
  • 24-inch fire big fire bowl for your perfect campfire. 
  • Its weight is 34lbs that you can port anytime to anywhere.
  • It is CSA approved, so you can use this without worrying about most campfire bans.
  • You will get a set of convenient accessories, 6.6 lava rock, all-weather cover, and so on.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Safe for campfire cause it is ELT certified and ban-free for most of the area.
  • Take away this super portable fire pit with you on your RV trips, camping, or tracking sites.  
  • Larger in size, and you know the bigger is the better!
  • Easy to assemble so you can enjoy your fire pit’s warmth in no time.
  • Supreme heat output to keep you and your partner warm.


Things you need to consider

  • A carry kit is not included, so you need to buy that separately for swift transportation. 


Final verdict

This large fire bowl outdoor fire pit is heat efficient, durable, and safe for the environment. It is easy to use and comes with all the necessary equipment. Moreover, you can port it with you easily while traveling. So this one can be on your hit list. 


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3. Outland Firebowl 870 Premium Gas Fire Pit


Outland Firebowl 870 Premium Gas Fire Pit review


This outdoor 870 is a compact size heat-efficient fire pit ready to go with any of your occasions and places. It is durable, so you don’t have to think much about its longevity. You can carry it easily and use it as it is. This fire pit is safe for the environment so that it can sustain most campfire bans.

If you are thinking of having a fire pit that will compete with a campfire ban. Also, that will be super portable with excellent heat output. Then this outdoor fire bowl with durability and all required safety features is for you. 

The outdoor 870 comes in a very compact size of 19-inch diameter with 11-inch height and only 24.5 pounds in weight. This size and design make it suitable to fit in any place. It is a steel-made bowl structure with high-quality enamel painted finish that makes it resistant to heat, rust, and weather. It requires no assembly and is very handy to carry along. Also, this fire pit is CSA-approved and suitable for a campfire. 



  • It weighs only 24 pounds and you can port it easily.
  • CSA approved so that you can use it during most campfire bans.
  • This fire pit will give an excellent heat output of 58000BTU.
  • You will get an autoignition feature with this fire pit. 
  • Including general accessories, you will get 4.4lbs lava rocks, fire pit cover, and carry kit.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • This fire pit is compact and designed for ready-to-use, and port anytime. 
  • Enjoy your day to night with this fire pit’s excellent warmth. 
  • Strong metal-built fire pit to terminate all of your worries of durability and firmness. 
  • It is so comfortable to carry that you won’t go on your next trip without it.  
  • Experience smoke-free, safe fire and befriend with the environment.


Things you need to consider

  • This fire pit makes little hissing noise when the flame is at max volume.


Final verdict 

This premium fire bowl will go with every place you desire to have a fire pit. It can be a patio, beachside party, inside a deep forest, or in front of your RV van. It is safe, durable, and efficient that will worth your every penny. 


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4. Outland Firebowl 823 Portable Gas Fire Pit


Outland Firebowl 823 Portable Gas Fire Pit review


The outland 823 fire bowl is an ideal portable fire pit that you can make your ultimate travel companion. This one is a firmly constructed fire pit that will give you long service. You will find its assembly process user-friendly. This one is certified that it won’t harm your environment and health.

If you want a fire pit to be your best mate everywhere you go, and you don’t want to take hurdles for porting your fire pit, then this portable outland 823 is for you. Also, it is fit to use during most campfire ban. 

This fire is a consciously designed fire pit with a dimension of 19-inch diameter and 11-inch in height. This structural attribute is perfect for carrying this fire pit anywhere you go. This fire pit is made of sturdy steel coated with durable and heat-resistant enamel paint in the whole structure.

You will find more durable and rust-proof stainless steel on the burner area. It requires no assembly to use, and you can swiftly control the valve knob to adjust the heat volume. This one is also CSA approved so that you can beat the most campfire ban.



  • You will find this compact design fire very easy to transport.
  • This fire pit is heat efficient but ash-free, smoke-free so you will get a clean and warm experience. 
  • The enamel finishes on this sturdy steel body ensure you a rust-proof long lasting experience. 
  • This one is CSA permitted so that you can enjoy a campfire without the tension of a campfire ban.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • The fire pit is designed to give you a swift and smooth experience with its specs and features.
  • It is so lightweight that one can single-handedly carry it.
  • Easy to operate, so anyone with minimum knowledge of the fire pit can have this series. 
  • Efficiently heat its surroundings, creating a warm and cozy ambiance.  
  • This sturdy and durable fire pit can serve you for many years.

