Flame Genie VS Solo Stove Fire Pit Review In 2024

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Last updated Mar 1, 2024
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Who doesn’t love to enjoy a warm, cozy, mesmerizing fire experience in chilly weather? Be it at your backyard, patio, lawn, or any campsite far from home; a smokeless fire ambience can create a relaxing and entertaining atmosphere for you anywhere.

If you are wondering which fire products can turn your idea into reality, we are here to guide you!

Today, we are going to introduce you to two of the most popular brands that offer low smoke, portable, premium quality fire pits- the Flame Genie and the Solo Stove

We will also provide you with an ultimate comparison between the Flame Genie and Solo Stove, including all the information you need to consider. There will also be additional information covering all the answers you might be looking for.

If you want to decide which one will be the ideal partner for your outdoor fire experience, make sure to stick to the end!


Flame Genie VS Solo Stove


1. Overview of Flame Genie Line Up


Unlike most of the brands, The Flame Genie only focuses on manufacturing fire pits so that it can offer you a satisfying experience with top-notch quality and performance.

The Flame Genie offers you two options to customize your style according to your preference and outdoor décor. The two available options are- high-quality stainless steel and black galvanized steel


Stainless Steel vs Galvanized Steel


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Both models feature an airflow technology named “Gravitational afterburner,” portability, and modern design. Additionally, there are two available sizes for the Flame Genie models to provide you the perfect fire companion for any outdoor space.


2. Overview of Solo Stove Line Up


With the Solo Stove brand, you have a variety of products to choose from and make your desired purchase. This brand offers you fire pits, camp stoves, grills, and apparel to provide you with an ultimate fire experience. The fire pits category has three popular models- Bonfire, Yukon, and Ranger. You can choose your model according to your requirement and preference.


Solo stove fire pit


Let’s take a glance at the Solo Stove models!


Solo Stove Models Solo Stove Ranger Solo Stove Bonfire Solo Stove Yukon
Size 12.5 (height) x 15 (width)- inches 14 (height) x 19.5 (length) x 19.5 (width)- inches 29 (height) x 29 (length) x 18 (width)- inches
Weight 17 lbs 20 lbs 56.9 lbs
Fuel Type Wood Wood Wood
Material 304 Stainless steel 304 Stainless steel 304 Stainless steel
Heavy-duty Carry Case Included Included Included
Purpose Suitable for a campsite, hiking, or distant outdoor spot (2-3 people) Suitable for balcony, porch, limited outdoor spot, or small outdoor gatherings (3-4 people) Suitable for backyard, larger outdoor spot, or larger outdoor gatherings (4-7 people)


All the Solo Stove models feature a signature 360° airflow technology combined with a double-wall design, stainless steel with quality construction, portability, and eye-catching appearance. Additionally, this brand offers stands that you can buy separately and use your fire pit safely on any surface (wood, floorboard, tempered concrete, etc.) without any worries.


What Flame Genie and Solo Stove have to offer?


The Flame Genie and the Solo Stove- both brands offer fire pits featuring advanced airflow technology, which makes them smokeless. These smokeless fire pits perform efficiently while producing zero to little smoke. They also require less fuel to generate an intense amount of heat.

Additionally, if you are looking for convenient portable fire pits, you can definitely consider both brands. They offer portable, lightweight fire pits that are pretty compact and flexible to carry, relocate and store.


Head-to-head Comparison between the Flame Genie and the Solo Stove


1. Airflow Technology

The Flame Genie fire pits stand out from its competitors by featuring an innovative technology named “gravitational afterburner.” It is a unique, advanced system that enables the fire pit to burn longer without producing a cloud of smoke, spark, or a massive pile of leftovers. 

With the Flame Genie, you can enjoy the vibe of a traditional fire pit but in a more comforting and safer way.

On the other hand, the Solo Stove fire pits feature a signature 360° airflow technology and have a double-wall design. The high-efficient secondary combustion system allows fire at the bottom of the fire pit and uses double walls to draw extra air. In this way, it burns off smoke at the top. 

Therefore, the smoke-free technology of the Solo Stove enables it to produce almost zero to minimal smoke while performing and reduces the chances of irritated eyes and respiratory systems caused by fire pit smoke. In this way, the Solo Stove fire pits offer you a clean, healthy, and comfortable fire ambience.

Even though both- the Flame Genie and Solo Stove are built with low-smoke technology, the Solo Stove takes the trophy! It has a more efficient combustion system combined with advanced airflow technology and produces the minimum smoke compared to its competitors.


2. Materials

When it comes to sustainable, quality crafting materials, the Solo Stove gets our vote! 

Wondering why? Keep reading to find out!

The Flame Genie offers two models- stainless steel and black galvanized steel.

If you want to go for the Flame Genie, we recommend you get the stainless steel model. 

The stainless steel model is rust-resistant, durable, and can withstand intense heat comparatively better than the galvanized unit. The black model may show signs of finish fatigue after the initial fire as the top rim of the firepit can exceed temperatures of 1200 °F, and the high temperature has a chance to burn off any powder-coat finish.

