Build Your Own Propane Fire Pit With 2 Methods

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Last updated Feb 10, 2024
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Curving out an essential thing using your existing asset is always something you can take pride in. A propane fire pit is an extensively helpful thing. It will provide you heat, give you a way to cook, and create a cozy ambiance in your backyard. Also allows you to make your time more enjoyable and to bear in mind. 

When you are up for a propane fire pit, you may be can’t find the exact thing you are looking for, or sometimes it costs too much price to get the exact desirable thing. Here DIY is the best way to get the product of your dream. You can make it out of scratch. You can choose your shapes, design, and colors. You can put up the best quality things. And it is always affordable. As it’s your handmade, the outcome is priceless.

In this writing, we have come up with 2 different ways of DIY a propane fire pit. You can choose the method of your convenience. We hope you might find this writing helpful. 

So let’s get started with counting the benefits of a Propane fire pit.

Benefits of Propane Fire Pit

  • The main benefit of propane fire is it is smoke-free. 
  • A propane fire pit is easy to ignite. 
  • It will not make any fumes, smoke, chars, or any mess.
  • As propane fire does not produce any smoke and is entirely ash-free, propane fire pits are safe for human health and the environment.
  • Propane fire pits are low maintenance. The repair process is also easy and can be done yourself. Check this article to know about the troubleshooting of a propane fire pit
  • It will free you from all the hassle of arranging, preparing, and storing wood. 
  • Propane is affordable. 
  • Propane fire pit tables are open to use for multiple purposes. 
  • The maintenance

Things You Have to Do before Building A Propane Fire Pit

1. Selecting the BTU

When planning a propane or gas fire pit, the first thing you have to think about is the BTU of your fuel. BTU is referred to as British Thermal Unit. This unit is used to measure how much heat output you are going to get from your fuel. 

Before DIY a propane fire pit, you need to select how many BTU you want to have. You will find propane in liquid form. They come in cylinders of different weights. For example, a 20 pound will run for 18 to 20 hours at 20000BTU heat output. 

2. Choosing Ignition Type 

There are several ways to ignite a propane fire pit. Let me discuss them with you for a better understanding. 

i) Ignition With A Match Lit

The classic and traditional way to ignite a fire. After opening the gas valve, you need to flame up your match stick and bring it to exposure to gas. You can also use a long spark lighter and gaslighter. 

While using this ignition system, don’t put the gas valve open for a long time. If you turn on the gas valve for a few minutes and miss igniting it, turn it off and try again after some time. Doing this will allow time to fade away the excessive gas. And it will terminate any risk of any unwanted fire accident. 

ii) Push Button Spark Ignition 

Push spark button runs on the battery. It is easy to use and convenient. You need to turn on the valve and push for a while. And you are all set to go. 

This ignition system has a push button unit itself. And there is a battery attached to this unit. When you twist the button, the battery sends a tiny electric spark to the ignition probe near the burner. 

The push-button is almost convenient and safe. But you have to change the battery from time to time.

iii) Electric Spark Ignition

This electric spark ignition type provides you facilities to on, off, and control your fire remotely. You can also add a timer and other convenient features to it. With an electric spark ignition, you can monitor the fire temperature, flame length, and all. 

This technology is modern and convenient, but it is expensive compared to two other ignition systems.

DIY A Propane Fire Pit In Budget

You can DIY a propane fire pit out of a simple round clay vase or tub. You can make it with an exact shaped jar made with any heat-resistant material if you don’t have a clay vase.

Tools and material you will need for this

  • A significant or medium-sized clay pot
  • A wood panel for the burner
  • A pizza pan fit with the opening of the pot size
  • Propane cylinder that fits entirely into the pot
  • Burner 
  • Air mixer valve
  • Hose pipes
  • Key valve (As your chosen ignition type)

Steps to follow

  • Select a burner size according to your flower vase, clay pot, or jar. 
  • Place the propane tank into the jar and be sure that it fits perfectly. 
  • Take the wood panel and pizza pan and drill a 1-inch hole precisely in the middle. 
  • Place the wood panel on the top of the pot. Input the burner on the hole. 
  • You need to drill a hole on the side of the clay pot to fit the critical valve. 
  • Seal the side hole with a sealer for a firm fit. 
  • Now join all the hoses with the air valve, key valve, burner, and tank regulator.
  • Turn on your spark system, ignite and enjoy your smoke-free propane fire pit made by yourself. 

This DIY project will cost you only the price of a whole burner kit and a propane tank. Other materials are readily available at home. Nothing to worry about if you don’t have them. They are too affordable and available. The whole project will cost you more or less 80$ only.

