Fire Glass VS Lava Rock Comparison

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Last updated Feb 21, 2024
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Fire pits are a beautiful enhancement in the home, patio, or backyard. it’s better to say vital than only an enhancement. The chilly summer night, the evening with friends, the winter night out under the starry sky would not have been possible without the fire pit.

Fire pits naturally beautify your patio area and create an eye captivating focal point. However, we try to make it more beautiful and aesthetic using different elements. So many attractive options come with so many dizzying confusions. Which one to pick and which one to leave.

Fire glass and lava rocks are two of them. They both are beautiful and efficient in their way. It’s hard to choose one. So do not let you drown in this sweet confusion we have come with this article. Here you will find the best features and initial details of using fire glass and lava rocks. Read, to know what will be best for you.


Fire Glass VS Lava Rock Comparison


Fire glass

The dazzling looks and the reflective property of fire glass make them truly irresistible. They are not like ordinary glass. They are especially tempered, super heat resistant, and super durable. These beads-like glass particles can endure any amount of heat. They won’t melt, break, or discolor over time. Here are some exclusive features of fire glass 



  • Extremely heat tempered
  • Good reflective properties
  • Efficient heat radiator  
  • Weatherproof 
  • Smooth tumbled edges 
  • Many colorful options 
  • Don’t melt 
  • Never get cracked 



Fire glass is slightly expensive. But the looks and efficiency will be worth your every penny. The price may vary from 20$ to 50$ for every ten pounds. You can check more prices and the amount you will need for your fire pit.


Lava rock  

An earth element made by earth-itself is the lava rocks. Lava rocks are naturally porous, shaped, and have an aesthetic rawness on their appearance. They are also extremely heat resistant and durable. Lava rocks are ideal for giving your fire pit a very natural looking. Let’s have a look at its features.



  • Part of earth 
  • Endure to heat 
  • Don’t hold water, so it works well as an auto drainage system in your fire pit 
  • Protect the burner 
  • Weatherproof 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Affordable and sturdy 



Cheap with good attributes, go for lava rocks. These rocks are pure natural elements that will enhance your fire pit’s beauty. This is very affordable, starting only from 10$. Check the prices. For the amount you will need, calculate here to estimate easily.


Which one is best?


We have brought this fire glass versus lava rock discussion to you with all the features, cost, and amount you will need. We love both. If you go for a fire glass check, this article for the best fire glass facts and tips. If lava rock is the one you have chosen, then go for this writing with all about lava rocks. And if you are just like us, love both, then grab and décor your fire pit with both. You can check this video for the best tricks to use them alongside. 

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Both of the elements are beautiful and exotic. You can completely change the look of your patio using these two elements. Let us know what you have found the best. Please tell us how you have found this writing in the comment section below. Happy firing!

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