5 Simple Steps To Make A Dakota Fire Pit

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Last updated Feb 21, 2024
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In situations that can turn out to be hostile for extreme wind, cold and inadequate supply of food, a quick and easy solution of fire arrangement can save you. It prevents extreme cases of surviving colds like hypothermia. That also opens up options for cooking food with available supplies. 

The Dakota fire pit is the absolute primitive solution for smokeless fire. However, it turns out to be a life-savior solution for travelers. In this article, we have arranged several pieces of information about this fire pit. How it works, what is the procedure of making this fire pit, and the benefits you will have from a Dakota fire pit? 

So let’s get started,


How does it work 


Generally, the Dakota fire pit is smokeless. It is because it functionally reduces the smoke, no to zero. It’s a ground-embedded fire pit that consists of two side-by-side holes that are connected. One hole is for burning, and another one is for circulating fresh air on the burning holes. 


how does dakota fire pit work
source : https://www.wildernesscollege.com/


That system works like a double combustion system of any other smokeless fire pit. The oxygen flow enhances the burning efficiency of woods and helps the fuel to burn out entirely. 

That gives extensive heat output with zero mess. An immaculate output that is best for health and the environment. Additionally, this fire pit also hides the fire in the ground, which is perfect if you are camping deep in the forest and want to conceal your existence for specific reasons. For example, an attack of a wild animal, spotted by the indigenous tribe of woods, or don’t want to disturb forest nightlife.


5 Steps to Make a Dakota Fire Pit




If you have a spade, a match, and a few fire sticks around you, then you’re all set to build a Dakota fire pit. Follow this simple procedure step by step, 


1. Find a place 

Although this fire pit is a campfire thing, you can build a Dakota fire pit in the yard too. First, find a clear and primarily even surface on the ground. Then clear out all the space as much as possible. You may need an area of one and a half feet. 


2. Dig the fire hole 

A fire hole is where you are going to place your firewood to burn. You can say it’s a burning hole too. Dig this hole more likely to the center of the clearing space. You can dig the hole deep or big according to your wish and the situation. A deep hole will conceal the fire and will protect it from a strong whiff. And a big hole will let you build a large fire. 


3. Dig the oxygen hole 

This one is the functional part of a Dakota fire pit. Dig this hole at least one foot away from the first hole. This hole flows fresh oxygen into the fire hole. Airflow initiates the proper burning of woods, their moisture, and oil content so that the fire does not produce any smoke or char. 


4. Connect two holes 

After finishing two holes, it is time to connect them. You can use your spade or long stick to mine the tunnel. This connecting tunnel will flow the fresh air from the oxygen hole to the fire hole. Make sure this connecting hole is big enough for transporting the oxygen. And has no obstacle within it. 


5. Start firing 

So you are all set to start a fire after completing the previous step. Now take some dry things like paper or dried leaves and start a fire. Then add a kindler to build up the fire. After that, add a bigger portion of wood slowly to keep the fire alive for a long time. 

Want to know more tips about building different types of smokeless fire pits like the Dakota one? Check out this article on DIY smokeless fire pits


Benefits of Dakota fire pit 


  • The arranging process is almost effortless from all types of fire. 
  • The Dakota fire pit is smokeless. That functionally burns wood effectively and produces almost zero fumes. 
  • It needs a moderate amount of fire fuel. Best for instant fire and warmth. 
  • Survival hacks for a novice to a pro traveler. 
  • The Dakota fire pit keeps the flame embedded in-ground that keeps wildlife safe from getting instigated by light in the nighttime. 
  • It also helps to conceal your existence in the woods and refrain from any undesirable guests. 
  • This fire pit is fully compatible with any local campfire ban. 




Being a fantastic fire, heat, and light source, a Dakota fire pit is entirely smokeless. It is efficient, easy, and safe. With the upgoing pollution-concern, people are more sensible for wildlife, environment and their health too. So they are more into things that cause less harm to nature and health. So, if you are up to buy a smokeless fire pit, check this article that reviews the best smokeless fire pit available on the marketplace. 

Hope you enjoy reading this. If you try Dakota fire pit, share your experience with us in the comment section below. Take care! Happy Firing!

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