Now, with the Solo Stove models, you won’t have to worry about any such thing! All the Solo Stove fire pits are built with 304 stainless steel with heavy-duty construction. Therefore, you can get an efficient performance for many seasons as they won’t easily rust, discolor or show any damage to the quality. 

Moreover, with the quality crafting materials and robust construction, the Solo Stoves will last longer than the Flame Genie, providing you with an efficient performance. 

Therefore, while comparing the quality of the materials and durability, the Solo Stove is definitely the winner!


3. Design

While comparing the design of the fire pits, the Solo Stove definitely takes the trophy leaving the Flame Genie behind!

Even though the Flame Genie offers options such as black galvanized model and stainless steel model, both models have an exactly similar design which is a bit off-putting. They are comparatively heavier and less compact in size than the Solo Stove ones.


flame genie fire pit review


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Now, on the other hand, all of the models launched by the Solo Stove are constructed with 304 stainless steel with a glossy, silver finish. They are bound to catch your eyes even in the dark with their modern design and sleek appearance.

Apart from the design, this brand also focuses on the functionality of its fire pits.  They are compact, portable, unbelievably lightweight, and compatible with stands. Therefore, you can carry them anywhere, place them even in a limited space and use them safely on any surface by attaching the stand.


Bonfire fire pit review


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If you want a perfect centerpiece that will also be flexible enough to transport, relocate or store, the Solo Stove should be your pick!


4. Fuel Type

If you are planning to get the ideal fire pit for your outdoor fire experience, you need to consider the fuel adaptability of your fire pit.

Here’s the good news! Both the Flame Genie and the Solo Stove offer convenient, sustainable fuel options that are both affordable and available for you. 

If you love the crackling sound of wood and the nostalgic smell of a campfire, you can go for any models from the Flame Genie or Solo Stove to serve your purpose. With these two popular brands, you can enjoy a clean, safe, smokeless fire environment with the minimum effort. 

With the Flame Genie, you won’t have to worry about storing bulk amounts of logs or refilling propane or gas tanks as it runs on wood pellets. Similarly, the Solo Stove models run on wood and generate intense heat with a minimal amount of smoke, ash, or debris.

However, if we compare the fuel type of the Flame Genie and Solo Stove, the Flame Genie gets a slightly better edge. Because the wood pellets are way cheaper than the quality firewood, they burn cleaner and more efficiently than the wood logs, and you can easily carry them with you to distant outdoor areas.

Kindly note, even though the wood pellets are way more convenient and affordable than wood logs, wood produces more intense heat and flames than wood pellets. So, decide which one would suit you the best, considering your outdoor space, requirements, and purpose.


5. Price Range

The Solo Stove fire pits fall a bit on the expensive side than the Flame Genie ones. 

The Solo Stove Yukon is the most expensive model, and the Solo Stove Ranger is the most affordable model among all the available Solo Stoves. On the other hand, the galvanized unit is the cheapest one between the Flame Genie’s two units.

Even though the Flame Genie can be a cheaper alternative to the Solo Stoves, the Solo Stove beats all when it comes to providing premium quality, durability, and efficient performance.

If you want to invest in a quality fire product that will sustain for many seasons while offering you a satisfying experience, you should undoubtedly go for the Solo Stove. With this one- you get what you pay for!


6. Maintenance

The Flame Genie uses wood pellets to generate heat. The wood pellets burn cleaner and more efficiently. Therefore, the fire Genie produces minimal ash, debris, or leftovers at the end of the journey and saves you from the hassle of heavy cleaning.


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Moreover, the Flame Genie fire pit is pretty easy to clean after use and maintain while not in use. You might be curious to know how to maintain the Flame Genie in a professional yet accessible way. In that case, you can check our detailed Flame Genie review, where we have covered everything for you.

On the other hand, the Solo Stoves run on wood and tend to leave more work for you after every performance. However, if you want to clean the Solo Stoves in an easier way and maintain a rich appearance like the first time you took it out of the box, we got you covered! Check our Solo Stove review guide and make your outdoor fire experience smoother than ever!


7. Safety

Both the Flame Genie and the Solo Stove are pretty safe to use outdoor.

However, while comparing which fire pit ensures more safety for your beloved ones, the Flame Genie gets our vote. Why? Let’s find out!

The Solo Stoves use firewood, wood logs to produce heat, whereas the Flame Genie uses wood pellets. The wood pellets are usually dry and contain low moisture. As a result, they have a low tendency to produce flying embers.

So, you won’t have to worry about getting holes in your favorite piece of cloth or burning your skin while using Flame Genie. With this fire pit, you can enjoy an open fire pit while ensuring your safety.


