How to Troubleshoot a Propane Fire Pit

Harry Hubbard

Last updated Feb 10, 2024
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Propane fire pits fume-free, soot free, and hot flame makes them the best version of fire pits. They are popular among the users day by day. These fire pits are well efficient and easy to maintain. 

But you may face some difficulties with these fire pits sometimes. Often these problems you can handle all by yourself. It would be helpful to have some standard instruments in your home and thorough knowledge about your propane fire pit. 

In this article, we will talk about different problems you usually have with a propane fire pit. And the probable cause and a functioning solution to these problems. 

Ensure These Things Before Any Troubleshooting 

Before addressing your problem, make sure if these things are present

  • The fuel tank is empty
  • Any loose Connection
  • Any leakage
  • If any wire is torn or dispatch

If your tank is full, all your connections are looking okay. However, your fire pit is still not functioning correctly, so you may have some real problems.

6 Problems With Propane Fire Pit

Here are some real-time problems you might have with your fire pit. You may need these tools in your toolbox.

  • A screw-driver
  • A wrench
  • Piler
  • Sealer
  • A pair of rubber gloves

1. The pilot is not igniting 

Sometimes despite full fuel, your pilot may not spark or ignite.

Cause: It can happen for loose valves, clogging on the connection. 

Solution: If a spark is visible when you try to ignite, then push and hold the ignitor for a moment. If the spark is not happening, then wait five minutes and try with a lighter for ignition. If needed, change the pilot. You can follow this video.

2. The ignitor is not responding 

Your fuel tank is full, but whenever you are pushing the ignitor, it’s not igniting. It’s a very phenomenal problem we face. 

Cause: Probable cause of this problem is the ignitor battery has run off. loose connection with the valve is another reason.

Solution: Change the battery of the ignitor. And tighten up all connections.

3. Propane fire pit won’t stay lit 

The most common problem with propane fire pits is that they won’t stay lit.

Cause: The faulty thermocouple is the main reason for this problem. A loosen up valve, or a windy place can associate this problem.

Solution: Check the thermocouple is any wire loosen up, tighten up the connection. You can watch this video to know this process well. If your thermocouple is okay and the place you have set your fire pit is too windy, change the position or use a shield for wind. 

4. Soot build-up 

If you are tracing a soot build-up in your fire glass or DIY fire pit’s surface, you need to pay attention.

Cause: lackings of oxygen circulation can elevate soot build.

Solution: All you have to do is make ways for air circulation. Move if any blocking or dirt has accumulated.

5. Propane fire pit low flame 

Low flame is one major thing you don’t want with your fire pit.

Cause: Low supply of gas to your gas line. Your tank is not able to deliver enough pressure to create the right amount of flame.  

Solution: Make sure the gas line fits with the fire pit. Upgrade the BTU of your fire pit.

6. Whistling sound 

A hissing or whistling sound is also an inclined problem.

Cause: This problem is happening cause gas is creating too much pressure for your fire pit.

Solution: Match the pressure and lineage for a smoother experience.


With necessary safety precautions, try this solution by yourself. But if you are not confident or finding difficulties, it is better to call a professional. However, propane fire pits are low maintenance, yet it would be better if you do a routine clean up. Don’t forget to check the wires and other connections regularly. We hope this writing will help you to regain your fire pit old efficiency. Safe firing!

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