Things you need to consider

  • Lava rocks associated with this fire pit are not so good in quality. You may have to grab some separately for incorporating with your fire pit.


Final verdict

This portable propane fire pit from Outdoor comes in the best-assorted quality as other outdoor products. You will get awesome portability features with this sturdily constructed, CSA-approved fire pit. All exciting features in a tidy budget worth this one buying. 


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5. Outland Firebowl 863 Cypress Propane Fire Pit


Outland Firebowl 863 Cypress Propane Fire Pit review


Outland cypress is a large fire bowl that will give you a premium campfire experience. This one is a sturdy and concisely designed fire pit that is travel-friendly, and you can port it easily. This fire pit is safe for both the environment and your health. It is also good to go with your beautiful patio or backyard. 

If you want to take your fire pit out of your yard and on to your exotic travel destinations and enjoy the outing with full comfort and amplification, then this Cypress portable fire bowl is the one you are finding. 

This fire pit comes in a wide dimension of 21-inch with a height of 9.25 inches. This dimensional attribute makes it best for a campfire. This one is lightweight, 25.5lbs that makes this fire pit too handy to carry along. This one also comes with CSA approval that ensures the safety of health and the environment. It is steel made with classic design easily matches with any place.  



  • This 21 inches dimensional compact fire pit weighs 25.5lbs makes it that you can carry, move and transport easily.
  • It is CSA certified. You can beat most campfire bans.
  • A safe ignition system with a chrome valve knob allows you full control over it.
  • You will get 4.4lbs of natural lava rocks, all-weather cover, and a carry-kit with this one.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • The large fire bowl looks better and gives much more comfort. 
  • Bigger in size but lighter in weight, so don’t worry about the portability.
  • Safe and clean burn means no mess, ban-free, and suitable to take into the wild.
  • Perfect for giving you a campfire experience anywhere you want.
  • Single equipped product, no assembly required so you can use and enjoy instantly.

Things you need to consider

  • The lid doesn’t fit properly, you have to keep special care in keeping and storing when not in use.


Final verdict

This outland cypress fire bowl is an ideal portable fire pit with all needed features like heat efficiency, sturdiness, safety, and accessories. All of these in a decent budget make this fire eligible for buying.


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6. Heininger Portable Propane Fire Pit


Heininger Portable Propane Fire Pit review


The Heininger portable fire pit is a smokeless fire pit that keeps your health safe and the environment clean. This fire is lightweight that you can carry to your travel places without putting in any extra effort. This fire pit’s aesthetic looks will enhance your patio’s outlook and make your every moment special. 

If you think of getting a great-looking, safe fire pit that will fulfill your fire requirement during cold snaps of summer and winter, this portable one can be the one you’re finding. 

This propane fire pit burns cleanly without producing any smoke or ash, so it is safe and mess-free. This fire pit weighs only 22 pounds. Its 19-inch compact size lets you carry it with you wherever you want to hook up for camping: the beach, middle in the forest, or any hillside track. This aesthetic-looking one comes in heat-resistant enamel color coating on top that gives a premium vibe in your patio or outdoor yard.



  • This fire pit has a 58000BTU heat output to give you enough warmth.
  • It burns clean, so you don’t have to worry about any smoke or mess. 
  • This one weight is only 22lbs that you can easily move and carry to anywhere. 
  • CSA approved so that you can beat most campfire bans. 


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Indigenous specs that give aesthetic looks wherever you place it.
  • Great heat output to keep you safe and active in chilly weather.
  • Burns smokeless, no chars or clingy soots, no more extra effort for cleaning.
  • Easily movable and transportable. Pack and take your fire pit to your travel and trips.


Things you need to consider

  • Poor packaging. It can damage the product, needs to be updated more. 


Final verdict

This Heininger portable fire pit can be the best solution to your all type of fire pit needs. It will enhance your patio look. Comes in a handy budget, so it can be your best option to pick. 


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7. Camp Chef Portable Propane Fire Pit


Camp Chef Redwood Portable Propane Fire Pit review


This portable fire pit from Camp Chef is an exclusive fire pit option for providing you great heat. In addition, it is sturdy yet handy and simple assembling. A universal option for backyard, enjoying cozy warmth, toasting marshmallows, and getting along with every traveling.

