23 Useful Things You Can Do With Fire Pit Ashes

Carolyn Harper

Last updated Mar 2, 2024
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While throwing in bins, have you ever thought about what can be done with the leftover wood ash of your fire pit? How would it be if you find some exciting ideas to turn your ashes into the most useful thing on your pitch to the kitchen? Wood ash is freaking versatile. It can be used as fertilizer, insecticide, skincare, cleaner, and food processing agent to food preservatives. Additionally, it is free, beneficial, and natural. 

So today, we have come with more than 20 ways to make wood ash applicable on your regular chores. Let’s jump onto 23 different uses of it, you will love to try by yourself.


Things You Can Do With Fire Pit Ashes


1. Fertilizer


1 Fertilizer


Ashes derived from wood contain many essential elements for the growth of different plants. It will enrich plants with macro and micronutrients and other trace elements. For example, tomatoes in your garden can attain needed potassium from wood ash. On the other hand, this is free of cost, and your garden will be organic.  


2. Compost booster


2 Compost booster


Besides working as special fertilizer, wood ash boosts up your compost procedure. It increases the potassium level of compost, and its alkaline nature balances the acidic tendency of compost. This balance is required for letting the worms do their work. Sprinkle it on top of your compost bin, and the rest is a matter of time.


3. Weed tarnisher


3 Weed tarnisher


As we know, wood ash can elevate the ph level of the soil. If you want to get rid of a weed, you can treat them using wood ash by raising ph level. As the ph level will reach a point, it will be hard to survive unwanted weeds. But it can adversely affect your soil fertility so take action accordingly.


4. PH balance of the soil


4 PH balance of the soil


If your garden has become acidic and unfit for harvest, then you should use wood ash. As it is alkaline and has approx 43% calcium carbonate, it will buffer your soil fine and faster. Again it is free of cost and chemical. 

5. Pond algae control


5 Pond algae control


Have your pond filled with stubborn algae that you can’t beat anyway? Try wood ash. Sprinkle it regularly into your pond. It will not kill them, but it can slow down the growth of algae. Instead, it elevates the other plants to grow.  


6. Slug and snail repellent


6 Slug and snail repellent


Slug and snail are a common problem for gardeners. Cause moisture attracts them. On the other hand, wood ash is a great absorber. It can absorb high moisture content. So using that on your tub or garden line will keep away slugs and snails. The reason is these sloths find it challenging to move on a dry surface. 


7. Ant repellant


7 Ant repellant


Ants are an actual problem we often face. These ants can harm your plants and be a matter of concern if you have kids at home. Here wood ash is again savior! Ash doesn’t kill them, but it signals them to relocate.  


8. Ice melter

It can help you immensely with a snowy track. It contains potassium salt that produces heat which melts ice. Also, its chunky particle helps to create traction on ice. That makes it easy to drive your car. So keep a bucket full of ash when it’s snowing.


9. Fire extinguisher

Keeping a fire extinguisher in your reach or near your fire pit is a must for safety. But if you can’t manage any suitable extinguisher, place a bucket of wood ash near you. Like sand, wood ash work calms the fire. But a big fire will need much amount of ash to mitigate, so this will work fine with an average amount of fire. 


10. Desiccant

It has good desiccant properties. Which means it can instigate dryness in its surrounding area. You can use it in the frowsy place of your house. It will absorb the humidity of a close-end place and alleviate fogginess. Works best for low ventilated bathrooms and base floor.


11. Odor remover


8 Odor remover


As with its desiccant nature, wood ash can absorb odor. If you face a problem with your stinking freezer or kitchen, place a bowl or jar full of ashes in that place. It will work better if you put some chunks of coal in it. 


12. Abrasive


9 Abrasive


This use has a historical aspect. Before the manufacture of dish soap and other cleansers had started, wood ash was being used as an abrasive. People used to clean their regular utensils with it. Still, It is excellent for cleaning and shining silver pots, vessels, and other metal vessels. Etc. 


