Gas vs Wood Fire Pit (Which One You Should Pick)

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Last updated Mar 2, 2024
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Fire pit is actually a structure which is made to contain fire and prevent it from spreading. The pit can vary from a hole dug in the ground to a separate ground pit structure that is surrounded by metal, stone or brick.
A fire pit can be many shaped while constructed. There are many types of fire pit that you would find at the market like wood burning fire pit, propane fire pit, gel fuel fire pit, natural gas fire fit and bio-ethanol fire pit.
Among them wood burning fire pits and gas fire pits are the most popular and easy access fire pits that you can easily find in the market.

However you can be confused about your choice of pit. So the article helps you make your choice valuable. You will find detailed information and comparison about gas vs wood fire pit.


What is Gas Fire Pit


A gas fire pit is designed to look like some original fire pits that were generally used for cooking years ago. Basically a gas fire pit has a decorative design for outdoor use and display.
They are made of concrete, brick or stone and contain decorative coal or logs that burn brightly. Moreover the real flame is produced by natural gas or propane to a gas fire pit.


How Gas Fire Pit Works

Gas fire pits have different designs and shapes(mostly round) but they all work on the same principle. First, there is housing that has a gas line or a portable propane tank from the house.
The top of the housing is a large concave heat-resistant bowl with one or more burners spread in the bowl from the bottom.

These are connected to the bottom tank, providing combustible gas. The pit can bring an ignition switch that ignites the burners once the gas flow is turned on and gives the appearance of a real coal or wood fire.


Advantages of Gas Fire Pit

  • Controllable: A gas fire pit provides you instant off and on buttons. You can use it when you want and you can close it instantly as well.
  • Cleaning: A gas fire pit does not have any kind of mess or ash. So you do not need to take any hassle to clean the gas fire pit.
  • Storage: A gas fire pit uses natural gas or propane as fuel. So you do not need to chop wood or store wood to use the fire pit.
  • Smoke free: A gas fire pit does not provide you with any kind of smoke, so that you are free from smoke that can go on your clothes and also less harm to nature as well.


Disadvantages of Gas Fire Pit

  • Expensive: A gas fire pit costs you more to buy and also it costs you more while using. You also have to make a setup for fuel which can increase your costs compared to wood burning fire pits.
  • Fuel system: You have to make a gas line for the gas fire pit or you need to buy a propane tank to use it. It can be a burden for you after using it for some time.
  • Lower heating: This kind of fire pit provides you lower heating compared to a wood fire pit.
  • Leaking and hiding: There are always leaking issues for a gas fire pit from the joint place of the gas line and fire pit. Any accident can happen so you need to be more conscious about it. Moreover hiding the propane tank can be tricky and it also hampers the vibe of your fire pit enjoyment.
  • Cooking: A gas fire pit produces less heat so that cooking can be harder for you with this kind of fire pit. But you can increase heat from gas fire pit.
  • Aesthetic feeling: This kind of fire pit does not provide you with a rustic smell or sound that actually provides you with an aesthetic feeling.


What is Wood Burning Fire Pit


A wood burning fire pit has an aesthetic design or vibe with a great capability of producing warmth while human gatherings.

A wood burning fire pit is like encouragement for humans. You can make a wood burning fire pit by digging your backyard which is called traditionally or you can buy it premade which is constructed by precast concrete, metal, combination of metal and stone.


How Wood Burning Fire Pit Works

Wood burning fire pits can be many shaped if you buy ready made or you can also make it manually by your needs.

To properly start a fire in a fire pit you need to provide dry tenders and kindlings, best quality firewood, something like a match or lighter to start your fire and water in case of emergency.

Firstly you have to gather tender materials at the center of the fire pit. Then, straight from your tender pile in the middle of the fire pit, assemble a TP-like frame made of your sticks, keeping the sticks and twigs together, but leaving some gaps for air flow and illumination. Next, find a gap between your TP in your ignition and illuminate the Tinder pile with the fire starter of your choice.

When the kindling starts to burn, you can then begin placing your firewood in the fire pit. You also can use some firewood alternatives like organic briquettes. That’s how a wood burning fire pit works.


Advantages of Wood Burning Fire Pit

  • Less expensive: A wood burning fire pit is cheaper than other fire pits in terms of installing and fuel supply.
  • Hotter: These kinds of fire pits are hotter than gas fire pits. You can feel the heat around it.
  • Cooking facility: A wood burning fire pit provides you more heat which actually helps you to cook properly.
  • Traditional looking: A wood burning fire pit provides you both traditional looking flame and design. You can feel the aesthetic vibe around it.
  • Sound and smell: This kind of fire pits provide you with a rustic smell along with cedar crackling sound which is definitely enjoyable for you.
  • Renewable: Wood is a renewable resource of fuel. You can renew your wood fire pit as your mood swings.