And this Camp Chef fire pit is for you if you are looking for a smart, efficient, and portable fire pit for a while. You can experience an instant campfire with this amazing fire pit easily anywhere. 

You can get up to 55000 BTU per hour from this 20-inch portable LPG fire fit. And it can deliver the same output at high altitudes. For assembling this Camp Chef portable one, all you have to do is connect the burner with a propane tank. Though it’s a metal-made fire pit, it weighs only 27.1lbs. Moreover, for convenient carry and port, you will get a carry bag. And two roasting sticks and 12lbs of lava rocks.



  • Clean Fuel: This portable fire pit burns LPG for flame and heat. That produces zero smoke, ash, or chars. Means you get clean heat and a breathable environment.
  • Quality Construction: The fire pit is made of metal with high-quality heat-resistant paint. And the dimension of this fire pit is 20 x 19.5 x 11.5 inches. In total, the fire pit is constructed stiff, steady, and compact.
  • Easy Assembling: You can set up this fire pit single-handed and in no time. Fix the burner, add lava rocks and connect the propane tank hose with the burner. You are all set to inflame.
  • Multiple Usage: Besides huge heat, you can enjoy the vibe of a bonfire with this portable fire pit. Also, it’s safe to roast some marshmallows, sausages, or hotdogs.
  • Complete Package: A 12lbs bag of lava rocks comes in the package that will help you to emit the heat. Also, the package includes two roasting sticks.
  • Travel Friendly: Though it’s a lightweight fire pit with compact size, the package includes a carry bag for easy porting.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Great heat output to combat the chill of winter.
  • Can perform efficiently in high altitudes.
  • All-inclusive package.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Gives you great 360 degree visuals.
  • Also good to go with cooking.
  • Convenient to carry, travel and store.


Things you need to consider

  • Only eligible to run with LPG. You can’t use natural gas.
  • The hose length is less than 3 feet.


Final verdict

Overall a good option for a portable fire pit that can deliver huge warmth, great visuals, and an easy user interface. Additionally comes with all important accessories on such an affordable budget. Good to go along with you anywhere you want.


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8. Best as A Complete Package: Camp Chef Redwood Portable Propane Fire Pit


Camp Chef Redwood Portable Propane Fire Pit



  • Size: 19-inch
  • Weight: 33lbs
  • BTU: 55000
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Carrying Case/ Cover: Yes

Whether the occasion is camp firing or enjoying a chilly winter at your outdoor patio, this Camp chef redwood can be a perfect fit for all. 

The fire bowl is a heavy gauge steel construction that features a nickel-coated safety steel ring. Despite its sturdy structure, this Redwood fire bowl feels like 20lbs, whereas the actual weight of this fire pit is 33lbs. And that makes this propane fire pit easily portable and convenient.

The strongest part of this fire pit is its extensive heat output of 55000BTU per hour at a fuel-saving rate. The fire pit remains well-lit for up to 8 hours on a single 20lbs propane tank. Moreover, the flame can reach up to 10-inch on medium settings, so you don’t miss the bonfire vibe. 

The accessories: carry bag, hose connector, control knob, lava rocks, and roast sticks all are good in quality. Users highly appreciate this complete package full of quality tools.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Sturdy and robust structure.
  • Lightweight and highly portable. 
  • Complete package of all necessary accessories. 
  • Hefty heat output. 
  • Adjustable flame settings.


Things you need to consider

  • Some users have reported having faulty and damaged products due to improper packaging. Manufacturers need to pay attention to this issue. 
  • The hose connector that comes with this fire pit is only 5ft. However, you purchase a long one if needed. Here is a recommendation for an 18ft long connector.


Final verdict

This Camp Chef Redwood portable propane fire pit is a complete fire pit package within budget. You will get all the necessary tools within the package. The carry bag, rock for the fire bowl, and even the roasting sticks. Yet the heat output is huge, and the fire pit is perfect for every outdoor situation.


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9. Fire Sense Sporty Campfire Portable Fire Pit


Fire Sense Sporty Campfire Portable Fire Pit review


This fire pit from the Fire Sense is highly heat efficient that will give you an excellent warm ambiance around your patio or outdoor places. You can carry this portable fire pit so easily that you couldn’t think about trips without it. This fire is sturdy. It will serve you for years.

