How To Clean A Fire Pit (Step-By-Step Instructions)

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Last updated Mar 1, 2024
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Having a clean fire pit helps to give you a fascinating and classy look in your backyard. By cleaning a fire pit, you can enjoy an energetic evening near a fire pit with your friends while doing a campfire. This will make you feel real, warm, and cozy. You can also think about a get-together or a party where you’re chit-chatting with your close people in your lawn near the best fire pit grill for having a meal!

If you want to experience these moments, you will need a clean fire pit. A fresh fire pit allows us to feel a special kind of warmth – it radiates energy, presence, and activeness and creates the perfect gathering place for laughing and sharing memories. Whether the fire pit is crafted from durable stone or sculptural metal and whether it runs on gas or logs, requires thorough, regular cleaning to stay in great condition and work safely.

When we think about the excellent benefits of a fire pit, there comes a responsibility to clean it properly. It is a must for getting all the comforts of having a fire pit. In this article, we will learn about how to clean a fire pit. We believe that with our helpful tips and a little elbow grease, you’ll have your fire pit clean, sparkling, and ready for another season of toasty, relaxing moments.



Necessary Fire Pit Maintenance Tools



Before you start cleaning, you’ll need to have the right tools on hand. The following fire pit tools can help you quickly clean and maintain your fire pit, so it’ll last for many seasons:

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fire pit maintenance tools


1. Broom:

The broom is generally used to clean out the ashes and debris from the fire pit. You can also clean the dirt of the fire pit with a broom.


2. Dustpan:

Dustpan usually comes handy with a broom. It is used to gather all the ashes and debris together and clean the fire pit.


3. Scoop:

You can use a scoop to clean out the ashes and debris from the corner of the fire pit so that no ashes and debris are left behind.


4. Garden Gloves:

You must use garden gloves while making a solution for cleaning or cleaning a gas fire pit for safety measures.


5. Storage Container or Bucket:

A storage container or bucket is used to remove ash and debris from the fire pit to another place.


6. Poker Stick:

Poker Stick is used to reposition firewood or move other items to keep them away from the flame. Aside from these functions, these will also ensure that you or anyone handling the fire pit will be able to stoke the fire safely.


7. Shovel:

It’s common to have leftover ash, so to properly clean it up, you will need a fire pit shovel. This is a small shovel that will help you scoop ashes and other leftover debris. If you get one with a long handle, you can also use it to reposition things even when there’s an ongoing fire.


If you own a wood-burning fire pit, you need to have a pair of tongs to remove larger debris and rearrange them. You will also need an ash scoop, metal bucket, and a can to remove ashes from the bowl. In addition to these handy tools, be sure you have a spark screen for safety and reducing charing and a vinyl or protective fire pit cover to use when the fire pit is not in use.



Basic Step to Clean Any Fire Pit



  1. The basic step of cleaning a fire pit is to ensure that all ash and debris are removed from the pit to prevent damage to the fire pit.
  2. Removal should be done safely and adequately because ash tends to smoke for some hours after the fire goes out in the fire pit.
  3. Scoop the ashes from the fire pit in the day after the fire pit is used.
  4. Have a metal can on-hand for properly dumping the ashes in.
  5. Wipe away ashes with water after they are collected in the metal bucket or can.


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Well, different kinds of fire pits require different methods of cleaning. Now we will learn about the easiest techniques for different fire pits so that this article comes handy to you!



How to Clean Stone, Brick or Masonry Fire Pit



Permanent pit installations serve as eye-catching focal points in any yard. They are very durable. They also can typically handle year-round weather conditions without a lot of maintenance, but they still require occasional cleaning. You can clean your stone, brick, or masonry fire pits following these steps:


How to Clean Stone, Brick or Masonry Fire Pit


  1. Scrub the bowl with a stiff-bristled brush to remove large soot stains.
  2. To scrub the interior, you can use a solution of 1-part muriatic acid to 9-parts water. You can also dissolve 1/2 cup of grease-fighting dishwashing liquid in 2 gallons of hot water and use that solution.
  3. Wear protective gloves in hands, and scrub the pit bowl with this solution.
  4. After cleaning the fire pit, rinse with water and allow it to dry for 48-72 hours. A hose fitted with a jet stream nozzle is handy for giving the fire pit a thorough rinse.
  5. You can also apply a stone sealant that helps keep soot from sticking.



How to Clean Steel or Metal Fire Pit



Steel or metal fire pits are one of the most popular and versatile fire pit options available. To clean it, you need to follow these steps:


How to Clean Steel or Metal Fire Pit


  1. Ensure the ash and debris are correctly removed from the bowl as well as from the fire pit.
  2. Use a dry scrub brush to remove loose ash and debris from the interior and exterior metal surfaces.
  3. Spray it properly with a hose and lightly wipe with a soapy water solution. You can use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub all metal surfaces with a solution of 1/4 cup washing soda dissolved in 1 gallon of hot water.
  4. Rinse the fire pit with fresh water thoroughly and turn the bowl upside-down to allow it to air dry.



How to Clean Cast Iron Fire Pit



How to Clean Cast Iron Fire Pit


Cast iron fire pits are a little tougher to clean than steel or masonry fire pits because they produce a natural top layer of rust which does not harm the fire bowl. However, if you want to get them clean and keep that dark, industrial vibe, use steel wool to clean the pit or bowl so that all kinds of ash and debris are removed. You should rinse off any soot, and dry the pit with a soft cloth.



