DIY Fire Pit Burner with 10 Easy Steps

Susan Foster

Last updated Feb 22, 2024
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If your fire pit burner has run out and you are thinking of an instant and cost-effective solution right now, then you can DIY a fire pit burner. You can make a burner for your propane fire pit by yourself with few technical materials. This process will also help you to make a burner for your customized tabletop fire pit.

In this article, we have shared the effective way of DIY a fire pit burner at the fastest time and with minimal cost. You will find answers to some basic questions here asked about fire pit burners. So let’s get started with the material you will need.

Supplies you will require

  • 2 Metal tube
  • 2 Tube cap
  • T Fitting
  • Pipe Nipple
  • Reducer 
  • Flare 
  • Coupling 
  • Regulator for variable pressure
  • Measure tape
  • Angle grinder
  • Driller
  • Nails 
  • Teflon tape

10 Steps to DIY Fire Pit Burner

1. Take the metal tubes and cut them into ½” pieces. Now flatten one side with an angle grinder. The flat edge will help to drill holes on it smoothly. 

2. Measure 4 to 5 points on each of the tubes. Try to keep at least a 1-inch gap between the points. Make a dent on each point using a nail. 

3. Now thread the tube on T fitting and drill holes on the points. After that, you can check the flame pressure for surety then go for the next step. Keep your fuel tank pressure on low while testing. Gradually you can increase the pressure to check the utmost outcome. 

4. Join the caps with a tube. And make one hole on each cap. 

5. Using a gas-rated Teflon tape, thread each end of the tube stiffly to make it leak proof.

6. Thread the flare fitting and tightly join with the reducer. By this time, thread the nipple and join it in on another side of the reducer.

7. Now take the coupler and join another nipple with it. On the other end of the coupler, join the T fitting.

8. When the technical support structure is ready, it’s time to join the metal tubes with a T fitting. Add up both tubes on the ends of T fitting properly. Put the caps on.

9. Your burner is almost done! Now it’s time to fit a variable pressure regulator with the gas/propane fuel tank.

10. Join the regulator with the burner. Release the gas tank valve slowly. Inflame your burner and set the desired flow.

Frequently Asked Question

Do fire pits need burner pans? 

It depends on your preferences. You can have one, or you keep your burner bare. It will not affect your burner too much but using a burner has additional benefits. A burner pan will keep your fire pit enclosure protected. That will also help to minimize the use of fire pit media. 

What is the burner in a fire pit?

A burner in a fire pit is a metal-made support system to create a getaway for fire and creates even heat flow around the fire pit. This burner is built-material should be extremely heat resistant and enduring to rust or corrosion. 

How do I choose a fire pit burner?

To choose a fire pit burner, you need to observe your fire pit’s quality, design, and shape. If your fire pit is round, you can go for a circular burner. If you are looking for a burner for a square or rectangular tabletop fire pit, you can choose a one-liner burner, square burner, H-style burner. Or you can make a custom-designed fire pit burner.

How big should my fire pit burner be? 

It depends on the size of the fire pit and patio. It would be best if you chose a big or small fire burner according to your space. If the burner is too small for the place, you will hardly get warm in winter. Like if your burner is comparative big against your space, the heat can be too hot to handle. So think, measure and decide how big or small a burner you need to have for your fire pit. 

Final Words

A successful DIY fire pit burner can save your day. This process will also help you to make a customized burner for your customized fire pit. We have tried to explain this in the simplest way possible. If you have the supplies in your collection, the cost of the whole thing is almost zero. Other than that, the supplies used in this DIY are cheap and available. We hope you may have the desired outcome. Stay safe! Keep exploring!

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