If you want to have a fire pit that will save you from wasting time and energy arranging a campfire and that will bring great portability, heat efficiency, and multi-functioning facilities with sturdy structure, then this fire pit is for you. 

The Fire Sense has an extreme heat output of 60000BTU that will warm up your chilly night and evening. This fire pit is 19 inches in diameter with 17.76 pounds in weight. This size is compact to put on transport for carrying while traveling. Yet this one’s structure is made of sturdy steel with heat-resistant paint coating on it, making it strong and durable.



  • This steel-made fire pit gives you a sturdy and durable experience. 
  • Its classical designer attribute makes it look more beautiful on your patio
  • It has foldable legs that you will find more sorted while carrying.
  • You will get extreme heat output of 60000BTU comes with the safest campfire vibe.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Excellent heat output for warming up winter times. Also can be used as a heater with the lid on.
  • Spacious for putting lave rocks, artificial logs, fand ire glass, you will still get enough room for placing cooking and BBQ sticks.
  • Smoke and ash-free, no mess campfire, and easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Its spring-hinged legs are sturdy, they are easily foldable which helps greatly while storing, porting, or placing.


Things you need to consider

  • The hose that comes with this product is short in length so you can not place your propane tank in enough distance without changing the hose pipe.


Final verdict

This heat apt, sturdy fire pit comes in a smart design that effectively creates tidy looks on your patio. This fire pit is also too light to transport. So it is a great option if you are thinking of buying a portable fire pit. 


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10. CAMPLUX Outdoor Portable Firebowl


CAMPLUX Outdoor Portable Firebowl review


The Camplux Outdoor Fire Bowl can be your best substitute for a campfire. This fire pit comes with easy portability that can ease your hurdles of carrying it while moving around or traveling. However, the sleek design combined with matt finish makes this fire pit fittest for any style patio setup. 

If you want to have a fire pit that will be your regular travel partner so that you can enjoy a campfire into the woods, beaches, and RV camping, then you can have a look through this heat apt fire pit. 

Camplux Outdoor is an ELT-certified 19-inch fire bowl that is an amazing alternative to a campfire. It weighs only 27 pounds and that weight can be easily carried away with a carrying belt included with this package. The classic full black matte design is not only durable and sustainable also. That will enhance your patio look in an extraordinary manner. 



  • This fire pit is ELT certified, so you can have it most of the time regardless of campfire anywhere you want.
  • CSA-approved equipment gives you no mess fire. 
  • You can use this simple setup fire pit without any assembly. 
  • You will get a carrying belt, 8.4lbs lava rocks, and 4 holders for steadying your propane tank.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Classic full matte black design enhances your patio looks.
  • Portable that you can carry along on road trips, it w will fit or, RV vehicles easily.
  • Safe and durable means carefree service for years.
  • Set it up in few minutes, you need not assemble anything. You can also easily operate this fire pit. 


Things you need to consider

  • The lava rocks quality should be improved. Otherwise, it can seem not useful for the user.


Final verdict 

If you want a portable fire pit with proper heat output, durable structure, easy setup process, safe and clean burn, then Camplux Outdoor fire bowl can be the best pick. And all of these features come within a handy budget.


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11. Giantex Portable Outdoor Firebowl


Giantex Portable Outdoor Firebowl review


The portable fire bowl from Giantex is environment friendly and safe for use as a campfire. This fire pit is sturdy and durable and can serve you for years. This fire pit’s heat output will keep you and your loved ones well warm. The sleek design and attractive specs will make your patio look more classy. 

Are you searching for a portable fire pit that will give you warmth on cold days? If you want to enhance your patio’s look and want to have a safe and clean-burning experience, this fire pit is for you.

This 19.5lbs lightweight fire pit is CSA certified, making it safe for the environment and deals with the most campfire bans. It is steel-made, 19-inch in diameter, and 11-inch in height make this fire pit look compact and sturdy. This whole structure is coated with black powder that increases its longevity. The 58000BTU efficient heat output makes cold nights warm and cozy.



  • The metal lid with a fabric handle will make this easier for you to carry. 
  • This 58000BTU heat apt fire is CSA approved, so you can enjoy the fire without worrying about most campfire bans. 
  • Easy ignitor and controlling knob let you full control of the flames and heat output.
  • You will get an additional tank stabilizer ring with this fire pit. 