How to Clean a Copper Fire Pit



Copper fire pits will naturally patinate over-time. Once used, your copper fire pit tends to accumulate a layer of soot. You can clean your copper fire pit following these steps:


How to Clean a Copper Fire Pit


  1. Remove any ash and debris out of your fire pit bowl.
  2. Spray the fire pit with a hose and clean with soap and water.
  3. If your copper pit is treated with varnish, you can use a soft cloth and warm water mixed with soap to remove soot from the metal body.
  4. If it’s untreated, prepare a natural cleaning solution of 1 cup salt to 1 gallon of vinegar or cut a lemon in half and sprinkle it with salt. Then use this to scrub the pit to prevent a patina from developing.



How to Clean a Gas Fire Pit



Although gas fire pits are low-maintenance and very easy to operate, they require some cleaning in the burner and the gas lines. To clean a gas fire pit, you can go through the following steps:


How to Clean a Gas Fire Pit


  1. Wipe down flat surfaces on the pit with warm water mixed with soap.
  2. Check the gas line connections to ensure they’re leak-free.
  3. Place your cover over the pit so that it remains clean for the next soiree.
  4. Keep the burners clean for proper flow through the burner.


If the fire glass needs spiffing up or the fire glass starts to look dull or dingy, you can follow these steps to clean it:

  1. Put on some protective gloves for removing the crystals from the pit.
  2. Place them in a large bucket outdoors.
  3. Remove any broken pieces you find, and vacuum any glass dust from the bottom of the pit’s bowl.
  4. Fill the fire glass bucket with freshwater and a few squirts of eco-friendly dish soap.
  5. Swirl the glass around in the warm water mixed with soap to loosen any kind of dirt.
  6. Pour the glass into a colander.
  7. Rinse off each batch of fire glass with your hose and let it dry before storing it or adding it back to the fire pit.



How to Clean a Wood-Burning Fire Pit



Wood-Burning fire pits seem to be very appealing to the people for its amazing smell and eye-charming flames. Part of your wood-burning fire pit maintenance should include regular cleaning after each fire. These are described below:


How to Clean a Wood-Burning Fire Pit


  1. Wait until the ashes in the pit are cool, and be careful because they can stay hot for hours.
  2. Check for a fire pit ashtray to remove ashes and debris.
  3. By using a small shovel or scoop, you can brush out the collected debris.
  4. Put on some protective gloves in hands, and take out large pieces of wood that remain.
  5. Use your ash scoop to transfer all the dust and debris into your metal bucket. If you have a shop-vac, you can also use it to get out any lingering ash bits.
  6. Remove your wood-burning fire pit’s spark screen. This can be cleaned with a whisk brush and warm soapy water.
  7. Remove the major pieces of debris.
  8. Look in your fire pit to check if there are any debris or large pieces of wood left behind and did not burn.
  9. Once you’ve cleaned your fire pit, gather all the leftover pieces and set them back to light for next time you light up the fire pit.
  10. To clean ashes, sweep the ashes to the center of the fire pit and then scoop out the pile.
  11. Be sure to check if some fire pits may have a deeper recessed area at the bottom for ash collection.
  12. Make sure to scoop out any significant chunks of ashes and put them in your non-flammable storage container or bucket.
  13. Replace fire pit spark screen and cover.
  14. Once your fire pit has been cleaned, put the fire pit screen back in place and attach your fire pit’s cover to protect it from animals or poor weather.
  15. Wait… Last but not least, you should not throw away the cooled ashes and wood debris. Wood ash can be well used as an eco-friendly way to de-ice walkways during the winter months. It can be used for planting and potting and can also create a strong cleaning solution to remove stubborn stains from linens and fabrics.


Some important issues you need to remember while cleaning a wood-burning fire pit:

  1. Never use accelerators. They can damage your fire pit by creating more fire.
  2. Remove any build-up of creosote regularly. This is a byproduct of burning wood. Keep in mind that this is highly flammable.
  3. Scrub it off with a stiff-bristled brush using the washing soda solution used for cleaning metal surfaces.
  4. Do not use water to extinguish a fire in your fire pit! The extreme change in temperature can crack or warp it.



How to Clean a Fire Pit with a Cooking Ledge



If you own a fire pit with a cooking ledge, follow these steps to clean it properly:


How to Clean a Fire Pit with a Cooking Ledge


  1. Spray down the surface using a non-corrosive grill cleaner. This will free up any residual grease and dried food on the cooking surface.
  2. After thoroughly spraying, scrub the surface with a scrub pad in a circular motion.
  3. Wipe off the remaining grill cleaner with a damp cloth, and allow the surface to dry properly.



Some Preventative Measures to Clean a Fire Pit



Some preventative measures need to be followed while cleaning a fire pit. These preventative measures will help your fire pit look more beautiful and work to prevent dirt or any kind of loss. These are:

  1. Do not throw trash of any kind in the fire pit.
  2. Keep all plastics away from the fire and any hot surfaces. It does not only melting plastic produce toxic fumes but also creates a gooey mess that is extremely hard to remove!
  3. Use a cover in the fire pit. It will protect your fire pit from inclement weather and rust, but it will also reduce the amount of cleaning necessary.
  4. Store the fire pit in a dry, sheltered location. This will protect the fire pit from harsh winter conditions.






After reading the whole article, you may have understood that just some simple methods can help make your fire pit clean. Like any household appliance, proper maintenance and take-care are necessary to ensure that your fire pit continues to function correctly for years.

Cleaning a fire pit is a relatively easy thing to do; it makes an enormous impact on the way you enjoy future campfires. Cleaning the fire pit properly will give you an amount of satisfaction when you can experience overwhelming moments near your fire pit, and it will make you more joyous, cheerful, and relaxed.

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