DIY A High-End Propane Fire Table

For a high-end DIY project, a propane fire pit, or fire table, you have to spend time, effort, and money. But take a bet it will be a breathtaking project you ever dreamt of. So let’s start with the process.

Materials you will need

  • Square or rectangular-shaped burner basin
  • Thin boards for the brace
  • Concrete
  • Thin rods for the upper base
  • Body material of your choice. That can be steel, bricks, or any firm heat proof material. 
  • Stain/pavers/tiles of your choice
  • Burner kit
  • Propane Tank
  • Fire glass or lava rocks 
  • Sealer 
  • Sandpaper
  • Screwdriver
  • Hamers and others

Steps to follow

  • At first, you have to make a brace for your table to part. Take the burner basin and make a brace with the cardboards. 
  • Make a base structure of brace size with the thin rods. Place it and pour concrete on the brace. 
  • Wait for 1-2 days. After completely dry off, remove the boards carefully using a screwdriver. 
  • Make a lower structure that associates with the concrete top. You can use the material of your choice, but it must be heat resistant. Also, make the lower structure high enough to accumulate a propane tank. And make a 1-inch hole for the key valve. 
  • After getting all the structures ready, it’s time for installation. Before that, sand your concrete top, polish the edges. Use sealer for durability. 
  • Now connect the burner with all other instruments. Fit it on the middle of the concrete top. 
  • Place the propane tank and others in place.
  • Add fire glass or lava rocks for a spectacular appearance. 
  • Arrange sitters. Ignite and enjoy your self-made high-end propane fire pit.

How Do You Convert A Wood Burning Fire Pit To Propane? 

Besides making a propane fire pit out of scratch, you can also convert your existing wood fire pit into a propane one. 

Why should you convert into propane? You have lots of reasons to do that. Propane is smoke-free, ash-free, less expensive than wood, easy to maintain, good for health and nature, and so on. 

For converting, you have to follow the upper procedure discussed in the first few sections of this article. You can convert them in both primary and expensive ways. Additionally, we have a dedicated article for converting wood-burning fire pits into propane ones.

The Ultimate Solution

After reading all of this, if you have found yourself disinterested in the DIY project, then here is an ultimate solution for you. Which is a ready-made propane fire pit. You can purchase them from any online store. Also, you can explore your nearby local store. 

On online marketplaces, you will find a wide range of exclusive collections. The price range is also versatile. From low to high, you will find good quality products in every price range. 

Let us share the top ten best propane fire pit reviews with a buying guide for your utmost convenience. Check this article to find the best suit for you. All of this product is tested by experts and has excellent customer feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does a 15 lb propane tank last on a fire pit?

The tank will last approximately 8-9 hours at a moderate gas output. Propane tanks are easily-get-able. They are affordable, smoke-free, ash-free, and environment-friendly. 

2. Are propane fire pits worth it?

Considering the propane fire pit’s ash-free, zero smoke heat output, it is entirely worth it. A chain propane fire pit is comparatively sturdy. Also, propane fire pits are low maintenance. You don’t have to prompt for changing the fuel, taming the flame, cleaning the ash and debris on a propane fire pit. 

3. Can I roast marshmallows on a propane fire pit?

Yes, you can. Roasting marshmallows and as well as some sausages, hot dogs on a propane fire pit is entirely okay. Moreover, propane fires are cleaner and safer. That will not leave any smell, debris on your food. But don’t forget to clean your propane fire pit whenever you cook food on it. Otherwise, it can get rusted or stained permanently if there is any tiny food particle on the surface. 

4. Do propane fire pits keep mosquitoes away?

No, propane fire pits can’t keep the mosquitoes away. The reason mosquitoes don’t come near fire pits, especially wood-burning fire pits, is when the wood burns, it produces a penetrating smell caused by the evaporation of oils in the wood. But there is nothing like in a propane fire pit. So it can’t keep the mosquitoes away. You can use mosquito repellent cream, bug spray if there are mosquitoes around a propane fire pit. Also, keep your outdoor area clean.

Final Words

After reading this article, you might have thorough knowledge about DIY a propane fire pit. You can give it a try by following the inexpensive method. After you are confident enough, then go for the big project. DIY is always fun, and it has another satisfaction level. And propane fire pits are efficient, environment friendly, and also convenient. So the whole project of DIY a propane fire pit is enthusiastic. All the best for your DIY propane fire pit project. Stay safe! Happy firing!

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