Disadvantages of Wood Burning Fire Pit

  • Cleaning: A wood fire pit produces the maximum amount of ash. So you need to take some hassle to clean it.
  • Storing woods: A wood burning fire pit uses wood as its fuel. So you have to chop and store wood regularly.
  • Time consuming: It takes more time to start or get off compared to a gas fire pit.
  • Smoke: These kinds of fire pits produce maximum smoke compared to others. So this can leave a bad smell on your clothes and it is also dangerous for nature as well. It can be irritating for your neighbor as well. This smoke can be more harmful to you if you have asthma or a vulnerable respiratory system.
  • Distance regulation: Wood burning fire must be at least 25 feet from any combustible fire. So you need to compromise your design for a fire pit sometimes.


Detailed Comparison of Wood and Gas Fire Pit


Local laws: You can find some law issues when you go for a fire pit. A Gas fire pit is more reliable than a wood fire pit in terms of safety and pollution.

Safety and Pollution: Your safety is in your hands. Gas fire pit can leak gas if it was not professionally installed and things can change quickly.

Usually a wood fire pit gives you a higher amount of flame so you need to take precautions and have to maintain distance from the flame. A gas fire pit is a more preferable option than a wood fire pit in terms of air pollution.

Placement: Gas or propane fire pits can be easily integrated with a patio or deck. In fact, you bought them specifically for safe use on a deck or patio so that you can enjoy it with your patio furniture.

On the other hand Wooden pits can be made into a patio or deck, special care should be taken, especially when making wooden decks. Pits can get very, very hot and there is a risk of fire. You can also damage the patio with heat from a wooden hole.

Budget: A fire pit either it is wood burning or gas fire pit cost depends on its size, design, placement, structure and specification. A wood burning fire pit material can cost you $300 to $800 or more. After installation it can cost you near $50 to $60 per hour and $200 to $500 per day.

So you need around $500 to $1300 for a wood burning fire pit setup. Beside that a gas fire pits material costs you nearly $400 to $3000 or more. After installation it can take $500 to $800 fuel per day depending on your use.

So finally you need near $900 t o $3800 or more for a gas fire pit setup. Budget can be a good issue for your choice.

Maintenance: Gas fire pit is very easy to maintain. You just need a cover when you do not use it. You need to replace gas tanks when needed. That’s very easy for you to maintain.
On the other hand wood fire pits need proper maintenance because you need to clean its ash often. You also need to chop or buy wood regularly and also add chopped wood to the pit while burning. Comparatively you will find gas fire pits are much easier to maintain than wood fire pits.

Resale value: Both fire pits offer you a great resale value for your home. Gas fire pit is eco friendly and clean which offers a great return on investment. On the other side wood burning fire pits have a classic look which can make your home resale value more attractive.

Permits: You need some requirements like permits to install a fire pit. It may vary from location to location. Some areas have burning restrictions at certain times of the year. It only covers fire holes that have open, wood burning flames.

Additionally, fires should be kept away from any structure in the backyard. This must be done to reduce the chances of a fire not being inside the hole. Permission may be required for any outside fire holes in or outside certain areas.

It is important to check your local laws. Wood fire pits can be subject to strict legal restrictions. Permissions can be the reason for installing gas fire pits in any location as the process of running gas lines can be dangerous and usually requires government approval.

Fuel, storage and availability: A gas fire pit uses natural gas or propane as fuel. You do not need to store it if you have natural gas supply in your area. Sometimes you need to store it if you buy a gas cylinder to use a gas fire pit. On the other hand, a wood fire pit needs wood as fuel.

So it is very obvious that you need to store good quality logs to use it. Woods are available but after burning it produces smoke and ash which can be harmful for nature.

Heat and cooking: This is very obvious that you will get more heat from wood than gas. So a wood fire pit produces a maximum amount of heat along with smoke and ash. You can cook or steam food very easily and enjoy your fire pit experience more effectively.

Other side streams can be ok but sometimes cooking may be a burden for you with a gas fire pit. A gas fire pit can produce less heat that can offer you warmth but this amount of heat is not suitable for cooking.

Experience: Your experience should be good with both of the fire pits. Moreover you can differentiate your experience with them. The scent of burning wood and the magical sound it provides will never be replaced by a gas fire pit.

