5 Things You Can Put in the Bottom of Your Fire Pit

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Last updated Mar 2, 2024
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Warm summer nights, sitting outside with family and friends soaking in the heat from your fire pit and making the day enjoyable. Fire holes are an attractive addition to your outdoor space to create a campfire environment and provide warmth and some roasting.

In this article, we will help you understand what to put under the fire pit in the grass?

But the fire is the work of fire, and so you want to be careful about where and how you put your fire pit. Naturally, you don’t want to ruin any of your landscaping and certainly don’t leave any traces on your manicured lawn that will disappear all summer long.

Things You Can Put Under Your Fire Pit

1. Fire Pit mat or Pads

Fire Pit mat or Pads

To ensure safety and security while burning your fire pit on grass or your wooden deck, consider using a protective fire mat or a deck guard. Protective fire mats are specifically designed for ground use or fire pits as deck protectors.

The fire pit mat will catch any hotspots that may spread or spread during cooking. These are made of heat-resistant materials like carbon fiber or volcanic rock fiber. Made in a combination of some ingredients. 

The technology has enhanced the proposed design and protection efficiency. Some fire pit pads are made from the same material used in military aircraft to protect against heat and fire.

The fire pit pad can come with a reflective surface that provides extra protection. You can buy a hand-crafted all-metal fire pad designed to protect from extreme heat for extra sophistication and durability.

These extra protective pads are made with multiple metals, including air space between them, creating a natural insulating effect. The heavy-grade aluminum used in these robust fire pit mat designs is also rust-resistant.

The material it is made of determines how much protection you will get for your grass from your mat and also what you will pay for what it is made of. The mat will not burn, melt or allow heat to enter when directly in contact with the flame.

As an extra precaution to ensure durability and long-term use, place the fire pit pad at least one inch away from the bottom of the fire pit pot. These firepit mats are available in various shapes and sizes to suit your firepit size and budget.

 Some are rectangular, and others are round. The size of the mat is necessarily relative to the size of your fire pit.

2. Make a Brick Pad

Brick Pad

One way to protect your grass or wooden deck from the heat of the firepit is to raise the hole above the brick pad platform. These will create some extra distance, and they will act as heat sinks. The platform provides a very flat and stable area to put out the fire pit. A brick pad needs to create a slightly larger space than a fire pit.

If you place the pad in the grid structure below the firepit, they can create a cheap but temporary solid barrier between your fire pit bowl and your grass. Place a portable fire pit in the middle of the patio block platform.

Be sure to remove the fire pit and brick pavers later so as not to suffocate the grass. If you or your guests smoke, make sure you have an ashtray in hand to light cigarettes and dispose of cigarette butts safely.

3. Make a Heat Resistant Surface

You can easily place a hardboard of cement, tiles, concrete, or any other heat-resistant material under a fire pit above your wooden deck or grass surface. These flammable, heat-resistant materials will absorb large amounts of heat, causing your surfaces to heat up from the fire pit.

4. Heat Shield

An alternative to fire pit mats is the fire pit hit the shield. Fire Pit heat solder is easy to use, especially since you don’t need to assemble anything. Check the maximum heat capacity of the heat sink and make sure that you aim to maintain the recommended heat capacity. 

A good quality heat solder will be able to reflect more than 90% of the bright heat. This generally means that a continuous heatwave can withstand constant heat of about 100 degrees Fahrenheit and about 500 degrees Fahrenheit in direct contact with the heat.

The fire pit heat shield protects your grass or acts as a deck defender, but it will help your firepit work more efficiently by spreading heat up and out. These products are made from a quarter-inch ceramic inner pad that is placed between two heavy-duty foils.

 It is then combined with a stainless steel mesh around the edges. The fire heat solders are usually very flexible and will mold in any shape. The edges of stainless steel add to this interference and hence its versatility. Fire retardants are made of high-quality materials. These solders are suitable as a protective heat barrier for outdoor hole fires on your deck.

5. For Artificial Grass

Environmental concerns, drought, improved look and feel of artificial grass, friendliness of pets, and lack of necessary maintenance have combined to enable artificial grass in backyards. You can still use your firepit in artificial grass areas, but you should take some precautions. Most artificial grasses are made from high-quality, non-toxic, non-combustible synthetic fibers.

This grass will not burn or burn. Artificial blades will melt in open fires or extreme heat conditions. By melting, the grass creates a barrier that prevents the fire from spreading.

While it’s good to know that your fine grass isn’t burning, be aware that a spark or ember or a piece of hot food can melt grass in that area.

Do not place your fire pit directly on the net grass. Perhaps create an island patio area next to or within the grass area. You can use natural stone or brick pavers or other non-combustible material that blends with the existing landscape. Make your island big enough to hold a fire pit and some comfortable seats around it.

Suggested Mats for Your Surface

1. Ember Fire Pit Mat

Ember Fire Pit Mat

The ember mat protects your deck from warm popping emeralds and ashes from getting damaged or contaminated around your fire pit or grill.

If you want a big-size fire pit mat that can protect your deck successfully, then this mat can be your right choice.

This mat is big and durable. So this mat will help you protect your deck from high heat and cover more area under your fire pit. Moreover, the embers and ashes from your fire pit can not touch your deck very quickly because of its size and also save your deck from the high heat that comes from your fire pit.

Check Price at Amazon

2. Resilia Round Under Grill Mat

Resilia Round Under Grill Mat

The Resilia round grill mat is an eco-friendly and heavy protection mat that provides you with the most admirable support.

If you need a mat that can give you the most admirable support to save your deck from the heat your grill or fire pit produces, this mat can be a great choice.

The Resilia grill mat is a heavy protective mat. It is made with recyclable material that you can reproduce and can save nature. This mat works great for what it is made for. And you can use it for a long time for your comfort.

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3. Newtex FirePad Deck Protector

Newtex FirePad Deck Protector

Newtex fire pad is a high heat reflecting mat made with high-quality fabrics that can consume more heat and protect your deck.

If you need a fire pit mat that can resist a good heat amount and you want to use it for a long time, then this mat can be your valuable choice.

Fire pad Deck Protector provides you good high-temperature protection, reflecting up to 95% of the radiant heat from your deck, gesture, or grass. Fire pads are manufactured from multiple layers of industrial-grade high-temperature fabric; The same materials used in gear for aircraft firefighters and military-grade fire content covers can consume the maximum amount of heat.

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How You can Eliminate the Risks with Your Fire Pit

You may want to remove the risk if the fire hole breaks and all the burning materials inside are scattered and scattered everywhere. 

This can cause a fire risk to your property and others in your neighborhood, especially if there is a wind that can blow from your garden to neighboring neighbors.

The main reason you want to put any material under your fire pit is to protect the sitting grass. Lots of friendly care to take care of the lawn ends with a patch that spreads or burns in the paint because it has a direct fire pit in it. 

Many fire pits are made of metal that can conduct heat to all parts from the fire bowl to the base, so you need something below to prevent your heat from getting damaged. One of the most innovative steps you can take is to make sure that the grass field where you have decided to level the fire pit is level. 

This may seem blindly evident to you, and we admit it, but you’ll be amazed at how many accidents have occurred due to the sinking of the fire pit.


Now you know how to place a fire hole in your lawn without the risk of greenery damage to the bottom of the pit. If you go for store-bought products, be sure to check the reviews thoroughly and choose the brands with the highest customer satisfaction.

And finally, let go of the blazing or smoldering fire without hindrance. Take care to light the fire completely before going back inside the house.

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