Comparison at a glance


Now, let’s have a quick look at the comparisons between the Flame Genie and the Solo Stove:

Comparison categories Flame Genie Solo Stove
Airflow Technology/ Low-smoke Gravitational afterburner Signature 360° technology combined with a double-wall design (Winner)
Crafting Materials Steel material with a black powder-coat paint finish (Galvanized/black model), Stainless Steel (Silver model) 304 stainless steel (Winner)
Durability Moderately durable (The silver model is more durable than the black model) Extremely durable (Winner)
Fuel Type Wood pellets- burns cleaner, easier to carry, cheaper (Winner) Firewood, wood logs
Price Range More affordable than the Solo Stoves (Winner) A bit expensive than the Flame Genie
Performance Warm glow, flame height is fairly maintained, requires tendering every half an hour Intense heat, robust flames, consistent heat production (Winner)
Maintenance Requires minimum maintenance, easy to clean components, produces minimal ash and leftovers (Winner) Requires moderate maintenance, might leave more work for you after each session
Design Less compact and heavier than the Solo Stoves Modern, more compact, and super lightweight (Winner)
Safety Safer than similar wood-burning fire pits as it runs on wood pellets and hardly produces any flying sparks or embers (Winner) Also safer than similar wood-burning fire pits. However, wood logs have a higher tendency to produce flying sparks than wood pellets.


Final Verdict


The Flame Genie vs. the Solo Stove- who is the ultimate winner?

Now, the answer solely depends on your purpose and requirements. If you want to get a fire pit with extended durability, appealing design, consistent heat production, the Solo Stove takes the trophy. However,  it would be best if you were prepared to make some investment in this case.

On the other hand, the Flame Genie fire pits are more suitable for you if you prefer a warm glow, less maintenance, more convenient, and sustainable fuel type- all in an affordable price range.

So, choose your ideal fire partner considering your requirements and purpose and enjoy a smokeless, safe, relaxing fire environment at your desired outdoor spot.


Alternatives Of These Products


If you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves enjoying a warm, cozy fireside quite often, we got you covered!

If you are looking for an ideal fire companion for your trips to campsite, beach, or any distant outdoor spot, you would definitely love to check the best portable fire pits of 2024 beside the Flame Genie and Solo Stove models.

And if you love the vibe of a traditional wood-burning fire pit and looking for a more convenient alternative, you would definitely like to check this collection of the best wood-burning fire pits of 2024 other than the Flame Genie and Solo Stove ones! 

Buy your ideal fire partner and enjoy a memorable outdoor fire experience in no time!


Frequently Asked Questions


Here are a few additional pieces of information related to the Flame Genie that you might be interested to know!


What is better than a solo stove?

The Solo Stove is one of the most top-notch smokeless fire pits that offer innovative airflow technology, premium quality, functionality, eye-catching design, and what not!

However, if you are looking for an even better alternative to the Solo Stove, you would love to check this collection of top-reviewed smokeless fire pits of 2024!


Is there a cheaper version of the solo stove?

Some of you may find the Solo Stove a bit expensive, but the price offers justice with supreme quality and satisfying performance.

Now, if you are looking for a more affordable option, you should definitely check the Flame Genie. It offers two models in two different sizes and can be an affordable alternative to the Solo Stove.


Can you burn wood in a Flame Genie?

Yes, you can.

You can run the Flame Genie with wood pellets to get glowy flames and intense heat. You can also use the manufactured fire logs to run this fire pit. 

However, we strongly discourage you from burning any other alternative in this smokeless fire pit other than wood pellets as it can damage its quality. There’s also a chance of making the provided warranty ineffective if you do so.


Do Solo stoves turn black?

No, the Solo Stoves usually don’t turn black. 

However, you may notice the patina after using the stoves for some time, but there’s nothing to worry about! The patina is caused by the 304 stainless steel’s reaction to the fire pit’s intense heat and doesn’t affect the quality or performance of the Solo Stoves.


Are solo stoves worth it?

The Solo stove fire pits feature a signature 360° airflow technology combined with a double-wall design. Similar to popular smokeless fire pits, the Solo Stoves are also built with smoke-free technology, producing almost zero to minimal smoke while generating intense heat. 

With the Solo Stoves, you can get a clean, healthy, and comfortable fire ambience for many seasons and save money using comparatively less fuel. Therefore, the Solo Stoves are definitely worth your investment.




Now, let’s have a quick look at what you have gathered so far. Here, you have got a detailed comparison between the Flame Genie and the Solo Stove. You have also got additional information about the brands and their products.

Kindly note, no matter whichever brand you decide to go for, creating a safe fire environment for your friends and family should be your top priority. 

Therefore, make sure you always use fire pit spark screens to prevent fire hazards or mishaps. It will protect your surroundings from flying embers or sparks. Moreover, follow the standard fire pit safety rules and regulations to ensure a safe outdoor fire experience for you and your beloved ones.

So, did it help you to choose your winner? Have you found the answers you were looking for? If it helped you with the information you needed, we would be glad to know. Share your opinions with us and if there’s something more to add, let us know in the comment section. We would appreciate your feedback!

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