There are two reasons why you would choose wood over a gas fire pit. If you are looking for a cleaner approach to socialization without too much fuss, a gas fire pit is probably the choice for you.


Make a Choice for Your Fire Pit


Finally you have your choice in your own hand. You can have personal preferences. If you plan to live in a house for a long time and you want to make it a dream house to live in, a gas fire pit can be a great option for you. Also if you like an eco-friendly product with easy maintenance then a gas pit is your finest option. Most likely if you are not planning to stay at your place for a long time then a portable wood fire pit can be your ideal choice. This also offers you a worthwhile investment.


Suggested Products for Wood Burning Fire Pit



1. KINGSO Fire Pit


KINGSO Fire Pit Review


Kingso fire pit is one of the best wood burning fire pits. This can be a perfect fit for your yard or garden. It comes with a net to prevent burning and to ignite and safely remove the net for insects. It can be your ideal choice for heating, barbeque or food in your yard or garden.

This fire pit gives you more satisfaction to use and comfort as well. This fire pit is easy to move and handle. But it is not that strong. You will find that it can not serve you long. This can be a good deal at its price point.


Check Price On Amazon


2. BALI OUTDOORS Wood Burning Fire Pit


 BALI OUTDOORS Wood Burning Fire Pit Review


Bali wood burning fire pit is one of the best portable fire pits you ever find. This fire pit offers you a multifunctional design with a sturdy steel construction.

This wood burning fire pit is portable and multifunctional. You can cook and can enjoy its warmth while needed. You also can easily move it however you want. This fire pit is very easy to assemble but sometimes the legs of the pit can break during assembly. So you need to be more careful when you assemble it and you can enjoy its service for a long time.


Check Price On Amazon


3. LEMY 32 inch Outdoor Square Metal Fire Pit


 LEMY 32 inch Outdoor Square Metal Fire Pit Review


Lemy wood burning fire pit is an all season fire pit which you can use for warmth, barbeque or outdoor gathering. This fire pit is portable and easily moveable and has an attractive look with its multi purpose working ability which makes a great deal for you.

This fire pit offers you an attractive design and a multitasking ability. You can use it as a fire pit or a bbq station or an ice bucket pit. It can be more satisfying for you while using the pit. But sometimes you can be disappointed with its build quality. It can rust easily if you do not take proper care of it. Also it may be your best choice when you use it and get the full service.


Check Price On Amazon


Suggested Products for Gas Fire Pit




BALI OUTDOORS Gas Fire Pit  Review


Bali outdoor gas fire pit is one of the best gas fire pits you would find at the market. This fire pit has an embossing design with a control knob. You can control the flame of the pit with the knob. You also get a cover for safety and storage space to store your necessary things for using the pit.

This fire pit offers you attractive looking design and easy functions to execute. This fire pit can give you enough warmth and you can easily assemble and execute it. Sometimes you will find it hard when parts of the pit get damaged. If any parts are damaged then you can not fix it suddenly. Although it may be a great deal for you in terms of satisfaction and looks.


Check Price On Amazon


2. Femor 30″ Propane Gas Fire Pit


Femor 30" Propane Gas Fire Pit Review


Femor gas fire pit is one of the great gas fire pits. It has mostly everything that you need. This is a waterproof fire pit along with safety ignitions. You also can use it as a table while needed.

This fire pit offers you a good heat and attractive looking flame. You can easily assemble it and use it as a fire pit as well as a table. You hardly find a con of this pit. You will feel safe with this pit because it has many more safety features.


Check Price On Amazon


3. Outland Living Firebowl 823


Outland Living Firebowl 823 Review


Outland living fire bowl is a portable gas fire pit with lightweight and high quality construction. You can move it easily and also can move with it easily. It has a chrome valve knob that helps you to adjust flame height.

You can easily execute it. You can go camping with it. It is very easy and light weight to carry. You may find a value for money deal sometime. It gives you a decent heat and cooking experience while camping and gathering. This pit also does not have any major con but it has to take care of it properly or it can be damaged easily. It may prove a great deal for your daily use.


Check Price On Amazon




Wood fire pits and gas fire pits both have their own quality and comfort. Sometimes you will find a debating motion in terms of making a choice among them. Ultimately you find both do their work very well. A wood fire pit offers you an artistic vibe with its natural smell and sound. But you have to consider the pollution or hard maintenance. Other hand, a gas fire pit provides you with an eco-friendly service and easy maintenance. Last choice will be made by you by your preference and situation. You can go for what you want and finally you will find both are perfect in their own ways.

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