Things you are going to enjoy

  • Lightweight, andy, and portable for carrying, move or transport.
  • A safe and clean flame competes for a campfire ban, which is better for both health and the environment.
  • Easy user interfaces anyone can operate and maintain this fir pit.
  • Heat output is impressive keeps you warm for a long time.
  • Study and long-lasting, so purchase and relax for years.


Things you need to consider

  • Not so compatible for indoor uses mostly incorporated for outdoor uses.


Final verdict

This fire pit is an ideal portable one, for camp firing, for sharing warmth and love with family and friends. This fire pit is sturdy and safe and comes in a swift budget that makes it worth being on your hit list.


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Things to Consider before Buying Portable Propane Fire Pit


Selecting one product from thousands of options is often awful. But setting the goals and deciding what outcomes you want are quite easier. To ease your tension and remove your confusion, we have brought this buying guide section. It will help you to know better about the portable propane fire pit. By then, you will be sure to select goals and minimize the list into an effective one. 


1. Fuel

While you are using a portable fire pit, you have to keep in mind what you will use as its fuel. Propane or any liquefied fuel will be ideal. Cause these fuels are hassle-free for carrying, and they produce zero to lesser smoke, ash, or char while burning. It keeps the environment clean and makes your experience with a portable fire pit even more safe and reliable.


2. Local Fire Restrictions

A fire pit with portability allows you to explore and always have more from it. But during carrying and taking your fire pit in the exposure of serene nature, you have to keep in mind that nothing should harm the environment and the wildlife. So you should always follow the state fire law for being sure. Most of the portable propane fire pits are approved and certified by CSA and ELT so that you can have them without any doubt.


3. Size

The size of a portable fire pit should be compact, around 18-24 inches. This size range is not so big or small and easily goes with any patio interior. It is easy to fit on less space for storing or transporting. 


4. Weight

Besides the size, you should also keep the weight of the fire pit in mind. That should be between 18-35lbs. Normally, fire pits weight is not a matter of concern. Still, when it comes to portability, weight is an important matter of concern. Because you have to carry, move or transport your fire pit into different places. So much weight can interrupt your service. 


5. Assembling process

A simple or no assembling fire pit is an ideal portable fire. Critical assembling processes will spoil your time and energy. That can make you feel disinterested and will kill your precious moment. And while traveling, you can not carry many tools or equipment for putting together your fire pit. So choosing one with less or no assembly requirement will be wise. 


6. Affordability

When your need and desire match with your pocket, the magic will happen! So priorities your desire and budget accordingly will help you to pick a perfect deal. The best deal of a premium product can demand some extra bucks. So explore the marketplace, make comparisons and finally shoot what best matches for you. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Are portable propane fire pits safe?

Portable fire pits that burn on propane or any permitted liquefied fuel are safe. These fire pits burn clean and don’t produce smoke, char, or soot. It reduces the risk of catching fire from flying ambers or harming the health and environment.


Can you use a propane fire pit during a fire ban?

Yes, you can use a propane fire pit during a fire ban. Along with propane, any device that runs liquid fuel or gas fuel is permitted. However, don’t put any type of fire unattended and always prepare safety measures ready.


What do you put under a portable propane fire pit?

Portable propane fire pits don’t make flying embers or anything that can catch fire. Still, it is safe to put a heat-resistant and non-flammable material-made mat. Hard sheets made of non-flammable materials or a sheet of concrete under your fire pit while placing it on a wooden deck, grass, or any combustible deck will secure your experience.

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Are portable propane fire pits worth it?

Yet wood burning fire pits have a different fanbase, portable propane fire pit cleaner, easier, and almost the same in heat output. You don’t have to spend more bucks on expensive wood logs. A 20lbs propane tank will burn for 8 to 9 hours in moderate output. Also, propane fire pits are safe from most campfire bans. So efficiency and portability make them unbeatable.


Where do you put a portable propane fire pit?

As you can take and place your portable fire pits anywhere, you should always be careful. Do not put your fire pit near any trees, branches, long dried or green grass, or anything prone to catching fire easily. While placing it at home, maintain at least 10 feet distance from the main house.




Enjoying the warmth of the fire with your favorite companion in the tranquility of nature can be the best feeling on earth. Our reviewed 10 best portable propane fire pits will give you the privilege of having this feeling and enjoyment for your own. So don’t test your craving much. Bring the best portable propane fire pit home today. All the best for your purchase. Safe firing, happy firing!

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