DIY Cinder Block Fire Pit In 6 Easy Steps

Susan Foster

Last updated Feb 21, 2024
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Cinder block is a common material in our household sphere. You can find it anywhere. Cinder blocks can do magic in your outdoor area. These blocks are heavy weighted and sturdy to support any minimal to a heavy structure. You can carve out a beautiful well-performing fire pit with this cinder block.  

In this article, we will share with you how to build a fire pit with cinder blocks in 6 easy steps. Before jumping to the main article, let’s have a glance at the advantages of cinder blocks.


Benefits of DIY a cinder block fire pit


  • Cinder blocks are inexpensive.
  • This material is easy-get-able. 
  • These cinder blocks are strong and sturdy enough to provide your fire pit firm support.
  • No difficult tools are needed for this DIY.
  • You can perform this project almost single-handedly. 


Tools and Materials You Will Need


  • Cinder blocks
  • Cinder blocks caps 
  • Fire Pit ring or square insert
  • Spade 
  • Measurement tape
  • Leveling tools 
  • Concrete adhesive 
  • Sand/Gravels
  • Lava rocks
  • Pebbles

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Step By Step Instructions for Building Fire Pit with Cinder Block


Step 1: Selecting The Place and Fire Pit Shape

For building a fire pit, a place at least 10 feet away from the house is the safest. Also, the place should be mostly even and free of trees or branches over the fire pit. With cinder blocks, you can make a square, rectangular or round-shaped fire pit. You can’t get the exact round shape, but the outcome is widely acceptable. So select the shape that goes perfectly with your outdoor interior. 


Step 2: Marking Up The Measurements.

After selecting the place and dividing the shape, take the measurement tape and mark out the area. Use rebar, spray stain or anything of your convenience to mark the edges properly.


Step 3: Preparing The Place 

To prepare the place, you have to clean your selected area and remove any obstacles. Here, count at least 1 foot more area around the selected place. If your place has any grass, then remove them with the help of a spade. Clear the place. Using a leveler, try to level the place as much as possible. 


Step 4: Placing The Cinder Block 

Now start to place your cinder blocks one by one. Use the leveling tool and make sure each block is leveled perfectly. After completing one layer, you can go for another layer of cinder blocks. This cinder block wall will work as the building block of the whole structure. These blocks are sturdy enough to stick together. Moreover, you can use concrete adhesive for more strength. Now cover the blocks with the cinder block cap. 


Step 5: Insert The Fire Pit Ring/Square. 

Cinder blocks are strong material for building any structure. But they are not completely fire resistant. So for protecting your structure and adhere utmost security, using a fire pit insert is best. After completing the whole structure, insert a ring or square insert. This fire pit insert will protect the cinder blocks from direct exposure to fire. 


Step 6: The Final Touch

Now your DIY project is entirely ready to fire on. At this stage, you can furnish your fire pit area with pebbles. You can use sand and lava rocks inside the fire pit. Check out more fire pit rock inserts in this article.

We hope you enjoyed this super easy DIY project. This project is simple yet lucrative. And you can craft this total project for less than 80$. So you can say DIY cinder block fire pits are super cost-effective. Let us know how you find this article, and share your thoughts in the comment section below. Stay safe and happy firing!

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