13. Oil spills cleaner

Like moisture and odor, it is suitable for absorbing oil. You can clean oil spills from concrete or pitch porch with it without spending any physical force. Sprinkle a layer of ash on the oil stain, sweep it away after a couple of hours. 


14. Unclog drainage

Want to get rid of unclogged drainage? Before trying any expensive solution or calling a plumber, use wood ash. It has been used for cleaning clogged drainage before even lye is commercially available. Grab plain ashes free from coal chunks. Seal the opening of the stopped pipe with a plain water mixture. Let it sit for 2-3 hours. Rinse properly.


15. Antibacterial 

Already we have known that wood ash is alkaline. Alkali has certified properties of anticipation. In ancient times wood ash has been used to disinfect wounds. In case of emergency or unavailability of proper medication, you can use clean wood ash in wounds. It will immediately stop the activity of microorganisms. 


16. For skin

You can utilize its antiseptic property for treating acne. Ash with bentonite clay works excellent as a face mask for oily and acne-pore skin. Use 1/4 cup clay and 1/4 cup wood ash in a bowl. Make a thick paste adding a little bit of water. Leave it on your face for ten minutes. Then remove gently with a wet cloth and wash your face with your regular face wash. As it is alkaline so moisturizing after using this mask is a must.  


17. Hair remover

After knowing this use, you might be throwing your harmful hair removal cream. Wood ash is an indigenous solution for hair removal. It works great! Apply with creating a layer on a hairy surface. After a few minutes, pull out all of your unwanted hair. This hair removing process may be hurt a little for the very first time. But it’s free, non-toxic, and effectively worth a try. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer. 


18. Teeth whitening 


10 Teethwhitening


You may find it interesting that you can use ash for whitening your teeth. It contains potassium hydroxide that can naturally bleach your teeth. And the small particles in wood ash will remove plaque from unreachable corners of your mouth. So you can also use it as a substitute for toothpaste.


19. Food preparation

Historically wood ash has vast usage in various cuisines. Water solutions of wood ash produce lye that is used as an alternative to baking soda. This lye is the first choice of bakers for making bagels and pretzels. It is still prevalent in German bakeries and Haute cuisine. The lye water is also used for preparing different types of pickles.


20. Natural preserver

Because it limits the moisture content of food and surroundings that prevents microorganism build-up, ash has been used for storing eggs since ancient times. Cover the eggs in a box full of ash, and you can keep it fresh for a year. Also, you will see a layer of ash coating is used in preserving cheese. 


21. Soap


11 Soap


Already you have known that wood ash and water solution make lye, and you can use this associated with fats for making soap. Now you can understand before the modern manufacturing of soap was started what people habituated to use.


22. Tannin remover 


Another use of this lye-producing property of wood ash is in tanning hides. It was popular back then. Nowadays, tanneries are used to adapt other chemicals for this process. Still, it makes the process natural, low cost, and free from any chemical abuse.  


23. Ash cement 


Cement making using ash was a sustainable primitive technique of building substantial houses. For this method, add an equal ratio of wood ash and soil with water. Then overlap it on the surface you want to. After drying up, it leaves a durable and strong finish.


Tips on Collecting Wood Ashes Safely


Now you might have found how useful your leftover wood ash is. You will no longer want to waste your ashes. Here some tips on collecting your wood ash without wasting a pinch of it. 

  1. Before collecting the ash, make sure the embers have cooled down.
  2. Wear hand gloves and pick out the chunks first.
  3. Then scoop out all ashes from the fire pit. 
  4. Do not use any water. Sweep out the extra residue with a broom or brush. 
  5. Keep your ash in a steel or tin bucket.
  6. Don’t forget to use a lid.




Wood ash is beneficial and remarkable. Right? You might have stopped throwing your fire pit leftover from today. We have tried to reach out to most of the proven and practical uses of this. If we have missed anything or In case you have something new to share, let us know in the comment section below. Take care! Safe firing!

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